tagNonHumanSarah's Encounter

Sarah's Encounter

byThe Story Teller©

Sarah moved through the woods along the riverbank, peace seeping into her soul with each step she took. After burying her grandmother just yesterday the wind rustling through the treetops and the sound of rushing water was a balm to her sorrow. Grandma's home was now her home including all the wooded property behind it. Lost in the peace and serenity she so desperately needed Sarah went deeper into the forest than she had ever been before. It quite shocked her when she came upon the house. Her grandmother had never mentioned a house in the woods. It was very large, a two story with nearly all of the windows broken. Green chipped shutters clung to the house on rusty hinges while others had given up the fight and lay along the ground in broken, jagged pieces of rotting wood. The rest of the house had great patches of bare wood where the white paint was entirely gone and now stood unprotected against the elements.

That natural urge to explore, the kind that one always gets when one sees an old school house or industrial building, the wonder of what it actually looked like back in its hey day grew inside her. Impetuously Sarah decided to act on that impulse. Stepping carefully onto the studs that made up the skeleton of the porch, she was just about to enter the doorless entryway when a low, rumbling growl sounded behind her. The sound crept over her raising the hair on her arms and sending fear streaking like lightning through her body. Turning as slowly as possible, Sarah was stunned to see a huge wolf, larger than any she had ever seen in any zoo standing no more than ten feet away from her, its teeth bared in a ferocious snarl and the reddish brown hair of its hide standing on end.

When it advanced, Sarah retreated. It continued stalking forward forcing Sarah slowly backward until she had passed through the doorway. Expecting to be attacked at any moment, fear was like a living thing roiling around inside her. The wolf herded her up the central staircase, down the corridor into one of the dilapidated bedrooms stopping only when she was cornered in a small closet.

This was it, she thought, now he'll attack and I'll be dead. It didn't happen that way. It didn't happen at all. Dropping down onto its belly, the wolf laid his head down on top of his paws and stared at her. It was very disconcerting, that stare, containing an intelligence that was almost human-like as it traveled along Sarah's form. For some reason it reminded her of other male stares, the kind where you feel like you've been stripped of your clothes.

Several hours and one unsuccessful attempt at escape later she was still there having learned very quickly that any attempt to escape would be met with a vicious snap of his teeth and several deep-throated growls.

Dusk was turning the inside of the house dark, so dark that visibility became a challenge, but Sarah didn't need sight to know the wolf was still there, she could hear his breathing through the silence of the room.

Waking with a start to the soft glow of candlelight, Sarah could hardly believe she had actually fallen asleep with a dangerous animal ready to attack her at any moment. Her gaze jumped to where the wolf had been and still was, but now was not alone. He had gained a companion. In the center of the room stood a man so handsome he nearly took her breath away. She couldn't help but stare completely forgetting the wolf entirely as she looked her fill. His long blond haired, gleaming like spun gold in the flickering candlelight, was left free from any confines to drape over his massive shoulders, ending about mid-chest. The face had an Old World elegance to it with firm features that spoke of an ageless strength and the dark compelling eyes that stared back at her were a deep onyx. The white silk shirt he wore clung to his chest, hinting at the taut, muscular structure beneath while soft black trousers outlined his powerful thighs, the cuffs tucked into polished black riding boots.

His voice when he spoke was cultured with a silken undertone that set Sarah's senses screaming awake and shudders of rippling awareness arcing through her flesh to pool low in her nether regions. "Let's see what you have found for us, Dominic. Come out of the closet my dear. There is no protection from me in there."

"No." But even as she said that her body was moving forward, forced by the allure of his voice and the demand in his eyes to do his bidding. With increasing alarm she tried to resist only realizing that her will alone was not enough to defeat the preternatural power he wielded.

He lowered his eyes and began a leisurely foray of her figure, lingering at her gently rounded hips and high, firm breasts. She felt naked and exposed by his perusal, yet there was also pride in his obvious enjoyment of her body.

In the time it took her to blink he had moved and was now standing right next to her. His hand lifted, sliding into her auburn tresses. Raising them to his face he captured her with his eyes, mesmerizing her until she could not look away while he inhaled the flowery scent clinging to her hair. Desire smoldered in the depths of his eyes, leaving her feeling equal amounts of fear and excitement.

