tagMatureSandy and Her Mom

Sandy and Her Mom

byIrish Moss©

I had only been home from college for a couple of weeks when I decided to stop by Sandy's to see if she was around. Her mom answered the door wearing her tennis outfit, which showed off her shapely, tan legs. She was a petite woman with a definite tennis player physique and short brown hair. It was obvious where Sandy got her good looks. After telling me that Sandy wasn't home, she commented that she wouldn't have thought it possible, but that she believed my voice had gotten deeper and my shoulders broader since the last time she saw me. I'd been getting comments on my deep voice ever since it had changed in middle school and although I didn't think my shoulders were particularly broad, it wasn't the first time I'd received such a compliment. She asked what I was up to for the summer and I told her that I was building houses and that my broad shoulders were already killing me from the demanding work.

When she invited me in, saying that she had some time and knew just the thing to help loosen me up, I assumed she was talking about a shoulder massage. When she confirmed that was what she meant, but suggested we do it in her bedroom in case Sandy came home, so things wouldn't be awkward, I still didn't jump to the conclusion that she wanted to jump me. She was a grown woman, not one of the college girls I was used to, so to her a massage might still just mean a massage. Either way, just having her hands on my shoulders would be a pleasure, even if it came to nothing else.

She had me take my shirt off and lie facedown on her bed, but she was behind me, so I couldn't read anything from her facial expression or body language. As I lay on my stomach, she climbed onto the bed and straddled my ass, her soft, warm hands soon contacting the bare skin of my back. To be nineteen and have an older woman sitting on my back rubbing my shoulders was definitely a fantasy come true and I didn't want to blow it by putting some cheesy move on her. I got the sense that I didn't need to anyway when she suggested that I turn over onto my back so she could continue to work my shoulders from the front.

She raised herself up and I rolled over, hoping that she wouldn't look down to see that my shorts were tented out slightly. When she settled herself down right on my growing member and it immediately began growing more quickly, I knew that there was no way that she couldn't feel it. As she started rubbing my shoulders and upper pectorals, I noticed that her nipples were pressing out against her top. I also realized that she was starting to rock against my growing member, resulting in continued and even more rapid growth.

After a few minutes I had already decided that cumming in my shorts would be just fine, but apparently Sandy's mom had other plans. She lifted herself off my rigid tool while reaching down to unfasten and open my shorts, then pulled my tool out. I watched her hands as she stroked my tool in one while the other pulled her panties aside, exposing a trim, light brown bush. She immediately guided the head of my tool to her pussy, rubbing it between her lips before starting to lower herself onto it. I was, to put it mildly, in shock. She started slowly riding up and down on my cock while I just lay there in disbelief. She was holding her short tennis skirt up against her stomach with one hand while the fingertips of her other hand held her panties aside and gently massaged her clit as she rode me.

Finally realizing that I wanted to be a participant and not just a spectator, I first moved my hands up onto her smooth thighs and slid them up and down while beginning to raise my ass up off the bed slightly as well. My eyes were drawn up from her pussy to her hard nipples still pressing out against her top, so I slid my hands up under her top. I fondled her small tits through her sports bra briefly before pushing the bottom up and sliding my hands over her bare tits. Her small mounds were soft and smooth except for her hard nipples brushing against my palms. She seemed to be gradually moving faster as she rode me, so I played with her tits until she started getting noisy. It sounded as though she was approaching an orgasm, so I ran my hands around to her firm, muscular ass and pulled her down harder on my cock while pushing up deeper into her at the same time.

She was slamming down on me pretty hard and her fingers were a blur on her clit until she slammed down one more time and just sat there, whimpering. I could feel tremors in her pussy and her legs as her orgasm coursed through her and hoped I'd have an opportunity to cum myself. Once she'd finished cumming and had let out a sigh, she raised herself up high enough that I popped free of her succulent pussy, causing me momentary disappointment. When she quickly crawled backwards down the bed and took my cock in her fist, I was flooded with relief. She pumped my cock a few times as she admired it, then ran her warm, soft tongue around the head. As she continued pumping, she wrapped her lips just around the head, popping it in and out of her mouth a few times while I relished the feeling.

Finally, she parted her lips and slid them down my rigid shaft, taking me as deeply into her mouth as she could manage. With a moan, she started sliding her lips up and down my tool while pumping the base with one hand and fondling my balls with the other. I just lay there watching her, still stunned that it was actually happening, but not wanting to miss a second of her pretty face bobbing up and down on my organ. I ran my fingers through her short hair as she sucked my cock, feeling an orgasm beginning to approach. I started thinking that her pussy was probably dripping with juices just begging to be licked up and realized that this might be my only chance to do it, so I had her swing around over me in a sixty-nine.

She still had her panties on, so I pulled them aside and immediately slipped two fingers into her dripping hole. As I pumped them in and out, I admired her pussy momentarily before raising my head and starting to lick her clit. She immediately moaned around my stiff shaft, pausing briefly before going back to sucking with renewed vigor. My orgasm was welling up quickly as her warm, wet mouth engulfed me over and over. I was pushing my hips up, wanting to penetrate her mouth as deeply as possible and she seemed to pick up the vibe that I was on the verge of cumming. She continued to suck with amazing skill as my cock began to swell within her mouth. Finally, I had to let my head drop back onto the bed as I forced my cock into her mouth as deeply as she could take it and began to spew.

