tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 67

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 67


Note: This story is the sixty-seventh installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous sixty-six episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


Jason was the last one to leave.

As Sandra and I were walking him to the door I said, "Jason, why don't you spend the night?"

He stopped, thought for a moment and shook his head. "No, I'm sure that Evelyn is already worried about me. I can't stay out all night."

"I'll call her and tell her that you're too drunk to drive. I'll say you're passed out on our couch and I'll promise to get you home safely in the morning."

He considered what I said. After a moment he nodded. "That would work."

I smiled. "You said you wanted to sleep with us. This is your chance."

Sandra tugged on my sweatshirt. "Baby this is your time. This is always when I make love to you. You don't want a stud here now."

I kissed Sandra. "Thank you sweetheart." I hugged her. "We have our whole life to make love. This is a chance for Jason to realize a little fantasy he has. He won't have many chances to do this."

I reached into her robe and rubbed her pussy. "I'll bet that both you and Jules would love another taste of Jason's big cock." I whispered to her. "It would also mean you could have a wakeup fuck in the morning. you know how much you like that."

Sandra put her arms around my waist. "I would like all of that, but I don't want to cheat you out of your time."

I hugged her. "Don't worry Sandra, I'm sure that Ricky and I can find a way to have some fun with this." I paused. "Maybe we can play some more domination games."

Sandra looked at me. "Aren't you too tired?"

"No and we don't have to get up early tomorrow morning."

I reached back into her robe and started rubbing her pussy again. She was already getting wet.

I opened Sandra's robe, grabbed Jason's hand and put it between Sandra's legs.

"Master Jason why don't you play with my bride's pussy while I make the necessary arrangements for you to spend the night."

They both grinned at me.

I walked back into the living room. Julie was seated in an easy chair. Ricky was on his knees in front of her kissing and licking her feet.

"Do either of you mind if Jason sleeps with us tonight?"

They both looked up at me.

I smiled at Ricky. "I'll bet that he'd be willing to cum on Julie's toes."

They both looked at each other and nodded.

Julie smiled at me. "Sure Stevie it's fine with us." She paused. "Stevie do you really think he'd be willing to cum on my feet?"

"I am sure he'd be more than happy to do it."

Julie leaned over and kissed her husband. "Ricky you'd really like to lick a studs cum off of my feet wouldn't you?"

Ricky looked at Julie. He didn't say anything, he just nodded and grinned.

Jason and Sandra came into the room. Sandra's robe was wide open. Jason was fondling her breasts as they walked.

I turned to them. "Jas when you cum tonight would you do it on Julie's toes."

Jason looked at Ricky. "Would you like that Ricky?"

Ricky nodded, "Yes, very much."

Jason grinned at him. "Ricky I'd love to do it. You should have said something earlier. I would have been doing it all evening for you."

Julie smiled at Jason. "I'll try to find a way to properly thank you tonight."

Jason laughed. "You know that little thing you do where you just suck on the head of a guys cock while you lick the little spot underneath?"

Julie laughed. "I know that little thing very well. Do you like that?"

He nodded. "Yes very much."

Julie stood up.

I held up my hand. "We have one little detail to take care of first. I have to call Evelyn."

I went to the telephone and dialed Jason's number. As I dialed I noticed it was midnight.

The telephone only rang three times. Jason was right, his wife was up."


"Hi Evelyn this is Stevie Wagner. I'm sorry I'm calling so late."

"Stevie is everything okay. Is Jason all right?"

"Yes Evelyn he's fine. Actually the problem is he's a little too fine. He's had a little too much scotch tonight. Right now he's passed out on my couch."

"Stevie can he just sleep at your house? I worry so much about him driving when he's drunk."

"That's why I am calling you Evelyn. I agree, I think that it's better if he sleeps here tonight. I'll get him home in the morning."

"Thank you Stevie, you're a good friend." She paused. "Stevie, Jason really likes you. Most people just want to be around my husband because of his successful law practice. He says you're the first man that he's met in years that just likes him because of who he is." She paused again. "Thank you Stevie. I think that Jason really enjoys having a close friend."

"Evelyn the feeling is mutual. Jason is a close friend."

"Stevie I hope you don't mind that I am not coming to your wedding. I just hate going places where I don't know anyone."

I laughed. "Evelyn, I understand. I don't like doing that either. Maybe the four of us can get together some evening for dinner. That would be a nice way for us to get acquainted."

