tagFirst TimeSally, Summer of Sex Ch. 15

Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 15



Andy Miller's day had begun as it usually did. Up early, dressing and then going into the room his mom shared with his little sis to say goodbye. His mother worked as a waitress taking the evening and night shifts but she always wanted him to wake her before he left since she wouldn't be home when he returned from work and he would be asleep when she returned. His "little" sister, Anne, was 16 now. She used to sleep in the same bedroom with Andy but when he was 12 and she was 8 his mom had moved into the larger bedroom with Anne and given Andy the smaller bedroom to himself.

Then he was off to the DQ where, as assistant manager, it was his job to open up, check in the employees and handle the breakfast rush. Later in the day the manager, John, would come in. He'd spend most of his time at the office desk handling inventory and financial stuff before helping out for lunch. Today had been pretty ordinary. Tracy, the cute summer hire, had even sat with him to eat breakfast. They had chatted idly about family.

Andy was totally shy. He'd only been on a couple of dates in high school because he never could get up the nerve to ask any girls out. The few times he did manage to get the question out he had either been rejected or had sat so quietly and self consciously during the date that he couldn't get up the nerve to ask for a second date. Now, he wished he had the nerve to ask Tracy out but they were quickly back to work.

He was off at two, and, as was often the case, found himself driving north and going into "Pete's" the nude bar one exit north on the highway. "Pete's" wasn't exactly a "bar" since they didn't serve liquor but Andy liked sitting and watching the ladies dance, get naked and show off their bodies. All too frequently he'd give in when they came by and asked if he wanted a topless or nude private dance. That could get expensive.

He'd already turned down a couple of requests when he saw a really cute blond with a great figure come in accompanied by a skinny guy with long hair. Andy watched as they sat at a table across the room and realized that the "guy" was actually another girl. He kept an eye on the pair as they watched the dancers and the cute one went over to the bar and then came back and sat down. He wondered if they were dancers.

Then one of his favorite dancers, Desiree, came out and went over to the two girls. They sat and talked until the DJ announced that "Desiree" was next on the stage. Andy was intrigued and when her dance was finished he got up the nerve to walk to the stage and hand her a 5. "Can we talk?" he asked.

Desiree knew Andy and even though one of the other guys had asked for a dance, she decided to keep a regular and reliable customer happy so she told the other guy that she would get back with him after she finished with another and then sat down with Andy.

"Who's that?" he asked, gesturing over to the table where the two girls sat.

"Andy, I'm disappointed, I thought you wanted to spend time with me," Desiree said.

Andy wasn't sure how to reply but managed, "I do, but I saw you with them and wondered. Are they dancers too?"

"No, they aren't. Well, maybe they will be. They're thinking about it. So, Andy, would you like a private dance with me today?"

Andy knew that if he went back with her he'd blow through his meager funds. He glanced over at the cute blond. "I don't know."

Desiree noticed his glance and took advantage, "Would you like it if I can get her to come back with us?"

Andy's cock sprung to life and began doing his thinking for him, "Yeah, I'd like that."

"You know it costs more for more than one person to come back."

"Oh," Andy's head began to take control again but his cock fought back, "How much more?"

Desiree knew that Andy made a limited income but she also knew that Pete's would charge her based on the $100 per person for 15 minutes rate. She also wanted her friend Sarah, the cute blond, to see what it was like in the back. She knew Sarah was a nymphomaniac and would be attracted by what went on in back. She'd get a nice bonus if Sarah would come to work at Pete's. "How about $150 for 15 minutes."

Andy knew the going rate and knew that sometimes on slow days he could get Desiree for $150 for a full half hour. "Isn't it only a hundred?"

"They want me to charge double for two people to come back, Andy. So it should be $200."

"Oh," Andy struggled with the amount. He knew he'd not be satisfied with only 15 minutes but his cock kept insisting that it wanted to see that cute blond naked. He agreed, "OK. If she'll come back too."


In the VIP room, he asked for a half hour and Desiree gave him forty minutes. He was half naked and was enjoying the two naked girls and having them play with his cock when he felt a sensation he'd never felt before. Desiree was moving down his body in a move which would usually result in her entire body sliding over his exposed cock. But this time his cock was suddenly enveloped by a warm, soft dampness. It was fabulous!

