tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSandal Tales 05A: Back again!

Sandal Tales 05A: Back again!


Sandal Tales 5-cont:

I slept late the next morning- having stayed up late. After my adventures and my own private porno scene on the deck I had supper and watched a normal movie- until I remembered the adult video I had also purchased.

I watched the story as the blonde was making it with both of two friends until they find out and "get her" at the pool. One of them seduced her in the open then the other shows up and- over some small protests- they both take her at once. I thought the pictures in the magazine were hot when she was riding on one cock and sucking the other- but in the video watching them both actually fucking her I exploded in another self induced orgasm thinking about what it would be like to have two men at once.

Like I said- it was well into daylight when I got up. I hadn't taken a shower and realized as I looked in the mirror that I still had cum stains on my breasts from my encounter with "the stranger."

I found myself getting aroused all over again just thinking about it and knew I was about to plan for another adventurous day.

After bathing I walked naked around the house a bit with the new clear high heeled sandals on- feeling very luscious and hot.

Then- as I thought things out- I took them back off and went to the closet to pick out some clothes. I had an idea from the day before about what I was looking for.

You see- I had been thinking about what had made me so totally wound up yesterday- and I decided a big part of it was the excitement of strangers "looking me over" as a sex object. My clit tingled just thinking about it.

I wanted more. But I also thought that making moves- gradually becoming more whorelike as the day had progressed- had been an excitement all on its own. So I didn't want to start out dressed to fuck (so to speak) but work my way into it.

I selected a denim skirt and a plain light blue blouse. Putting on matching light blue panties and bra and my regular flat sandals I now looked like an ordinary person ready to go shopping. Shopping for what? I guess I would let my passions rule as the day went on and just see.

First stop was for gas at a corner station. I was aware of some looks from the guy next to me- even in the more modest clothing- and was thrilled to think that this was just the beginning. So when I got in the car I pulled over to the side and pulled off my panties. Right- nobody could see that change at this point- but my pussy was aware and I tickled my vagina lips a minute before traveling onward.

My next stop was an open air fruit market. Mostly women there- but I undid a button on the blouse to show some cleavage anyway. In a minute an older gentleman pulled in and I made sure as he browsed the produce that I stayed in his view. I "dropped" an apple and bent over right in front of him to retrieve it. I knew that my mid-thigh skirt was long enough that he couldn't really see anything except a long expanse of leg- but knowing that I had nothing underneath was a turn on.

I managed to pop loose another button on the blouse and knew that he could now see cleavage down between my breasts and the top of my low cut bra. I stayed opposite him hovering in an oblivious fashion over the fruits and vegetables and let him get an eyeful. Gray hair and moustache made him look distinguished- and I wondered if his elderly dick was getting hard and if his pubic hair was gray also.

I had another naughty idea and set down my basket and walked around the outside. I had seen that they had a portable john for customers and I went in and locked the door. I undid my blouse and took it off- and removed my bra. As I stood there only in a denim skirt and sandals I massaged my big bosoms and tweaked my nipples until they were hard. Putting a leg up on the potty seat- I felt how wet my pussy had become. I put the blouse back on- left just as much button undone- and stuffed the bra in my purse.

Coming back out I was very aware of my swaying breasts rubbing my nipples against the fabric of my shirt. I looked around- wanting to show off to the elderly man again- but it looked like he had left. I didn't bother to get my basket- I just got in my car to continue my adventure.

I didn't go far when I spotted a big shopping center on the left and noticed that it had a shoe store. Yes. Some more sexy footwear was in order. As I went in I noticed that it was a big place with every different fit and fashion available. I headed for women's shoes and soon spotted an aisle that was totally filled with Summer sandals. As I reached for a white pair on display that were exceptionally high heeled and very "strappy" a young man asked if he could be of assistance.

"Yes," I replied, "I would like to try a pair of these in a size six."

I noticed as I spoke that his youthful eyes kept diving towards my half unbuttoned blouse. He disappeared to find a pair and I sat down on one of the chairs. When he came back he slid one of those fitting stools with the foot ramp up in front of me and sat down and began opening the box with the new size sixes.

