tagBDSMSandy's New Role Ch. 02

Sandy's New Role Ch. 02


At some unseen signal between the men, Sandy was led back to the dining table. Already she was prepared for what was to come and willing to grant these wonderful men whatever they wanted. She bent over and lay her body across the hard surface, legs parted. Her ankles were shackled once again as she waited their next order. She felt vulnerable and she felt ready...ready to be used for their combined pleasure. Sandy was to be a sex toy for both these men...one of them her darling husband! And she had only a moment to wait.

'See if her cunt's nice and wet,' Gary suggested to Tom, obviously happy to treat her as a mere object. 'I am sure she will be wet but I think you should check.' Without a word in reply Tom quickly slid two fingers into her tunnel. Sandy knew it was wet. She groaned -- a sound of lust, a sound of humiliation. Tom...playing with her like this...she'd never really thought he could. Suddenly she wasn't sure if she wanted him to. Until, that was, Tom decided to thrust his fingers back and forward in her hole.

Now Sandy completely forgot her fears and misgivings and inhibitions. It was as Gary had said -- the true slut she'd always wanted to be - a slut and a whore. But best of all she was to be used for the pleasure of her darling Tom. Her need to give herself had always been stronger with Tom than any of her other men. She wanted to be a slut but most of all she'd dreamed of being his slut!

Finally her loving husband announced 'I guess she's ready.' The next thing Sandy knew was that Gary was standing beside her with a heavy leather paddle in his hand. Without thinking she began to protest. So many feelings and thoughts...it was happening so fast Sandy was unsure of whether she might be overwhelmed. 'No...I don't think...'. But it was too late now.

The first blow sounded loud...louder than it felt. Sandy heard herself utter a tiny sound at the sudden shock. Instantly she wished she hadn't. Gary would think of it only as encouragement.

The second blow was just as loud but Gary had switched to her other arse cheek. She knew what was coming. As always her body responded instantly. Soon her lust would overwhelm her and then Gary would take full advantage. Sandy wrestled with the thought. She wasn't at all sure she was ready for Tom to see this side of her -- an obedient little whore who loved pain and had tried for so long to keep it from him.

The third and fourth blows followed quickly. Tom kept right on fingering Sandy's steaming cunt. Somehow Gary was able to work around him. Sandy had no choice but to give in to her lust -- and the sounds Gary was forcing from her made it impossible for her to deny what she really felt. As the force of the blows increased Sandy felt the last of her self-control slipping away.

But it was more than self-control that was the issue. Neither Gary nor Tom had given the slightest hint that anything would happen this afternoon that they did not want. Sandy's concerns and fears were to be ignored. She might have thought about that some more -- but the stinging blows on her arse were robbing her of the ability to think at all.

She'd learned to love the feeling of helplessness that came with this situation. Her ears were filled with the sounds of the leather slapping against her flesh. Her mind was filled with the sensation of pain, all lovely and warming. Sandy had never taken blows as powerful as this. She'd never known her arse to feel so tender and so hot. But then, Sandy had never dared let herself go this far. Today she would be bruised, she knew it. But her cunt was creaming now and she knew that it had precious little to do with the action of Tom's fingers.

Only when Gary decided that she was properly warmed up was she allowed a break. It was a small mercy. She knew her arse was glowing red but dared not look. Tom was back there, her loving husband who until 30 minutes ago she'd assumed was too naive to even consider this kind of play might be fun.

'See,' said Gary, 'she loves this. That's why I'd assumed you two played like this.'

'No,' answered Tom, softly. 'I mean, I know people get off on this but she's never said anything to me.'

'Then its time to bring out the heavy duty stuff.'

Sandy could hear it all of course. They were talking about her but she was not worthy of being spoken to. She was to be used, to be abused if 'they' wanted it. But Gary's casual remark made her shiver.

'I need you to help me now,' said Gary as he moved about the room behind her. 'I'll take care of her cunt. Can you hold her wrists for me? Hold her down tight on the table.' Sandy wanted to protest once more. But the words would not come out. This was all too delicious and she was too deep into her submissive self. There was more fear -- only this was the best kind of fear, the anticipation of the pain she was sure Gary was about to deliver.

'She's never been properly caned,' he went on. 'Today finally I can give her a nice set of stripes'. Sandy felt herself groan. 'You don't mind?'

