tagErotic CouplingsSandy Ch. 05

Sandy Ch. 05


At work on Friday, it went without saying that we would be going to the bar again, so Sandy and I hardly spoke, tacitly having agreed to downplay our relationship at work. But late in the afternoon, she called and told me that Vivienne had rung to tell her that she had to substitute for someone on a domestic flight, and then asked softly:

"If you want to, I can."

Of course, I wanted to, and her deep throated half chuckle in response, reminded me of the growling sound she had made when we had been making love the previous week and made me massage my balls under my desk as she murmured: "me too," and hung up. I felt a little sorry for Vivienne, having to pass on her date, but a lot better about our passing on another evening at the bar.

On the way out of the building, someone suggested that we would be seeing each other again shortly, but I replied that I had to go home. Then I was on the street, confident that I would find Sandy, either ahead of me or following me. Then I saw her up ahead and caught up with her on the crowded sidewalk.

"Hi, there you are," she greeted me with telling smile and continued:

"Viv was really P-O'd about the change in her plans. Yesterday evening she was full of expectations; what a letdown. I bet she was planning to show a little more initiative."

"Um-hmm, I hope so," I agreed, and mentioned that I had told someone that I had to go home.

"Yeah, I told one of the girls that I had a date, ... and I do," and she took my hand with a grin and then added:

"But she doesn't know how good it will be," and scratched my palm with a fingernail, and chuckled deeply again.

"And maybe doesn't even know how good one can be, if she's a little like Vivienne."

We both snorted with smiles in agreement and walked in silence for a few moments.

"But I do," Sandy remarked and smirked.

"And I do, too," I agreed and scratched her palm, both of us snickering. And then we walked in silence for a while.

"Oh, my boyfriend wrote, ... finally. He said he would write more often."

"Well, I guess he's having a good time. It's hard to find time to write when you're traveling, and a nuisance trying to find stamps. There is so much to see and do."

"Yeah, I guess, ... sort of like in New York," and she squeezed my hand, and I, hers, and then we continued in silence, while I wondered about her mentioning him and whether she had any misgivings about us. But then she squeezed my hand again and said:

"I hope he is having a good time."

I did too, but didn't say anything, just nodded, wondering if she meant like we were - were about to. She snorted and looked over at me and squeezed my hand again, suggesting that she did, or at least that she was satisfied with her side of it.

As we approached her building, she snorted again and murmured:

"I don't want to wait for a shower, unless you do?"

What for?" I agreed with a grin, thinking that if she did have any misgivings, she wasn't going to allow herself any time to dwell on them. She chuckled deeply again, almost in confirmation and said:

"You know what I want to do."

"I'm not sure, ... but if it is what I would like you to do ..."

"Um-hmmm! I hope it is."

Whatever it was, my cock seemed to think it was a good idea, making me wonder if Sandy was also a little aroused. Was her pussy already moist? My question aroused him more as I briefly envisioned it.

Then we were in the building and in the elevator. Sandy snickered, smirking at me as she quickly gathered up her skirt, remarking that she had taken off her panty hose after work as she reached under it and found the hem of her panties and started to pull them down, still smirking at me as they came into sight, and then she was struggling a bit to get them over her shoes. When the elevator stopped, she hid them in her hands for a moment as the door opened, but when we saw that there was no one there, with a snicker she handed them to me and started to find her key. I sniffed at them as she unlocked the door - a little anticipation of how her pussy would taste after a day at work - a little raunchy, but also already aroused. She grinned as she watched me, and then we were in the apartment.

When the door closed, we immediately started to undress, not leaving a trail of items like in some movie, but by the time we were in the bedroom, she had her blouse unbuttoned, and I, my tie off and shirt unbuttoned. While I took off my jacket and shirt together, she slipped out of her blouse and kicked off her shoes and loosened her skirt, stepping out of it before I could take off my trousers, just letting them drop before sitting on the bed to remove my shoes.

She grinned at me and undid her bra, standing naked while I hurried to remove my socks and trousers and cast them aside. She snorted as I stood up, staring at my underpants as I stripped off my t-shirt, and then dropped to her knees and grasped them, freeing my cock, and then pulling them down with a pleased sounding version of her deep noise as she saw it bobbing free, half erect, sticking straight out at her. She already was fondling my balls before I could step out of my underpants as she said:

"Now you know what I want to do."

