tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSamantha's Ultimate Photoshoot

Samantha's Ultimate Photoshoot


It all started with a happy quirk of fate, I suppose. I am a voyeur. Nothing pleases me more than to watch others and look at people in sexual situations. I had been using a site which allowed voyeurs and exhibitionists to get together for a while and it was when I was browsing through the photos sent in by people that I first saw her. She immediately caught my attention. A very classy lady, slim, small neat breasts (the kind that are made to fit into your hand!), big nipples aching to be sucked and toyed with. A flat tummy and womanly hips led to legs that seemed not to end. Her pussy was shaved clean and smooth leaving her neat little lips easily visible. She had a small ass which invited further exploration by some lucky man.

Just looking at her photos was enough to give me a hard on, so I left my comment on the site, printed off the photo that I like best and went to my room to masturbate over this horny image. It was a photograph of her sat on a chair, wearing a pink bra which did little to hide her nipples, black leather skirt pulled up to show pink panties, her stockinged legs wide open wearing boots. It was not the picture that was the most explicit in the set, but it stirred my imagination. I could see more.........

.......As an American living overseas, she had been a prize capture. Forced to do the bidding of her captors, she was made to slowly undress as they photographed her.

"Take off your blouse"

"Pull up your skirt"

"Spread your legs"

"Lose the bra"

"Drop the panties and open your legs"

After each order the camera flashed and her misery was captured. As my hand moved faster on my cock, my imagination became more sordid. I pictured two of the officers start to roughly feel her breasts and one of them dropped his hand between her legs......and while I am sure I could have kept this scenario going, I suddenly realized I was about to cum and wanked furiously as I shot my load over her picture.

A day or two later, I was surprised to see I had had a reply to my message and that she would be pleased for me to email her. We traded emails for some time, gradually learning a little more about each other, gradually getting a little more intimate until I eventually sent her not only a face shot but also a few shots of my cock and a video clip of me cumming whilst I looked at her pictures. She in turn sent me some private photographs of herself which I treasured. I only had to look at her photograph and I would get that tingle and slight movement in my groin that was the start of my excitement. Of course, the site where I first saw her was a public site, and there were others who were as taken with this delicious woman as I was. I had no claim or hold on her, and was just grateful that she showed some interest. I frequently thought about how excited she must be by the attention of her group of admirers and wondered what she thought of being the object of sexual desire for an untold number of men and probably a few women as well.

This went on for several months, people coming and going from her inner circle of voyeurs. We gradually got to know her better and her pictures became more intimate. The ones she sent me were red hot and included some great close ups of her masturbating with some long silky evening gloves on, shaving her pussy, and various other poses leaving nothing to the imagination. We also began to find out a little about her husband, Jimmy, who, it seemed, enjoyed sharing her with us over the internet as much as she enjoyed showing and we enjoyed watching. Of course, it was Jimmy who was the lucky man who got all the benefit of that beautiful woman being aroused, and was aroused himself by taking the pictures and posing his delightful wife to her best advantage. It seemed as if everybody was getting as much as they could from the situation and we, her inner circle or 'fanily' would have to content themselves with the developing cyber relationship we all had with her.

Then one day, something arrived in the post that was to change all this for ever. A first class air ticket to JFK Airport and an address in Carmel, NY State. The Invitation enclosed with the tickets read:

Jimmy and Samantha request the pleasure of

Nick Gerrard

At their Carmel home for three days of good food,

Wines and a surprise that we are sure you will never forget.


845) 225-7281

How could I resist? I told them I would be there and eagerly awaited the day of my flight.

When it came, the flight was pretty uneventful. I had flown first class during my stint of working overseas, and it was a welcome change after years of economy flights paid for by myself! When I arrived at JFK I went through all the usual airport BS that is required to get into any civilized country these days and leaving all that behind me was overjoyed to see a placard bearing my name.

"Mr. Gerrard?" enquired the man holding the sign.

"That's me," I replied.

"My name is Joe. I work for Mr. and Mrs. Webber. There's a car waiting to take you to Carmel just outside."