I slipped off both of my flat sandals- intending that he put both of the sexy shoes on my feet. For the first one as I watched him buckle my foot into the "fuck me" shoes that I had selected I could tell that he was experienced at his job- but perhaps just a bit nervous because of the situation.

I set that foot down and lifted the other into place. He put that foot into the second sandal and buckled the ankle strap as he had the other one. I was positively flowing pussy juices in anticipation- and as he finished I leaned my leg out and tilted my foot as if to examine the profile of the shoe. But what I was doing was giving him an unrestricted view of one very hot shaved cunt. I then put that foot down and the other one back up and did the same thing with that leg and foot.

"I believe these will do just fine," I said- as I leaned forward to reach down and pick up my other sandals- giving him what I figured was a look at about half of my breasts in the process. "I'll just go ahead and wear them- if you don't mind. If you could box these up for me..."

as I handed him the old ones.

He sort of stammered a "Yes, ma'am." and I looked at his crotch to see a nice big lump in the front. I could swear that my pussy was leaking down my legs just a bit.

On to my next stop. I was getting a bit hungry and already knew where I wanted to eat. The place had a bar- but on a weekday would probably not be real crowded. My plan for "showing off" would depend somewhat if I could get the table that I wanted- and who was at another certain table.

You see- on another occasion I had noticed when eating there with my husband that there was a table for two near a mirror- and from there that I could see under the corner booth table.

At the time I was thinking "poor thing doesn't realize..." as I could practically see up a lady's dress who was sitting there. And now I wanted that booth for that very purpose!

I asked for that spot when I got there. The female hostess didn't give me a second look and led me straight to the booth. As I slid in I looked at the table for two and was disappointed to see it was empty. Oh, well- maybe in a bit. Meanwhile after ordering my food I wiggled a little bit and pulled my skirt up to what would be a "mini-skirt" position. I crossed my legs and dangled one strappy-clad foot- feeling very slutty and sexy.

Shortly after my lunch arrived a couple came in and sat at the target table. The man sat in the chair with the mirror view- and the woman across from him. My heart began to thud as I thought about really going through with it- really showing my pussy to a stranger in a restaurant. I finished my food first- continuing to dangle my leg and wiggling to make my skirt ride up even further.

As their food came I set my fork down and uncrossed my legs. I could tell that he kept glancing in the mirror and I had his attention. Although I knew he could not see above the table in the mirror- I couldn't help myself- I unbuttoned another button on my blouse.

It was now actually opened far enough that someone to one side of me would see one of my breasts. No one was looking and I slid in a hand and pinched on one of my nipples.

I spread my legs just a bit- not enough that he could see everything yet- but he kept looking. Making a movement as if I were shifting to get more comfortable- I went for it and spread them wide open. Looking across at him I knew he was taking in my naked pussy. I dropped a hand to my lap and proceeded to spread my cunt lips with two fingers and rubbed on my clit with the middle one. I was sure that I could have an orgasm right there- but not yet.

My check came and it was time to move on. I'll bet he and his gal would have some great sex tonight!

Now- back towards home and the stop I had been waiting for. The adult shop came up quickly and I pulled in. I was quite nervous- as at this last stop I realized that I might not remain in total control of the situation as I had so far today. This time there were several cars in the lot.

I decided not to hesitate and had my driver's license ready. In I went and the same girl from last time gave me a knowing smile as she took in my outfit. High heeled white strappy sandals on my small feet- the kind that curved with the arch and made one walk sexy- denim skirt, and blue blouse unbuttoned halfway down. I was the picture of a hot slut. And at the moment I was!

She asked if she could help me and I said I would like to check out some lingerie. "This way." she said and lead me to the center room.

She wasted no time and selected a sheer camisole and turned to ask me what I thought. "I thought of this very garment when you were in yesterday," she said. "I would be glad to show you to a fitting room."

