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Sara brushed her shoulder length blonde hair out of her face as she dismissed the cheerleading team from their practice. They practice their routines on the side of the football field as the football team does its own practice. During the water breaks the guys are always checking out her squad and hanging out with them. At least half of her girls are dating and/or having a wild fling with one or more of them. Several of them remained to wait for their boyfriends to finish practice. For the next hour it won't be uncommon to find couples all over the school making out or having sex.

The 18-year-old high school senior cheerleading captain arranged her uniform as she watched the football team practice. She made her way off the field and up a small, secluded hill. She adjusted her 34D boobs through her blouse as her eyes fell on her boyfriend, Dan, running the ball in for a touchdown in their practice game. Her hands remained on her tits as she thought about how his hard body feels against her as he feels her up. Her nipples began to harden beneath her palms as she started rubbing her chest. As she thought of his muscular chest and abs she could feel her underpants under her cheerleading skirt become soaking wet. She reached down under her skirt and began to rub herself through her undies.

Sara half fell, half laid onto the grass behind a shrub. She lifted her cheerleading skirt and moved her fingers inside her undies. She found her cunt nice and wet and she slipped her fingers inside. She could feel the wetness of her pussy walls as she slid her fingers over them. Although she's an extremely horny girl Sara is still a virgin. She and Dan have done just about everything except intercourse. She thought about the times he's fucked her tits or ate her out. Or how they would dry fuck and she'd cum just from feeling his cock rubbing over her. She laid there on the grass, moving her hips up and down on her fingers. She turned her head to watch the boys practice as she gasped in pleasure. Just last week Dan laid down on this very spot and they 69ed. She still remembers groaning in orgasm as she sucked the cum out of his dick. In a few minutes she was cumming all over her hand.

Sara sat up as the guys were finishing up their practice. Sara had always decided since Dan first asked her about sex three years ago that she wouldn't let her cherry be popped until she was 18. Last week after her coming of age party she and Dan almost did it but as she took her undies off from under her skirt and Dan climbed on top for his conquest her parents came home by surprise. As it was Dan was barely able to get off of her and zip up his pants before her parents saw them. That was awkward, talking to them for an hour and a half commando under her skirt with her underwear kicked under the sofa. Sara thought about the night with frustration. She really wanted Dan to take her. In fact, why shouldn't she go offer her cunt to him right now? With that decided she went to meet the men as they headed for their locker room.

Dan was one of the last ones to head in. Sara stood at the locker room door with her legs crossed, her arms behind her back, and that innocent little school girl's smile on her face that drove him wild. "Hey Danny," she said with a coy smile, "got a minute?"

Dan told his buddy to go on ahead and he walked by her into the locker room while turning his face to check her out. Sara dropped her arms to her side and slowly walked up to her man. Her smile changed to a seductive one, telling Dan exactly what she wanted a minute for. He sputtered as she came up to him, pressing her body into his and kissed him. "You know, I've always said that I had no intention of being screwed until I was legal. Weeeellllll, last week a certain girl's birthday came and went. And right now I'm as horny as a toad. So why don't we go find a private spot and you get around to poppin' that little cherry o' mine?"

With that she took him by the hand and led him away. They started scouring the school for a private spot. They finally found it in the wrestling room. With the floors and walls padded it was ideal for a rough fuck. Dan stuck his hand underneath her skirt and realized just how horny she was from her soaked undies. Sara frantically pulled his T-shirt off of him as she kissed him repeatedly and he massaged her tits through her cheerleading blouse. She threw the shirt to the floor and fell to her knees in front of him. She tugged both his Umbro workout shorts and boxers down, revealing his cock, already half hard.

Sara licked the shaft from the base to the head. She took one of his balls into her mouth and gently rolled it over her tongue. She took his member in her mouth and began sucking on it with gusto. As she felt him growing harder in her mouth she ran her hands up and down his muscular chest and the six-pack of his abdomen. He rested his hands in her hair, hoping to ensure that she didn't stop until he climaxed. And climax he did. Sara reached around to grab his muscular ass as she began to suck his baby making juice out of him. It was almost too much for her to swallow but somehow she managed. When he was finished shooting his load she slowly let his penis fall out of her mouth, looked up at him, and gave a small smile as she licked her lips. She then stood up and kissed him, letting him taste his semen in her mouth.

