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Santa Cums Once a Year


I love Christmas. When I hear the sound of carols being sung or see the Christmas trees lit up in peoples’ windows, the spicy smell of mince pies wafting out from the bakers ovens, see the grottos being set up in the town centers; I give a little smile to myself and remember!

It all began in November in the year of 1997. I was sitting alone in my bedsit watching the typical English weather throwing its driving rain against my window, knowing that this will be another Christmas I would be spending alone. Eighteen years old, no job, no family to speak of and even worse - no man! Pathetic.

My one Christmas wish would have been to find that special one who would take my virginity. Now don't get me wrong. I was not naïve. I knew the basics; knew what to do. I had fumbled around with young lads but it had never gone very far.

A notice jumped out at me from the paper I was reading. “WANTED YOUNG LADY TO WORK IN SANTAS GROTTO LAPLAND” I picked up the phone and dialed.

Two days later found me boarding a plane. My adventure had begun! As we flew over the snow-covered mountains a little flicker of doubt entered my mind. Was I doing the right thing?

As I entered the arrivals lounge of the airport I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had spotted an Elf! He held up a sign which had my name on it – ‘Christabel.’ Forcing back a giggle, I made my way across, taking in the sight of him as I went. He was a small man - about four and a half feet tall but he was all man. I could see the muscular outline of his body straining against the tightness of his little green suit. ‘Not a bad start,’ I thought to myself. I am only five feet tall so I was not going to dismiss a man because of his size!

We left the building and I spotted the carriage we were to go in. It was drawn by two reindeers and there was an identical elf holding the reins. I felt two small hands cup the cheeks of my bottom, and a little push. I settled myself into the seat and they climbed up and sat either side of me introducing themselves as Rory and Ross. I could smell their manly odor as their bodies pressed against me. A shudder ran through me. ‘Yes,’ I thought. ‘I am going to like this job.’

I was suddenly jolted back to reality as the carriage pulled to a stop. It was dark now but I could never have imagined in all my wildest dreams the sight before me. Everywhere I looked was snow and right in front of me was a large log cabin surrounded by smaller ones. They were all lit up with hundreds of fairy lights twinkling in the darkness.

One of the elves said, ”We will just show you to your cabin and let you freshen up, and then we will take you to meet Santa."

After they had left me alone, I took in my surroundings. It was lovely. There were a big log fire burning and a huge white fur rug in front of it, candles flicked all around me. I walked around the cabin and the first room I came to was the kitchen, then the bathroom. The bath was bigger than any I had seen before. It stood in the center of the room and that too was surrounded by candles; fluffy towels hung warming before another open fire.

My breath caught in my throat as I entered the bedroom. A huge four-poster bed stood in the middle of the room, the pure whiteness of its covers standing out against the deep crimson of the silk that draped across the ceiling and around the walls. The flames of the fire flicked in the corner. The room’s only lighting was from a small lamp which threw off a peaceful glow.

I took a bath and dressed in a warm dress. I knew I looked good. The dress showed off my ample but perfectly formed curves - a treat. After brushing my long blonde hair, I was ready. Answering the knock on the door I took in the look in the eyes of the two elves that had brought me to this place. As we set off to meet Santa, I could not help but notice that those eyes were being burned into my oversized breasts.

If I were a child expecting an old man in a red suit I would have been disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised by Santa, for rising out of the chair to greet me, with an out-stretched hand, was a largely built man dressed in a white shirt and tight black trousers. I would have guessed his age to be about sixty but the years had been kind to him. The muscles were rippling under his shirt and his thighs were bulging against the tightness of his trousers as he crossed the room. This was certainly no Santa from my childhood dreams. This was a grown woman's fantasy that stood in front of me. Taking my hand he placed a kiss on it; the roughness of his large white beard brushing against my fingers. I felt a shudder run through my body when he said, "Welcome Christabel. So pleased to meet you."

He must have thought that I was some village idiot as I mumbled, "Hello Santa."

His booming laughter filled the room as he replied, "My dear child, please call me Nicolas. Now run along and have some food and a good night’s sleep as you will need to be up bright and early in the morning."

I awoke to the winter sun shining through the windows. I noticed that the fire in my bedroom had been topped up. Pulling my dressing gown around me, I walked into the lounge. There was Rory piling logs on to the fire.

