tagInterracial LoveSands of the Sahara

Sands of the Sahara


Note: Like most stories that I write, there a few pages of build up, before you get to the juicy parts, but I assure you, they do cum.


My horse was exhausted, I knew it was not likely to carry me very much further. Tiredly I dismounted. I took my one remaining water bottle, gave the horse a handful and let a few drops dribble between my lips.

I had been left with little choice but to take to the dunes even though I knew a horse was entirely unsuited to the terrain, this was camel country.

I was in a low defile between sand dunes, with just a little welcoming shade. Reaching into a bag I produced the remaining food for the horse, it wasn't much. Just a few minutes rest won't hurt I thought, and sank to the sand.

I felt a light vibration, pressing an ear to the sand, there was a distinct drumming, they were getting near, my time was running out. On foot I had no chance against the camel mounted tribesmen that were chasing me.

Suddenly, two figures came hurtling down the sand and landed almost alongside me. As I snatched for my rifle, one motioned a calming sign at me. Looking at the two I saw they also were of the desert, but of which tribe I had no idea.

One produced a knife from the depths of his clothing. and with a throat slitting motion, he pointed at my horse.

I knew there was no alternative, and almost before I had nodded, the horse seemed to look at me in reproach as it dropped to it's knees, before rolling on it's side and died.

The second of the two pointed at my bags, and then motioned me to follow, as they set off along the defile.

As I followed, I noticed the antiquated muskets they were both carrying, ancient but typical of many desert tribesman. Who were these two who were obviously not allied with the band that were chasing me. I realised that their headgear was white as opposed to the those following, who all had the black generally worn by members of the Toureg tribe.

The defile came to a sudden dead end. I thought "Oh shit! We're trapped." But one of the tribesman, the bigger of the two, pointed up to the left. We scrambled our way to the top of the dune and there below, I could see a stone building, in a stone walled compound.

Shots rang out from behind, I saw one of my new friends clutch at his arm and fall to roll back down the dune from where we had come. At the same time a massive thud hit my back. I was sent cart wheeling head over heels down the hill but away from our attackers, as I desperately fought for breath. A hand grabbed mine, and half pulled, half running, I followed toward the building.

I sat my back to the wall as I still struggled to breath. A figure passed me a canteen of water, and I drank deeply. Slowly my breathing returned to normal and I was able to look around. We were in a small square with low stone walls on three sides, a dilapidated building on the other.

I ducked as more shots rang out.

Realising that somewhat fortunately, I still had hold of my rifle. I rolled to a little niche in the wall, aware of the pain in my back as I went. Now I could see them at the top of the sand dune. They had height advantage over us, but we had the better cover. There were now four of us inside the compound, where the other two had come from, I have no idea, but the more the merrier I though.

I took a careful aim at the dune top, just where I had seen a quite large puff of smoke, obviously from a musket. A small black bob rose above the sand, it was enough for me. I fired and clearly saw the headdress go flying. "Good shot Johno" I thought.

A moment later I had got another, then silence descended.

A voice behind me said in English "They have gone effendi, no more trouble now."

As I stood the pain hit me, and I almost fell. Arms reached to hold me, and I was helped inside the building.

Stripped of my jacket and shirt, it became obvious that a bullet had hit my backpack, and gone right through, to hit me between the shoulders. Luckily for me, there hadn't been much force left by the time it hit my body. Although bleeding profusely, the damage was not too serious.

A hand rinsed a cloth gently across my back, the water cleaning away the blood. Then a bandage was being wrapped around my body.

I looked at the face of the person bandaging me, with a start I saw it had a womrn's eyes, jet black, from the brief glance they gave me. I winced as she pulled the bandage tight. For a moment, she knelt in front me, a frown on the half of the face I could see.

She seemed to glide across the floor as she went over to the other two, a desert cat was what came mind.

I slept fitfully, one minute hot, the next cold. Once I was aware of a damp cloth to my forehead but then nothing.

A hand shook me, "They are coming, can you move?" I stood, dizzy for a moment, a hand took my arm and steadied me, until my head cleared.

I quickly grabbed for my rifle as I heard shots and the sound of bullets ricocheting off the stone walls.

