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Sarah Submits


Sarah was a classical girl-next-door. She had lived in the house three doors down since before I had moved into the area. She had always been studious and serious, with her bespectacled nose in her books most of the time. Consequently, she had graduated high school early, won a generous Ivy League scholarship, and, now 19, was a college sophomore. In the vacations she would return home, and help out in the family business; a small grocery store two blocks away. She also babysat for many of the neighbours, including myself.

I divorced my wife and moved to the street with my two young sons six years ago. The eldest was 9, the youngest 7. They were good boys; no trouble. I had initially struggled, raising them alone. I am a journalist and my family commitments frequently caused me to turn work down, or to spend time away from my boys. Their spending time with their other was not only, as she made plain, an inconvenience to her, but would leave them feral on their return. My relatives would take them, but being out of state, unless I was going away for an extended period, the logistics made it impractical.

Talking to Sarah's father, he suggested that she would be an ideal babysitter. She could live in temporarily. She'd take care of the house and the boys, and if left for a few days at a time, she'd probably have them speaking Ancient Greek and designing perpetual motion machines. She was delightful, disciplined and talented. Her father was a great neighbour. The whole family were sweet and pleasant. They were pretty conservative and lived modestly. Respect and family values were clearly very important to them. This was a good example for my boys. I had not really had a relationship since my wife.

This arrangement worked well for some months. I would time my big projects to coincide with Sarah being at home. I paid her generously, and she cooked and cleaned like I never did. The house sparkled and my boys were well turned out and happy. It seemed like a life of perfect idyll.

It was late summer when I was planning to return home on Monday morning. I had managed to wrap up early and caught a flight the night before. I didn't really think about calling in advance; it was late and I figured Sarah might well be asleep, so I pulled my car into the garage and came into the house through the kitchen. I did not announce my presence, but was stopped in my tracks when I walked around the corner from the kitchen into the den.

I saw Sarah sitting on the couch. I was about to announce myself when I saw what she was watching on the TV. It was soft porn -- a woman was bent over a kitchen worktop, with her lover pounding her from behind. It was not too graphic, but I froze as I saw that Sarah was rocking backwards and forwards with a cushion between her legs, eyes fixed on the screen.

My mind raced. I had not thought of Sarah as a sexual being before. I knew that she was attractive, but it had never entered my head to think of her this way. And as soon as I did, I felt a surge of sexual attraction. My cock grew hard, and I stared at her for what seemed like an age. My growing cock pressed against my corduroy pants, and I switched my gaze to the TV again as the woman in the movie began to climax. Sarah increased her rocking. I pulled my shirt out of my waistband to disguise my erection, and quickly hatched the beginnings of a plan.

'Hi Sarah, I-' I dropped my keys onto and end table, and feigned shock at what I was seeing. 'Oh my God!'

Sarah turned around, eyes wide with surprise and guilt. She said nothing.

'Sarah, what are you doing? I can't believe-'

She grabbed the remote and turned off the TV. 'I'm sorry! I was just-'

'I saw what you were just doing! What were you thinking?' I was careful, not wanting to ham up the acting too much. I was also incredibly aroused by her flushed face. 'My boys could have walked in!;

Her mouth moved as if to speak but no words came. She began to sob, though without tears. I needed to get her to my office to execute my plan. This was right at the back of the house, above the garage, next to my bedroom.

'I'm going to call your father.'

'No, please!' said Sarah, and moved towards me. I reached for the cordless telephone in the den. I deftly switched it off as I picked it up.

'I'll call from my office. Don't you go anywhere!'

I moved through the kitchen towards the back stairs, and as I had hoped, she followed.

I picked up the office telephone and she ran up to me, pleading. 'Please don't tell me father!'

I feigned an acceptance of her plea, and sighed. 'Well, perhaps we can resolve the situation. I mean, it's normal to want to do what you were doing, Sarah, but in my den? When anyone could walk in? And why do you need to do it anyway? I mean, doesn't your boyfriend take care of you?'

'I don't have a boyfriend.'

'Not even in college?'

'I never had a boyfriend.'

I looked at her, attempting to seem fatherly. 'Are you a virgin, Sarah?'

'Yes.' She looked at the ground, embarrassed.

'It's alright.' I said. My cock was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Here I was in a position of power over an attractive young virgin. 'Have you ever even kissed a man?'

'Once. In high school.' I was very pleased; she seemed much less scared and was simply speaking to me as if we were talking about grocery shopping.

'Anyone ever touch your breasts? Or your pussy?' She widened her eyes in surprise at my using the last word. She shook her head.

'Do you ever touch yourself? I mean, without using a cushion?'

'No!' she shrank back from me.

'That's your problem.' I said.


'You need to learn how to satisfy yourself. I'm going to show you. Then we can avoid this ever happening again.' This was the foundation of my entire plan. It was shaky ground. She could run off; slap me for the suggestion; anything except what I wanted. But she did not. I had won power over her, and I could tell she was going to comply. This would be a night to remember.

