tagRomanceSanta Specials: Mirror Image

Santa Specials: Mirror Image


We'd loaded up the service car with the presents, trolleys, boxes of food and drink, and spent the empty stock working readying the train for the influx of excited families. The lead steward asked me if I'd pop up to the loco when they'd run round and do drinks for the crew while the rest of the buffet crew helped with settling the passengers. The loco crew would have been on several hours before us lighting up and getting up steam for the day's trains, so they'd be grateful for a drink.

I helped with the initial influx of passengers at the top of the train, but as soon as I felt the bump of the loco coming back on the train, I got off onto the platform and walked up to the loco. The fireman was building up the fire, and didn't notice me.

"Hello, hello -- would you like a drink?"

The shovel went back into the coal, and a head came out of the cab door.

"What would you and your driver like to drink?" I asked.

No response, and a long stare. Tall and skinny. Lovely face. Arrested green eyes you could drown in. And suddenly a blush.

"Sorry -- I didn't hear what you said,"

"You did seem to lose your concentration," I laughed up. "What do you both want to drink?"

"I'll have tea, white no sugar, and the driver would like chocolate. Thanks."

"No problem. I'll be back with them in a minute," I was glad to turn away. I think I fancied the fireman. As I walked away, I heard the engine hissing, and looking back realised the face had disappeared to attend to it.

I wasn't looking for love. In fact I was enjoying not having any ties, being able to concentrate on the challenges in my job and relaxing with friends while enjoying my railway hobby. If you've never been on a Santa Special on a steam railway, you've actually missed a treat. All the train staff dress up in the most ridiculous Christmas costumes. I was dressed as a Pixie. Christmas treats are served to all, and the buffet staff are continuously busy while the passengers make good use of the licensed bar served up to their seats. Of course the kids get to see Santa and receive a gift -- they're not bad either!

But through the day I couldn't get my fireman out of my mind. Since when did the fireman become my fireman? Unfortunately I was busy when the loco crew had their next lot of drinks, so I didn't get a second look. Occasionally when the train went round a bend I could see a figure in the door of the loco, but that was it.

We were busy clearing up ready for the next day on the empty stock working, and without thinking I'd manoeuvred myself to clear the carriages nearest the loco. Once the set was propelled into the carriage shed, I worked my way to the end door, stepped down and set off towards the loco. My fireman was just about to swing up into the cab to go for fuel, so I quickened my pace and called out.

"Are you coming with us to the pub?" As my fireman turned towards me I was sure I saw a brief flash of interest.

"Yeah. I was planning to eat there. See you there, I hope. But don't expect us for at least couple of hours -- we've got to coal up and dispose as well as shower."

I was surprised at how much I minded the neutral reply. I wasn't looking for love -- or was I? Well at least my fireman would be there.

"We've still got half an hour of cleaning left in the set, so I'm sure we'll still be there. See ya." I waved and smiled as my fireman swung up into the cab, the loco whistled to announce a move, and glided off to coal up.

How could my fireman have got so under my skin? We hadn't really spoken; didn't know anything about each other. I turned back to help finish the cleaning and preparation for the next day, thinking, "Must be about 5ft 10. Skinny, but muscled. Must be to do that job. Much taller than me. God, I hope I'm not going to make a fool of myself. Wonder what colour hair is under that greasetop cap?"

As soon as we'd finished, we removed our costumes and stowed them in the service car and trooped out. The lead steward turned off the carriage shed lights and locked the door behind us. I went straight to the pub with the others, and we all ordered food. It was a jolly party round the table and the conversation ranged widely over the day's amusements.

Suddenly my fireman was there, ordering food at the bar. Strange, I hadn't imagined long hair under the greasetop cap, let alone long shiny blonde hair cascading down. I must have been staring. When my fireman turned round, there was a frozen moment, then a huge smile. I was so relieved I couldn't help but smile, and I knew it was a big one because I could feel my face ache. What shocked me was that my nipples hardened. It was only then that I realised I would have been devastated without that smile. God I had it bad.

I was stuck in the middle of the table. The only empty seat was at one end. I watched as the occupant of the chair returned. The banter was light hearted but pointed, and my fireman got to eat sitting down amid much laughter at the occupant's expense.

Our gazes kept clashing over the length of the table, and as a few people got up to leave, I managed to slide down on the bench near to my fireman.