I gave my thanks and Joe took what small amount of luggage I had and led me to a 1954 Cadillac convertible parked outside the doors. I got in and enjoyed the running commentary that Joe supplied as the scenery changed from New York City to New York State. I must have dropped off at some stage, because the next thing I knew, the car was slowing down as we turned into a private drive that led to a wonderful old house (well as old as they get over there!).

As we pulled up at the columned porch, the front door opened and I was greeted with a cheery 'Hello'.

"I'm Jimmy," the guy introduced himself, "and you are Nick. Welcome." He put out his hand and we shook. "Samantha and I are so glad you came. We have a fantastic few days planned, days we hope none of us will ever forget."

"That will be all now, Joe," said Jimmy, "you can come back on Monday morning to start ferrying our guests back to the airport."

"We've given all the staff time off so we have the place to ourselves," said Manny as he led me into the house. "Your room is the first on your left up the stairs. Go get freshened up, and we'll see you in about an hour by the pool out back"

"Is Samantha here," I asked.

"Of course," replied Manny, "she'll be joining us at the pool."

With this I went upstairs and, finding my room, went in. It was the size of a small apartment with a bed that would have slept a football team and a bath to match. A TV the size of your local drive in screen filled one wall together with as much high tech equipment that I had ever seen in one place. I later found out from my co-guests that every room was the same.

I showered, stowed my gear away, and put on the swimming trunks and robe that had been put out previously. Making my way out to the back of the house, I began to wonder what this was all about. My curiosity would soon be answered.

"Come and join us Nick," said Jimmy, "There's a cold beer in the box over there, and if you want anything else just ask. Let me introduce you to these guys."

Standing me in front of five other guys who were sat or standing beside the pool, Jimmy made the introductions.

"Guys, this is Nick. He's English. A Limey, but we'll forgive him."

The guys laughed in a friendly, leg pulling way.

"Hi Limey!" Came back a chorus.

"Hans," Danish, but I live here now"

"I'm Rob"



"Call me Majikan"

"Hi all," I replied. I instantly recognized their names from comments left after Samantha had posted her pictures. It was the 'fanily'. My curiosity was even more aroused now, and I was thinking of a way to ask Manny what the hell we were all doing here when the object of our affections suddenly appeared.

"Samantha," went up the cry. She was ready for the pool in an elegant robe that was open to show her wonderful figure enclosed in a plain, but obviously expensive swimsuit. She came to all of us and greeted us as if we were long lost lovers. Her embrace as she came to me was warm and welcoming. I felt her breasts push into my chest and when she kissed me on the cheek; it was as if someone had flicked an electric cable against me. She put her hand behind my head and played with my hair and our eyes locked.

"I'm so glad you decided to come," she said, "everybody's here now and we are going to have such a wonderful time. Jimmy has it all organized. All you have to do is enjoy it."

"Hold my robe please," she asked of me, and I held it whilst she stepped out of it and plunged into the pool.

"Now, boys, I know you're not the shy types, come and join me."

We dropped our robes and dived in. Jimmy and Samantha's open, welcoming and very friendly attitude to us all helped to break the ice and it wasn't long before we were all getting along famously. Several beers later, we were enjoying a supper of cold cuts and salads, steaks and chicken from the barbeque all washed down by some good Californian reds.

As the feast subsided, Jimmy raised his glass.

"A toast to all of us," we raised our glasses. "And an explanation."

"Samantha and I began to post photos around six months ago. You guys have been with us since the beginning and have been loyal and incredibly kind with your support and dedication to Annette and I. The comments you have left and the e mails and pictures you have sent us have led us to a level of sexuality we never knew existed. I never dreamed that my lovely, sexy wife would generate so much interest, and that we in turn would get so turned on by sharing her with you."

"As a token of our thanks for all this, we decided to bring you here, the 'fanily', to enjoy our world first hand. This evening, Samantha will be modeling for us all. Nothing will be off limits. We want you

to be completely open and uninhibited about what you want to see and photograph. Samantha will not disappoint you.

