tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah Acts on Confusion

Sarah Acts on Confusion


First I'd like to thank all of you who have responded to my first story (Sarah's Accidental Show). This is what happened in my life after that experience.

A few weeks went by with me wondering what really happened. Did I somehow want it to happen? Was I a victim of rape? No, I went willingly and knowing I was to be exposed and maybe more. Was I tricked into doing something I didn't really want to do just to protect my son? But then why was I so aroused and went along with all suggestions given to me. I could have stopped and said 'no' but I didn't. I couldn't think straight.

I went to work each day wondering if anyone knew or could tell what I had done, but how could they? I didn't know what to do or who to talk to, so I called Chris.

He said "Mrs. H, we said we'd never talk about it! I'm not sure what I can tell you or what you want to hear."

I asked him if he thought less of me, not just because of what I did, but that I seemed to get into it as the games played out.

He said with a slight chuckle "No, but I'm sure I'll look at you differently next time I see you. I promise not to make a scene or anything but I'm sure you'll look at me differently too."

I agreed I might and apologized for what had happened when he was young. Then I asked "Who were those boys looking in the window?" "What did you mean when you said 'it's over, we're settled'?"

Chris said he had to let them watch or they'd ruin his life and not to worry about it. He said "Mrs. H you don't want to know them or about them. They mess with people, hurt them, and use them. They are connected and untouchable, stay away from them. There have been girls that tried to get in with them and then left school. They're just bad, don't come around here anymore."

I said ok and thanked him for listening to me and hung up. Then I thought to myself, 'did I just thank the guy that put me through all that?" Did I just exonerate him for what happened?

Something was going on in my head and I'm not sure if it was good or bad but I kept thinking about that night. I felt I had to find out if it was a bad thing or not, was it my desire or fear that led me to that night. I had never done anything like that before and yet had never experienced an orgasm anywhere near that strong before.

Then I decided! I was going to find out! How or when I wasn't sure but I needed to know. Being a teacher I made my mind up it would be like research. I have a problem, I will do the work and find the answer! I masturbated for the first time since that night and went to sleep with a small smile knowing things might be different for me in the near future.

I'm not pretending to be the most innocent lady in the world. I've been around the block so to speak. After all I have been married for 15 years and dated before that. I didn't always like to give oral, but when we were younger and my husband would bring home porn, well, I went with the flow at times.

Before him, when I was a senior in high school, my folks were getting ready to move to another state for my dad's job and my friends had a party. We had a few drinks and started playing dare games. At one point I was dared to give this boy a blow job, not in front of anyone but had to have evidence it was done. Being a bit drunk I agreed. I didn't know him well at all but when we went in the bathroom and closed the door I made a deal with him. I would let him feel my tits and cum on my face if I didn't have to put his cock in my mouth, I was afraid of it at the time. He was the first boy to touch my tits and it made me excited. I helped him cum with my hand and when I cleaned my face left some in my hair for the evidence. My friends freaked out but made me leave it there until it was time to go home.

The next few weeks were uneventful but I thought more and more of what I might do, or could do to try and figure out how to reach that crescendo that I felt before. Was it exposing myself to strangers? Was it being with more than one man at a time? Was it being at someone else's control? Was it the humiliation Chris intended for me, not just using me that way but letting several others watch while he did it? I figured I'd start at the beginning. It also seemed to be the safest way to start.

It was near the end of the school year for me so I decided to go do a little shopping, on the other side of town so I would reduce the risk of seeing someone I knew. I put on a slightly loose fitting green top and a blue jean skirt. The blue jean skirt buttoned up the front and was about mid thy so not too unusual for a woman my age. No one would really see my lace panties unless I wanted them to. I always wear something under this top because it is a little lower in the front and when I bend over it would expose my tits to anyone looking from in front of me or off to either side. I put on a lace bra under it to leave the apartment, fixed my hair and make up, put on some perfume and off I went. I made sure to wear my wedding rings so it would appear I was married.

I got to the shopping center just as it was getting dusk. There were a lot of cars close but I decided to park farther out to give me a little time walking around and getting a feel for what I wanted to do. I thought it was dark enough so I undid my bra and slipped it off. Feeling kind of naughty I decided to leave it lay on the passenger seat thinking maybe, no, hoping it might be seen by some man walking by.