"Morning Christabel. I trust that you slept well. I have topped up the fire in your bathroom too. Now hurry up. It does not do to keep Nicolas waiting, he is eager for you to start work."

"What should I wear?” I asked him.

"Oh don't worry about that. It really does not matter," he replied.

I could have sworn that he was smirking as I headed off to dress. Half an hour later I stood before him, dressed in jeans and sweater.

"You’ll do,” he pronounced as he eyed me. “Now come on, we’re going to be late.”

"Morning my dear,” smiled Nicolas as we entered his cabin. “Now, did you read the details of what this job entails carefully?"

"What details? All I was told was that I was to be a toy tester,” I asked, wrinkling my brow.

"We sent them to you by post. Did you not receive them?”

He looked visibly shaken when I answered that I hadn’t.

"You better sit down so I can explain. After you have heard what I have to say, if you no longer wish to work for me I will arrange for you to be flown back to England. It’s right that you are here to test toys but the thing you don't know is that the toys you will be testing are the ‘adult only’ kind." He must have seen the puzzled look on my face. Looking directly at me he said two words - "Sex toys."

A heavy, awkward silence hung in the room before he started talking again. “Here, let me show you.” He rang a bell and Rory and Ross entered the room. “Please fetch the toys so I may show them to Christabel,” he requested them.

Fifteen minutes later they were back carrying a large box between them and placed it on the floor. I nearly fell off my chair as Rory pulled out the biggest vibrator I had ever seen!

"Have you ever used one this size?” he smirked.

"No. I have never used one… any size.” I replied.

"Christabel, my dear, you are not a virgin. Are you?” Nicholas asked.

"Yes,” I whispered.

"If you decide to stay you will be working very closely with Rory, Ross and myself. You need have no fears. We are kind gentle and very experienced men and I do think you would grow to love the work.” He paused before continuing, “So what's it to be? Do I book you a flight home?”

Picking up the vibrator I smiled up at them, my answer apparent.

Nicolas looked at me, smiled and said "Please go with Rory and Ross to the testing suite. I will join you in a day or so.”

He must have seen the disappointment on my face.

"Don't worry, my dear. The boys will take good care of you. I promise,” he said with a wink.

As we entered the testing room I could not help but notice that it was the exact copy of my bedroom in my cabin. Rory's voice cut through my thoughts. “Please remove all your clothes and lie down on the bed." These people certainly wasted no time!

I discarded my jeans and sweater and as I put my hands behind me to unhook my bra, Ross pulled them down as he removed my bra. Rory slowly pulled my knickers down my legs. After laying me on the bed, they started to undress. When they stood before me naked, I could not help but notice that their cocks stood large firm and fully erect.

"Now we are ready to begin."

Moving onto the bed, they started to stroke my body. I felt myself relaxing. They fetched the first toys - four silk ties and a blindfold. They fastened my arms to the bed posts with the silk ties, and then placed the blindfold over my eyes. I could feel my legs being spread apart as they tied them too.

They stroked my body over and over with objects of different textures. The feelings were sending me wild. I could feel the wetness as my cunt juices started to flow. Something was placed into my hand. It felt like a mouth with a large tongue but I could make out that it was made of rubber. As it was taken away from me, I could feel a hand between my legs and a finger pushed gently inside me. I pushed my hips up, trying to force it in deeper but it was pulled out of me.

"Please,” I begged. “Please put it back.”

I felt something being pushed into my body and realized it was the rubber tongue. The mouth piece covered my cunt lips and I heard a faint humming as the tongue started to plunge up and down, round and round inside me. The lips of my cunt and clitoris were being gripped and released over and over, my hips were moving up and down. my breath came in gaps as the sensations built. I forced my body up screaming, "Fuck me," as a massive orgasm shot through my body.

"Sorry babe. We are not allowed to,” I heard them say as they removed the rubber mouth from me. Taking off my blind fold and untying me, they told me to sit up. They fetched a blow up doll from a cupboard in the room. Rory sat on a chair with the doll facing away from him and I watched as he positioned it over him plunging his cock deep inside it while Ross pushed his cock into its open mouth. Leaning over, Rory pulled a small vibrator from the box and threw it to me. “Enjoy yourself while we have some fun," he said.