"Guys, we know you are going to get excited by this evening's activities, and so you can stay dressed in trunks and robes. If you feel the need to relieve the tension and masturbate, that's fine, but the only rule is we all want to watch. No leaving the party! Samantha insists she wants to see you all as well as showing off for you. If we feel like it, we will have sex and you may take pictures. Annette will now go and prepare herself.

You could almost see the tension in the air as Samantha left us to get ready. Jimmy opened a cupboard by the pool where he had previously left seven top of the range digital cameras. One for each of us. We each looked them over and had a few practice shots, snapping each other. The laughter that this produced helped reduce the tension for a while. After about an hour, Samantha returned.

You could almost hear the jaws hitting the floor as she appeared. She was dressed in one of those perfect little black dresses that every woman covets. Her hair was perfectly in place and the matching earrings and necklace she wore sparkled against her fair skin. The dress showed just enough cleavage to keep a man interested and her long, slim legs were encased in black nylons and her calf muscles were accentuated by her high heels. She was ready for an Oscars ceremony and we were there to be her directors and cameramen.

Jimmy started the ball rolling by posing her at the front of the house with a glass of champagne. She was the epitome of elegance and we clicked away, happy to be able to see her sublime features for a change.(Her face remained hidden as a rule when she posted on the net, but she had been kind enough to send me a few shots of her, full face, so I felt I knew her just a little more.)

As we moved back into the house, we went into the library. We took some more pictures, each of us beginning to feel more confident. I think Samantha sensed the mood, and said:

"Jimmy, I can't wait any longer."

"Guys, this dress has to come off"

And without further ado, she turned her back to us and unzipped her dress. I don't think any of us captured the moment as we stared at the woman we had lusted after for months with her dress slowly sliding down her legs to reveal her underwear. She was left wearing a strapless bra, garter belt, panties, stockings and high heeled pumps. All black to accentuate her fair skin. The affect that this had on us was with hindsight, hilarious. I had seen pictures of this woman naked as the day she was born, but here she was in the flesh, standing before me in her wonderfully sexy underwear. We were all rooted to the spot. If our eyes could have stood out any further, they would have been on stalks. Finally, Jimmy broke the spell.

"Isn't she beautiful." It wasn't a question. Just a summation of the feelings of us all. Samantha helped us all relax as well. She mingled with us, getting beers and drinks while we got used to her semi nakedness.

"Come on guys," she urged us, "I want to see your best efforts. These pictures will go into a portfolio you can all take with you as a memento. It would be silly to miss the best shots now, wouldn't it?"

That was all the encouragement we needed. The cameras started clicking and the session developed. After a while, Jimmy joined Samantha on her side of the lens and removed her bra. He let us get some full on shots first and then toyed with her as he stood behind her, playing with her hard nipples and cupping each breast in turn as Samantha leaned back into him enjoying his attentions.

Within a very short time, she was naked apart from her stockings. I went nearer to her to get a closer shot, and she playfully flicked the erection that was so obvious beneath my shorts.

"Gentlemen, you are all very over dressed from my point of view", she laughed. "Please get comfortable."

We didn't need any further prompting, and seven guys dropped their shorts almost in unison only to expose seven hard-ons of varying length and thickness!

"Oh my!" exclaimed Samantha with an air of comic modesty. "What's a girl to do?"

"We need to see some of those special poses," said Jimmy, who was as obviously excited as the rest of us, and took his naked wife by the hand.

"Please follow us boys," he said as he led her upstairs.

We went eagerly and they led us to a bedroom which had been fully equipped as a studio with lighting and every angle covered by video.

Samantha went through a series of poses that would have done honour to a professional model. She invited each of us in turn to take his own close ups and opened every nook and cranny of her wonderful body to our inspection. She called a break when things got too much for Louie and Hans and she went over to where they were masturbating. Her presence was enough for the two guys and Louie was the first to shoot his load. Jimmy caught her on camera giving him an encouraging look as he came. Hans was moments behind and his first shot of cum spurted out of his cock and landed on Samantha's thigh. His first thought was to apologise, but Jimmy and Samantha wouldn't hear of any apology that night. In fact Jimmy seemed to be so turned on by it that he got us all to stand around while Samantha took him lovingly in her mouth. She licked, nibbled and toyed with him. I got some fantastic shots of her running her tongue from his balls to the tip of his cock. It wasn't long before her tongue got the better of Jimmy and he came over her ruby red lips. The contrast of his cum on her lipstick was amazing. The video cameras never stopped rolling.

