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Sandy's Boy


I always knew my wife was attracted to younger guys, I just didn't realize quite how much until we started trying to sell our old car, which had been doing nothing but taking up space at our place for months.

My wife, Sandy, is 43, with a still firm 34c-29-35 figure that she has to do absolutely nothing to maintain -- she's just one of those types who've managed to avoid the normal ravages of age, maybe because we never had kids during our 19 years of marriage. Sure, there are a few more wrinkles around her wide brown eyes than there were when we married but that's really about the only difference, except for the shimmering auburn streaks in her shoulder length brown hair, applied once a month or so to hide the specks of gray that were starting to appear here and there. Sandy's only real concessions to vanity were her frequent trips to the tanning salon, where she made sure that every inch of her shapely, 5-7 frame stayed a light, golden brown, and her almost fanatical devotion to her makeup. She never let anyone, even me, see her unless her face was fully made up, eyeliner, lipstick the works. I never complained, frankly, because my wife always looked so damn good.

It was a Saturday, my short day at work, and I saw the three of them instantly as I pulled into the drive, standing around our second hand car, Sandy, a man who looked to be in his mid-50s and a teenage-looking guy, obviously father and son. My wife introduced me to Dave, the dad, and Jason, his 19-year-old son. Sandy disappeared back into the house as we started talking about the car. I could see Jason's eyes following my wife's ass as she headed inside but thought nothing at all about it. Most men reacted exactly the same when encountering Sandy's lucious backside. Jason's dad explained that they were looking at a couple of other possibilities and might be back that afternoon. I wished them well and watched as they walked to their car, Jason continually glancing over his shoulder at our house. He was lean and lanky, with a thick wad of unruly blond hair and sparkling, mischevious blue eyes.

As soon as we got inside Sandy loaded me up with errands, ignoring my attempts to start a conversation about how the young man was eyeing her ass as she was walking away. "Don't be ridiculous Dan, I'm old enough to be his mother," she said, launching right into the long list of errands and accompanying instructions. I wasn't at all surprised but was still disappointed, because I'd been trying for months to talk to Sandy about the possibility of trying another man for sex while I watched and, hopefully, joined in. Our sex life had been sadly stale for a couple of years and I wasn't certain it was all that great to begin with. My penis is only 4 inches and as slim as Sandy's delicate pinky finger and though it had once seemed adequate, it was becoming overly obvious to me that my wife simply wasn't enjoying our sex the way she once had. In fact, it had reached the point where Sandy seemed to get much more pleasure from my oral attentions than from actually making love, but I was completely at a loss when it came to improving things. Another man was the best suggestion I could come up with.

Resigned to my fate I started off on what was easily two hours worth of errands, at least thankful for the solitude that would allow me to fantasize about Sandy and some better looking, better hung man. In my daydreams it was always some big, burly, studly type seducing her into total submission and I let my imagination run wild as I spent the next hour dropping things off and picking things up -- until I reached the post office and realized I'd forgotten the envelopes I was to drop off. A few minutes later I was pulling back into my driveway, my fantasy fading away as I hopped out of the car and walked briskly to the front door.

Once inside I heard the sound of the TV in the den but nothing else. I knew I'd left the envelopes on the kitchen table and was halfway down the hall when a strange sound caused me to stop for a moment, something like soft laughter only it wasn't coming from the television set, it was coming from the kitchen. I remained still for a second, straining my ears, when I heard it again. It was definitely Sandy, but it sounded somehow different as she giggled, girlish almost. "You shouldn't say such things to a married woman," she said, her tone still odd sounding to me. "In fact, you're too young to use such language at all, Jason."

My heart started thudding so hard that I felt for a second it might jump out of my chest. It was the kid who'd been looking at my car! I inched forward slowly, careful not to disturb whatever might be happening, my dick already hardening in my pants. "It's the fuckin' truth, you're the hottest damn thing I've seen all summer," he answered.

That drew another oddly girlish giggle from Sandy. "Here," I heard her say. "Let me get you that iced tea I promised you."

The kitchen fell silent just a moment before I made it to the door. I peeked inside, instantly shocked and aroused by the scene I saw. Sandy had changed outfits, now clad in a short while tennis skirt and thin white t-shirt. She was standing with one hand holding the refrigerator door ajar. Jason was right behind her, his hands on her hips, his mouth on her neck, kissing gently and murmuring to her. "Such a sexy fuckin' ass," he moaned as his hands reached down to cup and caress Sandy's smooth asscheeks, barely concealed by her tiny skirt, then sliding his hands around her waist as he started grinding his growing cock against her firm, round butt.

