tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSarah's Midnight Therapy

Sarah's Midnight Therapy


Sarah walked down the hall with a smirk on her pretty face. The tall, blue-eyed blond nurse was surprisingly enjoying herself tonight.

Her scrubs did little to conceal the shape of her firm 34-B, 26-36 body. In the past the pretty 32-year old didn't mind men ogling her, or even trying to peek down the V-neck of her scrubs top in hopes of a quick view of her tits. But that was before her husband had left her for another woman.

Sarah was pissed at all men in general over her husband's actions. He had abandoned her, and their six-year-old daughter. And now Sarah had to work extra shifts to make ends meet.

That was why she was here tonight, pulling the graveyard shift at the hospital. Sarah was a rehab nurse, so working nights was pretty easy. Most of the few patients who were in this ward would be sound asleep. The majority of the rehab patients were on other units and were brought down in the daytime, so there were few for the nurse to care for. But someone had to be on hand just in case something happened.

There was on patient who was the cause of Sarah's smirk tonight. John Roberts, the 38-year-old scumbag who had been brought in by the police after injuring his back in the county jail.

John was a decent looking man who, Sarah realized, had often had a way with the ladies. He was obnoxious and acted like women were beneath him. Twice he groped her breast when she had helped to put him on the bed.

The doctor had determined that there was no serious injury to John Roberts, but requested that he remain for the night until more test could be run in the morning. The police agreed when the doctor promised that he would be restrained in his bed all night.

Sarah had obediently checked in on John every time she passed by as ordered. And each time he had made some obscene remark to her about how soft her tits felt, or how he would love to eat her pussy or fuck her with his 10-inch cock.

He then complained that he thought that his Texas Catheter—a condom like catheter placed over the penis when a regular catheter was not necessary, was clogged. Reluctantly, Sarah checked the catheter and was surprised to see that John Roberts was as endowed as he claimed to be.

John used the opportunity to ask Sarah if she would get him off.

Sarah remembered her single days when she had jacked off a few men when she worked night shift. Always wearing her rubber glove and usually receiving a tip in the process, those days had been fun. But she had not done anything like that since before she had married her ex.

But now Sarah had the opportunity to make a man pay. She smiled at John, removed the catheter and began stroking his cock until it was fully erect.

John enjoyed the treatment, even if the pretty blonde nurse wore a latex glove. But he had groaned in dissatisfaction when she stopped just prior to his orgasm.

And that was how things had gone for the better part of the last two hours. Every few minutes Sarah would return to John's room and stroke his cock just to the point of release and then stop. Sometimes she manhandled his balls or bent his cock down, both bringing him pain. But never would she allow him to cum despite his pleas for release.

John's cock was swollen and the need for an orgasm was torturing him. He strained at the restraints holding him down, even offering to jack off for her if she would just let one of his hands free.

But Sarah was enjoying this. She told John that she was going to keep it up all night, never allowing him to cum and then turning him over to the police in the morning when they came to pick him up.

When John threatened to report her she just laughed and said "Who are they going to believe? A common criminal or a well respected nurse? You can never prove anything.

There was a part of Sarah that craved John's large cock. She had never experienced one that size before, but she was not about to screw this scumbag. Besides, this was her way at getting back at all men by teasing and denying John Roberts.

John was so frustrated that he wanted to scream. His cock didn't even have time to go soft now between Sarah's frequent visits. He had hoped that she would accidentally go too long and allow him to cum, but the nurse was good at what she was doing, always taking him just up to the point of no return before stopping cold.

But now he had a surprise for Sarah.

He had been working the restraints continuously, and had finally freed his left hand. His first instinct was to jack off, but he wanted more now. He quickly released his right hand and his feet and then resumed his position on the bed awaiting Sarah's return.

When she entered the room Sarah wasted no time walking over to play with John's cock. But just as her glove-covered palm met his shaft John sprang into action, grabbing the nurse and wrestling her down onto the stretcher.

Sarah cried out, but realized that no one would be in this part of the ward at this hour.

John forced her down onto her back and then strapped each of her wrists into the restraints that had so recently held his arms in place.

"Please don't hurt me." Sarah pleaded.

"Why would I want to hurt you?" John asked, stroking his hard cock.

Sarah realized what he had in mind. "No, you can't do this."

"Or what, you'll turn me in? So I'll get charged with rape, but you'll be charged with sexual assault too! Maybe you won't do time, but you'll get something, and you'll lose your nursing license too."

Sarah knew that John Roberts was right. She had gotten herself into a situation where she couldn't tell anyone about tonight. "Please, unfasten me and I'll jack you off."

"Fuck that," John replied, "I want that mouth."

John climbed up onto the stretcher and straddled Sarah's chest, rubbing his hard cock against her face. "Open that mouth and suck my cock."

Sarah tried to resist, but was afraid that if she didn't do this that he would decide to fuck her. And that she couldn't allow. So she reluctantly opened her mouth and allowed him to slide his cock between her lips. She began sucking John's cock, hoping to satisfy him and get this over with.

John had suffered from Sarah's cruel denial for so long that it did not take him much time at all to cum. He felt the head of his cock stirring and his balls tightening almost immediately.

"Oh fuck, yes!" He cried out as he began spewing his cum into Sarah's mouth.