The rest of us had to stop taking photos at that point and attend to the rock hard dicks that we each had. Jimmy whispered something in Samantha's ear and she got up from the bed and came and sat next to us until each of us came. To have that beautiful woman so close while I played with myself was one of the most arousing experiences of my life. To know that she watched every drop of cum leave my cock was enough to leave me semi hard even when I would normally have been soft. I in turn watched her as she did the same for each man in the room. Jimmy must have got some stunning pictures.

The mass sexual release coupled with the other events throughout the day left us all feeling fairly tired and after a few drinks, we agreed to call it a night. Samantha came round and kissed us all good night. I knew I would dream of this warm, affectionate, fragrant woman with a figure men would fight for. I thought I was dreaming initially when I heard a soft tapping at my door. I had been asleep for a few hours and as I awoke, Jimmy and Samantha came into my room.

"Sorry to wake you," said Jimmy, "but there is something we would like to share with you."

"What?" I asked, half asleep.

"Samantha," Jimmy smiled. "We both love your emails and comments and photos," he said, "we feel closer to you and I would like to get some pictures of the two of you making love."

"Would you like that" asked Samantha as she slid her robe off letting me see her dressed only in hold up stockings.

I answered her with a long, tender, passionate kiss. As I went to cup her breast, I felt her hand drop to my lap and begin to fondle my cock.

"Don't forget my pictures," Jimmy reminded us and started to snap away.

He recorded the whole event. We played 'tongues' for him, I caressed her breasts and sucked on her nipples the way he wanted me to. I nuzzled her neck and her scent drove me wild. I ran my hands over her body and up and down her nylon clad legs. I paid special attention to her ass which had always fascinated me and Jimmy got a great shot of me exploring her little rose. I played with her pussy for what seemed like an age, exploring every little fold of her with my fingers and tongue. Jimmy leant in to get a close up of my tongue flicking over the top of her clit, and then I slid between those beautiful lips and I was buried inside her. She was soft and warm and as tight as an 18 year old. She had that knack of being able to use her vaginal muscles to 'milk' a man's cock. I needed every ounce of self control to last for any time at all. We made love in lots of different positions, mostly designed to let Jimmy see as much as possible. I held her legs wide and high, she sat on top of me, facing me, then turned round to let Jimmy snap her riding me; I took her doggy style and when I could hold back no more, she bent over me and let me shoot over her face. I wanted to cum for ever. I returned the compliment in a few minutes and tasted her sweet juices as she came with my mouth clamped firmly over her pussy, my tongue working her clit. She tasted so sweet. I cleaned her off with my tongue and relished every drop of her cum.

The three of us hugged afterwards, and Jimmy and Samantha left, promising me some first class pictures in the morning. I don't know how they did it, but, true to their word, when I awoke later that morning, a disc was outside my door which contained not only all the pictures from the previous day, the video footage from the bedroom with Jimmy and Samantha, and our private pictures from the night time. It took me a good hour or more just to flick through them and when I was finished I was hard again. I relieved myself looking at Samantha licking a string of precum from the tip of my cock whilst looking the camera straight in the eye. It didn't take me long to cum again.

When I eventually made my way downstairs, breakfast was laid out and playing on a screen big enough for a multiplex was a slideshow of yesterday's photo sessions. Rob and Barry were sat side by side in deep armchairs, slowly tossing themselves off to the images that appeared. Majikan was cleaning himself off with some tissues, and Louie and Hans appeared shortly after me. They ignored breakfast and crashed into chairs watching the show. Samantha came down shortly dressed casually and went round to kiss everyone good morning. When she got to Rob and Barry, her presence was enough to send them both over the edge and they came there and then.

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