"She looks to be quite a tasty morsel, Dominic. However did you find her?" He paused as if waiting for the wolf to reply.

From behind him came a yip of pain followed by the most horrible sounds of breaking bones and splashing blood onto the wooden floor. It seemed to go on for an eternity until finally with a last eerie howl of pain the noises ceased.

Giving Sarah a wicked smile the blonde devil shifted to the side, giving her a clear view of the room. Eyes widening she could feel heat staining her cheeks. Where the wolf had been there was now a man, a very naked man. He was glorious to look upon with long waist-length curls in a deep brown color that had red highlights mixed throughout. He was handsome in a rough sort of way, with high cheekbones and a slightly crooked nose. He smiled at Sarah while she studied him showing gleaming white teeth that in one minute looked normal and the next slightly pointed and sharper. Taller than the blonde by a few inches, he was broad shouldered, lean and muscular. The shaft between his legs drew Sarah's attention; it grew in size, as she looked until it was standing erect and rock hard. He had more than enough to make a girl happy but not so much that it would be painful.

Her blonde captor cleared his throat startling Sarah out of her reverie and bringing back the blush that had just left her. And when her eyes raised to stare into the naked mans warm amber eyes she realized with only a mild amount of fear and a great deal of fascination that the wolf and the man were one and the same.

Thoughts whirled around in her chaotic head with the speed of a tornado. A werewolf, that's what he was. She hadn't believed until now that they existed. So if he was a werewolf, what did that make his partner?

"I caught her trying to explore the house." His voice was smooth and strong with a slight gravely undertone that had to come from his animal nature. "I would have killed her but then it seemed such a waste to destroy something so appealing. What do you think Braeden. Should we keep her?"

"She'll definitely liven things up." Braeden once more stood in front of her, staring at her, into her. Sarah felt those magnetic black eyes all the way to her soul. It seemed as if his spirit were inside her, overriding her will and replacing it with his own so that when he commanded her to sleep it caused an immediate reaction, shutting down her mind and body.

She felt his arms wrap around her just as she slumped. Then she knew no more.

* * *

Sarah awoke disoriented, lying in an extremely large bed covered in black satin sheets. Glancing down the length of her body she could see that either Braeden or Dominic had dressed her in a long silk nightgown the color of blood as if first wells up from a cut. The thought of them seeing her naked brought the familiar blush to her cheeks.

Looking away from the disturbing color of the gown, she studied the room she was in. Candlelight flickered over smooth stone walls of a deep gray from sconces placed throughout the room while a huge fire crackled in a carved out niche in one wall keeping the room at a comfortable temperature. Lifting up she surveyed the entire room, every shadow and corner, even going so far as to get up off the bed, somewhat unsteadily, and checking underneath the bed.

Alone, thank God! She could escape now. Elation greater in that single moment of time than any she had ever felt in her life welled up inside her only to pass far sooner than she wanted when she realized that there was no door in her prison. Despair swamped over her, there would be no escape.

Sarah sank back down onto those black satin sheets, wallowing in self-pity while time passed unrecognized. Minutes or hours, it didn't matter when her life might be over before the dawn of the new day. Death visions dominated her thoughts until she became so faint with fear she nearly passed out.

Forced to sit with her head between my knees, Sarah cursed herself. How could she give up so easily? Yes, she was trapped but to sit there and do nothing was practically an invitation in itself. A weapon. She had to find a weapon.

A half an hour later of meticulous searching her hands were empty and tears left wet trails along her cheeks. There were no logs with which to use as a club, no sharp instruments of any kind and when she had tried to yank down one of the wall sconces all Sarah received for her efforts was a hand full of hot wax.

Hissing with pain, she blew on the wax to cool it off quickly so it could be peeled off. Her next breath brought the faint scent of cologne to her nostrils. Sarah immediately recognized it for what it was, Braeden's scent. His presence filled the room until every breath she took carried the scent of man and darker things.

"Come here sweetling and let me kiss your pain away." Braeden's voice thick with sensuality wove around her, whispering against the back of her neck. Before she could move his arms slipped around her waist, the black velvet cuffs of his robe soft against her skin. His arms contracted pulling her back tight against his chest.

