tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSalma's Sexual Evolution

Salma's Sexual Evolution


Dusky Salma Tahira may not be glamorous as often seen in fashion world, but her beauty is more subtle, her dusky looks and large rounded eyes with large irises give her a charming and youthful appearance. She has physical traits of a true feminine beauty; narrow shoulder, small rib cage, narrow waist and big buttocks which give her a feminine softly curved, rounded hourglass figure. She truly epitomizes mystical Indian beauty and a sensual mysterious East. An oriental enigma and an artist dream. She had a calm disposition and simple yet high sense of aesthetics. She was well read and unlike her husband, possessed a college degree.

She worked in corporate communication in a multi-national organization. Her knowledge was impeccable in current affairs ,politics,and surprisingly sports, which put her at odds with other women folk and often embarrassing for men who couldn't match up to her in-depth knowledge on cricket which every average Indian men claim to be an expert . She had a deep philosophical mind and preferred intellectual solitude rather than sociable stupidity. Her qualities and talents over a period of time had a detrimental effect on relationships; especially with her husband, who was no match for her intellectually. Also he wasn't successful financially. His life was a failure as he couldn't convert inherited wealth from his father into something substantial. He led a laid back life which ruined his business and relationships.

In spite of all the failures in business ventures, he still demanded obedience and respect from his wife and wanted her to be a second fiddle in the relationship which she always chided. He always boasted about his family name and the legacy left by his forefathers who were once aristocrats. He constantly identified with his traditional past which made his views parochial. She was facing a lot of mental turmoil in this difficult relationship. Also she was facing the brunt from her in-laws who had a penchant to defend their son's shortcomings. They would subtly insinuate their son to leave her. And to appease his parents, he turned towards religion. This also helped his standing among his peers and society in general. As the relationship deteriorated, rumors about her were fabricated by her in-laws and their family members. It pertained to her long hours at work and ignoring her family. The rumors were often exaggerated. They always took her success and financial independence with a pinch of salt. She was marginalized for being an independent, individualistic and a successful career woman. She was aggressively targeted for it. The only reason her husband would remain silent about her job is because she was the one supporting her child's education. They had a child who was 10 years old. He was studying in a boarding school. Circumstances forced them to make this decision as the mounting tensions at home and business would otherwise ruin his childhood.

Although she tolerated this relationship, her husband would always complain about her successful career. He, at times, coerced her to wear a veil as per the religious tradition, which she strongly resisted as she disliked the Purdah system. However, she still obliged to his demand partially by covering her hair, but gave a stiff resistance to wearing Hijab and Niqab (face cover). Things became worst and her husband's callous attitude persisted. He very often belittled her in front of his friends, who were a group of religious zealots. Religion was the only outlet for his frustration. To justify his often erratic, irrational behavior, religious dogmas proved quite handy.

The mental trauma was becoming unbearable and one fine day she called her distant aunt Nafeesa who was a lawyer, an ardent feminist and a women rights activist. She explained her plight and immediately her aunt took control of the situation. Nafeesa was her mother's first cousin, and after Salma's mother passed away she supported her emotionally. Nafeesa was a charming old lady in her mid fifties; she's been in pretty good shape looked almost 10 years younger than her actual biological age. She was fair slim, had a bob cut, confident and was vocal when it came to woman's issues. She was an extrovert and her social circle consisted of rich bureaucrats, politicians and famous personalities. Most of them belonged to affluent upper strata of the society. Her political inclination was liberal leftist. It was quite ironic of her to sometimes openly ridicule capitalism in front of her rich elite group. Her husband was a broad minded educated person but very different from her in ideology.

Nafeesa's intervention was intimidating to Salma's in-laws and husband as she belonged to legal profession. They couldn't stand up to her towering personality. And very soon it was evident that their obtuse approach might get them in legal trouble. The only solution was a divorce. Salma was desperate for a divorce however the only thing that worried her was her son Kashif. The divorce didn't take much time and with it, custody of her son was handed to Salma. Her husband was unemployed and in no position to take care of him.