Desiree was immediately upset and began telling Sarah off. Andy didn't pay any attention to what was being said. He just knew that as Desiree turned to Sarah, his cock was feeling the soft warmth massaging his cock. He was a virgin and at first wasn't sure what was going on but quickly realized his cock was embedded in Desiree's cunt. His excitement increased and he couldn't help but pushing his hips up to fully penetrate Desiree's cavity.

After Sarah had dressed and left, he figured Desiree would pull off but she looked him right in the eye, said, "What the hell!" and proceeded to move up and down on him for maybe a dozen strokes before pulling off and resuming her regular "dance".

Andy was out of money and Desiree deserved a tip. So he reluctantly went to the ATM machine. It charged 5%, and his bank would add another $2.50, and it only dispensed 100 dollar bills. He got two, practically depleting his account, took one to the bar to get change, dropped a couple dollars into the tip jar and gave Desiree five twenties. He looked around and saw Sarah waving at him so he went over. He had barely sat down when Desiree came over and took Sarah away, "to talk."

Sarah was gone for a long time and he reflected on what had happened. He'd never felt anything like it. He could easily get addicted to that. He stroked his hardening cock through his slacks trying to recreate the feeling in his mind.

As he sat reminiscing and also feeling a bit guilty about spending all his cash, Sarah reappeared and leaned over the table, showing her large boobs to maximum effect. To his surprise she offered to have sex with him! She also wanted the skinny girl, Sally, to participate. She sat next to him while they waited for Sally. She kept her hand on his thigh making occasional excursions to his balls and stiff cock.

"Here she is!" Sarah exclaimed disturbing his reverie.The less than attractive girl with mousy brown hair and no figure came to the table with Lilly, one of the dancers.

"Hi, Andy," Lilly said as they came over. "You want a dance today?"

Andy smiled shyly, "Not now, Lilly. I'm gonna be leaving soon."

Lilly walked away to solicit other customers, leaving the three alone.

"Hey, Sally," Sarah stated, "This is Andy. He's gonna fuck us."

Sally laughed, "Great! Is there enough of you to go around?"

Andy blushed, saying nothing.

Sarah laid her hand in his lap and squeezed his hard cock gently. "I think he has what it takes," she replied.

Sally sat on Andy's other side, pulling her chair close. "Where'd you find this handsome guy, Sarah?" she asked, pushing Sarah's hand aside so she could feel his crotch tuber.

"I can tell you're up for this," Sally smiled, stroking him gently. "Where are we doing it."

Andy knew of a motel across the highway from his DQ. The sign said "hourly, daily, weekly, monthly." Maybe it was a filthy dive, he'd never been inside, but he said, "There's a motel at the next exit south that has rooms for an hour."

"So are we up for this?" Sally asked.

Andy wasn't sure. The idea of fucking two women, especially one as cute as Sarah enthralled him. But he was unsure about fucking one in front of the other.

"Andy, I'll drive Sally and me," Sarah stated with a no-nonsense attitude. "Be a sweetie and get the room."

"For one hour?" Andy asked.

"Better make it two," Sally replied, giving him a big smile that implied she'd like nothing better than to have him inside her. She had penetrating eyes and he wondered why he thought she was unattractive.

"We'll be right there," Sarah told him. "Wait for us outside the office." Then she took Sally by the hand and led her to the ladies room.

In the ladies room she told Sally that Andy was a virgin. Laughing while she described the incident with Desiree. Then she asked Sally to take Andy for his first fuck. "Your great with guys their first time," she explained. "You really help them know what to do."

Sally liked first timers and in high school had a stable of guys who had been socially inept and fucked them while making sure they knew how to please her. Andy was just her kind of guy. But she had other ideas. "I think we'll play a game, that really helps with the shy ones and the virgins. Who's first will be up to chance."


At the motel Andy discovered that a two bed room would be $20 for an hour, $35 for two hours, and $50 for the whole day. He opted for the full day.

The two ladies showed up shortly after he came out of the office and they went to the room. It was surprisingly clean but with no furniture other than the bed, a dresser, a nightstand and a TV mounted on the wall.

In the room Andy asked , "What do we do?"

Sally took charge, "We're going to play a game. It'll take a few minutes to get ready." She took a notepad and pen from her purse and began writing.