His large hand captured her, raising it to his lips where he gently licked the small red patch of skin where the wax had burnt her. She inhaled sharply at the contact. Icy hot it sent shivers coursing down her spine.

"There, all better. You must be more careful my sweet. Such perfect skin should not be marred."

"Please let me go." Her voice shook slightly.

Braden nuzzled his cheek against her hair, fascinated by the scent and soft texture. "I can't let you go, baby. You see Dominic and I have been very lonely these last few years. We need your company, your body. You mustn't worry, sweetling. No harm will befall you."

"No!" Sarah took him by surprise, yanking herself free she fled to the opposite side of the room.

Braeden turned to face her, a smile of amusement on his face. "Ah, you wish to play chase. I'm quite fond of that game"

With his preternatural speed, Braeden was able to move to Sarah's side within the blink of an eye. One moment he stood grinning devilishly at her from across the room and the next moment he was right beside her drawing her inexorably into his arms once more "I won. What's my prize?" He drawled.

Sarah twisted in his arms, arching her body as she sought to get free.

"No. No. None of that, I won fair and square. Well somewhat fair and square anyway. Now, tell me what boon will you give me? A kiss perhaps?"

Sarah shook her head vehemently.

Braeden sighed. "Really my sweet, fighting me will do you know good. I see I will have to take what I want." His voice lowered into hypnotic tones. "You will be still until I have given you permission to move."

The steel of his words froze her muscles. Unable to move Sarah waited with held breath while Braeden drifted to stand behind her. Large, calloused hands slid under her arms, around her waist and cupped her breasts, gently squeezing each one in turn.

"You fit my hands perfectly, my sweet Sarah. Look how your nipples respond to my touch, baby."

Still under his compulsion, she had no choice but to watch as his hands caressed her breasts, rubbing the silk of the gown over the taut tips. Grasping her nipples between thumb and forefinger, Braeden lightly plucked at the tips. Her eyelids fluttered and then closed, a sharp gasp escaped her lips.

"Would you like me to suck on your nipples, baby? I would do it oh so gently, using my teeth and my tongue to lick and nibble?"

Sarah whimpered.

"Perhaps next time, sweet. For now you may flee me once more."

It took her slightly longer to realize that he had released her. But when she did, Sarah once more ran to the opposite side of the room.

Braeden crossed his arms and leaned back against the stone wall. He studied his quarry. Her eyes were wide, like those of a doe caught in a trap, her cheeks flushed and the pulse in her neck rapid. Moving lower he could see her erect nipples pushing against the silk of her gown. Soon. Soon he would have her enthralled in his lovemaking and she would not run from him. But until then the game must go on, he thought laughing to himself.

"This time, I want my kiss." Sarah found herself pushed back against the stone wall and Braeden's solid body pressing into hers. His lips took hers masterfully, allowing her no quarter. They ravaged, forcing her lips open to allow his tongue inside. Pulled deeper into the swirling mass of desire that was beginning to form inside her, Sarah could feel heat pooling low in her belly and her pussy growing wet. Moaning, she gave in to the overwhelming need to kiss him back. Dueling her tongue with his she slid her hands in his thick hair moaning again as her effect on him became known in the hot, rigid stalk of flesh that pressed into her belly.

Breathing heavily, Braeden broke the kiss and moved aside so she could flee once more.

Sarah moved away reluctantly, still unsure and slightly fearful. Every time he touched her it grew harder to pull away. Turning to face him, she waited, breathless as he began to move towards her. His movements were calculated, swift and predatory.

She made no attempt to move, standing deliberately still, letting him know she would not run this time. And when he stood close enough that she could feel his breath on her cheek she closed her eyes in submission.

"Enough games. Look at me, Sarah." He shrugged off the black robe letting it fall into a pool of material at his feet. "I am just a man. Granted I am something slightly more, but still a man, with a man's needs. My body cries out for yours. I need to be inside you, to have the hot silk of your body riding my cock. Let me have you, baby."

