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Salma in the Moonlight


I have to admit, I truly love my job. Spending one's working hours behind the wheel of a car may not see that appealing to everyone, but it suits me just fine. You see, I am a limousine driver for livery service in Los Angeles. Our reputation for discretion and excellence makes us a popular choice for the "beautiful people" that live and work in the area. In my case, it has also yielded some sexual encounters with some beautiful women. These encounters run from mild to wild, but each is a treasured memory for me.

It isn't like it happens everyday, or even that they fall madly in love with me. It's usually a case of circumstances being just right. I spend plenty of evenings simply driving people from one place to another, but what would be the sense of writing about those times? I'd rather make known the tales of the tails I've known.

For instance, one evening my dispatcher sent me off to pick-up movie star Salma Hayek. She had hired out the limousine for the night. I had no way of knowing that it would become more than just another assignment.

In fact, it was obvious right from the start that things were going to be interesting, although not for any reason related to sex. When I arrived in Brentwood to pick-up Miss Hayek, she was accompanied by a male companion who was obviously drunk. As they got into the door and up to the time I closed the door behind them, Miss Hayek was quietly urging her partner to behave himself. She was visibly unhappy, in spite of the fact that it was her birthday and they were on the way to a celebratory party in Beverly Hills.

The ride to the restaurant was uneventful. We made good time and soon enough I was opening the door for them in front of one of the cities classiest restaurants. My male passenger stumbled as the left the car and I again noticed a look of desperation in Miss Hayek's eyes. I spent the next few hours waiting nearby and was back in front of the eatery at the requested time. When I pulled up to the entrance at the appointed time, the maitre d' came to the car and asked if I was there to pick up Miss Hayek. I told him yes and he waved his hand towards the door. Several busboys filed out, their arms filled with boxes, which I assumed where birthday gifts for the guest of honor. The maitre d' asked me to open the trunk and he supervised the loading of the boxes into the car.

While this was going on, he confided in me that the event had not gone well at all. Apparently Miss Hayek's date had continued drinking and been obnoxious and rude throughout the party. Because some pretty important and influential people were present, the maitre d' had been walking a tight line between offending the clientele and having to throw the offender out. He was obviously glad the problem was going to be going away and told me he would do his best to get Miss Hayek and her companion out to the car ASAP.

I stood waiting beside the car, the door already open to accept my passengers. Barely a minute had passed before she appeared on the sidewalk and came over to the car. She got inside and I stood next to the open door, waiting for her companion to come out. Only a few seconds passed before she told me he wouldn't be riding with us. I didn't show any visible reaction, simply swung the door shut. Just as it was about to close, I heard her muttering in Spanish, her anger obvious even though her words were not.

I walked around to the drivers side and slid into the driver's seat. I started the car and prepared to pull out into traffic when her companion rushed from the restaurant and stood at my window, pounding on the roof and screaming at me to open the door. Naturally I had no intention of doing so and simply sat there watching him, waiting for him to move aside so I could proceed.

He then decided if he couldn't get inside, he would block me from driving away. He stood at the right front wheel so I couldn't pull forward without hitting him and began to scream obscenities. Now, that is one thing you don't do in Beverly Hills, at least not out on the street. I don't know who called the police, but in seconds two patrol cars had pulled up and four officers stood in the street behind my former passenger.

He slammed the hood of the car twice with his fist before they restrained him. One of the cops approached my window and motioned for me to open it. As I moved to do so, Miss Hayek hopped out from the rear seat and began speaking to him as well. I remained my usual calm self and let the cops sort things out. His intoxication and anger created quite a commotion. It was a rather enjoyable scene to watch. The highlight came when Miss Hayek loudly told the cops her companion had a little dick and the shame sometimes made him crazy. While not the most ladylike of comments, I admired her ability to keep his anger at a level bound to get him arrested.

Soon enough, he was being hauled away and the cops told me I was free to go. There was a small dent on the hood and I couldn't resist asking the officers to contact my employer, as he would probably want to press charges as well. Finally things settled down to the point where Miss Hayek returned to her place in the passenger compartment.