'I guess not,' came the quick reply from Tom. He sounded more confident this time. 'I know you want to do this and I know she wants it too.'

Once more Sandy felt herself shiver. Tom was giving permission for her to be caned. More than that he hadn't even bothered to ask her. Sandy had never felt so subjugated and so humiliated in her life. Could it really be so good?

Tom moved to the head of the table. He bent down to her -- for just a moment there was a little show of concern or doubt on his part. 'Are you OK? I love you my darling. I know you trust Gary.'

Sandy couldn't speak. She could barely acknowledge Tom whispering in her ears. She wanted to tell him how truly deeply madly she loved him right now. But the words wouldn't spill out of her frazzled brain.

'She has a safeword,' came Gary from somewhere behind her. 'She hardly ever uses it but,' he went on with menace, 'today she might.'

Then she felt something slipped between her cunt lips and pressed deep into her hole. A vibrating egg she guessed. Sandy was grateful for the extra stimulation, knowing it would help to distract her from the pain of the beating. Gary had a plan...and knowing that made her anxious and eager all over again.

Again there was some hidden signal between her two men and Tom took a firm grip on her wrists. Suddenly he seemed confident about what he had to do. Later Sandy could think about what had gotten into him. For now there was only the knowledge her husband was stretching her across the table and forcing her tits to press even harder against the cool surface.

This was going to hurt. She knew it -- she wanted it. But she didn't know how much it would hurt. Oh, she gave a silent plea, please don't let it be too much for my first time.

Sandy wanted to brace herself but it seemed Gary and Tom had taken care of that already. Without thinking her arse cheeks had tightened up. Gary started to rub them firmly. Like Tom, he found it hard to resist an opportunity to grope her backside! But Sandy knew we was deliberately combining pleasure and pain, trying to mix up the signals he was sending her.

After a few moments the length of the cane was laid across her bum. It was a shock...but Sandy instantly was trapped by her emotions and her desires. She wanted this so badly. She was a dirty whore and a cheating wife and somehow her husband and his friend would make her feel so much better about that.

The first blow was gentle. No more than Gary had delivered to her in the past. There were several more of these taps across her left and right cheeks. She wanted it now. She was sure Gary knew it too.

She sensed a quick movement and without warning Sandy felt the new sensation of the sharp, burning pain searing into her arse. She cried out as much in surprise as protest. She'd heard the sound of the cane striking her flesh. Not at all like a crop or a paddle. But the sensation! - the pain was so new. Not thick and warming as she was used to. Normally her whole body enjoyed being beating. But the cane centred everything on her bum. The result felt shocking and cruel.

The second blow was just as fierce and it threw her head back. 'Ooh'!

'Hold her tight for me,' Gary asked her husband. How would Tom cope with this?

The egg in her cunt was turned on now. Sandy was grateful for the relief. She felt Tom pull harder on her wrists and knew her arse was not done with yet.

The third blow...then, harder, the fourth. Sandy had no idea what to make of it. She was being caned -- she loved it and hated it all at once.

'Yes,' said Gary in a low voice. 'Some nice stripes now.'

Sandy felt a thrill. At long last, she was to be marked.

A fifth...a sixth. Sandy could hear herself moaning. Surely it was pain...but just as surely it was lust. She was lost now.

Again Gary struck her. Sandy had never known such pain or such elation. She felt more alive then than she'd ever imagined possible.

Tom could hear her sounds but she didn't care. After all, he was the one who was holding her down to the table. Perhaps Tom saw his role in this scene as some kind of revenge. Sandy was ready for that. Somehow the pain of the beating would purge her guilt.

Gary seemed to be carrying on regardless. He was still increasing the force of the blows. She'd lost count but finally Sandy reached a limit. 'Oh please...don't...'

'That's not your safeword you poor little bitch,' came back Gary with a chuckle. He turned the vibrations of the egg up further. 'I think we need your husband to help me out here.'

Quickly Gary slipped leather cuffs over her wrists. The loss of physical contact with Tom upset her. But that was not the worst of it!

'We can make her stretch a bit further if you lick her arsehole,' Gary instructed. 'She loves it and it will help distract her from the cane for a little longer.'