"I would like that Stevie. Maybe we could go to that place that Jason likes so much. What is it called?" She thought for a moment. "Baxter's, yes that's it, it's called Baxter's. Do you know the place?"

"Yes I know the place. I'll talk to Jason about it. Listen Evelyn it's late. You should go to bed. I'll throw a blanket on Jason. He'll be just fine on my couch tonight."

"Thank you Stevie. I can got to bed and sleep soundly now. Congratulate your bride for me okay?"

"I will Evelyn, Goodnight."

"Goodnight Stevie."

We both hung up.

I turned to Jason. "It looks like were meeting you and your wife for dinner at Baxter's."

Jason laughed. "No Stevie we'll be dining at the Kensington Grill. You can write that in stone."

I hung up the telephone and turned to everyone. "Let's go into the bedroom, it's playtime."

As soon as we were all in the bedroom Julie turned to Ricky and me. "Wimps, get those fucking shirts and shorts off. You have absolutely no business wearing men's clothing in front of our stud."

She turned to Jason and started to rub his chest. "Baby please forgive our husbands. They sometimes forget their place when they're in front of a real man."

Jason opened Julie's robe and fondled her large breasts. "That's okay sweetheart, your slaves mean nothing to me."

I turned to Ricky and winked at him. He winked back at me. Our wives and our friend were well aware that this was our time. They were going out of their way to play out a memorable scene for us.

Sandra walked up behind Jason and put her arms around his waist. She unzipped his pants and took his cock out.

She looked at Ricky and me as she started stroking him. "Wimps, look at this beautiful cock. This is a man's cock."

Julie smirked. "Now look down at those pathetic little worms that the two of you call penises. You look like little boys compared to our stud."

Julie walked over and picked up her riding crop.

Sandra looked at me. "Sissyboy go to the living room and fetch my whip."

I started to walk out of the room.


I turned.

"Who the fuck told you that you could walk around like a man. Get down on your knees and crawl. When you bring me my whip I want to see you carrying it in your teeth."

I crawled into the living room and got Sandra's riding crop. When I crawled back into the bedroom Jason was sitting on the bed. Ricky was on his knees in front of him. Sandra and Julie were on each side of Jason."

Julie was giving orders to her husband. "Beg Master Jason to let me suck his cock."

Ricky hesitated. Julie picked him up by his hair and gave him a hard swat across the butt with her whip."

She let him go. "Beg him Footboy."

Ricky fell to his knees. "Master Jason I beg you to allow my Mistress to suck your cock."

Jason smiled at Ricky. "Very well Footboy, but someone needs to undress me first. Why don't you ask your wife to do it."

Ricky turned to Julie. "Mistress will you please undress Master Jason."

Julie stared into Ricky's eyes. She was very good at playing domination games. "I will Footboy, but do you really want your wife undressing other men?"

Ricky submissively bowed to Julie. "Yes Mistress, I do."

Julie raised her eyebrows. "Tell me why Footboy."

"Because it pleases you Mistress."

Julie patted Ricky on the head. "Yes it does."

Julie quickly undressed Jason and neatly laid his clothes on the bed.

I crawled up to Sandra with her whip in my mouth. Now it was my turn to be patted on the head. "Very good Sissyboy."

Sandra took her whip from me. She set it on the bed and leaned over and kissed my cheek. "Are you enjoying this Stevie?"

I nodded. "Yes, very much."

Julie leaned over and kissed Ricky. "How about you baby? Are you having fun?"

Ricky looked up at his wife and smiled. "Julie, I'm having the time of my life."

Julie turned to Jason. "How are you doing with this?'

Jason smiled. "I always enjoy myself when I'm with the four of you."

Sandra grinned at everyone, "Let's keep playing."

She stared at me. "Speedy take Master Jason's clothes to the closet and hang them up."

I picked up Jason's clothes. I had both his trousers and sport coat in my hands. I was worried that if I tried to crawl to the closet I'd wrinkle them. This wasn't a dominant submissive thing; Jason was my friend, I didn't want to mess up his nice clothes.

I turned to Sandra. "Mistress may I have permission to stand so that I can safely bring Master Jason's clothes to the closet and hang them up?"

Sandra immediately grasped my concern. "Yes Sissyboy you have my permission to stand for that chore, but as soon as you're done I want you back on your knees. There's a man in the room. You must remember your place as a slave at all times."