Sandy stood still for a second, hand gripping the handle of the fridge, her eyes closed as Jason's hands slid up her body to cover her tits, palming the firm, fleshy globes, thumbs rubbing over the outlines of her stiff nipples. "Oh god," she sighed as he fondled her tits gently, closing the refrigerator door and leaning back into him, eyes still closed. Sandy let the back of her head rest on his shoulder, tilting it slightly to give him easier access to her sensitive neck as he continued to plant soft, wet suckkisses all along the tender flesh, her hands starting to caress his forearms as he continued to fondle and tease her tits. With a soft moan Sandy arched her back slightly, pressing her full, firm ass back into his crotch, Jason groaning in response.

Suddenly Sandy gasped, her eyes opening wide, turning her face to the side, looking at him. "Oh shit Jason it really does feel huge," she whispered, her hands leaving his arms and reaching back for his hips, pulling his bulge even tighter into the warm, yielding crevice of her asscheeks. Jason's only response was to lean farther over her shoulder and begin nuzzling her mouth with his own, sucking softly at her lips, his hands sliding underneath her t-shirt to begin feeling and fondling her bare titflesh.

Jason sucked and teased Sandy's lips wetly for several long moments, his hands moving around beneath her shirt as she wiggled her ass slowly, obviously lost in the feel of his hardness against her full, womanly buttcheeks. With a soft groan she parted her lips and found Jason's tongue with her own, the two of them licking and lapping at each other lewdly until she sucked it fully into her mouth with a quiet whimper. Jason stretched her shirt up over her big, firm boobs and left it there as he tonguefucked my wife's mouth deeply, fully, Sandy kissing him back with a passion I found both shocking and wildly arousing, as if she was the teenager instead of him, slurping and sucking at his talented tongue as she moaned and groaned into his open, demanding mouth.

The two illicit lovers carefully kept their mouths clamped tightly together as Jason turned Sandy in his arms until she was facing him, her arms going around his neck, grinding her shaply body against him wantonly, her bare tits pressing into his t-shirt clad chest. His hands slid slowly down over the curve of her ass, gripping and groping forcefully before working the back of her little white tennis skirt up over the solid slopes of her asscheeks. My wife wasn't wearing panties, another big shock for me, and I marveled at the sight of his strong young hands squeezing and stroking her firm, shapely bare ass, both of them groaning softly, the sound muffled by their lewd liplock, Sandy tilting her head from side to side as she suckled hotly at his mouth, eagerly devouring his passionate kiss, anxious to keep feasting on the tongue he was feeding into her hungry mouth.

The jarring ring of the telephone caused us all to jump, ending the pair's erotic embrace abruptly as I scrambled away from the door. The phone went unanswered, ringing and ringing, the interuption apparently cooling my wife's passions. "No, no Jason, we can't, we've got to stop," she whispered as the phone continued to ring.

"C'mon baby, you know you want this," he replied as the ringing finally stopped.

When I looked back in the very first thing I noticed was the bulge in his jeans. It was enormous, a massive lump that was still swelling and growing. It obviously had Sandy's attention too. She was standing with her ass and tits still exposed, the curve of her bottom almost touching the kitchen table, her eyes fixed on Jason's crotch, her gaze never moving as she continued her very un-convincing protest. "We can't Jason, I can't," she said, her brown eyes looking almost glazed as she stared at the growing bulge in the teen's jeans. "I couldn't, I just couldn't, I'm old enough to be your mother."

Jason smiled as he started moving so slowly across the kitchen floor toward her, Sandy backing up until the edge of the tabletop was pressing into her assflesh. "That's perfect, just what I'm looking for, a mommy, I want you to be my mommy," he said softly as he advanced toward Sandy. She finally looked from his crotch up to his face as he approached, an expression I'd never seen before suddenly lighting her gorgeous face, a look of pure, unbridled lust, her eyes glowing wildly, her tongue darting around her suddenly parted lips. "Be my mom Sandy, be my slutty mommy," he said, his voice low and firm. "Be a whore-mom for your nasty boy."