Sarah's mouth filled with his juice. She tried to keep from swallowing it, but had little choice in the matter as John thrust his meaty cock deep into her mouth as he continued to cum. Sarah was forced to gulp down most of his seed as her mouth continued to satisfy his lust.

Finally John pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"There, you got what you wanted. Now let me go. I promise I won't tell anyone."

John looked down at her. "Oh, I'm not finished just yet.

Sarah began struggling as John pulled her pants and panties down over her legs. Once freed her forced her legs apart and secured each in a restraint. He then pulled her top up, and forced her bra up over her tits. Now she was fully exposed to him, and John wasted no time fondling every part of Sarah's firm body.

He groped her tits and pinched and pulled her nipples before licking and sucking each of them. Then he ran his tongue down over her flat belly and through the well-trimmed dark thatch of pubic hair.

"Please don't do that." She begged as his tongue began licking her pussy.

John looked up at her. "Turnabout is fair play, my dear. But where you kept denying my orgasm, I'm going to do the opposite and make you cum until you can't stand it any longer."

John crawled between Sarah's legs and began licking her pussy. She was already wet from the desire she had after playing with John's cock for so long. She cursed her earlier actions that had led to this as she felt her pussy beginning to respond to this man's oral assault.

Sarah begged him to stop, not wanting to give him the pleasure of cumming for him. But John was well trained in the use of his tongue to please a woman, and Sarah was unable to prevent the growing desire between her legs.

"Oh fuck, no." She spat as she felt her body begin to climax. John's tongue worked her swollen clit as Sarah's body began to rock back and forth as he forced her to orgasm for him.

But things got worse after that. As Sarah's orgasm subsided John's pace quickened. His tongue began flickering back and forth over her sensitive clit in a way that was too stimulating for her. Sarah pleaded with him to stop, or slow down, or just give her a minute to calm down: Anything but continue this intense licking that was driving her insane.

But John was too into it to stop. He wanted Sarah to cum over and over again. He knew that a woman needed the stimulation to stop at least for brief periods of time. But he was not going to provide that rest for Sarah. She had tortured him with denial, so he was going to torture her with endless orgasms.

Sarah cried out as the next wave of forced pleasure washed through her. And still John did not stop.

The orgasms were coming in multiples now, and Sarah's body was covered with sweat as she shivered and cried out in a solid mixture of ecstasy and agony.

John's jaws ached as he continued licking Sarah's cunt. His cock was hard as a rock and he wanted nothing more than to bury it inside her pussy. But he wanted to make her pay just a little longer.

Sarah looked up at the clock, realizing that John had been feasting on her box for over an hour. She lost count of the number of orgasms as it now seamed as if it were just one long orgasm that threatened to make her pass out. Indeed, she wished that she would feint and get some relief in that way. Her pussy hurt from the continued licking. Her clit was raw and sore but John did not appear to be ready to slow down.

Finally he pulled his face away from her pussy. "Beg me to fuck you and I'll stop." He said, and then resumed licking her cunt once more.

Sarah tried to resist saying the words. She did not want this bastard to fuck her. But goddamn it, she couldn't take this any longer.

"Please fuck me." She said.

When John ignored her she said it again, only louder. But he continued forcing her to cum with his tongue.

"Goddamn it, fuck my pussy!" Sarah cried out, unable to take another minute of this.

John climbed up over her. She could see his face coated in her juice as he lay atop her. He rubbed his wet face against hers, telling her to use her tongue to clean her cunt juice off of his face. Obediently she did so as John pressed his cock into her ravaged cunt.

Sarah gasped as it filled her in a way that she had never been filled before.

Then John began pounding her pussy without mercy.

Sarah cried out as his cock slammed inside her, banging against her cervix with each lust-filled thrust.

Sarah's cunt gripped John's shaft as he banged away at the pretty nurse beneath him.

"Damn you have one nice pussy." John said as he fucked her hard and fast.

Sarah regretted it as soon as he began fucking her. She had meant to punish this man for what he was—a man—but now she was the one being punished for her actions. And worse, her body was enjoying it.

Sarah was appalled at the fact that her body was already on the verge of another climax as she was being fucked. She could not hold back the loud moans as she came for John Roberts.

John was in absolute heaven. This was worth the suffering he had endured. He would go back to jail in the morning to finish up his punishment for drunk driving, but he was going to get away with taking this nurse because there was no way that she would ever tell anyone about this night.

John's balls began to tighten and he could feel the cum rising in his cock. "Oh I'm ready to cum." He said.

"No, stop!" Sarah cried out, not wanting him to cum inside her.

But John was not about to stop now. "Oh yes!"

John began cumming in Sarah's pussy, just as she began rocking back and forth in the midst of yet another orgasm.

Sarah could not believe it. She was cumming with him and there was nothing that she could do to stop it.

John pumped his cum into Sarah's waiting body, waiting until she relaxed before he slowly stopped and pulled out his satisfied cock.

Sarah was panting and shivering as John released her. She got to her feet and grabbed her pants and staggered to the bathroom to clean up and dress while John relaxed, reminiscing in the thrill of what had just happened.

He would make Sarah suck him off one more time that night before putting the restraints on him just ahead of the arrival of the next shift.

Sarah turned John Roberts over to the dayshift nurse, who would prepare him for pickup by the police. But as she left, still walking on shaking legs, she could not help but look back at John Roberts, who just smiled at her as exited the room; she blushed lightly and had to repress a smile when he winked at her.

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