As they kissed she moved one leg behind his and suddenly tripped him without any warning. He fell flat on his back and lifted his head to stare at his girl. She lifted her skirt up and tugged her underwear down. She let them fall to her ankles then kicked them away. She then stood over him with one leg on either side of his stomach. She dropped to her knees and smiled down at his bewildered face. She then walked on her knees until she was positioned properly then fell onto his face. Her cunt fell directly onto his mouth as her skirt covered his whole head. She could feel his mouth clamp onto her vagina and his tongue began probing her depths. As his tongue violated her she unbuttoned her blouse and took it off along with her bra. Her tits swung free and she began to massage them, driving herself to an even greater frenzy.

As his tongue licked her pussy walls she worked herself up to a new climax very quickly. Soon she could feel her pussy walls contracting around his tongue and the cum began spilling out of her. Dan began gagging under her blouse as he struggled to swallow it. She lifted her cunt off of his mouth and went to her hands and knees and climbed down so that their faces were level. His face was soaked with her juices. "Oh, poor baby," she cooed, "you have cum all over your face. Let me help you with that."

And so with very slow motions she began licking his face clean. Each lick would be followed with several hot, urgent kisses. She lifted her body up so that only her hard nipples were very lightly brushing against his chest. As she licked she unbuttoned her skirt with one hand and one leg at a time she slid it down and off. Naked above him on her hands and knees she knew she was ready to be taken. She finished licking her cum off of him and rolled over so she was lying next to him on the mat. She spread her legs and invited him with the look in her eyes. He rolled on top of her, his member ready to penetrate her. She was gasping from the anticipation and thrust her hips up slightly to present her hole to him. She started rasping, "Do it. Mount me. Take me. Fuck me. Mount your virgin. Fuck your innocent little virgin!"

He smiled down at her as he positioned his cock and with one smooth motion he tore into her. She felt the flash of pain that meant that his cock was tearing through her. She could feel her walls squeezing his member as it violated her cunt. She gritted her teeth in pain as he started to slowly thrust into her. Sara could feel her hard nipples brush across his chest as his body moved along hers. Soon the pain vanished and only pleasure remained. Dan gradually began to thrust faster. Soon he was going all out, pushing his cock into her as far as he can make it go. She reached up and began to play with her tits as she raised her hips to meet his thrusts with some of her own. His hand reached down and under her to grab her ass and guide her actions. However, just as she was beginning to get worked up she could feel a sudden warmth inside of her. For a moment she couldn't figure out what it was but then Dan pulled out of her.

"That's it?! That's my first time?!" she asked in fury as Dan just gave her a satisfied smile. He began to get up to get his clothes. Sara got up first and pushed him back down. She straddled his chest, preventing him from getting up. Her cum and his was being smeared across his chest and belly. "Listen little boy," she growled angrily looking down at his shocked face, "you might've cheated on me with that slut Rachel last year but this is my first time and you're not leaving until you have given me a decent screw. I don't care how many times you have to cum into me."

She came down and kissed him. His hands reached around to squeeze her ass as she came up and began to offer him each of her tits one by one to suckle on. She moved her cunt up and down onto his long, hard rod. He was sucking her nipple while trying to take as much of her tit as possible into his mouth. Sara could feel her flesh impact his as she moves his cock in and out of her. She sat up and continued humping as she looked down at his muscular chest. She began to play with her tits as her body bounced up and down on his rod. Then the climax came and Sara's cunt started cumming onto a cock for the first time in her life.

Dan could feel his girl's pussy walls squeezing his member and knew that she had climaxed. He was also tired of being dominated by his slut. So he sat up and used his strength to throw her off of him and onto the mat next to him. She gave him a submissive look as he grabbed her shoulders and turned her over onto her stomach. He kneeled above her and pulled her hips up so she was on her hands and knees. He could see the Band-aid on her thigh that was the result of a fall during cheerleading practice today.

He mounted her again and began to fuck as fast as he could. Sara began to shout, "Oh God! Oh God," over and over as his cock tore into her. He was screwing her instead of making love and she liked it. Sara discovered then that her biggest turn-on is having a guy treat her as nothing but a sex object. The thought of him seeing her as a piece of meat made her cunt begin to give a ton of juice. Her mouth was open in a silent gasp as he filled her cunt with his baby-making juice. Dan held her by the hips, pulling her into him, making her accept his seed.

When he was done he pulled out and let her fall to the floor in a heap. Sara propped herself up on one arm as she brushed her hair out of the way with the other. She smiled up at her mate as he got dressed again. She got to her feet and gave him a goodbye kiss before he left. She then gathered up her cheerleading uniform and put it back on. As she left the room there was a definite bounce in her step. A small voice in the back of her mind was regretting the fact that she didn't use birth control. That regret was profound nine months later as she gave birth to her new son.

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