Now Sandy realised the depths she had fallen to. Of course Tom knew of her dislike of anal penetration. She'd just never found the courage to tell him about the thrill she got from having someone play with her little hole. Sandy wasn't even sure how Tom would react to the suggestion he lick a woman's anus. But she felt herself sinking as two hands (Toms?) gently spread her arse cheeks.

Sandy had not imagined she could feel so degraded as this. Being tied down and having her arse spread wide.

Oh, but it got worse. Tom's soft warm tongue pressed against her little hole. She tried to tense up but Sandy couldn't help it - she moaned in response. It was a mistake...she'd not wanted to enjoy this...but it was inevitable...automatic. Christ she loved having her chute tongued and Gary knew it. She'd been betrayed...but Sandy could do nothing more than keep moaning as Tom started to lap softly at her back entrance.

She was sure she wanted to die. There was something very wrong about her new situation. But Sandy had never felt more fulfilled and more in love with her husband than she felt right then.

The tongue left her anus...and the warm pleasure was forgotten as the cane once more cut into her arse cheeks. This time Gary had meant it. 'Fuck,' she cried out as her head flew back. This was going to be tough. Her arse felt like it was on fire. She was prepared to beg for the paddle now, with its blows spreading out across her flesh. Sandy knew she couldn't take much more of the cane. But she wanted more -- to please Gary...to show Tom...to be a slut whore who was both proud and punished all at the same time.

The next one came with a faint whistle as the cane sliced through the air and into her bottom. Now Sandy was ready to use her safeword -- she was a filthy wretch who'd wanted more but failed at the final step. She was just about to utter the magic word, to beg if necessary, when her burning cheeks were pulled wide once more. The soft tip of a tongue probed her rear opening. Oh yes, that was so much more bearable than the cane. She was beyond moaning now but Sandy could hear herself panting under the twin sensations of being beaten and rimmed. Oh God -- Tom!...

'Two more,' said Gary firmly.

'No...' started Sandy. 'I don't...'

'Two more. You can take two more,' he cut her off. 'Either your safeword or two more. Once you have some nice marks to wear then you can be fucked and sent home.'

At that Sandy realised she had no choice. Oh how she wanted to be fucked. That was worth bearing even the hardest of Gary's blows.

'Show her your cock,' he suggested to Tom. The warm tongue left her anus and she felt Tom move to her end of the table. Then she felt Gary withdraw the vibrating egg from her cunt. Sandy started to panic. Without the pleasure of that buzzing toy to give her some relief the beating would be so much harder to take. But she heard Tom pulling at his fly and turning her head now Sandy saw his wonderful cock, just inches from her face looking all thick and semi-hard.

Sandy started to cry again. It was lust for Tom's cock...any cock! But it was love for him -- the deepest love she could imagine. She wanted to give herself to him more than anything in the world at that point.

Right then Gary stepped forward. Sandy braced herself though she was sure that would make the pain even worse. Gary was making her earn her fuck that was for sure.

Again there was that faint whistle and again Sandy felt the fire searing into her flesh. The moan that burst from her was one of pain and rebellion. There was a fleeting concern that her skin would split under this assault. She'd never known such pain or such a state of fear and helplessness. She knew Gary cared for her. She knew Tom loved her. But even more she knew there was no escape from the final blow.

Sandy didn't want that blow. Yet, she knew just as surely that she did want it.

She kept her eyes on her husband's cock.

The whistle, the crashing pain in her rear end. Sandy had never been so aware of her arse. She no longer cared about anything but escape. As the tears fell from her eyes Sandy did the one thing she'd thought she would never do -- she muttered her safeword!

Sandy knew she had been broken. After all her wondering and searching she had finally reached this point -- the point where she knew the feeling of being truly humbled, being nothing more than an appendage, utterly under the control of another. Of a man! -- a man who could command her and manipulate and use her as if he owned her.

At last Sandy felt true surrender. To Gary...and to Tom? -- she couldn't be sure. The safeword had made her feel strong and safe. But there was no doubt that now Gary owned a piece of her, owned her in the way she'd dreamed Tom would.

These thoughts surged through Sandy's mind as she felt again the soft warmth of a tongue against her anus. Oh how that softness salved her pain. It felt almost caring. The tongue was Gary's, she thought to herself. Not that it mattered. She was lost, she was theirs. Perhaps never again would Sandy resist their desires. Her arse -- as Gary lapped wetly at her Sandy was sure now that he would, perhaps someday soon, penetrate her back hole. She would be ready, willing -- grateful.