"I thought so."

Her other hand caressed him, making him stand up higher.

"Do they all taste the same?" she asked, suddenly not in such a hurry as before.

"I should know? ... You'll have to find out for yourself."

"Um-hmm. Hm-hmm!"

"I never knew anyone - no, only one - who could have told me, but she didn't."

"Hm-hmm," and she massaged and caressed me affectionately, and then snickered again:

"So you were the first one for all the rest, ... like for me?"

"Um-hmm. Hm-hmm, and wish I had been for a couple of more."

"I bet, ... ones like Viv?"

"Yeah, sort of. ... Hm-hmm, ... and for her, too."

Sandy glance up at my face with a grin while her fingers stilled, her hand clasped around my balls, and said:

"But now I am going to do it. Sit down."

I did, and she did.

Her tongue seemed to relish exploring my unwashed cock, just as much as I wanted to taste her pussy after the tantalizing smell her panties, but it was her turn first, and feeling so good!

Suddenly it occurred to me that "cocksucker" was really a complimentary expression when referring to a girl that did; there wasn't anything as intimate and arousing as what she could do, just wanting her man to enjoy it - and especially when she wanted to enjoy it, too, and so much, like Sandy.

I looked down at the back of her head with a sigh, as her tongue caressed him, and her fingers massaged my balls. Sure, they all could fuck: just let themselves be fucked, or themselves aggressively fuck, like Sandy last week - or Martha ... and my sister - but it wasn't arousing in the same way as having my cock sucked, being able to just relax and enjoy the most intimate and arousing pleasure a man could have.

And her tongue was still just caressing him, as her fingers played with my sack. Oh, she knew how good it was to prolong my pleasure, to prolong her pleasure. She must have learned something about that with her first boyfriend, even if it didn't occur to them to do this. But it was already almost too arousing. Did her little chuckle mean that she had already tasted my silky fluid? Oh, I didn't want to come yet! - like that time with my sister.

I held her head and urged her to release him. She let him slip from between her lips, looking up at me with a smile as she licked them. My cocked twitched, all shiny with her saliva, as I saw a clear drop form, slowly welling out of its little slit.

"God, you're a good cocksucker, the best. I was just thinking that that is a real compliment."

"Hm-hmm! I hope so, ... but I bet you tell them all that," and she grinned.

"No, ... well, ... maybe I think it, ... just then, but you wouldn't want me to be thinking about another girl, ... just then?"

"I sure wouldn't," she agreed with another grin as she rubbed the skin of my sack between her fingers and then looked down at him and stuck out her tongue and licked up the drop, which had slid down, making him twitch again.

"Hm-hmm," she chuckled again, and then licked his most sensitive place, chuckling in appreciation as it made him move.

"Best cocksucker," she murmured, and then her lips were around him again, as she gathered my balls into her hand, and it was evident that she was trying to be. She held him between her tongue and palate, her tongue just moving, and then moving her head slightly, letting him rub between them, and then with slow strokes taking him slightly deeper with each on, until I could feel that she was taking him as deep as she could. Not as much of him as Martha had been able to - and I admonished myself for the comparison - that didn't matter; it was how it felt on his head as she slowly raised and lowered hers, sucking as he went deeper. And it felt so good as she slowly moved her head - so cocksucking, fucking good!

My hands slipped down from her head, sliding down her breasts and finding her erect nipples.

"Un-hnn," I felt her hum in approval as my fingers caught them, and hers let my balls slip out of their grasp and clutched the skin of my sack and drew at it. God, she knew how to do it good!

"Best fucking cocksucker," I murmured and squeezed and pulled on her stiff nipples.

"Uhnnn," she growled in her throat, as her head continued to move, as though she were nodding slowly in pleased agreement.

"And I want to eat your juicy pussy just as good. Yeah, stretch it real hard; I don't want to come yet."

And she did, her head still nodding, arousing my cock despite the distraction of her fingernails' digging into the back of my sack in her tight grasp, as I squeezed her breasts.

"I want it to be all wet and aroused when my tongue finds it, ..."

"Uhnnn," she growled again.

"when my tongue slips into your wet, slippery cunt. Oh, I love that, tasting your pussy when you're all aroused. I hope you're dripping when I come in your mouth."