She buzzed me on the intercom and asked me to take her home. At the same time, she apologized and told me her escort had spilled wine all over one of the other guests, insulted a table of studio executives and then tried to hit on a friend of hers who had also been present. She thanked me for keeping her safe, an exaggeration of events but nonetheless a nice gesture.

We returned to Brentwood without further problems. I offered to carry the gifts from the trunk into the house, an offer she gratefully accepted. This took only a few minutes and then I prepared to leave.

When I turned to say goodnight, I noticed that Miss Hayek was barefoot now and her reduced height, combined with her puppy dog look, made her look small and alone. Her eyes appeared brighter than before and I realized she was holding back tears. I was concerned, not just because of her emotional state, but also by the possibility of the newest guest of the Beverly Hills PD returning to her house and so I asked if I could call anyone or get anything for her.

She gave me a weak smile and shook her head. She handed me a tip (which I later discovered was a hundred dollar bill) and I turned to leave. I turned at the door, intending to ask her again if I could do anything for her. However, before I even spoke, she asked me in a tiny voice if I could stay for a little while.

She seemed pathetically grateful when I agreed and she practically tore my uniform jacket from my shoulders. Once she had stowed the garment in the closet, she told me she would be right back. I stood waiting for her in the living room and she came back a minute later with a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket and two glasses.

I explained to her that I can't afford to be caught drinking and driving. In response, she pointed out that I wasn't driving and wouldn't be for a little while. Besides, she added, it's my birthday and you have to do what I want. I agreed with her point and told her I would make an exception to my non-drinking policy. She grinned happily and tried to open the bottle. Her attempts were pitiful and finally I took it from her and opened it myself. As I filled the glasses she had brought, she told me to call her Salma and asked me my name.

"Henry Ford," I told her, prepared for the snickers. Everybody always seems to find it absolutely hilarious that a chauffeur would have the same name as the acknowledged inventor of the automobile. To my surprise, she didn't blink an eye.

She held up her glass and we drank a birthday toast. Then she turned on her stereo to a radio station that plays soft music and asked me to dance with her. Naturally I said yes and she seemed to glide across the floor and into my arms. Salma lay her head against my chest and pressed her body close to mine.

We danced through several slow songs and the closeness of body began to arouse me. I could smell her perfume, and feel the heat from her body. Then, to my surprise and delight, she began to slowly grind her pelvis against mine, pressing firmly enough that there was no mistaking her intent. My head was a little confused but my cock had no trouble responding. In just a few minutes, my hard-on was pressing back against her just as firmly.

Her head pulled back from my chest and tilted to the side as she grinned up at me. Then she moved her hands up to the back of my head and pulled my face down to hers. She pressed her lips against mine and kissed me. After a few seconds, I felt her tongue pressing against my own lips and I opened my mouth to let it slide inside. We French kissed for several minutes, locked together in mutual passion.

Almost as if by mutual agreement, we broke our embrace and stripped naked, dropping our clothes where we stood. We practically jumped back into each others arms and started kissing again. We dropped to the floor together and began to let our hands roam over each others bodies. Every part of her I touched seemed to be firmly muscled. Her back, her ass, her belly, each was obviously the focus of regular exercise.

There was no doubt that we were both eager to move beyond foreplay. My cock was rock hard and flowing with pre-cum. When I slid my hand between her legs, I could feel her sticky juices on her thighs. I probed her pussy with a finger and it slid inside her without difficulty, entry made easy by the moisture seeping from her. I stroked my finger inside of her several times, while Salma moaned and bucked her hips up to make her cunt more accessible.

Her hand was gripping my erection and she asked me to put it inside her. I moved up on top of her and positioned myself between her legs. She used her hold on my dick to guide me inside her and I was soon buried fully in her tight, slippery hole. I tried to hold back and go slowly, but neither of us was in the mood for slow and sensual. She met each thrust with and upward movement of her own and soon we fucking in a steady rhythm.

