tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 13

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 13


Note: This story is the thirteenth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous twelve episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.


This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.

I went outside and waited on the front steps of my apartment building. It was late, I didn't want to make Sandra walk up to my apartment alone.

Sandra pulled up in front. She had an old junker. As I watched her park, I thought to myself that she was going to have a very nice new car as soon as we could get out to buy her one.

I walked out to meet Sandra at the curb. When she stepped up onto the sidewalk I took her in my arms and kissed her. She kissed me back. We held our embrace for over a minute. Finally we broke apart.

I looked at her. "I have missed you so much Sandra."

She smiled at me. "I've missed you to Stevie." She took me by the hand. "Come on, let's go inside."

Once we were inside my apartment, Sandra led me to the couch. As we sat down she looked at me and said, "Okay Stevie, tell me what this is all about."

"Sandra, I want to try again. I want to see if we can get back together."

"Stevie, I want that so very much, but how can we do it. I've already told you that no matter how much I might want to, I don't think that I'll ever be able to stop partying with other men."

Sandra paused for a moment.

"Stevie, the truth is that I'm an incurable slut. Deep down inside, I don't think I actually want to stop partying with other men."

I looked at Sandra. "I understand that." I paused for a moment. "Sandra, would you consider getting back together with me If you could keep seeing other men?"

Sandra thought about my question. After a moment she said, "Of course I would Stevie, that would be wonderful, but I don't see how it could work. I would be hurting you every time I went out. I couldn't do that to you? I would be plagued with guilt and you would be constantly jealous of my lovers. We'd end up hating each other. I couldn't bear to have that happen."

Suddenly it occurred to me that there was a very easy way for me to make Sandra understand.

I got down on my knees. In my most obedient voice I said, "Ms. Monroe, I voluntarily submit to your will as my mistress. I freely concede that your pleasure is all that matters and that my pleasure and feelings are of no importance in our relationship. I fully recognize and accept your right to do as you please. As your humble slave, I only ask one thing of you."

I looked up into Sandra's eyes. "I beseech you please do not torment me by dating other men. Do anything else that you desire, but I beg you from the bottom of my heart, do not torture me by taking lovers."

Sandra looked at me. It would be more accurate to say that she stared at me.

She didn't say anything for the longest time. Finally she said, "Stevie are you using the code from our domination game?"

I smiled and said, "Yes Ms. Monroe that's exactly what I am doing."

Sandra continued to stare at me. "Stevie, are telling me that you get excited when you think about me playing with other men?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm very sure."

"Let me make certain I have this right. You're telling me that you're willing to make my infidelity part of our kinky sex game, is that correct?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I am saying." I paused. Now it was my turn to stare at Sandra. "But If we decide to do this, I think your domination of me has to become more than just a game."

"Stevie? Are you saying that you actually want to submit to me? Are you telling me that you're willing to become my slave in real life?"

"I think so." I shrugged, "I'm not sure. I'm still trying to figure all of this out. Sandra, this has all happened really fast. I am not exactly sure how its going to work out. I think that the two of us may have to work at it for a little while."

I smiled at Sandra. "All couples have to work out the details of their relationship. We just happen to have one or two issues that most couples don't have." I paused for a minute. "Sandra do you want to try to make this work?"

She threw her arms around me and kissed me. "Yes Stevie I do. I will try so hard. Baby, I love you so much."

Sandra stopped. She didn't let go of me. She kept on hugging me while she thought about all of this. Finally, she said, "Stevie are you sure you will be able to cope with it when I go out on a date with another man?"

We broke apart. "You have to promise not to lie to me. I really want to know about it when you're seeing another man." I stopped, "I don't mean that you have to report to me before you sleep with a guy. You're my dominant girlfriend. You can do anything you want. That's kind of the point of all this. What I mean is that I want you to share these experiences with me. I want to hear about them. I want you to torment me with them."

I decided that I needed to be very candid. "Sandra, last night after I left the dinner party I came home and sat down in this chair. I closed my eyes and masturbated while I imagined you sucking Roger's cock."

I waited for a moment to let that sink in.

"Then I imagined him undressing you. I saw him lay you down on the bed so that he could climb on top of you and push his huge erection into your wet pussy. I pictured Roger fucking you. I heard you screaming that you loved his big hard cock while he brought you to orgasm after orgasm. Sandra, those weren't images that tormented me. They were erotic images. They aroused me. I enjoyed them."

I looked at her for a moment.

"Sandra, I don't know why I'm like this. Earlier tonight, I talked to Julie for a long time. I told her that I thought I was a pervert. She told me that she thought all three of us were perverts and she didn't care. Sandra, I don't know why I am a masochist who wants to be humiliated by his cheating girlfriend and I don't know why you want to sleep with every guy you meet. Its just the way we are. The funny thing is that we actually compliment each other. Sandra, we're perfect for each other."

Sandra put her arms around my neck and kissed me. "Stevie Wagner, I've known that you were the perfect man for me ever since the first night we met."

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