tagFetishSally Tries Some Organ Practice

Sally Tries Some Organ Practice


Dear reader, I hope that you enjoy the tale that I am about to tell. The story concludes with me licking my wife's lover's sperm out from deep inside her pussy. If you find eating creampies offensive, then this is not the tale for you. However if you wish to explore with me how I ended up sharing my wife then please read on...and I hope that you enjoy the tale as much as my wife and I did making it.


Sally and I have been married for twenty–two happy years. We are both now in our late forties and our two children have flown the nest and left home. In my opinion Sally still looks gorgeous considering her age. She has black hair which she cuts short into the nape of her neck. She has kept her figure, although raising two children have naturally made her heavy breasts sag a little, and her stomach is not as flat as it once was. She involves herself in the local community and enjoys singing in the church choir. This keeps her busy on a Sunday morning and also on a Wednesday night for choir practise. Our marriage is a happy one, and I would like to think that we have no secrets from each other. We married at a reasonably young age, and although I had had a couple of sexual relationships prior to meeting Sally, unusually she was still a virgin on our wedding night.

A few months ago one night after we had made love and were talking in bed before we drifted off to sleep Sally surprised me by saying that she had recently got the desire to fuck someone else to see what another cock felt like. She explained that as the children had now left home and we had more time on our own together she felt that she needed to explore other sexual avenues. She said that she still loved me and that she only wanted to fuck someone else to see what it was like before she became too old. She said that she found our sex life fulfilling but always regretted that she had never had the experience of other cocks before we got married. I wondered if she was having some sort of mid life hormonal crisis. Sally explained that she would rather have a sexual liaison openly with me knowing about it, than doing it in secret behind my back. She also said that it may help our relationship as she may become more confident in her own sexuality. (Whatever that was supposed to mean).

This request from Sally to fuck another man was quite a shock to me and it took me a few days to get over it. However the more I thought about it I had to respect my wife for bringing the subject into the open and discussing the matter with me. I may not have liked the idea but deep down I only wanted Sally to be happy.

A few days later we talked again. I found out that Sally was still serious about experiencing another cock. As she talked about fucking another man I realised that I was becoming aroused. I think that Sally also realised this as she saw my erection. I asked her if she actually had a person in mind to have an affair with, or if it was still a fantasy at this stage. Sally admitted that she would like to fuck with Colin. He was the organist at church and he also was the person that led the Wednesday night choir practice that she attended. As I was not involved with the church I had never met this man. Sally told me that he was a lovely person who was slightly older than us as he was in his fifties. He was a widower as his wife had died from breast cancer some years previously. Sally had the impression that he would willingly jump at the chance of fucking her, as for a long time he had regularly flirted with her at the weekly choir practice.

I now realised that Sally wanted to follow this through and that I was not going to be able to stop her, even if I wanted to. I told her that as long as I knew what was going on and that if it made her happy then she could have her wish and fuck another man. I was not entirely happy with this situation but I loved my wife deeply and did not want to lose her, or upset her. I realised that as long as she came home to me after seeing her lover then I would not lose her. I told her to make some plans if she wished and to talk to Colin to see if he would fulfil her fantasy.

For a couple of weeks Sally did not mention fucking another man again. We still made love with the same regularity, and if anything our sex life improved as Sally seemed much more enthusiastic in the bedroom.

Last week after Sally had been to her Wednesday night choir practice we were talking in bed when she said that Colin was going to pick her up from our house on Friday night for some organ practice. At first I did not realise what she meant and just said.

"That's nice dear."

Sally looked at me and said again "I'm going for some organ practice with Colin on Friday night," then with a wink she said "is that OK darling?"

As she winked at me it was then that the penny dropped and I realised that by saying she was going for some organ practice she actually meant that she was going to let Colin fuck her.

"You can go out with Colin if you want dear," I told her. "As long as you are sure that it is what you really want, and that it will make you happy."

"It will," sally whispered back to me.