And then Gary spoke and Sandy was dragged from her reverie. 'Its over,' he saying from behind her. He gently pressed two fingers into her cunt and slowly stroked her tunnel. 'Its over...you made it. I am so proud of you and Tom can't believe what you did then.'

It was true, though he was as much alarmed as amazed. Tom was trying to dry her tears, concerned at this release of emotions. Sandy tried to reassure him. 'I'm OK, honestly. Thank you Tom. I deserved that. I needed that.'

Tom was pulling at her cuffs now, trying to release his wife and still trying to understand what he'd just witnessed.

'I'm sorry mate,' he said to Gary. 'I've just never done anything like this. And Sandy...'

'Its not like she needs this all the time. You two can decide what happens from now on. But those welts on her arse look great. And now she's so horny and so desperate to fuck us!'

Of course it was true -- Sandy was as excited and turned-on as she'd ever felt. The pain in her arse was fading a little. Sandy knew she had more than earned a full-on fucking. Being punished like that didn't change who she was -- it only validated her new role as a slut whore wife to Tom. Seeing her caned wouldn't be the last of his surprises.

The last thing Gary did before allowing Sandy up off the table was to take several pictures of her backside. She wanted to look, too, though she was a little nervous at what she would find. There was no doubt Gary was pleased and he took the time to record his handywork. Sandy wondered whether he'd yet shown Tom the rest of his album of 'Sandy pics'.

'Now,' said Gary. 'Lets warm her up for a proper fucking!' And with that she was helped up off the table. Gary turned her so he stood behind her as she faced Tom. Her husband's face was alive and his cock was hardening. Gary gripped her wrists this time and pulled her arms behind her back. This position made her heavy breasts thrust forward. Sandy loved this position. She knew what it meant.

'That leather flogger' said Gary. Tom searched quickly and picked up the large, purple leather implement. He took up position in front of Sandy. She felt a delicious shiver run through her body. She knew exactly what this meant. This wasn't about punishment, not even about pain. The flogger would be delicious, it would spread the heat of arousal through her body. She loved the way it made her 36D's bounce and she knew Tom would enjoy the sight too.

There was just a little flicker of doubt -- Sandy had dreamed of being truly submissive to her husband but was she ready for this? Did she really, after all, want her husband to flog her?

His first blow was a gentle swish. Tom lacked the skill of Gary but he was persistent..

By the fourth blow Sandy was sure -- she knew that she wanted her darling, loving Tom to take her like this, to humiliate her and punish her. She wanted to be beaten and she wanted it to be by his hand. He was doing his best in this new and confronting situation and she knew then, as much as she'd ever known, that her love for him was total. She'd always know she'd give him anything he wanted -- and now Tom knew it as well.

'That's it,' Gary urged. 'Nice and hard -- she loves that.' Oh Christ, he was determined to give up all her secrets! And it was certainly true -- it was a delicious feeling to have her tits moving under the blows of the flogger. Tom was laying broad strokes across her tits, each time sending them rippling, accentuating their size. Not to mention giving them a nice pink hue.

Once more each blow was met by Sandy giving out a high-pitched mewling sound. Sandy tried to maintain eye contact with her husband. She wanted to watch his delight at the way her tits bounced. She wanted him to know how proud she was of him...and how eager she was for him to continue.

Gary wanted more than that, however. He'd obviously laid careful plans for this afternoon and had looked forward to the chance finally to push Sandy to her limits. With a simple nod to Tom he took hold of the flogger and ordered Sandy to spread her legs. Sandy knew she was being taken to the edge but no longer felt any fear. Their tag-team held the promise of twice as much of everything when the play turned to her being sucked and fucked. She knew she could accept that kind of treatment.

Gary quickly started in with his turn. He went at her D-cup tits with relish. Unlike her novice husband, Gary got a thrill from flogging Sandy while she stood helpless before him. He alternated between left and right and her udders bounced wonderfully under the force of the blows. The extra warmth quickly moistened her cunt. Gary made sure some of his blows were aimed there, too. Her dirty slut cunt -- she was always pleased to feel it sting under Gary's assault. His aim was as sure as ever and the sting of the flogger on her delicate flesh turned Sandy's gentle sounds into gasps.

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