Andy was getting anxious, "When are we gonna start?"

Sally looked over at him, "Patience, my man, It's better to do it slowly. Especially your first time. Believe me you'll enjoy it more than if we just got naked and started fucking." She tossed her head in a manner she knew excited the guys and went back to her writing. After a few minutes she took the pages she from the pad and carefully tore them into squares.

She explained, "We'll play rock, paper, scissors to determine a winner. Winner gets to remove one item of clothing from the loser. With three people it can be a tie and we'll play again. It's also possible to have all three win and lose if each of us picks a different item. We'll count that as a tie too. The other outcome is one winner or loser when the other two pick the same object. In that case the two will play a two person game to determine the winner or loser."

"What if we're naked?" Andy asked.

"That's when these come in," She held up the slips of paper. "I've written a sexual activity on each. If the loser is naked then the winner picks one of these and the winner and loser perform the activity."

"Two more things." She took a condom from her purse. "Andy isn't naked until he has this on. When he loses and has no clothes the winner puts it on.

"And! this set of cards," she held up a half dozen slips of paper, "contain vaginal intercourse positions. We won't use these until we've been through the others once. I'll add them to the pile then.

"Oh, because this is your first time, Andy, I'm going to give you four slips." She handed them to him. "You can choose which you want. Sarah and I have to use whatever's on the top of the pile."

Andy looked at the four slips: " 'kiss breasts, touch genitals, french kiss, back rub, ' Who does what to who?" he asked.

"Winner's choice. If it says 'oral sex' you can have the loser blow you or you can do it to the loser."

"How do you and I handle the intercourse positions?" Sarah asked.

"Either a lost turn or we could let winner do it with Andy."

"I like that one," Andy spoke up getting more excited at the prospects, and the women agreed.

The game began. When he removed Sally's top he was disappointed to see that she had no breasts but she had no bra and he couldn't take his eyes off her large, hard nipples. She noticed him staring and invited him to feel. They were the consistency of rubber erasers but easily twice as big as any pencil eraser.

All of them were down to their last item of clothing and Sally lost to Andy. He pulled down her panties to reveal the large, dark down covered, pillows of her major labia with long thin minor labia extending almost an inch down. His cock was already straining inside his briefs and became harder than he ever remembered.

Then he lost to Sally and she reached for the waistband. "Let's see what we have." She had to push his cock against his abdomen to free them and as she pulled them down his cock sprang free. Eight inches long, it was so erect that Sally couldn't tell if it was circumcised or the foreskin had just been pulled taut. Sarah stared. It was at least an inch longer than it had been in the VIP room. The head was engorged a bright red and was shining with pre-cum, a drop of which grew out of the tip and the veins stood out dark purple, covering the shaft. "Magnificent!" Sally exclaimed, "Gawd! I can't wait to feel that inside."

His balls were fully retracted into his abdomen, his scrotum tightened flat at his crotch. Sally teased them out of their abdominal sockets and squeezed them into the sac. "Oh, very nice sized, even if they do like to hide." They quickly retracted again as she released them. She was fascinated by the male organs.

Sarah still had her panties on and won the opportunity to put the condom on. Before she did, both women had to taste the pre-cum that was slowly oozing out, Andy shivered in delight as the tongues touched his most sensitive spot. Sally noticed his reaction and realized he was going to cum at the slightest provocation. She considered what to do to allow him the best experience.

Sarah won and Sally lost the next round. The card said, "finger fucking,"

"You'll have to do me," Sally said, "since you've still got your panties on."

"For how long?" Sarah asked.

"How about one minute, Andy, you time it."

Andy watched intently as Sarah inserted a couple of fingers between the skinny girls huge labia and began massaging her vagina. He lost total track of time and Sally had to say, "I think that's more than a minute."

Andy was shocked into awareness, "Sorry, I was absorbed."

Sally laughed.

Then Andy won and Sally lost. He looked at his cards bewildered.

Sally intervened, "Choose the least sensual. You're going to come like a fountain if I start playing with that magnificent tool you have. We want you to have great vaginal intercourse.

He chose "back rub" and asked Sally to rub him. She concentrated on the area between his shoulders hoping to relax him and reduce his sexual tension. Sarah dutifully timed a minute.

