tagNovels and NovellasSandi's Erotic Adventures Ch. 35

Sandi's Erotic Adventures Ch. 35


A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years.

Chapter Thirty-Five. 2015.

(Early-April.) Adam, twenty-one.

I was on my way to a two-day assignment in P when I saw him. Approximately fifteen miles from my destination I spotted a young hitch-hiker walking along the side of the road who, on hearing my car approaching, rather half-heartedly stuck his thumb out.

(It transpired that many vehicles had passed him by without slowing down and he'd given up hope of a lift by the time I came along.)

Pulling up beside the hitch-hiker I told him to drop his rucksack in the rear before climbing in beside me. Adam, for that was his name, quickly complied as it was coming on to rain by this time.

Once settled into the car beside me the good looking young guy was profuse in his thanks, saying he'd given up hope of anyone stopping. The dark-haired Adam was wiping his rain spattered glasses as he spoke.

In response to my question Adam told me he was on his way home, home being the town I was heading for, so I was able to ask him the exact location of the hotel the client company had booked for me.

Seeing a lay-by I swiftly turned into it and once the car had rolled to a stop said, "Here, show me the best way to the hotel on my street map. I can't concentrate on your directions while driving."

I opened the street map out across my lap and Adam pointed to the location of my hotel and the best route to access it, commenting that the hotel was very plush, the most expensive it town.

Folding the map up again I found his hand was now resting on my thigh instead of the map.

"Nice legs," he murmured, staring at my stocking clad limbs, the hem of my skirt inevitably high.

"Compliments are always welcome," I smiled at the good looking Adam, pleased to feel his hand making small caressing motions on my thigh.

Having turned fifty-one just two days earlier I was delighted that this young guy of twenty-one seemed to fancy me.

The lay-by was deserted so with Adam's hand beginning an exploration under my skirt I activated the lever to fully recline my seat.

"That's handy," he grinned, leaning over.

"Your hand feels divine," I murmured, enjoying the feel of his fingers stroking the skin above my stocking tops.

He kissed me then and as he did so I surreptitiously pulled my skirt higher to enable me to spread my legs a little more. Of course Adam didn't miss the move and grinned at me as he slipped his fingers inside my panties.

"Hmm, you're moist," he commented and I gasped to feel a finger penetrating my cunt.

My questing hand found the bulge of an erect penis and stroked it through his jeans.

"Lucky day for me when you stopped and offered me a lift," Adam said, his fingers probing and stroking, soon locating my clitoris.

"Lucky for me too," I gasped. "Your fingers feel exquisite and you clearly know what you're doing."

"I've had a few girl friends," he said boastfully, "but today I'm going to fulfil a fantasy."

"What's that?" I asked, as if I didn't know!

"Fucking a mature, much older woman. You're probably a good bit older than my mum and I'm really turned on by that. Take your panties off for me," Adam said excitedly.

He certainly doesn't lack confidence in himself I thought, slipping my panties off. Meanwhile, he undid his jeans and pushed them and his boxer shorts down. Adam eagerly moved across on top of me and I just as eagerly spread my legs further. Our cries merged when he drove his penis inside me.

It was far from comfortable fucking on the reclined car seat but we accomplished it, Adam rolling back onto his own seat afterwards with a contented smile on his face.

"I'm growing too old for car sex," I told him while wiping myself. "Come to the hotel where we can do it again, but more comfortably."

"That would be great but I'd be nervous about entering with you because a girl I know sometimes works on reception."

Thinking fast I told Adam I'd check in alone and then text him my room number.

"Perhaps you could slip through reception unnoticed."

The suggestion met with Adam's approval so that's what we did, although while checking in I found the receptionist to be nearer my own age and unlikely to be the girl he was concerned about. Adam confirmed my thoughts when he eventually joined me having slipped through reception unseen, or so he thought.

(However, although he didn't know it Adam was followed by a porter, alerted by the receptionist about a strange young man sneaking into the hotel. The porter followed Adam to my room but after listening outside realised what we were up to and returned to reception with the news. But more of that later.)

I had undressed down to my underwear by the time Adam arrived in the room and he quickly followed suit, although didn't stop at his underwear. I smiled to see him removing his socks and boxer shorts, the smile due to him sporting an erection.

