tagBDSMSarah Gets Trained Ch. 01

Sarah Gets Trained Ch. 01


This is the first chapter in longer story. It starts out slow, with sex not being introduced until later chapters. I could have put it into a couple of other categories, nonconsent/reluctance or fetish but decided to put it in BDSM since it covered more aspects of the story.

Sarah was at her wits end. She couldn't figure it out, she had an MBA from a good school. She'd gone straight to grad school from college, figuring that the recession would be over by the time she got out or at least, that her MBA would get her a good job pretty fast. Boy, did she figure wrong. Only a few recruiters had showed up at school prior to graduation and they were only there because their companies always sent them, no matter whether they were hiring or not.

At this time she'd been out of job for two months now and her meager savings were gone. To top it off, her student loans were coming due. Even with all the scholarships she'd gotten, she owed almost $50,000.

The job she'd had two months ago had only lasted a week. That was a miserable job, waitressing at a bar but it had been the only place that had even called her back after 5 months of looking. She had swallowed her pride when she applied for the job. The "uniform" she was expected to wear would have made a Hooters girl blush. But she put it on and smiled for the customers. She put up with the inevitable hands brushing her bottom. She even let the lecherous manager fondle her 36DDs once through her skimpy tee shirt. But when he demanded she give him a blowjob in his office, she stormed out crying. He yelled after her "No matter, the next one will know her place!"

When she got back to her miserable apartment, all one room of it with a hot plate, she'd flung herself down on her bed and cried some more. She wasn't sure if she was crying from humiliation, hopelessness, or from the fact that, for a minute, she had actually considered giving in to his demands.

Now, two months later, she wished she had given in to him. At least she'd have something to eat, disgusting as the idea of eating cum was. She'd given a couple of blowjobs in college but never swallowed.

She didn't have any relatives she could ask for help. Her mother was long dead and her father was a hopeless drunk who just pawed at her every time she came close.

Just then her cell phone rang. She leaped to answer it. "Hello, this is Sarah Porter"

"Ms Porter," a deep male voice said" you applied for a trainee position with my firm a few weeks back and I was calling to see if you were still available."

"Yes" she practically shouted into the phone, "I am still available."

"I'd like to interview you tomorrow morning at 9. The address is 95 Potter St."

"I can be there and thank you for the opportunity to show you my qualifications."

"Hehe" he laughed "I think I know your qualifications. I just need to see if you are trainable."

"Oh, I am sir, I am"

With that, the phone went dead.

Sarah immediately went over her meager wardrobe. Not much was left. She'd pawned everything she could and what was left was rather threadbare. But she pulled together her "interview" outfit. She had worn it out the first couple of months pounding the pavement after graduation but hadn't worn it in months.

The next morning Sarah arose at 6 am. She knew she had a couple of hours of riding the bus to get to the interview and didn't want to be late. After a quick shower in the communal bathroom, she ate her last pieces of bread and bologna before setting off.

She arrived at the address she'd been given just before nine. There was no company name on the door, so she rang the doorbell and waited. There was a "click" as the electronic lock was released. She stepped into a very posh anteroom but no one was in sight. She heard someone speaking in another room so she peered in. She spotted a man who looked to be in his mid 30s speaking on the phone. While he didn't appear to notice her, he waved his hand, pointing to a chair in front of his desk. He continued his conversation for 15 minutes before pushing the mute button. "Get me a cup of coffee, black, no sugar" pointing to a carafe sitting on sideboard. She jumped up and go his coffee, setting it quietly beside him before sitting back down. He continued his conversation for another 20 minutes before hanging up. Then he looked at her and said "Stand up and come over beside me. I want to take a look at you."

Feeling a little uncomfortable, Sarah stood up and moved toward him. When she was about 3 feet away he said "Stop, now turn around slowly until you're facing me." Now, feeling even more uncomfortable, Sarah turned slowly, feeling his eyes on her. She felt more like a side of beef in a window than a professional looking for a job. But she was desperate and obeyed him.

He almost smirked when he saw her turn. Instead he smiled inwardly and thought to himself "She looks even better in person. Definitely nice udders. Yes, she'd do. Let the game begin."

"Very good. I like the way you obey. You have the potential to be a good trainee. Now return to your seat." Sarah, feeling relieved she'd passed the first test, sat back down. "I have had a few trainees over the past few years and the successful ones know that unquestioning obedience is the key keeping me happy. They are all out standing in a field now. I hope you are successful."