It took few weeks for Salma to come out of the traumatic marriage. Meanwhile she moved to an apartment which virtually belonged to her. The real owners were Nafeesa and her husband and since they were childless, regarded her as a daughter. So she almost inherited the apartment. It was a two bedroom apartment on the ground floor. The place was very lively and most of the people around were educated and belonged to rich families. It was located in a prime zone and outside the colony there were malls, pubs and a vibrant night life. However,the colony remained quite peaceful . There were hardly any women in veil and covered head, which was a common sight where she lived in the past. She found the people quite amiable when compared to what she experienced in the past. There were plenty of retired lawyers and teachers who lived in the same building where she resided.

In the center of the colony, there was a huge banyan tree which almost covered the ground. It provided lots of shade and cover in scorching summer heat. Under the tree there was some seating arrangement. Every day in the evenings, the retired teachers and lawyers would gather and tirelessly discuss various issues related to society, politics and religion. There were a couple of stodgy old gentlemen who often joined the discussion and constantly cribbed about the younger generation. How they have transgressed from tradition, morality and religion and how western culture has corrupted their minds. They would never tolerate a woman in any skimpy western outfit. It was quite surprising that they found Saris traditional. However, one of her neighbors, a gentleman with a quaint sense of humor, would always put them down. He was a retired teacher who lived with his wife and eccentric son. His name was Kumar and he lived opposite to her apartment.

It was a kind of a solitary life for her which is something she always craved. She was a virgin when her marriage took place at the age of 20. It was an arranged marriage where she had no say in it. She was quite deferential to her parents authority. It was her father's choice to marry her off to an aristocratic family. Salma has turned 30 and since her marriage, she's never been in any kind of affair. Her sexual life was dull with an unimaginative, boring husband. However, the new found freedom and the congenial atmosphere around has instilled confidence and fearlessness to bear what was ugly about herself. To look bravely into her true drives and desires was slowly emerging. She learned so much about herself and about things long buried and denied. It freed her to make bold choices that previously were not even acknowledged as choices. Divorce made it possible to integrate with her femininity and sensuality. She is now happier. And the best part is she didn't have to fuck around to get there.

The liberating atmosphere around allowed her to come out of her demureness. She could now move out freely without any restriction and more importantly, dress up the way she wants. It was time for her to abandon the idea of covering hair with the Dupata, a restriction imposed by religion. She could now wear jeans, t-shirts and occasionally skirts. The tight jeans and t-shirt enhanced her feminine beauty and her big butt and boobs became a part of young men gossip. She loved wearing the Shawar Kameez which were also revealing. Mostly cut sleeves, short Kurta, and at times she was bold enough to wear deep neck Salwar Kameez, which often exposed her cleavage. This bold move at times attracted unwanted attention and occasional negative remarks from stodgy old gentleman. However, she had the gumption to deal with such situation so that never bothered her. Besides there were plenty of women around, some of them married, who wore much skimpier clothes than her.

She never socialized much at work or with people in the colony. However, there was couple of people who were quite friendly to her. One was Sonia Sharma who lived in the opposite building. She was a Punjabi big beautiful woman, an interior designer by profession and her husband, an I. T. professional. She was an extrovert and very charismatic, a bomb in her mid thirties who often wore the most revealing and skimpiest outfit. The couple was into open marriage. Sonia's husband was a cuckold. She had a few paramours but never got involved with anyone around the colony. It was wise to keep such things discreet, especially something related to sex. Most of her liaisons were behind the closed doors of her apartment. It was an understanding between the couple as involving neighbors can bring infamy no matter how liberated the atmosphere was around the colony, open marriage was still a taboo. On the other hand they were quite choosy and most of the time Sonia's lover would be in their early twenties.