I got out of my car and walked to the mall. The nice spring breeze felt invigorating and caused my nipples to stiffen. It felt strange being braless in public, my titties jiggling and swaying under this top and no one has seen me yet. But I felt free and empowered. I walked in the door.

I looked around a bit hoping to be noticed but a bit apprehensive. Then I decided to go into a clothing store. I looked around some women's clothes but noticed there were few men there. I got a couple looks from one so I bent over to look at the tag on the top in front of me, I wanted it to look like I was unaware anyone could see anything. I peeked out of the corner of my eye and saw him stretch his neck to get a look down my top. His wife must have caught him because I heard a slap and he moved away quickly. As I came around the rack I caught his eye and smiled at him, he smiled back and went with his wife.

I thought to myself "where would the men be?" then went to appliances. I looked at a couple stoves and as I bent over and opened the door a salesman came up behind me and asked if I needed any help.

I said I was just looking but wondered about the refrigerator sizes. "How do I know if it's big enough or not too big?"

We walked over to one with a bottom freezer and he opened to top door and mumbled something. I noticed the light was on and he was looking more at my chest then the fridge. So I thought no better time to give a good show. I bent down and squatted and pulled open the freezer drawer. I know he had an eyeful and with the light shining he couldn't have missed much.

I looked up at him and asked "Do you think it's big enough?"

He smiled and said "Yes, plenty big enough!"

I knew he wasn't talking about the fridge anymore and just smiled and thanked him for his time, and then he thanked me for making his day. It was time to move on so I went to the bed and mattress store across the mall.

Not much staring as I walked along the mall corridor, a few guys looked as my titties jiggled on my way. I stopped at the ladies room about half way there. I went pee and looking at my skirt decided to undo the bottom button. I noticed it was easier walking this way too.

When I got to the store I looked about at the layout and where the sales people were. The fact is I needed a new mattress so shopping here might be good for me in more way than one. I saw a couple sales ladies with customers and a couple sales men chatting off a bit so I kind of sauntered their way. I caught both their eyes as I got near and they both asked at the same time if I needed any help.

I said "Actually I am in need of a new mattress. I have a nice four post bed and it's a queen size."

One guy introduced himself as Bob and asked "Do you like it hard, firm, medium or soft?" He looked to be about 50, in good shape and dressed smartly.

I smiled and asked "We are talking about mattresses right?"

He said "Yes, what else could it be?"

Then he and the other guy who introduced himself as Brian laughed. Brian looked to be about 25. He was of Middle Eastern decent but had very little accent.

Bob suggested one that is a bit firm but with a soft top layer almost like a quilted cushion. He showed me the way there and the other fellow tagged along. I sat on the edge and pressed it a bit, and then I bounced a couple times. I saw Bob's eyes staring at my chest as I did and he suggested I try it out, lie down and see how it feels. I gently laid down and rolled onto my side away from them, rustled a bit as to try and get comfortable.

I said "Hmm it seems a bit too firm for me." and rolled on my back then sat up and slid to the edge letting my skirt slide up a bit. I saw Brian looking at my legs and before I stood up I looked to see how far up it had come. It inched up to within a few inches of showing my panties.

Bob said "Let's go over here to this one, it's softer and happens to be on sale!"

Bob led the way with Brian behind him and me in the rear. I looked around and saw no one looking so I reached down and half way undid the next two buttons of my skirt. There were still three buttons tight so if those two opened up no one would see anything unless I sat down. The two men walked around to the far side of the bed and I stopped across from them. I sat on the bed like before but with my back to them. I felt the bed and just bounced slightly. Then I turned and got on my knees on the bed facing them. I knew they could both see down my blouse and their eyes and jaws confirmed my belief. I crawled to the middle and lay down facing away from them like before.

Then I laid on my back for a few seconds and turned to Bob and said "I like it, I think I'll take it."

I sat up facing them and slid to the edge of the bed. Just as I had hoped the two buttons I half undid popped open and as I slid, my skirt went up to my ass showing my panties to the two sales men.

