tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 60

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 60


Note: This story is the sixtieth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous fifty-nine episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.

September in the north central part of the United States is a beautiful month. The daily high temperature is usually right around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It's a dry time of the year. We get very little rain during September so the days are not only warm, they're also sunny. It's a wonderful month to be outside.

Saturday was a classic September day. The high temperature was projected to be 84 degrees. The sun was shining and the air was still. It was going to be a great day to party by the pool.

Our guests started arriving at 10:00. When they got into the house everyone quickly changed to bathing suits or shorts. This day was going to be more of a social occasion. We all knew that with this group there was going to be sex play and domination going on, but it wasn't the focus of the day. Today we were going to be a group of friends having a good time.

Bobby, Ricky, Mark and I were still slaves. We would be doing all of the work and acting as servants for everyone else, but we were wearing normal clothing and our chastity cages were put away.

Just after 10:00 am, Jamal arrived with Maddie and his two friends. Ricky greeted them at the front door and brought them out to the patio.

Jamal walked up to me and extended his hand. "Stevie thank you for having us over today. Both Jack and I have the day off. Being able to enjoy a beautiful day like this one sitting by your swimming pool is a rare treat for us. Believe me, we really appreciate being here.

I shook Jamal's hand. "Jamal, I am happy that you can be here and I understand very well how little free time you actually get. I want you to make yourself comfortable in our house. If there is anything that we can do to make your day off more enjoyable, please ask."

I turned to his friends. "How do you do, I'm Stevie."

Jamal shook his head, "I'm sorry. Stevie this is Jack and Brandy. Jack is an internal medicine resident at the University Hospital. Brandy used to be...."

Brandy interrupted. "I'm a professional escort. I trust you know what that means."

I smiled at Brandy. "Yes I know exactly what that means." I paused for a moment. I sensed that Brandy was a little defensive about her profession. "Brandy you're with the right people today. As you get to know us you'll find out that everyone here lives an unconventional life style. I hope that no one in this group will judge you based on a preconception about what you do."

Brandy looked at me. "What do you mean?"

I smiled at her. "This is a pretty deep conversation for an introduction."

She laughed. "Hi Stevie I'm Brandy. Now what do you mean?"

"People make many assumptions about women in your profession."

Brandy nodded. "Yes I understand. We're drug addicts, we were sexually abused as children, we're imprisoned in this profession by pimps."

"Yes those are the assumptions that I am thinking of." I paused to consider what I was going to say next. "What I am trying to say is that all of that may or may not be true. It doesn't matter. We still have to judge you as an individual and we can only do that by getting to know you. Brandy I'm a submissive cuckold wimp. I live as my fiancée's slave. My fiancée dominates me and openly sleeps with other men. There are many people in our society that are waiting in line to judge Sandra and me. My only request to those people is please get to know us as individuals before you judge us." I smiled at her. "What I am trying to explain to you is that in this household it is my most fervent desire that you will be offered that same courtesy."

Brandy looked at Jamal. "I can see why you wanted me to meet these people." She turned back to me. "Stevie I am sorry if I came off as having a chip on my shoulder. It's just that most people do judge me as soon as they learn what I do for a living. I like what I do. I could have stayed in medical school. I chose to become a full time escort. I don't have a pimp, I don't do drugs and I wasn't sexually abused. I enjoy sex and I have a job where I get paid to have sex."

She stared at me.

I smiled at her. "Do you have any strong feelings about eating breakfast?"

Brandy laughed. "It's my favorite meal of the day."

I offered her my arm. "Please allow me to escort you to the dining room table."

Brandy grinned at me. "Stevie you may be a cuckold wimp but you seem to be one very wise cuckold wimp."

I nodded to her. "Thank you, that's a very nice compliment. Brandy, welcome to our house."

Ricky and I had a very nice breakfast prepared. We served scrambled eggs, grilled sausages, whole fresh strawberries, fresh baked caramel rolls, orange juice, milk and coffee.

On this morning all of us; Mistresses, studs and slaves, sat together while we ate. As I said earlier, today we were a group of good friends getting together to have fun.

After breakfast the girls and Jason, Jack and Jamal went out to the pool.