Kneeling at Adam's feet I smiled up at him before going to work on his balls with my tongue. I caressed his soft warm buttocks as I sucked Adam's balls, the young man's hands resting on my shoulders. Next, I licked his penis thoroughly before taking it into my mouth. My exploring fingers were now stroking the crevice between his buttocks and Adam's reaction when I stimulated his anus was one of voluble surprise. Continuing my ministrations to his penis I slowly eased a finger in and out of Adam's anus, the young man growing more and more excited.

Suddenly he could take no more and staggered backwards, gasping that he wanted to do the same to me.

"I should hope so too," I smiled, slipping my panties off.

"I want to fuck you up the bum!" he cried excitedly, "Can I?"

"Of course, but you'll have to visit me tomorrow evening for that. Today I want to feel your

gorgeous young penis deep inside my cunt again."

I removed bra, stockings and suspender belt while speaking and then lay back across the bed, flinging my legs wide for him.

His face glowing Adam knelt between my feet and began licking my cunt. His probing tongue quickly found my clitoris and I knew Adam had experience in the art of cunnilingus. His hands beneath my bottom then, I knew of course what was coming next. I felt the first tentative touch of Adam's finger on my anus but he seemed hesitant.

"Go on, push it in," I encouraged and emboldened Adam eased his finger inside my anus.

Resuming his work on my clitoris Adam slowly pushed his finger in and out of my anus exactly as I had his earlier.

I've no idea how long it went on but Adam brought me to orgasm a couple of times before moving on top of me.

"You're a randy lady," he said before pressing his lips to mine.

While we kissed I could feel his hard penis laying along the inside of my thigh and thought happily that I would soon have it inside again.

This time our intercourse lasted a lot longer and was far more comfortable than the car sex earlier. I clung to the lovely young man joyously as his penis drilled relentlessly in and out of me.

While dressing later Adam asked if I'd meant what I said about tomorrow evening and I replied that certainly I did, telling him to sneak into the hotel about eight pm.

After he'd gone I felt a bit embarrassed about the way I'd fawned over him in my desire for more of the lovely young guy.

Jed, forty. The porter.

About to take a shower I heard a tap on the door and opening it a smidgeon saw a uniformed guy standing in the corridor.

"Yes, what do you want? I'm about to take a shower."

"That's OK I'm a porter. I won't keep you long."

To my surprise the guy pushed the door open and walked into my room.

"Excuse me! What's the idea," I exclaimed in surprise at his bold intrusion, grabbing a towel to quickly drape around myself. "I could report you to the management."

"Handy you mentioning that as the management are very strict about unregistered male visitors in rooms," he replied.

"I don't know what you mean."

"Don't give me that darling. I was listening at the door while the young guy was fucking you."

He tried to pull the towel away and I backed off telling him to get out.

"Not until I've had what he had. If I tell the management about the goings on in your room they'll throw you out, which wouldn't go down too well with the people you're working for and who are paying the room bill. How would it look if you were ejected from the hotel for immoral behaviour."

Shaken, I told the porter he was mistaken.

"The young lad who visited me is a relation I haven't seen in years and we were taking advantage of my stay in town to catch up on family news," I improvised.

"Good try," he grinned, "but I had a chat with young Adam on his way out and he told me you're a really hot piece who picked him up on the road. Told me how he fucked you in a lay-by but you were desperate for more so he crept into the hotel and had you again. Still desperate for cock you then begged him to come back tomorrow for a repeat. Well, it's my turn now. Unless you want me to repeat what I've just said to the hotel management you'll get rid of the towel and spread your legs without wasting any more time."

The porter had seen the concern written on my face at his words and knowing he had the upper hand began stripping off.

He was a tall guy of forty called Jed, slim with mousey coloured hair, a light sprinkling of which also covered his chest. As I looked him over, inevitably concentrating on the guy's magnificent looking penis and equally large balls, I felt a fresh moistness between my thighs.

"Oh well, I have no choice," I excused myself, kneeling at his feet.

Grasping Jed's penis by the root I ran my tongue round and round the glans, concentrating on all the most sensitive spots until his body was literally trembling. Then, holding the porter's penis clear I did likewise to his balls before sucking them, first one and then the other, fully into my mouth.