There is something about watching two elves thrusting their cocks into a blow up doll that really turns you on. Lying back on the bed, I opened my legs, moving my hand between them. I slowly rubbed my clit while I slid the vibrator inside my cunt lips. I thought the doll would explode as they rammed into it. I saw as their bodies stiffened, shooting their cum deep inside the doll. Simultaneously, my back arched and hips trust upwards as my cum gushed over the vibrator.

"That's it for today,” they said, putting their clothes on. “Go back to your cabin and get a hot bath and a good night’s sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow."

The next morning I was up and dressed, ready for them. They laughed at me when they came. "Eager to start work today, are we?” they teased me.

Once we entered the testing room, they told me to remove the clothing from the lower half of my body and to lay on the bed with my legs spread wide. Rory started to stroke my clit while Ross placed his head between my legs. I shuddered as I felt his tongue push inside my cunt, licking around inside. Rory moved his finger from my clit as Ross closed his lips over it, sucking it deep into his mouth. As my cum rushed out, Rory passed him two small balls. They were joined together by a small string. Pushing them inside me, they told me to dress and I was free to spend the day as I pleased but I could not remove the balls they would do that tomorrow.

I lost count of the amount of times I cum that day. Every time I moved, it set the balls vibrating inside me. I was pleased when the morning came and they removed them.

Taking hold of a small thin object, Ross asked if I knew what it was. I said that it looked like a very small vibrator. He then informed me was an anal probe. I didn't like the sound of that but he told me if I didn't enjoy it, he would stop. I only had to say.

As Rory sucked on my nipples, Ross started licking my cunt, pushing his tongue inside me. When he could feel my juices starting to flow, he told me to get on my hands and knees and ran his fingers over my cunt. I felt him rub the wetness around the entrance to my arse and I tensed as I felt the tip of the probe pushing against it. Rory took two rubber cunt shaped objects from the box and I watched as they pushed their cocks into them, flicking a switch. I saw as they pulsated gripping and releasing their cocks.

I felt the probe being pushed into me and Rory's hand reaching under me. He began rubbing his finger over my clit, sliding into my cunt with each stroke. Their moans matched mine. Ross speeded up the movements, plunging the probe in faster and deeper. Rory's finger was massaging the wetness into my clit while I was trying to force his finger deeper into me. The bed was rocking as they bucked against the rubber cunts that were milking their cocks - three bodies shuddered as orgasms shot threw them.

Day after day they teased and tormented my body, never pushing anything deep enough into my body to totally fulfill the need in me. Every day I begged them to fuck me and every time they refused. It was now Christmas Eve and I had not seen Nicolas since the day after I had arrived and I knew that after today, my job here would be finished. As I lay on the bed, Ross said that today they had a bonus for me for being such a good and hard worker. Their hands roamed over my body, their mouths licking and sucking every inch of me and stopping just before I got my release.

"Are you going to fuck me today?" I asked.

Ross shook his head and pulled something out from the box. I gasped when I caught sight of it. He was holding a huge, thick rubber dildo.

"You want to try this?” he asked.

"Oh please, oh yes, please,” I moaned.

Spreading my legs and using his fingers, he spread my cunt lips wide and pushed the dildo in. Finding resistance, he pulled it out and rubbed some type of jelly over it - then tried again to push it into me. Again, it would not go more than a few inches before it found my body resisting it. Throwing it down, he slid two fingers into the jelly and slowly pushed them into my body. I could feel them gently moving around inside me.

"Holy Shit, Rory! Check this out,” he called out.

Pulling his fingers out Rory replaced them with his own. "Wow,” said Rory. “I don't believe this!”

I was now starting to get worried. "What's wrong?” I whispered.

They both sat on the edge of the bed looked down at me and replied, “After everything we have done in these last few weeks, believe it or not, but your hymen is still intact - and that means we can’t test the final toy.”

Turning away from them I spotted the dildo on the bed. It seemed to be mocking me. ‘You cannot even take a rubber cock. How do you expect a real one to want you?’ I felt a single tear slide down my cheek.

