tagLoving WivesSally's Cheating Ways Ch. 1

Sally's Cheating Ways Ch. 1


Chapter 1: The Office Party

It was not until three years after our marriage that I thought about the possibility that my wife might be unfaithful. I have always trusted her, not because I thought she would never fool around. I believe that nearly all men and women will stray at some point. I am not the jealous type. For me trust is about knowing that the other person in your life really loves you, and I've always known how Sally feels about me.

It was only after an incident at work last December that I began to consider my wife in a new way. I work in a Sales office with about six other guys and one Friday afternoon we began talking about the upcoming Christmas office party. One of the new guys, Jim, began asking about the two sales coordinators in the office, both young women who were barely out of school.

"Do you think they'll be up for a laugh at the office party, then?" he asked the group of us.

"Yeah," I replied. "I think they're all right. Seem okay to talk to."

"I'm not interested in what they've got to say. I want to know if they'll get their tits out and stuff."

There's always been a lot of crude banter in our office, and Jim was the crudest.

"I can't see that happening," said Tony sadly. He was the oldest of us at forty-five, and being divorced, the only time he got to see a woman naked these days was at pubs which featured strippers at lunchtime.

"Well, you never know," said Jim. "Hey, Steve. Do you remember when we were at Oakley's a couple of years ago?"

"I was waiting for you to mention that", he replied.

I knew that Steve and Jim had worked together before, but I didn't know it was at Oakleys. This was a telesales company in East London where my wife had once done some temping work. It was actually while she was there that she convinced me to go into telesales myself and quit the boring civil service job I had up to then.

"Ha ha," Jim laughed. "Well, Steve, are you going to tell them what happened or shall I?"

"Go ahead," said Steve. He was one of the few in the office who didn't boast about their sexual escapades, especially since he had got married recently.

"Okay. So we were at the Christmas party, right. We hadn't hired a hall or anything. Just did it in the office. Everyone started drinking at about midday and by five we were all pretty wasted. Then one of the girls, which one was it?" he asked Steve.

"I don't know, Sally or Jane."

"Probably Sally. She was this right sexy blonde. Legs up to her ass. Only there for a short while. Anyway, she said 'let's liven things up a bit with a competition.' So she and the other girls went into the boss' office and photocopied their tits and asses and we had to guess whose was whose."

As Jim carried on talking, I was trying to think rapidly, while continuing to listen to the story. Could it be my Sally he was talking about? It sounded like her from his description. She moved around to a lot of different offices while she was temping and I wasn't sure of the dates she was at Oakleys, but it had to be her, really.

Jim's story was that just one guy, Oliver, matched the photocopies to the girls correctly, and for his prize, he got to kiss all three of them under the mistletoe. Then Jim said to them, that they only had their word for it that Oliver was the only one who got it right, and that they should prove it. In the end two of the three girls stripped off and let the guys examine the evidence. I was about to ask him which of the girls didn't do it, when our manager came in the office and began shouting at us to get off our asses and make some sales.

For the rest of the afternoon, all I could think about was my wife stripping naked in front of other men. I didn't know if she actually did it, or whether she was even working there at the time, but I knew that I was going to find out, one way or another. I wasn't sure if Jim's stories could be trusted but I thought that Steve would probably tell me the truth, so I decided to ask him before the day was out. Unfortunately, he left the office early to meet a client so I didn't get the chance.

Now I would have to wait until Monday before I could speak to Steve, unless I could get my wife to tell me herself. I called Sally at home and asked her to meet me for dinner near where I work. I made sure Sally had a lot of wine to drink during the meal. I knew this would be the best way to loosen her tongue, if I was to force a confession out of her. I had a definite plan in mind, and throughout the evening I did my best to relax her and make her feel good. When we got back home we began to kiss and caress each other on the sofa, as we normally do as a preliminary to making love in the bedroom. I soon had her down to just her bra and panties while I just wore my boxer shorts.

As we kissed, I made up a story that I pretended to hear that day about one of the girls at work, telling us what she got up to at her office party last year. I told Sally that this girl usually ended up with her bra and knickers off, and that she said most secretaries did the same at office parties in her experience. I then asked my wife if she thought this sort of thing happened a lot.

"Oh sure," she said. "It's just a laugh, isn't it? And nobody thinks any less of the girl when she comes back after Christmas. It's just one of those things that happen."

"Have you ever done it, then?" I asked, smiling to encourage her.

"Well. Just once."

"What happened?"

"Oh, nothing really."

I had a feeling that Sally was just being coy. I suspected that she might actually like to tell me what happened. As I kissed her neck, my hand felt between her legs and reached her panties, which were getting damper and damper.

