tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSandal Tales 07: Trading for a Car..

Sandal Tales 07: Trading for a Car..


Well, I was beginning to think that she wasn't going to show up. I was selling a little Subaru 4 wheel drive wagon for a flat thousand bucks and the caller that answered the ad sounded pretty definite- but she was now a half hour late. My "cabin in the woods" was secluded- but the directions were not that hard to follow.

Just then I saw someone walking up the drive (it is half a mile to the paved road- she must've parked at the road and walked up) a nice looking young lady headed my way. Not really dressed for a hike- but not too impractical. She had on a khaki skirt that ended about mid thigh, a short midriff length button up shirt, and some tan wedge-type sandals. Were I to think that someone my age would have a shot I would make a pass- for she was tan, blonde, and built in all the right places.

But she was here about a car- not about me- so I did all the "right" things to show her the little auto and even gave her the keys to try it out herself. She slid behind the wheel and I wished that I were in there with her as she buzzed down the driveway with a cheery little wave.

She was back in about fifteen minutes and bounced out with a smile. "I love it!" she said, "It's just what I'm looking for. How about six hundred..."

I shook my head no and explained that that is what I had meant in the ad by "firm." I was asking a thousand even and not a penny less- and the car was well worth it.

"Hmmm..." she pondered, "How about eight hundred cash- I have it right now with me."

Nope- I was not going to give in that easily. I needed that money for another project. No deal.

She began to look a bit distressed. "I'm sorry I misunderstood- but eight hundred is all I have. Maybe I could pay the rest a little at a time- but I really need the car for school- and I'm supposed to be there day after tomorrow. I could pay maybe twenty five dollars a month- that's about all I could swing while going to school..."

She looked at me hopefully- but I shook my head. "Look," I replied, "I'd love to sell you the car- but I need the full amount. I might consider a trade. If you had a nice TV or stereo or something I could take for the balance- then I could sell it for the rest of the money. That is the only thing I can come up with to help you out. If you have something you could trade."

It was now her turn to shake her head. It was obvious that she couldn't think of a thing. But then- looking thoughtful but determined- she said, "Maybe I could do something for you to earn the difference."

I'm not a pervert- (really) - so thinking straight up I told her that even if I had anything for her to do- that would not get me the cash.

"How about if I were to have sex with you."

"Whoaaa now. As tempting as that might be- and it is! Believe me! I can't very well trade fifteen minutes for two hundred dollars. And then I still don't have the money." But as I looked her up and down at this new suggestion I could feel the old bone stirring- and knew this might just be a possibility that I couldn't say no to.

"Right," she replied, "But I need the car. I'm not a slut or anything- but I'm not a virgin, either. I mean, I've got a boyfriend and we- well, you know, we 'do it' all the time. So here's the deal. I'm, like, on the pill and stuff- and so you could do whatever you want for, say, an hour- plus the eight hundred dollars- for the car. Ok.?"

Still taken aback I said, "So you will be making two hundred dollars an hour for..."

"For anything you want for an hour."

"Let me make sure I got this straight. I've heard you twice now- so I'll consider third time's a deal. For one hour you will do ANYTHING for me- plus the eight hundred bucks- for the car. And if we get started and you back out 'cause you decide you change your mind- then no deal."

She nodded and my dick finished its business of getting hard right there on the spot. I looked her up and down again with a new vision in mind and liked what I saw. Tanned tummy showing above the hip hugging skirt- protruding just a bit in a voluptuous young sort of way. Shapely thighs down to slender calves and ankles- and small pretty feet in strappy tan platform wedge sandals that still managed to curve her feet in a sexy way. And, as the saying goes, those feet must have been small from growing in the shade, because her large round soft-looking bosom was positively big- to say the least.

"O.K. Just let me go inside a minute to get something to time this with to make this all as legal as we can under the circumstances. I'll be right back."

"You mean we're not going inside?" she asked.

"No," I replied, "Not on a great sunny warm day like this."

I came back out strapping my watch to my wrist and saw that she had seated herself on my bench under the big oak tree in the yard. With her legs crossed and her sandaled foot bobbing in the shade my stiff pecker wanted to say hello. Not quite yet.

"O.K." I said again. "One hour. And if you back out then no deal." She nodded a reply- but I could see a bit of hesitation now that it was sinking in. "So- let's go for a hike." and I waved the direction and put out my arm for her in gentlemanly fashion.

She linked her arm with mine and I could sense a little tension in here now. Here she was with a complete stranger getting ready to go for a walk in the woods and had just said basically that she would be my sex slave for the next hour.

As we walked into the woods she could easily see that it was a regular path. It was indeed my walking trail that I took every day to relax and get in a bit of exercise. I knew every inch of it. It was all on my own private property, but there was no way she knew that fact.

After a minute or two and well underneath the tree canopy I stopped and said, "Ok. Here is what we will be doing. Each time we stop you must take off an item of clothing. I will not tell you what – that is up to you. But each time something must come off- and if you stop my game at any time the whole deal for the car is off." She nodded and looked even more nervous. "Oh yes, by the way, you may keep your sandals on."

Looking just a tiny bit grateful at being able to keep her sexy footwear, she thought for a minute and then removed her panties. I held out my hand and she put them in it. Then I reached up to a nearby branch and hung them there. "We will come back for your clothes later..."

"But...," she began, "Surely you cannot have me leaving my clothes all behind..."

I reminded her of our "deal" and asked her if it was off, which was ok with me. She moved her head "no" and we began to walk again.