Next friend was Nitin with whom she often exchanged pleasantries. Nitin was in his early thirties. He was Mr. Kumar's son and he always supported her liberal claims in those evening debates. Nitin was often unshaved and with his dark complexion and long curly hair, gave him a hippy look or sometimes in traditional outfit he would look like a mystic. He had a master's degree in philosophy and used to teach as a junior lecturer in a reputed college but soon rusticated and was incarcerated temporarily after he made some sexual advances toward a female colleague. It was construed as sexual assault. Later it was found that he was innocent. He was eccentric, at times an ill mannered and unconventional maverick, but quite interesting and a fascinating conversationalist. All in all, he was a charming bad man with an intriguing dark side. Decent middle class people often avoided him as he was sometimes high on cocaine and weed. Salma resisted and showed an implacable attitude whenever he tried to be overly friendly, but she secretly loved his unconventional habits and his dark sense of humor which had an undertone of sensuality to it.

There was a weird deviation about Nitin that Salma discovered one day. She was enjoying her solitary weekend as it had been a toiling week for her . The week passed in making presentations and client meetings. That made her extend her shifts and always got back home at unearthly hours. Weekends were something that she eagerly waiting for. It was one usual winter morning that she got up around 7 and finished her yoga exercise and went to the kitchen. The kitchen was situated looking onto a narrow lane which was usually isolated. Occasionally the gatekeeper and a rickshaw puller would hang around to smoke Bidi in that narrow lane. The branches of the banyan tree were spread out over the lane. It provided shade to the narrow lane and also provided privacy to her. But she could see everything that happens in the lane from the window of the kitchen. When she entered the kitchen the window below the exhaust fan was slightly open. She opened it a little more and there was a gush of cool breeze on her face. It made her open it a little more the and the cool breeze started passing through her; seducing her virgin body, which hadn't been touch by a men for a long time.

It was a wonderful experience and as she was enjoying the cool breeze, suddenly Nitin entered the lane. She almost attempted to greet him but resisted as it was strange to see him at this place. Nitin pulled out a cigarette and lighted it. It was apparent that he wanted to smoke a cigarette but why in secrecy, she wondered. He was a maverick who never cared about society and convention so why did he choose this secret location to smoke a cigarette. The partial open windows hid her enough so that no one outside could see her. This gave her the additional advantage to watch any activity happening outside. As he started smoking the smell of the smoke wasn't of a cigarette and there was no second guesses that he was smoking marijuana. She recognized the smell because some of her colleagues at work smoked marijuana. Nitin was hardly eight to ten steps away from the window.

She left the place and started preparing breakfast. After breakfast, she again went towards the window and peeped outside out of curiosity to see if Nitin was still there and to her shock, he was peeing with his back towards the wall by lowering his pant and underwear below the waist, exposing his flaccid dick. She felt flabbergasted and the act was nothing short of an aberration. She quickly closed the window and turned back closing her eyes feeling guilty and disgusted. This was bizarre and shocking for her and quite a strange thing to see an uncircumcised penis. Her sexual experience so far has been limited to a circumcised penis with her ex husband. This was a new experience and after the initial shock, a strange feeling of nervous energy penetrated inside her. Her heart was beating faster and was quite audible for her to listen to the beats.

Carnal desire soon superseded the initial guilt and disgust and, unable to withstand the temptation, slowly opened the window partially and this time to her amazement Nitin's back side was resting towards the wall with his legs spread playing with his flaccid dick. This brazen act made her heart beat faster and her body accumulating more nervous energy and was forcing her to shed the naïveté'. She always thought about the funny bulges in front of men's tight pants. It made her feel excited whenever she felt her skimpy dressing was the reason behind the bulge. And while watching Nitin play with his uncircumcised cock, slowly trying to get it to full erection, she wondered why society considered a naked male not as interesting as a naked female. Why should tits and a pussy be any more beautiful than man's buttocks or cock? Maybe women are culturally conditioned to deny their sexual feelings .