I said "oops, excuse me!" and straightened my skirt without trying to button it back up.

Bob said "That's ok, I didn't see anything." But I knew better.

We went to a computer station so he could write up my order and make a day for delivery. I sat my purse on a chair near them because I knew I'd have to bend over a few times to get my credit card info and they'd have a much closer look down my top.

When we finished Bob said "We're just about to close now, but would you consider having a drink with us when we get off?" "It'll only be a few minutes and there's a place right across the street."

I said "I don't know I do have a bit of a drive yet." I wasn't expecting this. I thought I'd do a little flashing and go home. Somewhere a voice said "but it has been a long week and I haven't had a drink for a while. What the hell, why not!" It was my voice, 'where did that come from?' I thought.

Brian said "We'll meet you by the front entrance, what kind of car do you have?"

I said "A blue Grand Am."

He said "Ok we'll be there."

I took my time walking back through the mall. I didn't bother to re-button my skirt, just went my way. I wasn't too disappointed there were far less people now, it was closing time for most stores. As I walked outside to my car I could feel the cool night air hitting my moist panties. The sensation stirred me up inside and stiffened my nipples, with the anticipation of what might happen later. I was wondering what I was getting myself into. I wasn't expecting this, my heart was beating a bit harder. I got in my car and drove to the front of the mall. Just a minute or two after I arrived they showed up.

Bob pulled up next to me and just said "Follow me!"

I followed them to the bar across the street and pulled up on Bob's driver side to park. I didn't even think about my bra sitting on the passenger seat or at least I don't think I did.

Bob looked inside and as I got out chuckled and said "I think you forgot something. Aren't you afraid you'll get cold?"

I just said "I'm good."

I could hear him tell Brian what was on the front seat as I started out in front of them to the door. We went inside and Bob ordered some beers for them and a Long Island iced tea for me. I asked what that was, I had never had one before. Bob said it was a tea with some alcohol in it. (I found out later it is almost all alcohol with a splash of soda for color)

We made our way towards the back where the tables were. Just as we got there a couple was getting up from a corner booth and asked if we wanted the table. Bob said we did and thanked them. Bob went in one side to the middle and Brian sat on the other side so I slid in next to Bob. The music was loud but good and we just chatted for a couple minutes as we drank. I found out Brian was training and just started working there a couple weeks, Bob's been there two years.

My drink was very good and was going down quickly. When the drinks were just about done I felt a hand on my leg, not just on the skirt but my bare skin.

I looked at Bob and said "Just because you bought me one drink doesn't mean you can get in my pants" and I put my legs together trapping his hand. I felt a tingle go right up my legs to my warm place. I looked at Brian and said "Your turn to buy one while I go to the lady's room."

Then I removed his hand, got up and went to the can. There were two girls talking in there when I entered so I just went into a stall. I did my thing. When I came out it was empty, I fixed my hair and lipstick. Then looked and myself in the mirror and down at my skirt. I reached under it and took my panties off and slid them in my purse. They were wet from my excitement.

When I came back Brian was just coming back with the drinks and I slid in on his side moving Bob over so I could sit between them.

I told Brian "I think it's better if I sit here so you can keep an eye on him" tilting my head toward Bob and laughed.

Brian said "Fine with me" and sat next to me too.

We sipped on our drinks chatted and swayed to the music. I could see both guys trying to peek down my top whenever they could if they thought I wasn't looking.

I was starting to feel real good when that drink was just about done and I said "I guess it's my turn" and reached for my purse.

Bob said "You don't have to, I'll get it."

I said a bit loudly "No, it's my turn!" And opened my purse to get out

some money.

As Brian got up to let me out, I non-chalantly pulled my panties out

and sat them on the table next to my purse then pulled out a $20 and slid out to get the drinks. As I did my skirt slid up again and gave Brian a look and my bare pussy. I left my purse and panties on the table. While I was waiting by the bar for the drinks I reached down and undid one more button on my skirt. When I returned both guys had their eyes glued to my skirt.