When I was done hanging up Jason's clothes I got down on my knees and crawled back to Sandra.

Jason was lying on his back in the middle of our bed like a king in his castle. His head was propped up by several pillows. His huge cock was sticking straight up in the air. It looked like an obscene tower of lust.

Julie was on her knees next to Jason.

She looked at Ricky. "Wimp, get behind me and lick my asshole while I suck this beautiful studs cock." As Julie slid herself between Jason's legs, Ricky got behind her and buried his face between her ass cheeks.

Julie got right up next to Jason's huge erection, kissed it and started laughing. "Sandra I can never get used to how fucking huge this thing is."

Sandra smiled. "It really is one of the great wonders of the world isn't it Jules."

All of us started giggling.

Julie looked at Ricky and me. "Do you think the two of you could adopt the appropriate demeanor? You're making it very difficult for Sandra and me to properly humiliate you."

I turned to my buddy Ricky. "Dr. Norman, you're an excellent teacher. Your mistress has become a very eloquent speaker."

Ricky nodded to me. "Thank you Speedman, that was a very kind observation."

Sandra looked at Ricky. "Speedman?"

"Yes, it's the formal form of Speedy."

Both Sandra and Julie broke into laughter.

Jason shook his head. "I was on the verge of getting a really good blow job."

I turned to Ricky. "Our friend would like us to be serious."

Sandra put her arms around me and giggled. "Speedman, I would like to point out that if you and your professorial sidekick would be willing to focus on the current task, we could all have some serious fun."

I looked at Ricky. "Senor Foot Fancier..."

Julie jumped up. "Senor Foot Fancier? You guys have completely lost it..."

Ricky looked at Julie and spoke in a very deep voice. "Yes my dear it is true, while you have known me only as the meek and mild Ricky, I am in fact the notorious Senor Foot Fancier."

Julie buried her hands in her face. "Sandra why did you let me get married?"

Sandra started laughing. "Because you had a chance to marry every woman's secret heart throb, the notorious Senor Foot Fancier."

Jason shook his head. "If I'd gone home, Evelyn would be making me a grilled cheese sandwich right now."

I grabbed my buddy. "Senor FF, let's focus for a few minutes. "

Sandra grabbed me and pushed down on the bed. "Mr. Speedman lie down. I'm going to sit on your face and you're going to lick my ass."

I winked at Ricky. "Senor FF, listen to the women; they have some very creative ideas."

I lay back on the bed. Sandra climbed on top of me and sat down on my face.

At the same time Julie slipped back between Jason's legs, grasped his huge cock and kissed the head. She giggled as she was doing this. "Senor FF, kiss my toes while I lick this magnificent penis."

Ricky lay at his wife's feet and reverently kissed and licked her toes.

As Julie was putting the head of Jason's huge cock in her mouth she laughed. "Senor FF really is a super hero."

All of us quieted down and let Julie work her magic.

She started by licking the head of Jason's mammoth erection. At the same time, she stroked his shaft. As Julie worked on him, Jason became increasingly aroused.

When Julie felt that Jason was reaching a nice level of sexual excitement, she slipped the head of his cock into her mouth and started to tongue flick the sensitive spot directly under the tip of his penis.

This was the blowjob that Jason had requested. This was the blowjob that Julie was famous for at Baxter's.

Julie worked on Jason's cock. He steadily became more and more excited. Suddenly he reached down and stopped her. "Honey it's time. You lie back on the bed and hold your feet out. I'll stand next to you.

Julie rolled over on her back and held her feet up. Jason stood up next to her and started stroking his cock. He reached down with his spare hand and pulled Ricky up onto the bed. "Senor FF, get right up here next to your wife's feet."

Ricky face was right next to Julie's feet when the first spurt of semen hit her toes and instep.

As Jason pumped semen onto Julie's feet he grinned. "Senor FF, kiss your wife's toes while I finish ejaculating on them." He smiled. "It's okay, I'll make sure we don't touch each other."

Sandra rolled off of my face. We lay together and hugged while we watched Jason fulfill Ricky's fantasy.

Jason shot three nice spurts of semen onto Julie's feet. After that, he kept stroking his cock. A steady stream of cum continued oozing out of the head. Jason made sure that all of it fell on Julie's feet.

When his penis finally started to get soft he sat down on the edge of the bed next to us. Sandra sat up, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. "Jason honey thank you, that was a really nice thing to do."