Looking out, I could see one of my new companions lying spread in the dirt with a pool of blood oozing from under him.

I ducked frantically as a bullet hit the door frame just inches from my head.

I dived out, flat to the ground scrambling to the wall. A quick glance was enough to tell me that they were charging our position. How many I couldn't see, but certainly more than a dozen. There was now only three of us to their dozen, our only plus was I had a rifle and they appeared to have only muskets, dangerous enough, but with little range and slow to reload.

Before they were even halfway to our wall I had dropped four of them. I got one more and then they were jumping over the wall. Swords flashed in the sunlight, those broad curved weapons the desert men preferred. I pulled my pistol and shot one attacker in the chest before his sword reached my head, and spun to get another charging toward me. I saw two others lying across the wall, both quite dead.

One of my companions was swinging his musket wildly at two black headed enemy. He struck one a blow sufficient to send him flying to the ground, then a sword took him in the neck. He fell, blood spewing from the severed artery. I shot his assailant in the back, and saw him collapse to the ground.

I turned to see three of the enemy surrounding my one remaining friend. I raised my arm and fired at the nearest, but just a click, I was out of bullets.

Without thought, I charged screaming out loud, clubbing one on the head, and then pulling the next to the ground. We rolled and wrestled, he with a long curved bladed knife in his hand, and me with just an empty pistol. It was a stalemate as we each gripped the others weapon hand. But I knew I was tiring fast, not having had enough time to recover from my wound.

As I struggled desperately, my arms began to give way, I just didn't have the strength left. His knife was much nearer to my throat when his grip suddenly slackened, and he fell on top of me. Weakly I pushed, and rolled him off, then saw the knife buried deep in his back.

I lay panting, looking up into the face of the girl. Her head gear was gone, jet black hair hung past her shoulders, there was blood running down her forehead, and dripping to the ground next to me.

Wearily I climbed to me feet, at the same time as the girl began to sway, and was then falling. How I found the strength to catch her and hold her against me, I have no idea. With an effort, I managed to get an arm under her legs and lifted her. I staggered rather the walked back to the building, took her inside, and almost collapsed as I laid her on the bed.

Her breathing was shallow, and when I felt, her pulse seemed to be just a flutter. Fetching the canteen I poured water over her wound, and with a cloth I washed the blood from her face. Now I could see her features properly, I saw how remarkably beautiful she was. She didn't stir as I dribbled a little water between her lips, she was completely unconscious.

The problem was I was out of my depth, with not the vaguest idea of what to do.

Keep them warm, I thought, that's what you do. Then. What! In the middle of the desert, it was baking outside and not much cooler in.

I looked around. There were two windows of a sort, either side of the door, but no others. "Need some fresh air flowing in here" I said to myself. The back wall, although it looked solid enough, I soon found comprised of roughhewn boulders ,cemented in place with dried mud. It didn't take long before I scraped and cleared enough round a likely spot, before I was able to push a boulder right through, and was immediately rewarded with a gentle breeze.

I went back to the girl, and realised she was far too hot when I touched her face. Now what do I do?

I hesitated at undoing the strings that held the top of her robes together, but thought "What the hell" and took hold of the strings. With care, so as not to disturb her, I unlaced the restraint and gently eased the clothes aside. Beneath I now saw, she had a small cotton top and loosely fitting trousers. The material was thin, and I could clearly see her breasts, the nipples protruding like two small statues.

I hastily dragged my eyes away, rose and went to check out the window that we were still alone. I went out and collected all the weapons I could find and took then inside to check them over. "I useless pile of rubbish really" I thought, but I reloaded them anyway, anything's better than nothing!

Back outside, and keeping low just in case, I spread the guns at roughly at four foot intervals along the wall.

Back inside I heard the girl stir. I brought her some water, and gently raising her head, I put the bottle to her lips, she swallowed quite deeply then lay back. A hand suddenly went to her chest feeling her exposure, and she tried to sit up, a deep frown on her face. I laid my hand over hers and pressed her back. "Its okay" I said "you need to rest and keep cool." Again I put the wet cloth to her brow, as she relaxed and closed her eyes. She soon appeared to be sleeping, a more calm look had come over her.