I bent over to put the drinks on the table letting my top fall open and when Brian didn't make a move to stand I put my right foot on the seat next to him giving them both a good look at my naked gash and said "Are you just going to sit there and stare or can a girl sit down?"

Brian got up and I slid in between them again, this time letting my skirt lay open off both my legs and spread them a little as I sat back and sipped my drink. Neither guy knew what was going to happen next. I moved my drink down and rubbed it on my pussy and gave a little sigh.

I said "Hmm that feels nice."

Then I sat my drink on the table and took one of each guys hand and placed it on my pussy and said "See?" and put one arm around each guy.

They both rubbed it gently for a minute kind of teasingly and then I felt one finger slide in part way, then another. I gasped as I looked down to see both of them fingering me. I looked up and saw two guys at a table across from us watching. That sent a wave through me and I felt my pussy getting hot, but I had to keep under control as to not be pointed out to the whole crowd.

I reached for my drink and suggested we go somewhere a little more private. They both agreed and I gathered up my purse and panties and we made our way out to the cars. As I reached the outdoors I realized I never buttoned up my skirt and could feel the breeze on my wet pussy. I looked down and saw only one button was left holding my skirt on and my pussy was on full display.

I got in my car and followed Bob and Brian to an industrial park a few blocks away and behind a building. There was a picnic bench back there probably for the employee's lunch time so we walked over there and I gave Bob a deep tongue lashing kiss. Brian came up behind me and reached up my top to feel my tits. I felt weak in the knees. Then while still kissing Bob he reached down and undid my last button letting my skirt fall to the ground and started fingering me again. I reached my arms up letting Brian pull my top off. Feeling a little left out, I felt and found both of their cocks through their pants. Both were getting stiff, Brain's felt thicker.

Bob said "You want that don't you?"

I said "Oh yeah, right here and now"

Brian pulled his out first and I turned and bent forward to kiss it and saw that it was uncircumcised. I had never seen one like that before and was very interested. I pulled his skin back and started to lick and suck it. Bob kept fingering me from behind now, and then I heard his zipper too. As I started to take Brian's cock in my mouth I felt Bob's cock rubbing against my pussy lips. As he started to push against my wet cunt I reached under to guide it in.

Bob slid the head in and stopped. He didn't move. I was trying to concentrate on Brian's cock but Bob stillness confused me. I tried to move back to take more in then I felt a sting and heard a slap. Bob slapped my ass as I was trying to move into him. It hurt and I kind of jerked forward causing Brian's cock head to hit the back of my throat. Bob slid the head of his cock back in and stopped again. I eased back again and he slapped me again causing Brian's cock to choke me a little again. I didn't move, not knowing if I was doing something wrong or if it was some game he was playing. I went back to sucking Brian's hard shaft.

Bob started to finger me then slapped my pussy, back and forth he'd do that. Each time I would jerk forward and let out air at the same time.

I heard Brian say "I don't know how you do that but I really like it!"

My pussy stung but wanted more! Then Bob went back and put his head in very slowly. I wanted him to pound me hard now but he kept going real slow, little by little entering me deeper. I tried to yell for him to fuck me but Brian's dick took up my whole mouth and only a muffle could come out. Finally Bob started pumping me good. I got into rhythm quickly.

Brian held my hair to one side so he could watch me sucking his shaft head. He started to moan and I felt his balls tense up in my hand. He gasped "Oh God!" and shot streams of cum down my throat. It was hot and sweeter than I had tasted before. I tried to keep sucking and swallowing but was loosing some down my chin. It seemed like it wasn't going to stop, I had not had so much cum from one guy before. I started cumming hard on Bob's shaft. Then Brian pulled out of my mouth and turned to squeeze out the last drops on my cheek.

I went to wipe it with my hand and Bob said "Leave it for a bit." as he pumped my pussy harder from behind.

I heard him grunt a couple times and he pushed hard into me. I could feel his balls slapping my sore pussy then he gasped as he released his load in me. He pulled out quickly and held his dick head tight against my ass hole. I thought he was going to try and enter me but just held it tight and pumped his cock until his last big gushes of cum squirted into my ass. I have never had that happen to me like that before or since. It was strange but felt hot inside me.

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