"Glad to see you're getting your strength up." I whispered, then laughed when I saw a definite fumble with the cutlery.

I hadn't ordered a pudding, and the treacle sponge looked so good. My fireman held out the spoon.

"Go on, taste it."

It was gorgeous on a cold evening. That lovely sweet taste with the crumbly sponge and smooth custard.

"Hey, what about me?"

I realised I had eaten about half of it. I picked up a spoonful and fed it into that kissable mouth. When the tongue came out to lick the lips, I sighed with pleasure, and my fireman leaned over to whisper in my ear:

"If we don't hurry up and finish this, I think I'm going to spontaneously combust."

I practically dropped the spoon. Between the two of us we finished that treacle sponge in record time, said our goodbyes and went out as slowly as we could manage into the night.

My fireman asked, "Your place or mine?"

Then we discovered that we were both in the hostel. It was my first night, as I'd started early and arrived in time to go on duty. I looked at the room list and we went to my room. I locked the door.

"I don't want my room mate to come in on us," I explained. I thought the response was slightly odd:

"I think she'll come anyway,"

Clothes flew, and we took turns to eat each other to take the edge off our lust. We were cuddling on the bed, and I confided:

"You're beautiful, and I love it that you are strong too,"

"I'm like an overgrown weed -- tall and thin."

I leant down and kissed the flat stomach. "This isn't weed," I whispered against it, "it's muscle, and I love it." I moved down to the blonde hairs and further, and my gorgeous fireman moaned again.

I could feel the favour being returned, lips on my pussy, tongue on my clit. This time it was slower. We explored and kissed and tasted each other's nectar turning to lie in each other's arms again, and tasting each other on our lips.

"Do you realise, we were so in lust that we don't even know each other's names yet,"

I grinned. "Mine's Cassie. And I've never done that before."

"Done what? Had sex with someone without knowing their name?"

"Most of what we did, and doing it without knowing your name." I answered, and I could feel myself blushing fiery red. My fireman kissed my hand.

"You were wonderful. What you did to me was just perfect. And I want to do it again. Oh, and I've never come three times in a row, so please help."

I laughed, then moaned as kisses on my breasts and licks on my hard nipples excited me again. I tangled my fingers in long blonde hair, pulling hard into my breasts. After a moment I pulled back. "Please let me do that to you too."

My fireman gasped, then reached down to cup my breast, running a thumb over my rock hard nipples making me moan. I licked and kissed that washboard stomach, and dipped my tongue into the belly button. Then down through the blonde curls to fill my mouth with the taste and feel.

My fireman pulled me round to a 69, and licked and drank of my nectar yet again. This time we both came like trains (forgive the pun).

"I've only known you a few hours. I've only known your name for less than an hour, and I'm falling in love with you Cassie."

"I thought it was just me, and I still don't know your name." I laughed as we cuddled and relaxed.

"It's Alex -- and I think you just made me very happy." The beaming smile warmed my heart.

I reached out and caressed her breast again. Then trailed down the ridges and hollows, over the blonde curls and into her slick wetness. I didn't think she'd come a fourth time, but I was wrong.

"That's for not telling me you're my room mate, Alexandra." I said with mock severity.

"Sorry. We didn't need to lock the door. Alex came anyway." She grinned wickedly and shoved her fingers into my pussy. We both came again together.

What a weekend. We wowed the customers and their children. Lots of excited smiling happy faces. We ran the trains professionally. And I had a girlfriend who loved me and lusted after me. And boy did I love and lust after her too.

I discovered that my Alex, my fireman, was a big romantic. She'd booked a castle to propose to her previous girlfriend, but been dumped before telling her. My eyes filled up at Alex's hurt when she told me. When she proposed to me, we never went to the castle. I said it was a waste of money to pay for a castle. All we needed was a big comfortable bed, and we could spend some money on toys and our own bed instead.

Unknown to me, Alex booked a surprise for our 25th anniversary. A castle with amenities. Our room was called the Sybian room. I didn't know what that meant till we got there. We had such a good time in that room, we only left it to eat. Oh, we did go for walks in the stunning scenery, finding a few wonderfully secluded spots.

We still volunteer together on the railway. Hot days in the buffet car kitchen and on the footplate (Alex is a driver now, but I still think of her as my fireman), and hot nights wherever we stay. But the best thing is we are home together afterwards.


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