My orgasm was long and intense and she continued to suck me, swallowing every drop of cum. Once I'd finished, I looked up at the beautiful pussy above me, my two fingers still pumping in and out of it. I raised my head as she was letting my shrinking cock fall from her mouth and started sucking on her clit. She let out a loud moan and it felt as though her pussy was suddenly even wetter. I kept going, sucking her clit with an occasional pause to run my tongue over it, as she started working her hips, rocking her pussy against my face. She was so tasty, I would have been content to lick her for the rest of the evening, but she was starting to get louder while rocking her hips faster. I heard her suck in her breath and could feel her shuddering as I continued to suck her clit.

She finally let out a long sigh and started to move off of me, assuming a sitting position next to me on the bed. She reached under her top, giving me a quick look at her boobs as she pulled her sports bra back into place. I figured I'd better get myself back together, too, and worked my underwear and shorts back into place while she reached under her skirt to adjust her panties. She leaned down over me and we made out for just a few minutes when we heard a car outside. We jumped up quickly and by the time Sandy walked in the door, we were sitting in the living room and both turned to say hello.

Since Sandy was home, her mom got up to leave for her tennis match. Saying that it was nice to see me again, she gave me a hug while whispering in my ear that she would be expecting to see more of me this summer. She then gave me a quick peck on the lips and turned to go. Once she was gone, Sandy commented that her mom must be horny to give me a hug and kiss like that. She then came over to me saying that she couldn't blame her mom because I was making her horny, too. She slipped into my arms and we began to make out.

Sandy had a tennis player's body like her mom's and my hands were soon down on her muscular ass, pulling her against me. My cock wasn't quite ready yet to rise to the occasion, and I didn't want Sandy to realize it, so I decided to go down on her for a while. Dropping to my knees, I opened Sandy's shorts and quickly yanked them down along with her panties. She sat on the ottoman, leaned back and spread her legs wide. Her pussy was surrounded by a trim, light brown bush, just like her mom's. I lowered my head and began licking up the juices that had collected between her lips, eliciting a passionate moan from Sandy.

She was propped up on one elbow while she held my head in place with her other hand. I slipped a finger into her slick pussy, which I realized was much more snug than her mom's, and started licking her clit. Sandy moaned again and began pushing her hips up toward my face, her orgasm getting closer. It didn't escape my notice that I was licking a pussy that was essentially just a younger version of one I had just licked a little while earlier. The idea that I might spend the summer fucking both Sandy and her mom had my cock quickly on the rise again. Continuing to pump her pussy with my finger, I started sucking on her clit, eliciting much the same response as I'd gotten from her mom. She was moaning louder and pushing her pussy harder at my face as her orgasm continued to build.

Her breathing got shallower and her hips were rocking incredibly fast until suddenly she cried out and went rigid. As she let out a long sigh, she began to relax, practically convulsing as she did. I continued licking and sucking her clit as she came, then raised my head and straightened up on my knees. Her legs were still spread wide before me as she recovered, so I grabbed my wallet, pulled out the condom stashed inside and tore the packet open. I quickly had my cock out and was rolling the latex over my shaft as I guided the tip between her slippery pussy lips. By the time I had the condom rolled all the way down, I was already slipping into her snug pussy.

Sandy was moaning and grabbed her legs behind her knees, pulling them up and apart as I started slowly fucking her. Her pussy felt so good, even with the condom on and even after just fucking her mom. I started lightly massaging her clit as I fucked her while my other hand went down to fondle her taut ass. The longer I fucked her and the longer I felt her ass, the more I wanted to take her from behind. I let myself get to the point where I was just starting to feel another orgasm welling up, then stopped fucking her and pulled out, telling her what I had in mind. She rolled over and got her knees under her while I stayed kneeling behind her. I massaged and nibbled her ass cheeks and probed her pussy with my finger before standing up and guiding my rigid, latex-encased cock back into her slippery pussy.

She moaned again as I filled her pussy and began to slide my tool in and out of her. I held her by the hips until I had a good rhythm going, then started running my hands over her succulent ass cheeks again. She slipped one of her hands between her legs and took over stimulating her clit while I slid my meat in and out of her hot pussy. She felt so damn good that my prick just continued to get harder and harder. She continued to moan and was pushing her ass back hard against each of my incoming thrusts, my hips smacking against her ass cheeks. I moved my hands back up to her hips and started pulling her hard toward me as I also pushed hard into her. It wouldn't be long before I felt the sweet relief of my orgasm.

Sandy beat me to the punch, having her second orgasm before I had a chance to have what was technically my second as well. She cried out as she came, pushing herself all the way back against me as I felt the tremors in her pussy. Once she'd finished, I started fucking her again, ready to cum myself, but she pulled away, saying that she wanted to taste my hot, stiff meat. Turning around to sit on the ottoman, she rolled off the condom and wrapped her lips around my shaft. As I ran my fingers through her short brown hair while her lips slid up and down my tool, I experienced a strong sense of déjà vu.

She massaged my balls and pumped the base of my shaft while she sucked before reaching around to grab both of my ass cheeks, pulling me as deeply into her mouth as she could handle. I was pushing my hips at her face, feeling the orgasm that had been welling up as I fucked her quickly returning. Her mouth felt so good as it engulfed my swelling cock and I knew that this wouldn't be the last time I would get to experience it; it probably wouldn't even be the last time that night that I experienced it. My orgasm continued to build as she continued to suck me off until finally, with a grunt I began to spew my load into her waiting mouth. She swallowed everything I had to give her, letting my cock fall from her mouth once it began to soften.

Since she didn't know when her mother would return, she suggested that we retire to her bedroom to continue the festivities. Her mom must have assumed that I was fucking her that summer, but I don't think Sandy every discovered that I was also fucking her mom. It was a good summer and when fall finally rolled around, I was sorry to see it come to an end, but there was always Thanksgiving break and Christmas break and Spring break...

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