He chose another slip to be used later, "leg massage".

Finally, Sarah lost to Andy and he removed her panties, admiring her shaved smooth slit with no hint of other parts exposed.

"You like?" she asked.

His mouth was dry. "Yes." he managed.

She spread her legs to show him the slit between soft pillows of flesh glistening with moisture and extending all the way to her butt crack. He was sure his cock had grown another inch.

Sarah won the next round and Andy lost. Sarah pulled a card, "oral sex".

Sally knew that Andy wouldn't last ten seconds, let alone a minute with Sarah sucking him and he likely wouldn't last if he had his face in her pussy.


"The hell with this," Sally stated, grabbing the slip of paper from Sarah, then the slips from Andy and throwing them with the rest of the pile onto the floor. "Let's just use these." She presented the vaginal intercourse slips to Sarah.

Without objection, Sarah took one, "Missionary."

She was already almost in position. All she needed to do was move her head to the pillow, separate her legs and raise her knees. Andy stared at her, unsure what to do.

Sally smiled and gently guided him between her legs, his cock pointing at the padded slit. She nodded and he moved forward, pressing the head of the shaft between the pillows of flesh. It pushed up and poked out at the top of the fold.

Sally was watching and gestured him to move away. She took his hand, moved two fingers to the slit and showed him how to separate the lips. Small, thin, velvet inner lips appeared. Sally moved his fingers to the vaginal opening and allowed him to feel the soft, warm dampness. Then she held his penis and moved it to the same spot. He pushed and watched as it slid in effortlessly. He could barely stand the soft yet firm, tight but yielding feeling as he slid all the way in. He knew he was about to burst. He stopped, enjoying the wondrous feeling of the vagina warmly embracing his manhood. Then he slowly began to pull it out. The smooth friction and his aroused state pushed him over the edge. He jammed back inside as his orgasm overcame him and he twitched and spasmed as cum flooded into the condom.

Sally laughed, "I knew you wouldn't last long."

Andy had never felt anything as intense and the feeling of Sarah's vagina wrapped around his still sensitive cock was so exquisite. He wanted to stay inside. But his erection was rapidly subsiding and he felt himself slipping out.

As he slipped out, Sally grasped the condom around the base so nothing would leak out. Holding him gently she said, "Let's get ourselves cleaned up."

Andy looked down as he came out and saw Sarah's vaginal opening spread wide and then slowly close back to the lovely slit between soft, fleshy pillows. He moved off the bed and allowed Sally to take him by his flaccid penis into the bathroom. "Is it over?" he asked.

No, it's not," she told him as she removed the condom and flushed its contents, handing him some tissue to keep his seeping semen from dripping. "In the shower with you."

As they waited for the shower to get warm, Sally examined the cock. He was uncircumcised but the foreskin was small and extremely thin. She could make out the darker coloration of the head of his penis through it. She reached out to cup his balls, now descended into his scrotum.

"What you guys doing?" Sarah yelled from the bed.

"We're going to clean this beauty up," Sally yelled back. "We're getting in the shower? Wanna watch?"

"We're not done yet are we?" Sarah came back.

At the implication that Sally was going to shower with him and then Sarah's obvious enthusiasm for more, Andy's cock came back to life.

"I sure hope not," Sally responded. She noticed the cock move and begin to grow. "This guys still got some life!"

Pleasing the Women

"I'll wait out here," Sarah stated. Andy had come too quickly to give her any pleasure so she lay back and began masturbating her clit with one hand, inserting a couple of fingers of the other hand into her vagina.

In the shower, Sally soaped up Andy's penis and watched as it grew, stretching out of the foreskin and exposing almost an inch of the shaft below its head. The foreskin stretched tight and became almost invisible against the shaft. She held his testicles which slowly rotated in her palm as they retreated into their abdominal pockets. As she rinsed him off she said, "I think you're ready to go again!"

They dried off and went back into the bedroom where Sarah had her left hand almost entirely buried in her cunt while she worked her clit feverishly with her right hand and moaned in pleasure.

"Couldn't wait, had to start by yourself," Sally said laughingly.

Sarah stopped her masturbation as Sally told Andy, "You don't ever want a woman to be reduced to this. You should please her so that she doesn't have any desire to do it herself."

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