In a few more minutes I again stopped. I did not say a word. My cock had been bulging in my jeans just thinking about her naked pussy under that skirt. What would she chose to take off next?

She began those movements of taking a bra off from underneath a blouse. She worked the straps over her arms and pulled it from under her shirt. I could see the swaying movement of her large breasts underneath the button up top. She handed the bra to me and I hung it on another branch.

As we began walking again I watched her as we went. The swaying of the ample movements under her blouse was making my cock throb. We walked deeper into the woods and soon I stopped again.

"Um...," she said, "couldn't we just stop here and have sex..."

I smiled and move my head back and forth in a definite "no."

I could tell she was thinking for a minute what to remove next – perhaps thinking of how it would be to walk with this stranger in the woods half naked while he watched....

To my surprise she hooked her thumbs in her skirt and began removing it. I was figuring the top would go next....

At it slid to her ankles she merely stepped free of them. I did not make a move to retrieve them. I would just leave them where they were. I was also quite busy in admiring the fact that she had a very cleanly shaved pussy with a little heart tattoo so close to it that I know that if the tattoo artist was a guy that he probably had a boner as hard as mine before he was done.

I began to walk again, looking at her shapely form as only the midriff length blouse now remained. Her strides were very sexy in the tan wedge sandals and if possible I was now even more aroused.

I let myself enjoy this view for a while as we walked on the woodsy trail and wondered if she were getting aroused any herself with this "new" experience. I imagined her bare pussy feeling the breezes of the open air for the first time...

In another few minutes I stopped again. This time she knew what was expected. After she turned towards me the buttons on her mid length blouse were unbuttoned slowly. Then she opened the blouse, also slowly. As I watched her I realized – she was beginning to get into this! Now naked before me in the woods behind my house she reached up and held her small nipples on those very large breasts with the fingers of both her hands. They wrinkled and stood out in the natural air movements and she closed her eyes for a moment enjoying the feeling.

When she opened her eyes again I began walking. I could that she was surprised that I was not pulling her down to have sex with her right there and then. But my plans were still in motion...

We soon came to the edge of the woods at my neighbor's back yard. Here is where on my nature walks I would pause and look to see if she was out sunning herself on the lounger in the back yard. She would often be outside nude catching the rays and knew I would watch. Sometimes she would masturbate there and I would take out my cock and do likewise and we would watch each other from the distance. This was as far as it had ever gone as she was quite married.

It was a bit late in the afternoon for her to be out and I saw no sign of her. Well, no matter for sure! I motioned for my young lady to get down on her knees as I slid off my pants and boxers in one move. Without asking permission, she was my slave after all, I slid it into her mouth and began fucking her – being careful not to go too deep to make her gag. My cock, after all, was a full eight inches.

As I ran my cock in and out I looked again at the neighbor's house and noticed movement at one of the sliding glass doors. There was my girl watching us where we were on the edge of her yard. She saw me looking and smiled as she began to remove her clothes. My fuck partner was oblivious to being watched as she had her eyes closed and was stroking her own pussy as my cock moved in and out of her mouth. My neighbor de-clothed and slid open the door to step outside. She went straight to her chaise lounger and lay on it towards us and began to masturbate while she continued to watch.

I was very aroused and my cock wanted some of that young pussy. I slid out of her mouth and instructed her to lie down on her side in the soft grass. Spreading her legs so my neighbor could see I placed the head of my penis at her pussy, which was quite wet and ready. Ever so slowly I slid into her. She had closed her eyes again enjoying the sensation. Slowly in, then again out, then again in... I began to pick up the pace. It was a tossup as to whether to watch my fuck slave and her swaying breasts as I spread her legs and had my way with her or to watch my neighbor watching us as she masturbated to this new show I was providing her.

Then a new development happened. My young slave girl must have opened her eyes and seen my neighbor for she said as she panted to the screwing she was receiving, "Oh my God. Oh... No.... Please no..."

But she was too deep into it to actually stop. I thought she was just surprised by the watcher - but her protests continued, "Oh no, please... unhhhh. Oh. Mmmm... Not Mrs. Taylor. Oh my God... Uhhhh...."

I realized this was someone she knew! Watching her get fucked on the edge of her back yard! Oh, this was so hot. I could tell by the motions of my neighbor Melissa Taylor that she was nearing her orgasm, as I had seen her do solo so many times before. And so was I as this erotic revelation ran through my mind.

I could feel her pushing against my thrusts now and her free hand moved to pinch her nipples. Totally in the moment she continued to pant, "Mmmm... Fuck... Mmmm... Fuck me... Ahhh...." And with that her whole body pulsed on me and instantly I began to fill her with my cum as I was driven over the edge. I looked up and my neighbor was bucking on the lounger and I realized she must have easily heard my young partner in the throws of her passion.

In a moment we were done and I pulled out. My neighbor got up from her spot and waved and went back into the house. Her husband would be home soon. As for my sex partner...

We walked back to my house through the woods, retrieving her clothes bit by bit. But she did not put them back on. When we got to my place she stood there naked with her clothes in a wad in her left hand and dripping my cum from her cunt down her legs and said, "Umm... that was just so unreal..."

I said "What was."

"Well, that was Mrs. Taylor, my High School English teacher," she said. "And she watched me getting fucked in her back yard. Holy shit. And she was getting off on it... Oh my God, that was so freaking hot."

"Mmmm, yes it was..." I prompted.

"Well, I guess the car is mine for the eight hundred bucks. But that was so hot... Can we go inside and fuck again?"

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