We all turned our attention to Julie and Ricky.

Using a very assertive voice Julie quietly said, "Footboy, my lover made a mess on my feet. Clean it up!"

Ricky grinned at Julie, closed his eyes and carefully licked every bit of Jason's semen off of his wife's feet.

As soon as Ricky was finished cleaning her feet, Julie sat up and hugged Jason. "Thank you, my baby and I both enjoyed that." She paused for a moment and then kissed Jason on the forehead. "Honey you've become a very important person in our lives."

Jason smiled at Julie. "I really like both of you. I want..." He stopped and closed his eyes. After a moment he shook his head. "No that's not what I want to say."

We all looked at him.

He stared at the floor. After a moment he took a deep breath. "I'm not sure I'll ever understand how my relationship with the four of you got to where it is now."

Sandra looked at him. "What do you mean baby?"

Jason grinned at Sandra. "Obviously it started out with you and me being lovers, but that's changed."

He stared at Julie and Sandra. "I love having sex with the two of you, I hope we keep doing it forever." He took another deep breath. "But if tomorrow you told me we could never have sex again I would still want to come to this house every day."

He shook his head. "The four of you are the best friends I've ever had." He stared at the floor. "I cancelled two appointments so I could get here this afternoon before the party started. I didn't come over early looking for sex, I came over early because I wanted to be with you guys."

He looked up. "Julie, earlier you asked me if was enjoying myself." He laughed. "I have the exact same answer as my buddy Ricky. Julie I'm having the time of my life. I'll always play any games you guys ask me to play."

He leaned forward. "You four are the most sexually liberated, creative and secure human beings I've ever met." He smiled at Sandra and Julie. "You two have this amazing ability to be incredibly cruel to your two boys without ever hurting them."

He looked at me. "Stevie when Sandra was whipping you this afternoon she was about to stop and then you started begging her not to hit you anymore. I know your code. You were really giving her permission to keep going.

I grinned at him. "You caught me."

"Yes and it just makes me like you even more."

He stopped to think for a moment and then he said, "I have to say this. It's very important to me."

He looked at Ricky and me. "I want the two of you know that you don't ever have to worry about me trying to steal your wives."

There was a twinkle in his eye. "Evelyn really is the love of my life." He shrugged. "But she's kind of the opposite of Sandra and Julie. She has a very low sex drive. As you have observed, I have a very powerful sex drive. "

He stared at the floor. "That almost tore our marriage apart. I tried being faithful, but I couldn't endure the frustration. I was actually considering asking Evelyn for a divorce when I heard about Baxter's. I felt guilty about it, but I finally decided that an occasional trip to Baxter's was the only way to save our marriage.'

He sighed. "Sometimes I still feel guilty about it, but I have always been very discreet. I work very hard to avoid throwing my infidelity in Evelyn's face."

Jason got very quiet. "Before I met you, my life was extremely mundane. I worked hard at my law practice, I had nice suburban home life and when I wanted some sex I went to Baxter's"

He looked at the four of us. "And then it got very exciting. I met Sandra. Right after I met Sandra, I got to know Julie and Stevie

Jason smiled. "Sometime during all of this I realized that I'd fallen madly in love with all four of you." He looked at us. "Please don't misunderstand that statement. I'm not gay. I'm not talking about sexual love here."

Sandra kissed his cheek. "Don't worry baby, we understand. I'm pretty sure I can speak for all four of us when I say we love you to."

Julie, Ricky and I all nodded.

"For some reason you two guys and Mark and Bobby have chosen to let your women sleep with other men. I can't say that I fully understand that, but I am not sure I need to. It's clear that your love for your women and your women's love for you is not in the least bit diminished by it. I actually envy you guys because you live a life totally free of jealousy."

I shook my head. "No Jason we get jealous and envious. I'm incredibly envious every time I see the pleasure that Sandra gets from sucking your huge cock."

Sandra grabbed my arm. "Baby you should never be jealous. I like Jason. He's become a very close friend for both of us." She thought for a moment. "Maybe I'm even starting to love him, but that's the same kind of love I already feel for Ricky and Julie. My love for you is very special. I will always love you more than any other person in the world." She laughed. "It's the reason I can be so mean to you. When I'm humiliating you or hurting you with my whip I am very aware that you are the one man I truly love. I would never dream of really hurting you or doing anything to you that you didn't want me to do."

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