It seemed like for hour after hour, that I continued to bathe her. I couldn't avoid seeing her nipples even more clearly where water had dripped on her top making it quite transparent. Guiltily, I tried to keep the thoughts from my mind as I watched over the girl.

I heard or perhaps just sensed something change. At the window I was just in time to see a head flatten to the sand. I crawled outside, then to the wall, peering through a low hole alongside my rifle that I had noticed earlier.

I soon observed that there were maybe four or five of them snaking along the ground in our direction. I rolled and cocked all the guns and then back to my rifle, to once more look through my hole. I waited until I saw one rise up to run forward bent low, it was enough!

I came up fast, rifle to my shoulder, and fired at the running figure, I saw him stumble as two more appeared. I fired again but I think too fast, although they dropped, I don't think I had hit either of them. Bullets ricocheted off the top of the wall where I had just fired from.

I rolled sideways and grabbed one of older weapons, rose and fired, to then roll back the other way, passed my rifle to the next gun. Again I rose and was rewarded with the sight of one running figure now quite close. So close, my shot took him in the chest and he fell backwards. I scrambled back to my rifle, and again, quickly up to fire at another, and then another.

One was at the wall, as desperately I tried to chamber another round, but I knew I was too late. I saw his sword descending towards me, then a shot fired from behind. I fell to the ground as his lifeless body crashed down next to me,

The girl was slumped hanging half out of the window, the still smoking pistol in her hand.

I found she was only half aware, as I pulled her in, and took her back to the bed.

Once again I rinsed water over her face, easing some between her lips. Her eyes opened, and she stared at me with what seemed a puzzled look. She reached to my face, touched my cheek, then pulled my head down. Our lips touched lightly, then she collapsed back.

I sat next to the bed, resting my weary head down by her side.

I woke with a start, her hand was at my head, gently stroking her fingers round my face. I looked up at her in the semi darkness, and she seemed to smile.

I went and lit two candles lying on the box in the middle of the room. She motioned me back to the bed, sliding over, and she pulled me down alongside her. Again she gave me a brief kiss, then said "Sleep, you need rest."

The candles had burned away when I woke. In the darkness I could feel her head nestled into my neck, her arm was across my chest. My own arm was stiff, my shoulder hurt from the firing of the guns, held too loosely in my haste.

I tried to move carefully so as not to disturb her, but I knew she had woken when her arm was snatched from it's resting place, and her head moved away.

We lay still, saying nothing. I felt her move, and sensed rather than saw, that she was now on her side facing me.

Then she spoke quietly "Who are you? You who come out of the desert fighting the same people we do."

I hesitated, wondering how much I should say. "I sort of work for the British army but I am not a soldier." I finally said.

She seemed satisfied with my answer and probed no further.

Then, "Round the back you will find a wooden cover, and inside a bucket and rope, will you fetch water?"

When I returned, I went to light another candle, but as the match flared, she said "No light, please bring the water to me." I reached the bed, placed the bucket down, and could hear her moving. I could vaguely make out her figure as she removed her clothing. Water splashed as she washed, it took her some time.

I had sat on the bed when she spoke next. "Take off your clothes so you can wash." It was dark, so I complied. I rubbed vigorously to rid myself of the stale sweet and desert dust.

I was startled when a cloth washed my shoulders. She worked over my back. I heard her rinse the cloth, and then I jumped when I felt the cloth again, it was at my backside, washing the cheeks of my bum, then down my leg to my foot. She moved to the other leg, starting from the bottom, washing all around my leg. When she arrived back at the top of my thighs, her hand was between my legs. The cloth nudged my cock which immediately reacted to the touch. It had been behaving quite well up until now,.

Then, holding my thighs, she turned my body to face her, and she continued washing.

Again a touch to my cock, I expected her hand to move away, but I was wrong. Instead her hand wrapped the cloth around it as she gently cleaned. She squeezed water over my now rapidly hardening member and gave a final rinse.

She dropped the cloth, and stood, before giving me a push until I was backed up to the bed. Another, harder push, I fell backwards, and I was on my back. She lowered herself alongside me. Both naked, I felt her skin, smooth and soft as our bodies touched.