I couldn't believe the way she reacted. Only about a foot separated them by then and when he uttered those obscene words Sandy literally threw herself at him, her mouth chasing after his like she was starving for his tongue, mashing her body to him and lifting her legs like she was trying to climb up his body, her arms going back around his neck, rising up on her tiptoes as she tried vainly to press her pussy against the massive mound still swelling in his jeans.

Jason sealed his mouth tightly back to hers as he grasped her silky asscheeks in both hands, squeezing and stroking, using it to guide her backward to the kitchen table again. Once there he pulled Sandy's t-shirt the rest of the way off and she did the same for him, her slightly trembling hands moving quickly, anxious to bare his lean, hard torso. As soon as she dropped the shirt my wife began running her hands all over his smooth, hairless chest and tightly muscled tummy while smearing wet, frantic kisses all over his face and neck, a soft, constant moan coming from her lips.

Sandy's skirt had slid back down in the front, just barely concealing her pussy from my closely watching eyes. Her continual moan ended in a sharp gasp as the teen's hand disappeared beneath her disheveled skirt, her eyes widening and then slowly narrowing until they were squeezed shut, her arms back around his neck, spreading her legs wider to give him easier access to her obviously overheating cunt. "So wet," he moaned as he started sucking and kissing her neck passionately, Sandy immediately tilting her head to make it easier for him. "Your pussy is so fuckin' wet."

"Oh Jason, oh god honey," Sandy groaned, one hand on the back of his head, toying sensuously with his thick blond hair, as he sucked and kissed her tender neck. Jason continued to cup and caress her cunt beneath her skirt as his other hand sought the snap on its waistband. When he had trouble opening the snap Sandy quickly reached down with her free hand and unfastened it for him, letting the white fabric fall into a puddle around her bare feet.

At last I had a clear view of Jason's hand pleasing my wife's hot pussy, her closely cropped pubic hair glistening with the dampness of her adulterous arousal. My cock started throbbing so hard I finally had to free it from my slacks as I watched the teenagers' strong fingers gliding slickly up and down her puffy pussylips and stroking over her pink, swollen clit. Sandy groaned deep in her throat as he skillfully ran his fingers up and down the inner groove of her cuntal crevice, teasing but never entering her dripping fuckhole. Sandy shifted and wiggled her hips to heighten the pleasure of his touch, spreading her legs even wider as the two fell into another torrid, tongue-filled fuckkiss, her little hands caressing his smooth, handsome young face, their muffled moans growing more intense.

When their long, lewd tonguekiss finally ended Sandy was panting like she'd just run a marathon, her bare breasts heaving against his chest, her eyes sparkling as she stared into his face with a worshipful gaze, her arms still around his neck. "Oh shit honey," she moaned as Jason slowly brought his wet fingers to his lips, staring straight into her eyes as he licked and sucked them loudly, nastily. "Oh shit honey," she repeated, a shudder running through her naked body.

"Mmmmm, mommy's got a tasty pussy, so fuckin' sweet," Jason whispered, swiping a damp digit over Sandy's trembling lower lip. With a groan my wife suddenly grabbed his wrist in both hands and jerked the gooey finger into her mouth, sucking greedily as Jason murmured obscene encouragements. "Yeah, thats a good slut mommy, clean all your pussy juice off those fingers, suck 'em clean mommy, swallow all that sweet cunt cream down," he said. Sandy kept groaning as she slurped on his fingers until Jason jerked them abruptly out of her mouth with a loud, lewd popping sound.

"Oh god you really are nasty," Sandy moaned.

"Yeah, I'm mommy's nasty big-dicked boy," Jason answered as his mouth began kissing down Sandy's bare shoulder over the slope of her breast.

The fingers of both my wife hands were again brushing through the hair on the back of Jason's head as he slurped a nipple into his mouth, sucking deeply, Sandy's eyes drooping shut again as she surrendered to the sensations of his hot young mouth pleasuring her full, womanly tits. "Oh god yeah," she whispered. "Oh Jason honey, suck it, suck on mama's big titty baby."

Her words sent Jason into a frenzy, the room filling with loud, lewd sucking and smacking sounds as his mouth worked feverishly over every inch of my wife's smooth, soft titflesh. I could clearly see his saliva glistening on the gorgeous globes, along with little, pale pink lovebites starting to form here and there. After a couple of moments he started concentrating on her fat, cherry red nipples, alternating back and forth, tugging and gently twisting at one hard bud with his fingers while suckkissing the other deeply, roughly, stretching the nipple into his mouth as his tongue washed wetly over it. With a deep, sexy groan Sandy released his head and cupped her tits, hefting them with both hands, offering them to his hungry young mouth, making his oral assault easier. "Oh shit yeah, oh Jason suck 'em," Sandy whimpered. "Do it honey, nurse on mama's big titties, yeah, nurse for mama you nasty boy."