"Are you really sure that you want to do this." I asked.

"I've never been as sure about anything else before. I really feel that I need to experience this and I want to do it with your blessing." Was the reply.

"You must promise to tell me all about it, and I will be waiting up for you to return."

"Of course I'll tell you all about what I do with Colin." Sally replied before she lightly kissed me on the lips. "You really are a fantastic husband, and I love you."


Well dear reader. I expect you are wondering why I let myself get into this position. Many of you may find it difficult to understand why I willingly let my dear wife go off with my blessing to fuck another man. I have given this matter a great deal of thought since Sally first brought the subject up a few weeks ago. I have let her go because it is what she said she wanted, it makes her happy, and who I am to stand in the way of her happiness. I believe that she is out to fuck with Colin solely and purely for carnal pleasure, and that when she returns to me the pleasure will be in sharing and making love, and not just fucking. I have let her go because I know where she is, and who she is with. She is not having an affair behind my back, at least it is something we are open and honest with each other about. Just because I have let her go and fuck someone else does not mean that I am entirely happy about it. Just because she is fucking someone else does not mean that we love each other any less. I am sitting here waiting for her to return home feeling jealous. I am wondering what she is doing and whether she is enjoying herself more than when she is in bed with me. I feel quite strange as I am experiencing a mixture of emotions at the same time. I feel inadequate, jealous and also strangely aroused waiting with nervous excitement for Sally to return and share the events of her evening out with me.


I lay in bed trying to read a book in order to take my mind off exactly what my wife was getting up to with Colin. I had read a few pages, but the plot of the book had not really sunk in as my mind was not really able to concentrate. My thoughts kept wandering and my head was filled with images of my naked wife enjoying another man for the first time.

It was just after midnight when I heard a strange car pull up in the driveway outside of our house. A few minutes later I heard the familiar turn of the key in our front door and Sally came home. I listened as she hung her coat up in the downstairs cloakroom then slowly come up the stairs to our bedroom. She quietly opened the bedroom door and entered. She looked radiant, her cheeks were pink and rosy and her usually tidy hair was ruffled and out of place.

"Hi darling, I'm home." She stated the obvious with a hint of a giggle in her voice.

"I've missed you." I nervously replied.

I watched as Sally started to undress. She undid the buttons to her white blouse then slipped it off her shoulders. She then let her short black dress fall to the floor. She picked her clothes up and meticulously folded them and placed them on our bedroom chair. She reached behind and unclipped her bra and as her breasts swung free I noticed that her nipples were stiff and engorged. Sally slipped her panties off and quickly rolled them into a tight ball and neatly placed them into the laundry basket. Sally now naked approached our bed and as she pulled back the covers and slipped underneath I got a quick glimpse of her hairy pussy, which I'm sure by the dim light of our bedside lamp seemed to be gaping open and very wet and sticky.

"I love you." Sally said as she turned to face me in bed.

"I love you too." I replied.

"I suppose that you would like to hear about my evening with Colin now would you?"

"That was part of our deal." I said.

"I know darling, and I want to tell you everything."

Sally moved closer and kissed me. She felt so warm and soft as our tongues intertwined. I could smell her sweet perfume. After a little while Sally broke off from our sensual kiss and asked.

"Do you like kissing me darling, when not long ago my lips were wrapped round Colin's hard cock?"

"Ummmm." Was all I could reply, and surprisingly my own cock seemed to become harder as I imagined her lips wrapped tightly round her new lovers cock. "Tell me about it," I said to Sally in almost a whisper.

I listened intently as Sally recounted the events of the evening. She told me that Colin had shared a glass of wine with her before taking her to his bedroom where he had undressed her. Colin had gone down on her and eaten her hairy pussy and made her very wet. Sally had then returned the favour by sucking on his cock making it hard. She told me that his cock was roughly about the same size as my own, or maybe only fractionally longer. This made me feel a little better as I was dreading her coming home to tell me that his cock was huge. Colin had then fucked her. Sally said that he pounded into her pussy for a long time before he came. She said that when he did come she could feel the hot spurts erupt deep inside her pussy, and that he had grunted loudly as his sticky hot come filled her up. Sally then described that it took Colin only a few minutes to recover before he was ready to fuck her again.