I nodded and she started up the steps. I followed and saw what during my nervous entrance I had not noticed. The woman leading me to the upstairs was wearing a micro mini skirt and I could see her thong panties clearly as I followed her. And she also had the same pair of clear high heeled sandals on like I had purchased the day before.

I am not usually attracted to a woman- but I found this situation and the view before me to be quite a turn on. We came to the upstairs and I saw that it had several fitting rooms with curtains- but also a row of doors and signs that indicated movies. There seemed to be an office at one end.

She pulled back the dressing room curtain on the one next to this office and handed me the practically see through top that she had chosen. "If you would like to try this on there is a mirror inside for you to see. Would you like for me to bring up some more to try on?" I kindof nodded and took the garment in with me. She slid the curtain closed behind me.

My heart still pounding I unbuttoned and removed my blouse. In the mirror I could see my large breasts swaying and nipples firm. I pulled the camisole over my head and was pleased at the see through look. This was hot! I wondered if I would be bold enough to let her see me when she came back.

I heard her voice clear from the other side of the curtain- the moment of truth. I slid it open- just as a man came walking by! He looked at me in an obvious sexual way and paused before continuing on into the office and closing the door.

"Don't mind him," she said- also looking me over with a lustful eye, "That is my husband. We own this place. Here are a couple more for you to try."

I accepted the new lingerie samples and stepped back and reclosed the curtain. Whew! My pulse was racing. Did I need to get myself out of this now? I told myself to calm down and looked over what she had handed me. A white knitted set that looked like a two piece bikini and another sheer garment that looked like a nightgown with spaghetti straps tied in bows at the shoulder but was completely see through.

I decided to try the knit bikini first. This required that I remove everything except my sandals. I watched myself in the mirror as I pulled the camisole off and unzipped the side of my denim skirt and let it fall. I couldn't help myself as I felt my breasts and hard nipples and watched in the mirror. I lifted my sexy clad foot up to the low built-in seat and stroked my pussy. I could see the wetness on my fingers.

Putting on the knit two piece I decided that I would have to have it for my own. I wondered at her ability to select my exact size so well. The top did little in the way of support for my breasts- it was more like icing for the cake. The knit was wide and plenty could be seen through it. Each nipple seemed to find an appropriate hole to poke through. The bottom was the knit version of a thong. The crotch was only a few strands of yarn and sunk into my swollen pussy. I massaged myself around it and the feel of the weave against my clit was wonderful.

Remembering that she was probably waiting outside I slipped the bikini set off and pulled the sheer nightie over my head. It left nothing to the imagination. It may have covered my body- but all was visible.

From outside the curtain I heard her say that she had another item for me to try on. In spite of the fact that I would be showing everything to this stranger I slid back the curtain. She said, "Ooohh, nice. I also thought you might like to try a set of these." and she made like handing me two of something and I held out my hands to receive them. Instead I watched as she smoothly clasped what looked like white furry handcuffs around my wrists.

"I just love the sensation of a bit of bondage, don't you?" she asked. I stood there not sure what to do. What had I gotten myself into? At that moment the office door opened again and her husband walked by- getting another eyeful of me.

"O.K." she said, "Silly me. I forgot the key. If you will follow me I have some here in the office." I found myself being led by the "cuffs" into that room and towards what looked like a building support post in the center of the room. As she led me straight towards it she lifted my hands up and in an instant clipped my manacles into a spot up over my head. Through my passion for the sexy situation I was slow to realize that I was now being "held."

She disappeared behind me and said she had something else she would like for me to try on for size.

I felt a tug at each bow on my shoulder straps and my sheer gown fell to the floor. I was wondering if the door was still open- I hadn't heard it close.

She reached up between my legs and inserted a finger in my pussy. I was very hot and this was just what my cunt wanted. Was it what I wanted? I had never been touched sexually by a woman before.

I spread my legs and let her work my hot hole- leaning over as far as the bondage would allow. She withdrew before I was ready for her to and said "Here we go- lets try this on for size."