Ricky, Bobby, Mark and I cleaned up the kitchen and set up a small bar on the patio with soft drinks, coffee, iced tea, beer and wine.

Maddie and Jamal found lounge chairs and relaxed in the sun.

April dangled her feet in the pool and read a mystery novel.

Julie put on her new pink bikini. She spent most of her time walking around trying to tease Ricky. Julie might sleep with other men, but she loved her husband and he was always the focus of her attention.

Brenda went into the living room and stripped to her panties and bra.

Brandy looked at her and asked, "Where's you bathing suit?"

Brenda laughed. "With this crowd why would you bother. Brandy every one of these girls is going to be running around naked within the next hour."

Sandra was of course the one who loosened up the party. She sat down in front of Big dick Jason, brazenly slipped the crotch of her bikini to one side and flashed her pussy at him.

Brandy looked out the patio doors and saw what Sandra was doing. She turned back to Brenda and laughed. "You seem to know this crowd very well." She shrugged. "I might as well join in the fun." She started stripping her clothes off.

I was standing in the kitchen door when Brandy took her clothes off. It was easy to see why she was a successful escort. She was a gorgeous red head with a large bust and a full round ass.

I walked across the living room and stepped out onto the patio.

When April saw what Sandra was doing she set her book down and immediately took her bathing suit off. The party was loosening up very quickly.

I think I may have mentioned in the past that Big Dick Jason is not a shy man. He is every bit as much an exhibitionist as Sandra. I'm not being critical. I suspect that if I had a twelve inch cock, I might also be an exhibitionist.

Jason looked at Sandra's exposed cunt and unzipped his shorts. He pulled his huge penis out and started stroking it.

Sandra grinned at him, pulled her bathing suit bottom off, spread her legs and posed for him while he slowly masturbated.

Brenda was watching all of this from the living room.

She turned to Brandy and smiled. "I guess its time to move things to the next level."

Brenda took off the rest of her clothes and stepped out onto the patio. She walked right up to Jamal's friend Jack and got down on her knees between his legs. Without saying a word she pulled his swimming trunks off and started giving him a blow job.

Jack smiled at everyone. "This is certainly a friendly group of people."

Sandra got up, took her bathing suit top off and walked over to Jason. She got on her knees in front of him and pulled his shorts off.

Jason winked at Sandra. "What's on your mind sweetheart?"

Sandra leered at him and grabbed his cock. "I want to lick this great big dick."

I smiled as I stood next to the bar and watched Sandra give Jason a blow job. She was slowly becoming her old self again.

Maddie moved over to Jamal's lounge chair. She unbuttoned his jeans, pulled them off and licked her lips. "I'm going to show these girls how to give a proper blow job."

Jamal laughed. "Maddie honey I am all yours."

Maddie kissed the head of Jamal's cock for a few seconds and then she lifted it up and started to lick his balls.

April looked at the situation and shook her head. "Hey this isn't fair. There aren't enough cocks to go around. Who came up with the guest list anyway?"

Brandy was standing right behind April. "It seems to me that there's still four unattached men walking around here."

Julie laughed. "Sorry Brandy, those are our cucks. They don't get to play." She giggled. "You might say they're our eunuchs."

Brandy looked at the four of us for a moment. "You mean to say that these four guys are not going to be allowed to have any sex this afternoon?"

April nodded. "If you want your pussy or your ass licked, feel free to grab one of them, but no one will be touching their cocks and they are not allowed to cum."

Brandy looked at us again. "I love this, this is really hot."

She turned back to April. "If that's a serious offer I am going to take advantage of it. I spend every afternoon and night of the week giving blow jobs. I'd love to have my pussy get a little oral attention for a change." She thought for a moment. "You said they also lick your asses?"

Sandra took Jason's cock out of her mouth. "My boy, the one over there." Sandra pointed at me. "He absolutely loves licking assholes. Help yourself. He answers to Sissyboy or Speedy. He's very well trained and has an energetic tongue. He'll give you a lot of pleasure." She paused." Actually they're all very well trained. Try all four if you like."

Brandy leered at us. "I think I'm going to have a wonderful time this afternoon."

Sandra looked at me. "Sissyboy take Mistress Brandy into the playpen and show her a good time."