'Come on, Sarah.' I led her by the hand into my bedroom next door. I was excited. I knew that with the boys at the other end of my large house, they would never hear us.

She shivered as I unbuttoned her blouse, revealing a plain bra supporting firm, beautiful breasts. I took hold of her hand and placed it on her chest. 'Like this, stroke your skin.' She did as I asked. 'Does it feel good?'

'I don't know.' She sounded scared.

'Let me. Like this.' I took my hand and stroked the part of her breast above the bra. She shivered and the pace of her breathing quickened. She shrank away as I slipped my hand into her bra, so I placed my other hand on her shoulder. This was partly as reassurance, but also to remind her who was in control.

I folded down the cups of her bra to expose her erect nipples.

'Wait --' she said.

Before she could finish I pressed a finger to her lips. 'Sshh.'

Sarah gulped, and submitted.

'Squeeze your nipples gently.' I said. 'And roll them between your finger and thumb.'

She tried to comply but all the while was staring at me. I now abandoned all pretence at trying to help her pleasure herself. I began to play with her nipples. She moaned, quietly, but enough for me to hear.

I now led her to lie back on the bed and removed her bra completely. She became more rigid as I lay on top of her, too far down for her to feel my cock, but giving my access to her breasts. Caressing one, I took the nipple of the other into my mouth. She moaned again, and her muscles relaxed as she began to squirm on the bed. As I sucked, and flicked at her nipples with my tongue, her hips began to rise.

I sat up momentarily and without pause unzipped her pants. This scared her and she began to sit up, but before she could argue or resist, I had removed them. This exposed her plain black panties. She tried to cover her mons with her hands, but I gently lowered her back to the bed. 'Sshh.' I said. 'This is what you need.'

I again targeted her nipples, alternating sucking and squeezing while my free hand moved over her pussy, above the panties. I could feel them becoming damp. I slipped my hand inside them, with a finger running straight into her slit. I now used my other hand to slide her panties down. She was now completely naked. I began to rub her clit, and she began to moan louder.

'What's happening?' she said, with fear in her voice.

'Let it happen, Sarah. You're coming.'

I rubbed her clit rhythmically, and continued my assault on her breasts. Within a few minutes, her hips were bucking, and she was moaning loudly. She came hard, and as the orgasm subsided, I kissed her lips.

She lay with her eyes closed to recover, and I used this opportunity to remove my clothes. I then slipped a finger into her pussy. She began to sit up, but again I pushed her down, gently but firmly. I was going to have my own party now. I used my thumb to rub her clit again, slowly and intermittently as I did not want her to come again just yet.

To my delight I felt her hymen with my finger. I did not want to break it with my finger, so withdrew. Drawing myself up her body, I positioned my cock at her entrance.

'What are you doing?' she asked, trying to pull away.

'I'm going to make love to you, Sarah.'

'I don't think I should...'

'Sarah, listen to your body. Your pussy is wet for me. Your legs are open for me. Tell me you don't want my cock inside you.'

Again she was taken aback by my choice language. 'Will it hurt?'

'Only for a second. And then you will come again. And you'll love it.'

Sarah nodded and relaxed, looking up at the ceiling.

'No, Sarah. Look at me.' I wanted to see her face as I took her virginity.

I slowly inserted my cock. I allowed time for her virgin pussy to adjust to my girth. She was wet, but very tight, and I could feel every contour of the inside of her pussy as I fed my cock in. When I got to her maidenhead, I paused, fixing my eyes on hers. I placed a hand either side of her pelvis and pulled myself into her, tearing through her hymen and driving in another inch. She cried out and threw back her head in pain. I felt for her but I was in ecstasy. I pushed my cock in as far as I could go. I am 9.5 inches, and I could only get around 5 inches in. I could have forced my way in further, but I was getting off, and I didn't want to hurt her too badly. I had other plans for the future. So I began to fuck her slowly with those 5 inches. I could feel her pussy clinging to my cock as I pulled out, and felt her muscles tightening as I pushed in. As I reached the point of coming, I began to assault her clit once more. I wanted to leave her with the feeling of coming with my cock inside her.

Her moaning increased. Her hips began to buck once more, and I gained a little more ground in her pussy as she began to push herself onto my cock. She shook and screamed. I had never seen a woman come this hard, much less a virgin, who until now had never been touched by a man. At this point, I came too, shooting a full load into her pussy.

I pulled out of her, and lay beside her, pulling the covers from the bed up over us both, and held her close.

'Are you taking birth control, Sarah?'

'No, I didn't think, I mean, I wasn't expecting to.'

'That's fine, but you'll need to get a morning after pill.'


She was not worldly. But she was intelligent. Good girl.

'You can take a shower if you want. And you can sleep in here with me. Or in the spare room, if you prefer.'


She did sleep in the spare room; perhaps she needed some time for what she had just done to settle. Next morning, we were both up before the boys. She had her things and was getting ready to go.

'See you next weekend, Sarah.' I said.

Sarah nodded, and left.

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