She got glued in watching him play as steadily he brought his flaccid dick to full erection. It was a decent size and very thick. She felt a strange attraction towards the foreskin covering the entire gland and the way he was rocking it. He fully pulled back the foreskin until the Glans was exposed and kept his foreskin retracted at all times. Without touching the Glans, he rocked the foreskin back and forth at the base of the penis, only not allowing it to move over the Glans. There was a slight presence of hair and some hair on his balls, which was now visible as his dick was rock hard and directed upward like a tent-pole. It was poking out beneath his shirt and at times exposed his balls. After some time, he dropped his pant below his knees. She was thrilled to see the entire bottom of his thighs which seem well toned and with some hairs on groin region. His belly region was in good shape. There was no sign of fat around the belly region. She was watching and examining every part of his bottom, every curve and getting extremely horny wondering how he would react if he found out that she was watching.

The real attraction was his dick and the way he was playing with it like a flute. Everything was getting hotter; things were getting out of control. She never expected this kind of weird exhibitionist tendency from Nitin and the masturbation at places where there was a fair chance to get caught. She had to agree what other women had told her about Nitin and his perversions. But this time she was loving the show and everything around was an ideal setup. His perversion had now turned into her pleasure. He was now the object of her desire and never had she felt so horny before.

The initial disgust and guilt has slowly faded. Although what Nitin was doing was in conflict with her aesthetic sensibility, this show was a liberating effect and taking her out of self imposed inhibition. It also absolved her of the guilt and restriction imposed by society and religion. Maybe the liberation had come a little late, but she was enjoying the moment like an adolescent teenager. The uncircumcised dick became the object of desire she was desperate to have. She fantasized about putting it in her mouth and cunt. It seemed so close but still far, which was disappointing. To overcome her frustration and the lack of opportunity to get what she wanted and with the uncontrollable sexual urge, she started rubbing her pussy from outside of her tracksuit.

She was wearing a white Adidas tracksuit and with her tracks on, started rubbing her pussy from outside. The rubbing continued for half a minute. Meanwhile, Nitin started stroking his dick faster. She kept looking at it and getting excited too. She removed her track pants exposing her pink underwear and started rubbing her clit slowly from outside using her index finger. She then unzipped her track shirt and removed it followed by removing her white sport bra exposing her big round boobs. She then started playing with her boobs cuddling one after the other using her left hand and rubbing her clit parallel using three fingers through her underwear. The gorgeous dusky beauty of the East is now in no fear of participating in sinful activities for fear of going to hell. Almost naked and with small rays of sun beaming down through the partially open window on her naked body and with only underwear on she cuddled her boobs. She felt a cooling on her hot breast. As she touched her quickly responding nipples, she could feel her whole body tickle. Simultaneously rubbing her clit from outside of her underwear using her right hand, her pelvis started moving involuntarily and her breast nipples got taut and pointing.

Nitin, on the other hand had his eyes closed, maybe he was controlling himself from cumming. And she didn't want this to happen either. The longer he continues the better for her to enjoy watching his naked body. The more she watched him masturbate, the more she started moving her hand and this time inside her underwear; caressing and rubbing her wet cunt. She loved the sound of the "wetness"-that squishy sound. She was just fucking herself with fingers along with a bit of voyeurism.

The fingering became vigorous at times and her entire palm immersed inside her underwear dragging her underwear below. Meanwhile Nitin was on a verge of climax as his stroking was getting faster. Salma removed her underwear and this time spread her legs by holding her left thigh with her left hand and fingering her clit with her middle finger of her right hand and breathing heavily at the same time. She then went back to rubbing her boobs. As she started rubbing her clit more vigorously, so did her moaning became slightly louder. She was in a state of ecstasy and almost lost touch of reality, transcending the mundane world of morality. Her deep yearnings and dark desires were slowly unveiling. To see a naked man masturbating while she herself was masturbating was an ultimate moment. Even guilt, the great deterrent in reality, became her sexual partner in this act of masturbation. All the while she was bringing herself to the throes of orgasm. Her fantasy of an impending arrival of Nitin who would find her, catch her, see her drove her. The crash of orgasm came while she was in her fantasy with Nitin. Her loud moaning, which could now be heard by anyone outside vibrated off the kitchen walls. As she climaxed and was coming back to her normal state she was shocked to see herself in this state as remembered the series of events that took place.

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