Ross looked at me. "Hey, don't cry. We will go and speak to Nicolas. Just stay where you are. We won’t be long." With that they disappeared.

Twenty minutes later, the door opened and I was so pleased to see Nicolas standing in between Rory and Ross. He was dressed in his Santa Suit and looked quite dashing. Seeing my tears, he told the elves to leave.

"Go fill my sacks and put them on the sledge. Feed the reindeers and you may go and rest till I call for you," he told them.

Crossing the room, he sat down and said, "Christabel, come here. Sit on my knee and tell me what you want for Christmas."

Burying my face into his chest I sobbed, "Oh Santa, I just wanted to lose my virginity."

”You have been such a good girl. Would you like Santa to help you with your problem?” he asked gently.

Snuggling up close, I whispered. “Please Santa. Please help me.”

Lifting me to my feet, he stood before me. His large hands undid my dressing gown. Sliding it from my shoulders, he let it fall to the floor and picking me up, he laid me on the bed as I watched him remove his Santa suit. He had the body of a man half his age - it was so firm. He slid his underpants down his legs and I gulped as I took in the sight of his cock as it stood out in front of him. It was twice the size of the dildo - long and thick.

’How the hell would that fit inside my body?’ my mind screamed out.

Lowering his giant body on to the bed, he leant over me, his mouth seeking mine. His tongue slid into my mouth while his hands stroked my skin as they moved over my breasts. His mouth moved over my neck and down to my breast, his tongue flicking over my nipple. Placing his lips over it, he sucked it into his mouth and taking turns he moved from one breast to the other, licking and sucking.

He began moving his tongue down over my body, licking over my stomach. I shuddered as his mouth closed over my cunt and his tongue moved over my clit, before he pushed it into my body. He plunged his tongue faster and faster into me, slowing down only to run it around my cunt walls. I could feel an orgasm building and putting my hands on his head, I ground my cunt into his face. Sucking my clit in deeper, he tongue-fucked me till my cum exploded into his mouth.

"Fuck me Santa! Oh please, put it in me now,” I moaned.

”No. Not yet,” he whispered.

When my orgasm subsided, he moved up the bed.

“Are you going to do something for Santa now?” he asked me.

I knew what he wanted when he moved his cock towards my mouth. The sheer size of it made me gag as he pushed it in.

"Don't worry,” he said as he told me how to give him pleasure – “just by licking and sucking around the head.”

He suddenly pulled away from me and moved back down the bed. Opening my legs, he climbed between them and bending his head down, he started licking at me again. As I started moaning, he replaced his mouth with his hand - rubbing and stroking my cunt and forcing a finger between the lips. He started stroking around the inner walls of my cunt slowly, pushing the finger in and then pulling it nearly out. He was driving me crazy. There were two fingers in me as I felt him push his thumb just into my arse. As he finger fucked me, his thumb rotated in my arse and I went wild - my body trashing around on the bed. He pulled his hands away as I felt his huge cock jabbing at the opening of my cunt. Pulling his hips back, he slammed it into me, burying it to the hilt. I screamed as it burst through my hymen.

He lay still on top of me for a few minutes till the pain subsided, then slowly started moving up and down; pulling his cock out and slowly sliding back in again. Wrapping my legs around him, I moved my body in time with his while I ground my clit against the roughness of his body hair. Kneeling up, he reached down and putting his hands under my knees, he pulled my legs up and over his shoulders.

His cock went in deep and hard as he thrust into my body. His movements gathered speed and our sweat-covered bodies slid against each other. Gripping my hips, he pulled back and I cried out as he slammed back into me. I could feel the bed move with the force of his thrusts - over and over he pounded into me, fucking my cunt like a man possessed. His thrusts got faster and harder, his huge balls slapped against the cheeks of my arse and my whole body jerked as he rammed his cock home again and again.

A growing tingling spread up my cunt. His body stiffened and I felt my cunt throbbing and felt the pulsating of his cock against my cunt walls. They contracted as they gripped and released his cock and my body exploded in orgasm. He pushed deep into me and his hot creamy cum shot from his body. I felt the heat as load after load filled me, splashing against the walls of my cunt, leaking out of me as his cock continued to pump it out. Gripping and releasing my cunt muscles, I held him inside me till I had milked his cock dry.

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