By this time he could hardly contain himself but I hadn't finished yet. Next, I took the porter's penis between my lips and while he drove it eagerly into my mouth, moved my hands to his bottom. I was sucking the guy's penis while squeezing his buttocks, fingers running up and down the crevice between them just like I had with Adam. He grabbed at my hair moaning and groaning loudly when I stimulated his anus with a finger tip. My finger penetrated him then and the porter went wild. With my fingers driving in and out of the guy's anus he came, the hot cream gushing down my throat.

Gone was the swaggering figure who'd entered my room and I felt pleased to see the whimpering specimen I'd reduced him too.

I was in control now and sitting on the end of the bed lay back, spreading my legs. The porter was breathing heavily, staring between my thighs with his tongue practically hanging out, and I was delighted to see his penis springing to attention again already.

Dropping to his knees Jed ran his hands up my thighs, pushing them even further apart as he lowered his head. The first touch of the guy's tongue on my cunt was electric and I couldn't prevent the little cry which broke from my lips. My cries continued as his tongue probed deep inside, but it also spent time on my clitoris. My ecstatic cries were ringing out and becoming wilder and when the porter's hands slid beneath my bottom I knew exactly what he had in mind. Just like Adam earlier the porter intended doing to me what I'd done to him. It produced the same result! Almost as soon as Jed's finger slid inside my anus I exploded in orgasm.

Leaving me no time to recover my senses he moved on top. The large penis slipped into my well lubricated cunt with ease and I blurted out impulsively, "Oh lovely!" to feel the mighty organ filling me up.

"It's only been about half an hour since Adam was doing this to you. You must like plenty of cock," Jed teased as he began fucking me.

I clung to the guy, bucking and churning beneath him, my ecstatic cries resounding around the room as his mighty penis drove steadily in and out of me. Despite the circumstances I was loving every second of it.

When the porter suddenly withdrew and slid off the foot of the bed urging me to get on all fours I did so with alacrity, eager for a swift resumption. Directly I presented my rump to him Jed gripped my hips to drive his penis deep inside me again, not even needing to guide it. Continuing to fuck me steadily the porter leaned over to seize my breasts, tweaking and rubbing the nipples. This is heavenly I thought, not wanting it to ever stop.

Now his hands returned to my hips but one of them soon dipped back down, fingers seeking and finding my clitoris. What with his relentlessly thrusting penis and the pressure of the porter's fingers on my clitoris I exploded in multiple orgasms, and still it went on.

However, as with all good things, it eventually came to an end. With a final deep thrust and wild shout, Jed came, his penis remaining buried to the hilt inside me as he spurted.

Dressed and ready to leave the porter paused and turning to where I remained, laying on the bed, told me I'd be seeing more of him tomorrow, which was fine by me!

(Next day, Tuesday.)

Returning to my hotel room at the end of a very successful day's work I was undressing prior to going in the shower when the door suddenly opened. It was Jed the porter, having used his pass key to gain entry.

"Ah good, nearly naked and ready for it," he grinned, striding into the room.

"Actually, I'm just about to freshen up with a shower after the stresses of the day."

"Later, I need a fuck, and anyway the smell of a sweaty woman is a big turn on," Jed was rapidly shedding his nether garments as he spoke.

"Well, I don't think you should come barging in like that," I pouted.

"Rubbish! You know you want it so quit stalling and get on the bed with legs spread."

Still I prevaricated. Was I trying to provoke him?

"Come on get those knickers off. From talking to Adam yesterday I know you're a slut who can't get enough cock and everyone else in the hotel will know it if you don't get a move on."

There was a threatening tone to Jed's voice now and impatience getting the better of him he wrenched my panties down and pushed me backwards across the bed. Removing the panties completely he pushed my legs wide apart to bury his face between them.

At least he knew how to pleasure a girl with his tongue and soon had me writhing on the bed, crying out ecstatically.

On top then, Jed drove his penis deep inside me and pressed his lips to mine. He fucked me with a sense of urgency and soon came, his twitching penis buried inside me.

I remained laying on the bed while Jed pulled his trousers up saying he'd be back later for more.

"I want to watch you getting it from young Adam first though. What time is he due?"