She turned to Brandy. "If he fails to please you let me know. I'll give him a little taste of the riding crop and let him try again."

I walked over to Brandy. "Mistress may I escort you to our playpen?"

Brandy smiled at me. "Thank you sissyboy, I think that would be very nice."

When we got into the playpen Brandy sat down on the edge of the bed. "Stevie I spend everyday fulfilling other people's sexual fantasies. I enjoy my work, but this is my day off."

I kneeled at her feet. "Mistress let me try to fulfill your fantasies today."

Brandy took a deep breath. "Stevie I would love it if you would do that." She rolled over onto her stomach and sighed. "I love having my ass kissed and licked. It's something that doesn't happen for me very often in my professional life. Most of my gentleman want to play with my tits and get their cocks sucked." Brandy closed her eyes. "Stevie please lick my asshole."

I lay on the bed behind Brandy and spread the cheeks of her ass apart. She sighed as she felt my lips touch her puckered little anus.

At first I just kissed her. My kisses were soft and gentle.

When I felt Brandy start to relax I parted my lips and let the tip of my tongue explore the entrance to her dark tunnel.

Brandy shivered when she felt my tongue probing her.

"Stevie, that feels so nice. Push your tongue into me, I want to feel it deep inside my ass."

When she felt me pushing my tongue deeper into her asshole Brandy reached between her legs and started massaging her clit.

The time for relaxation and tender stimulation was over. Brandy was ready for some hot and dirty sex.

I started fucking her ass with my tongue while she rubbed her clit.

The tension built quickly. She screamed when she had her first orgasm.

After she regained her composure, Brandy took a moment to relax and then she sat up. "Stevie lie on your back. I want to ride your face."

When we were in position, Brandy sat down and planted her ass directly on my mouth and nose.

Once we were settled she said, "Stevie pat my hip if you're having trouble breathing. I don't want to suffocate you."

I nodded and started licking her asshole.

Brandy giggled with pleasure and started rubbing her clit again.

I almost did suffocate when she had her second orgasm. She lost control when the waves of pleasure started and pressed her ass into my face. I tried pushing her off of me, but I could not. She was positioned too securely. Fortunately, just when I thought I was going to black out her orgasm started to subside and she rolled off of my face.

For a moment we lay perfectly still. Brandy was enjoying the pleasant afterglow of her orgasm and I was gasping in an effort to get some oxygen back into my lungs.

When we were both fully recovered, she rolled onto her back and spread her legs. "Stevie, eat my pussy. I want you to make me cum one more time."

I buried my face in Brandy's cunt. She was sopping wet. I found her clit and started sucking on it. I knew that at this point there was no need to be gentle. Brandy's lust was in full flame. She wanted me to make her cum.

It didn't take long before she began panting. I felt her muscles tighten and the tension begin to build in her loins. Her eyes were closed. She started to moan. Her moans turned into cries and suddenly her cries turned into an ear shattering scream.

Brandy's body started to violently shake as the waves of orgasm rolled through her. I sat up and watched. It took several seconds before the convulsions finally started to subside. Gradually she relaxed.

She lay still for several minutes. Eventually she sat up and grinned at me. "Stevie that was wonderful."

I smiled at Brandy. "I am glad you enjoyed yourself."

Brandy and I walked back out to the patio. I found her a lounge chair. When she was seated I asked, "Mistress is there anything I can get for you?"

Brandy flashed me a contented smile. "Sissyboy I would love a glass of ice tea."

I went over to the bar and got Brandy's iced tea. I put it on a try and brought it to her. As I was walking over I looked at the scene on the patio.

Jack was sitting on the edge of the hot tub dangling his feet in the water. April was in the tub. She was sucking his cock.

Jamal was lying on a chaise lounge near the pool. Julie was on top of him. They were fucking.

I looked across the patio. Jason was sitting on a patio chair. Brenda was giving him a blow job.

I looked over by the patio door. Sandra was sitting by herself. She was naked, she looked gorgeous.

When she saw me looking at her she smiled at me.

I walked over to her. "Are you having a good time sweetheart?"

She laughed. "Apparently not as good a time as you. You were in the house with Brandy for over an hour."