"And lick your little asshole, ...Unnn! ... just so you know. ... Uhnnn! ... Uhnnn! ... You're going to make me come, ... Unnn!"

She held my balls, as my hips moved, and with her other hand squeezed him hard as her bobbing head caught the rhythm of my jerking hips. And then with a gasp and grunt I started to come, in long spurts as my hips thrust my cock into her mouth!

"Uhnn, uhnn, uhnn, " she welcomed them, and I could feel her tongue's reflexive move as she swallowed: "uhnn, uhnn, uhnnn!"

I had to hold her head still; she wanted more, more than he could give her, and more than he could stand in his over-sensitive state after coming, but he had to; her tongue was continued to move, swilling my come as though she were tasting wine.

"Oooh!" I gasped.

Sandy let him slip from her lips and looked up at me, obviously pleased with herself as she smiled and licked her lips again before chuckling once and saying:

"I just love it, ... to make you come." And then she chuckled again as she let my cock drop and reached down between her thighs. Her hand came back up, her fingers moist, and then she put them in my mouth as she added:

"And I was dripping, ... at least it felt like it."

I sucked and licked her fingers with a nod, tasting the juice from her pussy as she smirked at me.

"I love it, too, that you do, ... and especially how you do, you wonderful cocksucker! And now I'm going to get to eat your pussy, your delicious cunt, ... and lick your asshole before I let you come."

"Oooh! I'll like that, if you want to, on the table, again. I don't want to make Viv's bed up."

We both rose and then kissed, she chuckling as she sucked my tongue into her mouth and let me taste my come, and then we were in the other room and at the table. I lifted her onto it, and she immediately lay back, drawing her legs up and holding her knees with her hands, her thighs spread wide, presenting her moist, half-opened pussy to my gaze, as she snickered slightly as she watched me stare at it - recalling again that they were all so attractive when I was about to eat one of them. As I dropped to my knees, she snickered again and said:

"I washed after my last tampon today, my asshole, too."

I was beyond caring about that, almost eager to be raunchy and taste whatever I found, but agreed with a nod and "um-hmm," and then my wide opened mouth covered her whole pussy, her lips welled out between her spread thighs, and my tongue plunged between them, aware of how wet she was and tasting her - yes, a little taste of urine, but mostly aroused cunt - as my tongue swept up and down, between and around her inner lips and then over her hole, and back, finding fresh moisture at her hole. Good! And my tongue sought more of it in her wet, slippery hole. I didn't want to miss any of it! And then my tongue slipped out and back up between her pouting, engorged lips, and mine brushed her hair as I sucked my open mouth onto her pussy and found her clitoris with my tongue.

"Oooh, yes!" Sandy murmured, and I sucked and licked her firm button, but then I wanted more of her fresh juice, and returned to her hole, stooping a little, and found it, but also found that some had slid down, and tried to get that too. Sandy understood and helped by rocking her hips up, and for a moment I did, but I knew that when she came, I couldn't lick her clitoris and have my mouth over her hole to catch her sweet spurting love juice, like I could if I had my head around the other way, ... oh, or if she were turned the other way.

I licked up through her pussy, raising my head and looking up her stomach, seeing her aroused nipples as she raised her head, looking at me questioningly.

"Can you turn over, lie with your knees drawn up?"

"Why? ... I guess so. Why?"

"I don't want to miss a drop, ... like you, ... have it wasted running down to your asshole while I'm nibbling on you."

"Hm-hm-hmm!" she chuckled with a grin:

"I guess so. I can try, ... just for you."

I stood up and helped her sit up, and then she turned and knelt on the table and leaned forward on her hands, spreading her knees, and then spreading them some more as she dropped to her elbows. As I knelt back down, she relaxed, and they spread a bit more as I looked at her pussy, now just level with my mouth and perfect to eat, and her asshole, too. I stroked lightly the inside of her thighs and murmured:

"This is going to be good."

"I hope so. I feel a little like a frog."

"Not from here, just wonderful pussy," and my mouth covered it.

And it was wonderful - and perfect to eat: wide open to let me delight in exploring all it special places and tasting her arousal, in her wet hole again, now so perfectly accessible to my thrusting tongue, eliciting moans of appreciation from her, and then catching the drops of her moisture that slid down when I removed it. And then it swept up over her hole as I spread the cheeks of her ass, continuing up to her asshole as I pressed my nose in her crevice, and my tongue found it, exploring, finding its center. It tightened for a moment and then relaxed, letting the tip of my tongue find its inner surface.