With a growl Jason grabbed Sandy by the hips and hefted her ass onto the very edge of the kitchen table. My wife leaned forward slightly, moaning as her mouth made contact with his lean, hard chest, kissing and sucking loudly at his hairless skin. At the same time Jason dropped his hand back down to her pussy, his fingers gently fondling up and down her soaking slit as Sandy's thighs spread wide for him, gasping and whimpering each time his fingertip brushed over her pink, swollen clit, arching her hips to try and prolong his pleasure-giving touch.

Sandy groaned lewdly again as Jason dropped to his knees, pulling her tanned, toned legs over his bare shoulders as he slowly scraped his tongue up and down the inner groove of her cunt. I saw my wife's fingers whiten as she gripped the edge of the table with both hands, her eyes sparkling wildly as she looked down at his handsome young face between her legs, his talented teenage tongue taking long, lewd licks from her fiery fuckhole up to her steaming clit. "Oh god-oh yeah, lick-lick it honey, ohgod Jason, don't stop baby, so good, lick it, lick mama's pussy Jason, oh fuck yeah, love mama's pussy good baby."

With another soft growl arising from deep in his throat Jason clamped his mouth around my wife's swollen clit, sucking it deep. I could clearly see his cheeks hollowing as he slurped on her hot, throbbing bud, her fingers tightening on the edge of the table, her head dropping limply back as her smooth legs tightened over his shoulders. "Oh fuck yeah," she hissed. "S-suck me, suck mama honey ohgod don't stop."

Sandy's words faded into a filthy sounding series of gasps, groans and gurgles as she collapsed back on the table, thrusting her hips, fucking her sizzling hot pussy onto his tightly sucking mouth, lewd smacking and slurping sounds overpowering the light thumps of her palms smacking the table, making it wobble wildly. She started bucking upward desperately, her legs pulling on his shoulders for leverage as he leaned over the table, feasting furiously on her slippery clit. Sandy's full, sexy ass was lifting completely off the tabletop as she humped upward, feeding her fuckbud into the sizzling suction of his mouth, the table bouncing and sliding on its legs as she started to scream.

Her long, throaty shout echoed through our empty house as her body stiffened for a long moment, the force of her orgasm so strong she seemed to lose her voice, her mouth still frozen wide open as silence fell over the place until finally, with a deep groan, she collapsed heavily down on the table, its legs again wobbling dangerously. Jason had released her clit and then spent the next couple of minutes softly lapping into her open, drooling cunt crease, Sandy moaning contentedly, her eyes closed, a smile on her gorgeous face. She lay still for only a few seconds, it seemed, before her hips began gyrating gently, responding to the tender touch of his tongue.

But even though she was moving only slightly the table was shaking far too much, causing Sandy's eyes to pop open. I ducked away, forced to release my dick, which I'd been stroking slowly through the whole thing.

While I stood there with my back pressed to the wall I could hear my wife's assflesh squeaking on the tabletop as she slid off of it, along with the sound of Jason's jeans unzipping, then her gasp of surprise. "Oh my god it's so damn big," Sandy moaned just as I started edging back to the doorway again.

I silently agreed with Sandy as I peeked around the door again. The teenager's long, hard prick would have put almost any grown man to shame. It was easily 10 inches long and looked nearly as thick as my wife's wrist as she sank to her knees, with big, fat veins pulsing up and down the powerful looking shaft. He was uncircumsized and his bare head was so thick and shiny with his cockleak it looked like some kind of ripe, exotic fruit. Sandy gasped as she grasped his massive stalk in both hands and began jacking it slowly, which still left his glistening dickhead and about five inches of dickmeat exposed. My hand returned to my own, much smaller prick as I watched my wife lean forward and slowly begin to lick and kiss the slick, sensitive surface of his purple throbbing cockhead, still slowly jacking on his monster-size shaft with both her little hands. "Mmmmyeahhhhhh," she moaned as she formed her lips into an 'O' and slid them over the fat, shiny head, sucking greedily, her cheeks fluttering, her hands speeding slightly as they kept on jacking his fat, long shaft.

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