As my cock pumped into her, she began thrashing back and forth beneath me, muttering breathlessly in Spanish. Her upper lip became beaded with sweat and her legs wrapped around my hips, pulling me downward in time with the motion of my own body. Her hair was fanned out and framed her beautiful face beneath me as we slapped together. I was close to cumming after just a few minutes and it took all my will to hold back. Finally the sensation of her pussy gripping my cock overcame everything and I groaned with pleasure as I filled her cunt with my cum.

Salma kept her legs wrapped around me and pulled me tightly to her as we rocked backed and forth in unison. My dick gradually lost its energy and my arms tired of bearing my weight. I sat back on my heels and felt my cock slip from her pussy. My cum began to gush from her hole and pool beneath her ass. I was a little disappointed I hadn't been able to stay with it until she came, but she reassured me that we weren't done yet.

While I rested there on the floor, she reached out to grab her discarded panties, which she used to wipe up our combined juices. She stood up and walked across the room to retrieve our unfinished glasses of champagne and I enjoyed watching her nude figure in motion. It was my first good look and I was mesmerized by the sight. As my roving hands had discovered earlier, she kept herself in great shape.

Like her back, her ass and legs were taut with muscle. Not bulky, but smooth and sensuous. Her tits sat well on her chest and her belly showed the same effects of regular exercise as her rear. Her stomach was flat and blended nicely into her pubic region, and her pubic hair was trimmed to a thin strip running vertically to her pussy.

I was staring at her openly, bewitched by the picture Salma presented. She was totally at ease with her nudity. She placed her hands behind her head and pushed her hips forward slightly, lewdly exhibiting her lovely form. She did several slow pirouettes and I unconsciously licked my lips.

She laughed out loud when she saw this and grabbed my hand to pull me to my feet. I stood readily enough, not sure where things were headed next. Salma, however, had no doubts about what she wanted. She pulled a blanket from a nearby chair and handed both it and the ice bucket with the remaining champagne to me. She motioned to me to follow her and walked away.

I followed close behind, entranced at the sexy motion of her hips and ass as she padded down a hallway towards the back of the house. I was staring so hard at her that I bumped into her when she stopped. She turned to me with a grin and stood on tiptoe to kiss me before walking over to the refrigerator. I continued to stare at her nude form while she gathered a few items together. Then she cocked her head towards a door to the outside and walked off again.

I paid more attention this time to where I was going. We were in a large backyard with a huge expanse of grass. Trees grew along the edges of this area, shielding us from any prying eyes. A nearly full moon hung low in the sky and made it quite easy to see.

Salma walked directly to the center of the open area and placed the items she had brought on the ground. I did the same and we spread the blanket out under the soft moonlight. She lay on her side and patted the blanket next to her. I assumed a similar position facing her and she initiated a deep French kissed that lasted for a full two minutes.

She lightly ran her hand along my side before reaching for the small bowl she had carried from the kitchen. She held her hand to my face and I felt something touching my lips. I opened them and she slid a strawberry into my mouth. The fruit was just ripe and the taste burst forth across my mouth. She followed it with a quick peck of her lips and placed the bowl on the blanket between us.

We alternated feeding and kissing each other for 30 minutes or so, until the bowl was nearly empty. Then she rose to her knees with her butt cheeks sitting on her legs and with her head tilted back, slowly poured about six ounces of champagne down her neck, chest and stomach. I could see droplets catch in her pubic hair and knew that her cunt would be champagne covered as well. Without a word she pulled my head toward her and steered my mouth to her neck.

I took the hint and began to lick the bubbly wine from her skin. She moaned softly as my tongue traveled across neck and shoulders. I licked her tits and sucked her nipples next. I did my best not to miss anywhere that might have possibly been splashed and it was at least ten minutes before my lips finally brushed the dark patch of her pubic hair.

She had been moaning and writhing throughout this slow exploration of her skin and I could feel the heat of her aroused cunt. She parted her legs as I moved my mouth lower. There was indeed the faint taste of champagne mingled with the sticky juice from our earlier fuck and I happily lapped up any liquid that came within reach of my questing tongue.