Sally seemed very impressed that Colin was able to get hard again almost straight away after he had come. This was something that I was unable to do. After I had come it took some considerable time for me to get hard, or even feel like making love again. It had been a number of years since we had made love more than once in a night. Usually I went straight to sleep afterwards.

Sally told me that as Colin was hard again they fucked for a second time. This time Colin lasted much longer before he came again. Sally told me that she sat on top of him and enthusiastically rode his hard cock while he massaged her breasts until she had a large orgasm. Then Colin took her from behind, roughly pounding her deeply and pinching her nipples as her tits swayed beneath her. Finally Colin changed position again and lifted her legs, spreading them wide before plunging himself into her once again. Sally said that she had another huge orgasm as Colin thrust into her before he came again, filling her up deep inside with another load of his warm sticky sperm.

Sally said that after they had fucked and Colin's cock had gone soft inside her they did not talk much as they both dressed, and not long afterwards Colin drove her home back to me.

As Sally had been describing what she had been doing with Colin my cock had reached its full hardness. It seemed to be harder than it had ever been before and was almost hurting me. It was strange listening to my wife telling me how she had been fucked by another man. On one hand I was feeling jealous and guilty that I had let her go, yet I was also feeling as excited and aroused as I had been for a long time.

Sally reached down with her hand and felt the hardness between my legs.

"Gosh you are really excited darling. Did me telling you about fucking with Colin do this to you?"

I nodded back to her.

"My pussy feels a little bit sore, but would you like to make love to me?" she asked.

I did not need asking twice and I climbed on top of my beautiful wife. She parted her legs and my hard cock disappeared into her hairy pussy in one easy thrust.

"That feels nice." She said as my hard cock filled her up.

My cock thrust easily into her hairy slimy wet pussy. I realised that she was so wet as she was still full up with the sperm from her lover. Colin had emptied two loads inside her and so for the first time in my life I was having what they call 'sloppy seconds'. As I thrust deep inside her she was so wet that her pussy made rude sticky slurping noises as I pulled my cock in and out. Thinking about her pussy being full of her lover's sperm strangely had a very arousing effect on me and it was not long before I came. I spurted my own stringy sticky load into her pussy to mingle with Colin's. Afterwards we held each other tight and as we drifted off to sleep I heard sally murmur, "Thank you."

During the next couple of months Sally spent the evening with Colin on another two occasions. Each time I waited up for her to return and she told me in graphic detail what they had done together. Each time as I listened to her retell her exploits I had got very aroused and my cock had got extremely hard. I then made love to her hairy slippery sloppy sperm filled pussy. Our sex life together greatly improved. Sally seemed almost liberated in her attitude to sex. One noticeable difference was that she started to give me blowjobs and actually swallow my sperm. Previously she had rarely taken me into her mouth for long periods of time, and on the odd occasion that I had come in her mouth she had spat my sperm out and rushed to the washbasin to rinse her mouth out. Now she almost seemed to enjoy the taste of sperm and would always swallow my sticky mixture down when she sucked me off.

A couple of weeks later Sally spent another Friday evening with Colin again, and after he had returned her home and we had made love Sally said,

"Colin wants me to shave all of my pussy hair off."

"That's not fair," I replied. "You know that I like your pussy naturally hairy and you've always kept it really bushy for me."

"I know darling, but Colin said that if I were smooth then it would be much better for you when I come home and you lick my pussy clean for me."

"What." I exclaimed

"Colin told me that you have to eat me up next time that he brings me home." Sally said very quietly and almost apologetically.

"No way."

"He says that if you don't clean up his mess then he won't see me again."