I turned to face her, even though I could only see her vaguely with the little light the moon gave through the windows.

She took my hand and placed it on a breast, the nipple thrusting into my palm. I leaned my head forward until our lips met in a gentle caress. It became a kiss, first tentative, then more urgent. I traced a finger in increasing circles around her breast, and then slowly back to the nipple, to pinch lightly, then a little harder as I felt her respond to the touch.

Her arm went over my shoulder, and she pulled my head in harder as her lips opened to my tongue. Our tongues met and danced, the kiss becoming more passionate, and I could sense her desire as her body fully turned to face me, her hips pushing forward to mash against mine.

My hand left her breast to be replaced by my mouth. Her head went back as her nipple was nipped between my teeth, my mouth opened to suck as my tongue flicked and teased. My hand caressed over her abdomen, her muscles flexing at the touch. My fingers found the bush of hair on her thrusting pelvis, stopping for a small pull at the hair before continuing downward until my palm covered the lips of her opening.

My fingers bent to stroke the softness I felt beneath them, then down between her thighs, almost to her anus but then slowly back up, pressing just slightly between the folds of her slit. She gasped and arched, as I reached the hidden button. I felt the hardness beneath my finger, I caressed and teased until I could feel a swelling, rapidly becoming more prominent. With a pinch, it came from it's sheath and her clit was open to my touch.

Her hand raked my back making me flinch as it just touched my wound. She must have realised as the raking stopped, instead a gentle caress around the edge. I heard a muttered "Sorry."

I eased onto my back, pulling her with me, now on top of me. My hand still between us, as I continued working her clit. My other hand reached for ass, and I squeezed the taught mounds. Her legs spread to fall alongside mine, and I took this as a cue to allow my fingers to delve into the valley between her cheeks, sliding down until I found the small opening to her anus. I pressed softly, ready to withdraw if she protested but she pushed up at the touch, so I pressed harder. The tightness eased, just slightly, I pressed more firmly and was rewarded, as I could feel the warmth engulf my finger as it slowly entered, to bury to the knuckle. The opening tensing and gripping as the finger moved.

Her hand now came between our writhing bodies, and took hold of my hard member. It pulsed at the contact, then throbbed as her fingers took a firm grip. She gave it a rub, none to gently. Then she raised her body, and pushed my rigid pole up between her thighs, not into her but along the length of her pussy. I could feel the wetness oozing from her, lubricating as our organs rubbed against each other. Her legs came back on top of mine, she gripped tight as my cock pushed upwards along her lips, spreading them wider, forming a deep furrow for me to plough. She began to raise and lower her hips as she wanked my cock, her clit being more stimulated by the sliding contact against my manhood.

I rolled us over, and with me now on top, my cock still gripped tightly but no longer rubbing. I withdrew my finger from her ass, although it seemed to grip tighter to keep me inside her. I brought up my hands, and took a hold on her face, as I came in to kiss her. She bit my lip and I could taste blood as we then kissed. A wild and desperate kiss, our lips mashed tight together. Until her hand reached to push my head away from the kiss. "Now! I am ready for you."

Her legs spread as I eased my weight, I only had to lift a little, and I was pushing my tip at her lips. They parted to receive me, as I slowly lowered. Her intense inner heat enfolded me as I penetrated her gently, but she thrust up hard, and I was engulfed by her vagina, then buried deep. I lay still for a moment, savouring the feeling of the muscles gripping and massaging inside. Never before had I experienced that, I could have reached my peak without even moving.

But instead, I did move. I withdrew almost all the way. She moaned a "No," then she thrust up again, taking me wholly inside her once more.

Sometimes gently, and sometimes harder we fucked, time stood still as our passion grew, it was borne of a need so intense, perhaps a relief of being alive having come so close to death. But there was also a sexual fire that had ignited between us.

I held myself back until her body began to arch, one of her hands gripped my ass, nails digging deep. The other reaching to grab the bed bar above her head. I increased my speed, pounding into her as she began to convulse. She let out a screech, which changed to a wail as she bucked her hips hard to mine. I felt her clench tight along my buried length.

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