I shrugged. "You told me to make sure she enjoyed herself."

"Did she?"

"I think so, she screamed pretty loud during her last orgasm."

I leaned over and kissed Sandra. "How have you been doing out here?"

She smiled at me and sighed. "Really good, Jason fucked me. I let him cum inside of me." She spread the lips of her cunt apart. "A lot of his semen ran down my thighs when I walked over here to sit down, but I think there's still quite a bit left in there. Can you see it?'

I got down on my knees and looked. "I'm not sure. Why don't I see if I can taste him."

Sandra closed her eyes. She sighed as I started eating her cunt. "Stevie I just love it when you lick another man's cum out of my pussy."

I pushed my tongue deep into Sandra's cunt and found a large deposit of Jason's semen. When he fucked Sandra it had been his first orgasm of the day. The quantity of cum he left inside her reflected that fact. I licked as much of it out of her as I possibly could.

My effort quickly rekindled Sandra's passion. As she started to get aroused, I turned my attention to her clitoris. Her excitement grew rapidly. It didn't take me long bring her to an orgasm.

When she finally relaxed she grinned at me. "Stevie I can't wait until we get married. You're going to be a wonderful husband."

When everyone else's sexual appetites were satisfied, The girls turned their attention to us. They finished the afternoon by giving Bobby, Mark, Ricky and me what they called a community blow job. I think Brenda came up with the idea.

The six women, Brandy even joined in this time, arranged their chairs in a circle. They each took a turn sucking one of us for thirty seconds. Jack kept track of the time on his watch. After the time was up we had to move on to the next woman.

It quickly turned into a contest. Everyone wanted to see which of us would cum first and who would be "The last cuck standing." Jason, Jack and Jamal organized a betting pool. Bobby became the favorite. The contest started. It was fun. Our women are all very good at sucking cocks.

Mark was the first to cum. He only lasted for three girls. In all fairness to Mark, he didn't have much of a chance. From what I've heard about the way April treats him, he has very little experience with blow jobs.

Of all of our Mistresses, April seems to get the most pleasure out of "the torture of orgasm denial." Mark is given very few opportunities to cum.

Maddie was the one who made him cum. A new contest developed. Which girl could make the most cucks cum. This was great for us. We were now the recipients of some very serious cock sucking.

Ricky came next. It wasn't really fair, Julie was the one who made him ejaculate. She knew exactly how to do it. After she made Ricky cum she realized what she'd done and felt bad. Ricky didn't care. He loved Julie so much that as far as he was concerned she could never do anything wrong. He just sat down at her feet, put his arm around one of her legs and hugged her for the rest of the contest.

It ended up as a head to head match between Bobby and me. It really wasn't much of a battle. I don't want to be accused of bragging, but I was inadvertently trained for this contest. You might remember that all of last winter I lived with Julie and Sandra. We made love nearly every night and our love making included my getting blow jobs from both of them. You may also remember that we spent a lot of time working on my ability to focus my attention so that I could keep from ejaculating until I was ready.

I was trained by experts. Bobby didn't have a chance. He lasted for three women. Brandy made him cum.

There were immediate protests that she should be disqualified because she was a professional. A very good natured argument started. We all turned to Big Dick Jason.

He made the final ruling. He was an attorney. Somehow it made sense to us that he should be the impartial arbiter.

He decided in favor of Brandy. When he "handed down" his decision he spoke in a deep authoritative voice. "If NBA players are allowed to participate in the Olympics than it only follows that a professional like Brandy should be eligible to participate in this contest."

Brandy grinned at Jason. "That deserves a small reward."

She got up, walked over to our impartial judge and kneeled down next to him. She pulled Jason's shorts down and winked at him. His huge cock sprang to attention as soon as it was freed. Brandy kissed the head, put it into her mouth and started sucking it.

Pandemonium erupted. Maddie and Julie argued that there was collusion between the Jason and Brandy.

Sandra, Brenda and April called for a new game.

Brandy and Jason ignored everything, they were busy.

I grabbed Ricky, Bobby and Mark. We ran to the bar, pulled out a bottle of vodka and a bottle of vermouth and started making Martini's.

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