"That's tough. There is no way that I am going to lick your pussy after he has fucked you and come inside it. That's disgusting and gross"

"Please do it." Sally whined. "Do it for me. He is serious about not seeing me again, and I don't want that to happen darling."

"Don't try and morally black mail me." I snarled back at her.

"Please," Sally whined. "You always make love to me when I'm full of his come, please clean my pussy up as well."

"Why can't you just lie to him and tell him that I've cleaned you up?" I asked.

"Because he'll know." Sally replied. She actually blushed as she said "And I'd really like you to clean me up and lick Colin's sperm out from me."

"You what."

"You heard! I'd like you to clean my pussy up after I've fucked Colin. It would be really dirty and horny."

I could not believe what Sally was saying to me. She wanted to shave her pussy smooth for her lover when she knew that I liked her naturally hairy, and she actually wanted me to lick her lovers fresh creamy sperm out from her pussy.

"If you don't do it darling he really won't see me again, and fucking him has made me so happy. Would it really be such a hardship for you to clean his creampie up? You may actually find that you like it." Sally said.

"No." I said.

"Please, for me darling. You might like it; please do it for me... please. You would do it if you really loved me." Sally whined.

"I'll think about it." I reluctantly replied, just to keep her quiet and stop the whining.

"I knew that you would. I do love you." Sally said.

A few weeks later Sally told me that she was going to Colin's house again for some more 'organ practice', and that she wanted to shave her hairy pussy smooth as he had requested. I was not happy about this as I liked her naturally hairy. However Sally asked me to help her, and even though I knew that she was shaving for another man I felt almost powerless to resist. The day before she had arranged for Colin to come to our house and pick her up I helped Sally have a bath. We used a pair of scissors to cut her long bushy hair before using one of my razors to completely remove every hair from her pussy. This was the first time that a razor had ever been near her pussy. She had not even trimmed it or tidied up her bikini line. It took a long time to completely remove all of her very bushy pubic hair. When we had finished her skin was so smooth and after she had dried off from the bath we made love. Sally loved it saying that her pussy felt so much more sensitive without any hairs on. When I had come inside her she surprised me by roughly pushing my head down between her open legs and making me look at her pussy. Her hole was gaping wide open and I could see my sperm begin to trickle out from between her smooth pussy lips.

"That's what my pussy will look like next time I come home from Colin's." She said, "and we want you to use your tongue to clean it up for me."

I ignored her and moved up from between her legs to kiss her.

"Yeah, what ever you say." I sarcastically replied.


So dear reader. Here I am lying in bed again waiting for my wife to come back to me after spending the evening with her lover. You must think it strange that I have let things go this far. My wife has shaved her pussy for another man to enjoy and is under the impression that when she returns with her pussy full with his sperm I am going to clean her up at his request. I bet you think that I am weak and should have put an end to this weeks ago. That may be the case. Things have certainly changed since Sally took her lover, and even our own sex life has improved. When Sally tells me what she has done with Colin I always get hard and I always look forward to her coming home to me with heady excitement. When she mentioned cleaning her lover's sperm out from her used pussy initially I was repulsed by the idea. I couldn't believe that she had suggested it. I even doubt that Colin will stop seeing her if I don't do it. When we made love after Sally had shaved her pussy smooth and pushed my head down between her legs I nearly poked my tongue out to lick the dribble of my sperm that was seeping out from the bottom of her smooth slit, but I changed my mind and kissed her instead.


Once again just after midnight I heard the now familiar car pull up in our drive way, and then the lock turning in the front door as Sally came home. I heard her softly tread up the stairs to our bedroom. I waited for the third stair from the top the creak as she stood on it then she pushed opened the door and entered our room. Once again she stood at the end of our marital bed looking flushed and happy.

I lay back in bed and watched as Sally slipped out of her clothes. It was almost as if she were doing a private striptease for me. When she was naked she quickly pulled back the covers and slipped into the warm bed beside me.

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