While puzzled by the wording of his statement, Sarah replied "Sir, I know I can be successful. I will do anything to keep you happy."

"Good. Now my name is "John Stone. You will address me as 'Sir' or 'Mister Stone'" Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Ok, now let me tell you about what I do. First, I am the only person in my company but that doesn't mean it's a small business. In fact, my revenue last year was 78 million and that was a slow year." With that statement, Stone proceeded to give Sarah a two hour lecture on his business. Sarah was very impressed with what she heard and very much hoped she was selected to be his trainee.

When he was done, he announced "It's lunch time, follow me and we'll continue our conversation while eating. " With that, he strode out the door, clearly expecting Sarah to follow him. He walked a few doors down to a small but very expensive restaurant. He didn't even pause when he entered, instead he moved quickly to a small table set up in a private nook where he seated himself. Sarah nervously sat down across from him. Before she could say anything, Stone said "I own this place and this is my table." A waiter approached greeting Stone with a nod. Stone said "I'll have a small filet mignon today. She's have a poached chicken breast, steamed vegetables, and plain rice. I will have some of that nice Cabernet I had yesterday and she'll have water with lemon."

Shocked, Sarah just looked at him. He didn't even let her chose what she wanted. He saw her look and said "I know all about you. You've barely had enough to eat for the last month. The last thing I want is to have you order something heavy and then throw it all up. I let a potential trainee do that once and having my lunch ruined by someone throwing up that one time was plenty. "

Their meals arrived quickly but before Sarah could take her first bite, Stone said "You will chew each piece 10 times before swallowing. Start with the vegetables. One bite and then a bite of rice, then the chicken. Do you understand?!"

It seemed his eyes were boring into her soul when he asked that. She looked down before saying "Yes."

"Yes, What!"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good girl. Now eat."

After eating a few minutes in silence, Stone said "Let me tell you about the job. First, the salary for first year is $65,000. That will triple the second year. After that, we'll see. I am very demanding and will expect you to follow my instructions to the letter. Failure to do so will result either punishment or immediate dismissal. Some of my instructions will seem odd to you but, rest assured, they are designed to train you to meet my high standards. Those instructions will cover every aspect of your performance and conduct, from what you wear to what documents I expect you to memorize. Do you have any questions?"

Swallowing nervously, Sarah said "You mentioned punishment. What did you mean by that?"

"I was raised in a family that believed in corporal punishment. I follow that belief. Punishment will usually be with a crop but I may use something else if I deem it appropriate."

"A crop! That's insane. There is no way I will submit to that."

"All my trainees said that at first, but the successful ones realized the great opportunity they had and submitted to it in the end. You have until 9 am tomorrow to decide. If you come to the office tomorrow, it will be because you want to be one of the successful ones. You may go now."

Sarah stood up and numbly walked out of the restaurant.

Stone watched her walk away, even in those clothes, it was clear that she had a very fuckable ass. But that pleasure would have to wait. It was the slow game he loved, knowing that in the end, he'd get what he wanted. He just had to play them like a prize winning marlin, giving them a little lead, then reeling them in a little more, until they were his.

She would be his sixth "trainee", each coming in proud but desperate. But in the end, each submitted to his demands and gradually let themselves be molded into whatever he wanted to make them. He'd sold the first three and kept the last two. They were now well trained ponygirls, a matched set that regularly won him trophies at exclusive "pony" shows. They hadn't started out a matched set, but a little cosmetic surgery and hair dye fixed that. But this one, Sarah, was destined to be his first hucow. She just didn't realize the honor

On the bus home she pondered her situation. She knew she had only two options; homelessness or taking the trainee position. One was to continue to have her life continue it's downward spiral. The other, offered so much opportunity, but only if she submitted to the humiliation and pain of corporal punishment. Arriving at her room, she looked around, thinking that she really had no choice. She would take the job and submit to whatever punishment he deemed appropriate. Besides, she was smart and would just avoid mistakes that would earn her punishment.

Arriving at the office the next morning, Sarah walked into Stone's office while he was on the phone. He gestured her over to the coffee. Realizing he wanted coffee, she immediately got him some and placed it on the desk within his reach, then sat on the edge of one of the chairs in front of his desk. Hanging up the phone, Stone demanded "Well, what is your decision?"

"I'd like to be your trainee."

"I know that, you're here. Be explicit."

Lowering her eyes, Sarah said, "I will submit to any punishment you deem appropriate. Sir"

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