Braeden grabbed her hand and brought it to his throbbing cock encouraging her to explore the thick stalk. Hissing from the awesome pleasure of her touch, he wrapped her hands around his girth, showing her the stroking rhythm he preferred.

Sarah couldn't pull her eyes away. He was magnificent in his nudity, his hard body gleaming in the candlelight. The feel of his cock sliding through her fist drew her eyes and she was unable to resist the lure of his hot, throbbing flesh. Long and thick it slid through her hands coating them with precum allowing a smoother slide. Squeezing her hand tighter, she delighted in Braeden's response as a loud groan passed through his lips and his eyes closed with pleasure.

"Enough, baby." He could barely get the words through his mouth. Just the touch and motion of her hand had brought him to the point of orgasm. Removing her hand from his swollen member he led her over to the bed, pulling her down with him so that she lay flat on her back.

Leaning over her Braeden placed a gentle kiss in the valley between her breasts.

Sarah moaned from the heat his lips left behind. She waited while he moved lower and then moaned again as Braeden rubbed his cheek over first one and then the other nipple. The sensation of the smooth satin rasping over her nipples was intensely erotic, hardening the already taut peaks even more.

Braeden glance at Sarah through eyelids heavy with passion noting her flushed cheeks and chest rising and falling rapidly. Her response was everything he could have asked for. Shifting, Braeden moved over her, nudging her thighs apart, he lowered his chest down between them so he could have access to her pussy. "I've always enjoyed treasure hunting, ever since I was a child. But it's taken on a new meaning in my adulthood. I've developed new techniques. You'll have to let me know if you enjoy my methods."

Sarah waited, captivated as the fiend lowered his head. Her scream pierced the room, her body bucking as the first swipe of his tongue lashed over her clit causing the silk of her gown to slide enticingly across the sensitive flesh. The soft slide of silk and tongue quickly grew unbearable as Braeden incessantly tongued the hard nubbin. Material began to collect on her stomach with agonizing slowness. Constantly sliding back down Braeden was forced to redouble his efforts to push the silk back up.

Her moans were music to his ears, the smell of her arousal an aphrodisiac to his already overloaded senses. The need to take her burned hot and bright within him nearly undoing his will. His cock twitched with need as her hips rocked up and down, dragging her clit over the tip of his tongue.

With one last lick the hem of her gown was pushed upwards revealing the hidden treasure to his eyes. The swollen flesh was slick with her wetness, the clit hard and begging for attention. Braeden wasted no time, attacking the taut flesh with savage intensity. Sucking it deep into the hot depths of his mouth he used his tongue like a weapon, battering at the engorged flesh, showing no mercy.

"Oh God!" Sarah screamed. The raw sensations being forced on her were better than anything she had ever had. The force of his tongue against her clit had fire knifing through her body. And when he suckled at the sensitive bud, her hips arched off the bed and her scream echoed through the room.

"Come for me, sweetling!" His voice seared through her head just before his assault intensified. "I want to taste your sweetness. Come for me! Scream for me! Yes, that's it baby. Come now!"

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Raw pleasure, sharp and piercing, clawed through her, ripping and tearing at her flesh. Sparkling lights exploded in her head and her body twitched with each jolt of pleasure.

Braeden gripped her thighs tightly, continuing his onslaught until her hands reached down desperately pulling at his hair to force his head away. Giving in to her silent demand, he rested his head on the cool silk covering Sarah's stomach, heady with the taste and scent of her.

His engorged cock ached with the force of his wanting. But Braeden was still not ready to succumb to its demands just yet. Not until he had those full pouting lips of hers wrapped around his cock, sliding up and down the hard length would he give in. Then he would take her like a firestorm, swift and fierce, he would brand her body and mind, drinking her blood and replacing it with just a little of his own and when that was done there would be no place in the world that she could escape to where he would not be able to find her. Urged by the vividly erotic images in his head, Braeden raised up onto hands and knees.

With his body climbing up her prone one, Sarah was reminded of a lion stalking his prey, slow and sure, letting his prey see the intent in his eyes. Her eyes were drawn to the erect cock between his legs, waving slightly as he moved, precum glistening at the tip.

Braeden climbed higher until he was able to straddle Sarah's chest. Grabbing a pillow he placed it under her head and waited.

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