I told Jed 8pm and looking at the fitted wardrobe he told me he'd hide inside it as the narrow gap between the sliding doors were ideal to peep through.

Well, I wasn't too happy about it and told him so but the porter merely grinned and said, "Just make sure you go on top, I want to see you riding his cock."

With that he left and I just had time for a shower before descending to the dining room for the evening meal.

Jed returned just before 8pm and after making sure there was enough room in the fitted wardrobe for his purposes told me to undress.

"No doubt Adam will be delighted to find you waiting for him naked and in the meantime I can enjoy myself playing with your sexy bits."

So I undressed under the watchful eye of the porter who then amused himself by playing with my breasts and fingering me while waiting for Adam.

When the knock came Jed took up his position in the wardrobe and once he'd adjusted the sliding doors to his satisfaction I opened the door just enough for Adam to slip inside the room.

"Phew, I didn't expect to find you like this," he said, eagerly taking my breasts in his hands.

At least Adam handled them gentler than Jed a few minutes earlier but soon ceased his ministrations to undress.

Kneeling and ever conscious of the watching porter, I licked and sucked Adam's penis and balls, although probably not for as long as I would if Jed hadn't been there.

Next it was Adam's turn, and I lay across the bed while the youngster buried his face between my thighs. The feel of Adam's tongue on my clitoris while his fingers stimulated my nipples drove all thoughts of the watching Jed from my mind as I gave myself up to fully enjoy the sensations.

Adam was about to mount me then but I stopped him, saying I wanted to go on top.


Adam stretched out on the bed and I knelt astride him. Lowering myself onto Adam's penis I wondered what sort of view the porter had. Then I was ecstatically riding Adam's upward thrusting penis, my wild cries ringing out.

Laying side by side afterwards Adam tentatively asked if I'd meant what I said yesterday, about letting him have anal sex.

"Of course! I love it that way," I assured him, indicating the tube of lubricant I'd left ready beside the bed.


Adam was already fully erect again at the unexpected opportunity before him so reaching for the lubricant I smeared his penis liberally with it. Next, I moved onto my hands and knees while he stood waiting at the end of the bed.

First, I felt a lubricated finger probing my anus, soon replaced by the tip of his penis. Adam released his breath in a loud sigh as his penis sank further into my anus. It penetrated deeper and deeper with each slow thrust and when his balls were suddenly pressing up to my thighs and I knew I had the full length of Adam's penis inside my anal canal.

"Oh yes!" he cried out, bum fucking me faster now.

Gripping my hips, Adam was literally pulling me backwards each time his penis drove into my anus. Again my yells and shouts rang out and continued to do so throughout what seemed a very lengthy bout of anal intercourse.

Suddenly, and unexpectedly actually, Adam came with his penis buried to the hilt inside my anus.

"That was fantastic!" he gasped, staggering backwards.

Adam left some ten minutes later and directly the door closed behind him Jed emerged from the fitted wardrobe, making me jump actually as I'd forgotten all about him in the excitement with Adam.

Fully erect, Jed urged me to resume the position kneeling on the end of the bed. As soon as I was in position Jed drove his penis inside to my anus, calling how easily it had gone in.

"Adam opened your bum hole up nicely and it's his cum lubricating my cock."

Jed was driving his penis in and out of my anus rapidly, clearly over excited by what he'd witnessed from the wardrobe.

Unlike Adam, Jed lunged over my back to grab my breast as he came, calling me a filthy slut in the process.

* * *

(Late-August.) Baz and friends.

There was no way I could make it home without a toilet break and knowing there weren't any services on my current route decided to pull off the motorway and find a quiet spot. I could do with a break from driving anyway so perhaps kill two birds with one stone; find a quiet place to relieve myself and then take a short stroll.

I had travelled about a mile from the motorway and with the small town of W ahead, a town I knew from having successfully completed a couple of assignments there in the past, spotted a track off to the left of the road. It was a farm track by the look of it, with a wide grass verge suitable for parking and where my car wouldn't be blocking the entrance.

I set out walking along the track which soon turned sharply to the left and where I found myself approaching two rows of youths who were sitting on low walls either side of the track.

Wolf-whistles and cat-calls greeted my appearance and as I passed between them someone shouted, "Show us yer knickers."

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