"Go on. Tell me. The thought of you being a bit saucy with other guys really turns me on," I said pressing my hard on against her thigh as we lay on the sofa.

"It won't bother you, hearing about it?"

I turned her around on the sofa so my erection pulsed against her ass cheeks. This, and the fact that she was no longer facing me, seemed to put an end to her deliberations and she told me her story.

"You know when I was working at Oakleys a couple of years ago? Well, they had the Christmas party in the office and we were all drinking a lot of wine. By about six o'clock there was only five of the sales guys left, plus me and Jane, who was another temp, and Asha, who was the Managers PA. All the guys began talking about football while us girls stood by ourselves. Jane was getting a little bored so she suggested we have a bit of fun with the photocopier.

"We all went in to the Managers office and closed the door behind us. Jane quickly undid her blouse, pulled up her bra and pressed her boobs down against the screen of the machine. When we saw the results we all began giggling and soon me and Asha got our boobs out too. Then suddenly Jane pulled down her knickers, lifted her skirt and sat on the screen. I thought that might be going too far but Asha soon followed and I thought I might as well. The copies showed up really well because Jane had adjusted the settings to make the image clearer."

As Sally was saying this I continued rocking against her, my cock getting harder by the second. I reached around and felt her breasts, while I gently bit against her neck. As I did so, Sally moaned and began to turn towards me. I kept her where she was and asked her to continue.

"Asha, who was laughing like mad, asked, 'Are we going to leave these around for the guys to see?' and then Jane said 'No, I've got a better idea', and she grabbed all of the copies and ran out into the main office. I quickly ran after her, because I didn't want her to show them to everybody."

"Why not?" I asked. "You've got the best tits I've ever seen in my life. I bet they look great even from a photocopy."

"Actually they did look pretty good, and anyway it was too late to stop her. She ran up to the group of them saying 'Alright lads. Who's up for a competition? You have to guess who these belong to,' and before I could stop her she had passed them out to the guys."

"How did you feel when they looked at them?"

"Well, embarrassed at first, but I got a little turned on too, especially as I noticed the guys looking at my boobs, and trying to compare them to the images in front of them. The manager, Tony, asked Asha to turn around so he could look at the shape of her ass, and soon they had us all moving around in different positions so they could get a better view of our bodies."

"So what were the rules of the competition?" I asked.

"Jane marked each sheet with a letter and each of the guys was made to write down separately which letter matched which body. When they had all finished, Jane collected the answers and came back to me and Asha to check them."

"So who won?"

"This guy Oliver was the only one who got them all right. He said that all the time he'd spent ogling our bodies at work every day had finally paid off."

By this time, my cock was painfully straining against my shorts so I pulled them down and placed my erection firmly between her legs from behind. Sally then pulled down her own panties and grabbed hold of my cock from behind. I let her move it against her pussy lips and could feel her getting wetter and wetter. She moaned softly as my hand left her breast and reached down for her clitoris, which I gently and rhythmically caressed.

"What happened next?"

"I figured that this would be as far as it went, but Oliver asked us what his prize was for getting it right, and Jane said he could give us each a kiss under the mistletoe. I hadn't agreed to this, but I didn't want to be a party-pooper so I said nothing."

"So you let him kiss you?"

"Ohh. Keep your fingers there. Ohh yes. Mmmm. Jane kissed him first. She pulled him to the office entrance where the mistletoe was hanging, and let him put his tongue into her mouth."

"Was he touching her too?"

"Yes. As he kissed her, he brought his hands up to her breasts and felt them all over."

"Was she enjoying it?"

"She didn't try to stop him. Her nipples were sticking out of her blouse. Everyone could see them. The other guys were cheering them on. They told him to suck her tits."

"What did he do?"

"He unbuttoned her blouse and tried to pull off her bra, but she wouldn't let him, so he scooped one of her breasts out of the bra and stuck his mouth onto it, and began sucking and licking it, until she managed to push him away. Then he did the same thing to her other breast. "

"Did you think he was going to suck your tits as well?"

"No. I thought I could stop him doing that. I was more worried about something else. When he'd finished kissing Jane, he called Asha over, and while he kissed her he ran his hands over her bottom. I was a bit surprised she didn't make more of an effort to stop him. He was really giving her a good groping and there were half a dozen men watching. I looked over and I could see that all the men had bulges in their trousers. All of their cocks were hard at the sight of this and I couldn't help staring at them, until one saw me looking and I switched back to Asha and Oliver. We could see his fingers tracing the outline of her knickers. This was when I started to get worried."