I began to turn my head with the intention of seeing what was coming- but as I looked around my gaze caught a "window" on one wall- but the view through the window was the dressing room I had just been in! So her husband had been watching my entire show!

Just then a cool lotion feeling was at my pussy lips- and in and deeper and deeper.... and I realized that she was inserting a dildo in my cunt. In and out it began as I heard her describe that it was the same model that I had purchased yesterday in order to get me more comfortable.

Comfortable for what? My cunt did not care and I wanted to lean forward even more- but couldn't.

"Oh, silly me again." she said and left the sex toy inserted and moved around to lower my manacles to a new position on the post. Then pulling my hips backward she moved me into a more bent over position. I braced my hands against the post as she began working the dildo in and out once again. I had just begun to move in rhythm with her strokes when she removed it.

"Lets try something new." she half whispered- and I felt the cool lotion sensation at my back door. Like before it traveled in with ease and I knew that some sort of thinner device was being slid deep in my ass.

I had never had something in my nether region before. Then a low humming and a vibration sensation traveled from there to my cunt from the inside and I moaned before I knew it. A few minutes of this and I was about to explode in a tingling orgasm.

At that moment I thought I heard a slight door closing sound. The latest implement was withdrawn and she informed me that she had one more to try on for "size."

I heard a bit of rustling behind me and a new warmer but much larger item began to push at my wet pussy.

This one was much larger- stretching my cunt like it had never been stretched before. It was creating a burning sensation as it filled me so tight- it would have been on the verge of pain- except that I wanted it so badly that I pushed back and wanted it to continue.

And it did- until I felt hips against my bottom and realized that this latest device was actually a man's cock.

This was too much and I moaned out loud, "Oh, yes! Oh, fuck me!" as the mystery man began to do just that with long slow movements. I could feel the lips of my pussy almost turning inside out with each stroke- and I wanted it all!

Just then I heard the door again and the girl said, "Hello, Ron, you are just in time."

"Hi, Sandy." this new stranger replied- and they moved around to where I could see them and stood beside a weight bench by the desk and began to undress.

I would finally get to see "Sandy" in all her glory- and this new fellow looked quite the stud. As he slipped shorts and boxers off together in one move Sandy- now unclothed squatted down- still in those same clear whore sandals- and began to suck on "Ron" who appeared to have a very long but thin dick. Her breasts were smaller than mine- but very pretty. And in her squatting position I could see a pink shaved cunt like mine- gaping open as if asking for something to penetrate it.

I continued to receive the massive cock that I had yet to actually see from behind- and this new view of real oral sex by another couple a few feet away was a double turn on. I

n a few more moments- after she had been filling her own pussy with several wet fingers- she stood up and "Ron" lay down on the weight bench.

Sandy straddled his extremely long looking tool and her pussy soon engulfed its entire length. This new fuck scene was about to send me over the edge. At that moment my unseen partner pulled out- leaving my own pussy empty.

As if a signal- Sandy got off of Ron and he got up and came over. Between Ron and Sandy's husband they loosed my manacles and led me over to the weight bench. Her husband was the one to lie down- and I finally saw his great big muscled frame. But what really caught my attention was the most massive cock I could ever imagine. Fully as long as Ron's long pecker- it was as thick as a sausage. Ron and Sandy now straddled me over it- and now that I saw what I had been being fucked by I was not too sure it would go in- even though it already had!

Nevertheless from both sides they pulled me down onto that massive meat and I was sitting full on it in a moment. It was deeper in me now than when he was giving it to me from behind and I began to rock back and forth as they clipped my cuffs to the bar of the weight bench- causing me to lean forward and grab it for support.

My cunt was in control now. No, more than that. I was a cunt. My whole being just wanted to be fucked and fucked and my pussy was in charge.

I began rocking harder and Ron came into my view.

It was a moment before I had the realization of what was about to happen dawn on me. Ron released my cuffs and straddled the front of the weight bench and reached out and gently took my head in his hands. His upright prick went straight for my mouth- and in my heat I opened up and obliged him.

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