tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSally's Parking Lot Adventure

Sally's Parking Lot Adventure


It has been almost 5 years since their relationship had began. What started out as just a friendship had slowly evolved into an affair but it was a wrought with problems since Sally was married. Last time Sally saw Ted he told her that all wanted for Christmas was a picture of her. Something naughty to be emailed to him so he could fill his mind with visions of her when he could not have the real thing. Sally thought long and hard about his request and was a bit timid about first taking a risqué picture of herself that would be enticing enough and then about sending it out into cyberspace where someone else in the world might see.

After careful consideration and the assurance from him that it would be for "his eyes only", she relented and set the stage to take a semi-nude picture with a Christmas theme. Choosing the proper clothing was the easy part since his favorite thing on her was a white wife beater t-shirt. She decided to top it off with a Santa hat to give it the seasonal effect she was looking for. Now it was timing. With her husband working the midnight shift it wasn't hard to set the stage in the wee hours of the morning in the perfect place - her bed. After several shots to determine if she was getting the right angle, she was ready to take the picture that would be Ted's present. Lying across her bed with a nude ass and the t-shirt pulled down far enough to expose just a touch of nipple; she set the timer and got the shot that would become known as "Santa Baby".

The present was sent on it's way and it didn't take long to get Ted's email reply. "Wow!! Very hot! Got my blood flowing!!!" and a smile spread across her face as she thought of him opening his present and knowing that he was as hard as she was wet when she sent it. When she finally caught up with him in person she found out that not only did he get hard, he had to rush home and masturbate after opening the email. He said it was good and messy but well worth it and could he have another for New Year's?

It delighted her that a simple picture of herself could have that effect on a man and with the second request her mind was now racing with ideas. How could she top the one she had already sent? It had to have that "wow" factor again and he had asked for more skin. After some consideration and his repeated requests, she decided to take the plunge and do an all out nude for him. This took a little bit more work on her part to look "pretty" just for him so a late night session of bathing, shaving, makeup, hair and her favorite perfume "Pure Seduction" to put her in the right mind set and before she knew it a porn star was born.

By the time she found just the right "pose" she had taken 29 shots and her pussy was dripping wet from the excitement of posing nude for him. But the final shot she decided on was perfect and knew it would "wow" his pants off. She was sitting in a chair with her legs spread bearing everything she had to offer and nothing but a smile on her face. The second present known as "Happy New Year" was emailed off to him. This time the late night photo session ended with Sally spending some leisurely time in the comfort of her bed masturbating until her body was wracked with spasms of pleasure. It was good and she nodded off smelling of perfume and sex. Little did she know that tomorrow would bring a pleasurable surprise!

Sally checked her email frequently all morning waiting for his reply but it did not come before she set off for work at mid-day. As usual she stopped to get her favorite latte on the way and lo and behold who should meet her in the parking lot on his way out of the coffee house, but Ted. She felt like she was blushing a hundred shades of red as she asked if he had gotten the email. He said he had just got it and had replied back to her via email and that he'd wait in his car while Sally went inside to get her latte. He said he had something special for her.

As she approached his car at the back of the parking lot, he had a huge grin across his face and as she got up to the car window she could see him stroking his huge cock for her to see. She said "I guess I got the "wow" factor I was going for?" He said that he was visualizing the picture of her as she walked towards him and now needed taken care of in a big way. She leaned into the window and watched as he stroked himself. Her low cut sweater that exposed quite a bit of cleavage as she leaned against the car door took matters a bit further as he said "I'm going to cum. Will you watch me?" Sally liked nothing more than to watch a man stroke his cock and looked on with delight as a bit of pre-cum slipped out of his cock but she just had to ask him "Wouldn't you rather fuck me?" Of course he wanted to fuck her! But he said that her watching him masturbate right there in broad daylight in busy a parking lot was really, really hot. He begged her to just keep watching and to lean over a bit more so I can get a good look at her tits.

She willingly obliged as she watched him move his hand up and down over his rock hard shaft and her pussy got wetter and wetter by the minute. Right before he came, he asked her touch him. Sally reached out and delicately caressed the head of his cock as it swelled with desire. How bold and utterly erotic touching him like that was and just as she pulled her hand away, he let out a moan and his cock exploded like a volcano as she felt her pussy let go right into her pants. Sally had got the results she wanted and then some. The spasms going through her as she stood there in the parking lot exceeded last night's session in bed and left her legs trembling.

Satisfied that her picture had gotten the results she had wanted, she drove off to work with a smile on her face and as she brought her latte up to her lips for a sip, the scent of his cock on her hand filled her with another wave of desire. It took all her will power to get to work without having to reach her hands inside her pants and work herself into ecstasy again. But once she arrived at work and was alone for the afternoon, her hands found her sweet spot, so totally saturated that it was dripping off her hands but the smell of his cock on her hand and the thoughts of what her "wow factor" photo had done to him made her yearn for another round of satisfaction.

Later as Sally finally gained her composure enough to open her email, she found his reply to her picture and it said "More than the wow factor! I will put that to good use and I think you know what I mean! I have to get home and take care of something hard! More please!" She smiled knowing he had never made it home and it didn't take long for her to come up with the idea for her next photo session...

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