"Well. When I ran out from the Manager's office after Jane, I hadn't had time to put my knickers back on. They were still beside the photocopying machine. If he started feeling me up he would know pretty quickly I wasn't wearing anything under my skirt."

My cock was almost bursting by now, so I grabbed hold of it, and easing Sally's legs apart slightly, I shoved it inside her, and began thrusting back and forth against her, building up a rhythm, knowing I was going to come at any minute.

"Oh Sally, oh God. Tell me what happened. What happened when he kissed you?"

"Mmmm, ooohh. That's it, baby. Mmmm, fuck me. When he finished with Asha he beckoned me over. He grabbed me by the hips and roughly stuck his tongue down my throat."

"Did you like that?"

"Mmmm, yes. I could feel his cock was hard against me, and I felt so turned on. I never really fancied him, but that somehow made it more exciting. He wasn't very tall, only about my height, and his cock was pressing against the front of my skirt. It felt really big. Oh God, I love feeling you inside me. Do it harder. Mmmm. The thought that his cock was so close to my pussy and that I had no knickers on made me start to get really wet. Then his hands dropped from my hips and he grabbed my ass."

"What did you do?" I asked, my breathing heavy, my senses delirious as I came close to orgasm.

"I pushed him away slightly, and covered my bum with my hands, but then he began squeezing my tits so I had to move my hands away to stop him."

"He felt your tits?" I was so excited at the thought of this, I rammed into her harder and faster, and as I did so her speech speeded up also

"Oh yes. Yes, he felt up my tits. Ooooh. Don't stop fucking me. Oooh, baby. Mmmm. His hands were all over my tits and he was pulling at my nipples with his fingers, like you are now. Part of me wanted him to carry on but I took my hands away from my bottom and covered my chest to stop him. I think this is what he'd been waiting for. His hands reached around once more and he lifted up my skirt. He knew I had no knickers on and was trying to give the other guys a treat."

"Did you stop him?"

"I tried at first, but it was no use. I kept one hand against my chest, the other holding down my skirt. Eventually he grabbed both my hands in one of his, and pulled them away from my body. Then with his other hand he lifted my skirt above my waist, and let them all see my ass, and… ooooh you're going to come aren't you? …and I heard them say what a sexy ass I had and how they'd love to have a feel of it and…. go on baby come inside me… and one said he'd like to fuck me and that I was sexy little tart... oooh Tom, fuck me harder... and Oliver pressed his big dick against me and my pussy was dripping wet and while all this was happening I didn't stop kissing him."

At these words my cock began spurting jets of come inside her. She could no longer speak as I pounded against her until the explosion ended and the throbbing ceased. I kept my still hard cock inside her and rubbed her clitoris and asked her to continue.

"When Oliver let me go Jim said that they only had Jane's word for it that Oliver had got it right, so they should all be able to check for themselves."

"Did they make you take off all your clothes?" I asked, kissing her back while I caressed her.

"Mmmm, Tom. Rub me faster. Touch me baby."

While one of my hands was busy rubbing her clitoris, I used the other to squeeze her breasts and pull at her nipples. "Did you get naked in front of them?"

"Ooooh. Ooooh. Yeesss. Ooooh."

"Did you let them fuck you?"

"Ooooh. Yes. They all fucked me. Ohhh. Mmmm."

Suddenly she cried out as her orgasm hit her, the walls of her pussy convulsing against my cock, which was still inside her, her body shaking gently, rapidly until she relaxed and turned to kiss me full on the mouth.

We settled against each other in silence for a while, until I asked her "So you really let them all have you?"

"No, of course not."

"But you said…"

"Yeah, well, at the end there, I wasn't sure what I was saying."

"Okay, tell me now. What happened when Jim asked to see you all naked?"

"Nothing happened. He was an asshole. Everyone just ignored him. Oliver stopped kissing me and I left the office to go home soon after that. We went to Cath and Mike's house that night, remember?"

I didn't remember, but then I didn't know exactly when all this had taken place. I tried to pin her down but she refused to answer any more questions.

"That's one of the reasons why I wouldn't tell you anything like that before. I know you're not jealous, but I wouldn't want to keep answering questions about it afterwards, you know?"

"So other things like that have happened?"

"Maybe," she said with a wicked grin. "If you stop badgering me I might tell you. Some day."

My mind was awash with images of my wife in different situations. I didn't know what things she might have got up to but I was determined to find out. I also wasn't sure about her story of how things ended at the party. Jim had said only two of the girls had stripped off, so maybe Sally had left by then. I would have to wait until Monday before I could ask Steve for more information.

To Be Continued...

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