Once I finished licking around her pussy I extended my tongue and let it slide between her labia. I licked upwards and gently flicked her clit. Salma sighed deeply and I took the hard bud into my mouth. I used a soft sucking motion to stimulate her and let my tongue roam back and forth across the button. She took my head in her hands and pressed downwards, intent on keeping my mouth busy at her cunt.

Her body was moving now, twisting and bucking as her excitement built. She gasped and groaned as I probed her wet hole and I knew she would cum soon. I pushed her legs farther apart so she was wide open before me and concentrated on bringing her to orgasm. Within a few minutes, she was again muttering in Spanish and her hands tightened their grip on my head.

Suddenly her body began to twitch and her deep breathing turned into quick pants. The flow of moisture from her cunt increased tremendously and her thighs squeezed together against my head. Her body trembled as waves of pleasure raced through her and my name burst from her throat with a sob. She shook for several minutes and then it was over.

Her thighs relaxed their grip on my head and she fell silent. She was breathing deeply but evenly and her cunt spasmed several times as she came down form her peak. I licked and kissed her thighs as she finally became still beneath me.

Suddenly she was pulling my hair to drag my body up on top of hers. She threw one of her legs across my ass and pulled my crotch towards her.

"Now, Henry! Fuck me now! Shove that cock inside me. Fuck me. Fill my cunt with your dick. Now, Henry! I need it now!"

She was frantic with need and quickly guided my hard-on to her pussy. I tried to work it inside her slowly but Salma grabbed my hips and pulled me fully inside her in one stroke. Then she slid her hands around so she was holding my ass in both her hands so I couldn't move and held me there while she rocked her hips back and forth. She squeezed my ass tightly and muttered for me fuck her.

I began to piston my hips and thrust into her as hard as I could. Each time I withdrew her hands on my ass pulled me back towards her. Her legs wrapped around me as well and I was prevented from backing out more than an inch or two before her actions would pull me back inside her. Within a few minutes, I began to approach my own orgasm. My balls tightened up and my cock grew even harder. Soon enough, I began to cum, shooting a second load deep inside her. After several spurts, my orgasm subsided and I dropped face down beside her on the blanket.

We both lay there for a few minutes, breathing heavily and enjoying the after effects of our release. Salma recovered before I did and I heard her moving about. I felt her fingers at my lips and when I opened my mouth, she slid an ice cube from the champagne bucket inside. I stayed prone, letting the cube melt slowly in mouth.

I watched as she used a small towel to wipe her cunt and thighs clean of our combined juices. Then she slid an uneaten strawberry inside her pussy. She put an ice cube in her own mouth, and sucked on it as she sat beside. She was restless, however, and was soon back on her feet, swaying back and forth in time to music only she could hear. Abruptly, her hand slapped my ass and she was urging me to my feet. I rose to my knees and she hauled my arm until I was standing in front of her.

"I need to be held! Come dance with me in grass. Tonight we are children of the moon!"

She led me a few feet from the blanket and pressed her body against me. I let my arms slide around her with my hands resting on the upper half of her ass cheeks. We twirled slowly in a waltz-like movement and she ground her pelvis against mine. She kissed and licked my neck as her hands rubbed up and down my back.

The close contact began to arouse us both and soon my cock began to stir against her belly. Her ass began to rotate beneath my hands, driving us closer together. She fell to her knees before me and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked strongly and I quickly became fully erect. She told me to lie down and when I did so, she turned her body so we were in the 69 position.

We began to give each other head, taking our time with each other. I felt her lips on my balls, and then she sucked them into her mouth. She held them there and began humming softly, the vibrations carrying themselves over to my scrotum, stimulating me in a way I had never experienced. I took her clit between my lips and began to hum as well, figuring it would be as enjoyable for her as it was for me. For five or ten minutes, we lay there composing a song of sexual arousal, using each other's sexual equipment as our instruments.

Salma's pussy juice running freely down across my chin and I stopped humming to position my mouth so her honey flowed directly to me. I let the tip of my tongue drive inside her and probe her dripping cunt. My balls popped free of her mouth and she gave a lusty groan as the forgotten strawberry popped free and slid into my mouth.

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