"Oooh! Oooh, yes!" Sandy murmured, and her hips dropped slightly as she relaxed and her knees slid a bit further apart, and her hole relaxed, letting my tongue press further and then move in her opening as she responded softly: "uhnn, ... uhnn, ... uhnn," as it continued for a few more moments.

But then it was sliding back down between the lips of her pussy, finding fresh moisture and following it down as I got my hands and arms under her thighs and reached out and found her breasts, her hard nipples in my palms as I held them full in my hands and my mouth was all over her pussy, making her gasp when I found her clitoris, but not staying with it long before checking the source of her moisture again, going back and forth a few times as my fingers slipped down and held just her nipples, squeezing and rolling them. And she wanted that:

"Uhnnn! Yes! Hurt me!"

And I did, restrainedly, twisting and pulling on them as my mouth concentrated on her clitoris, trying to find a rhythm with my fingers and trying to match that of Sandy's groans and twitching pelvis. Her groans shifted to deep, insistent growls, and her pelvis began to moved incessantly. I forgot my restraint and pinched her nipples as I sucked and nibbled on her clitoris, sucking and pulling aggressively as she growled encouragement, both of us wanting her to come.

And then she did, her body trembling, as she gave a long groan, and her love juice squirted in my face, and then again! I sucked in her sweet liquid, delighting in its taste and the satisfaction of having given her her orgasm. God, I just loved it! And wanted it to continue, but I knew what was going to happen.

"Fuck me!" she demanded, and I did, rising and plunging my cock into her overflowing cunt.

"Uhnnnn!" she groaned as it went into her, followed by a second surprised "Uhn!" as my hips met hers, thrusting him to the hilt in her tight cunt. I found her breasts again, just clutching them as I pumped my cock into her as fast and deep as I could, hanging onto them to help keep her from being moved by the force of my hips as they pounded against her ass. We were both grunting, pure animal sounds; I was only aware of the sensation of her cunt holding my cock, and more aware of it as it began to clutch it.

She knew why she wanted to be fucked, knew that she could immediately have a second orgasm. She did, her hot love juice running down on my sack, as I thrust my cock deep in her cunt. Then I also came again. She felt it, responding with nod and pleased, quavering "uhn-hnnn."

I held still, thinking twice was enough, but she didn't. With a grunt, she rocked her hips insistently. So much for trying to think while fucking! I continued on, despite the pain of my over-sensitized cock as her cunt continued to clutch it. And then we came again. I was a little surprised that I did, but very pleased with myself.

Sandy's elbows had slipped to the side and she was clutching the far edge of the table as she finally relaxed with my cock deep in her. Both of us gasped for air for a minute or so.

"Oh, fuck!" Sandy murmured, then adding:

"That's all I can think to say."

"Um-hmm, we sure did."

She nodded and then turned her head to look at me with one eye, the corner of her mouth rising in a smile as she nodded again. I raised her up with my hands still cupping her breasts. My now slack cock slipped out of her, eliciting a slight snort. Then I slid my hands down to her waist and raised her up so that she get her feet on the floor. She leaned back against me and drew my hands back up to her breasts, snorting again, and then - rocking her legs back and forth - remarked:

"We can't do it like that again, ... I think; it's too strenuous, lying like that and not being able to move my legs. ... But it sure was good. God, your cock was so deep in me! That was wonderful."

I squeezed her breasts, and she squeezed my hands as I agreed:

"It sure was, ... and before that." She snickered and asked:

"Did you get it all?"

"Enough, as much as I could."

"Hm-hmm, I got it all, ... hm-hmm, ... both ways," and she looked around at me with a self-satisfied expression.

"And three times, ... if you didn't notice, but I did, thank you."

"Um-hmm, I just didn't stop, ... hm-hmm, ... to count, ... 'thank you'."

I fondled her breasts without rubbing her nipples, wondering if there was any beer in the apartment, and then asked.

"Oh, yeah, of course, good idea," she replied Both of us chuckled when we saw the wet spot on the table.

"You come real good. I just love it," I remarked as we went to the kitchen.

"Um-hmm, and you do too, and I do too. I guess you really like to do it; it must be good."

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