tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSarah's Visit to London

Sarah's Visit to London


Author's note: This story was written by special request for a friend. Let's call her Sarah. She has also contributed to the storyline, and helped me with editing. Thanks so much Sarah.

Oh, and there's more to come of this one!



He stood by the Arrivals gate at Heathrow Terminal 4. The 747 from LA had touched down half-an-hour before, and a trickle of passengers was beginning to emerge from Customs, wearing the dazed expressions which follow any long overnight flight. The journey must have been about twelve or thirteen hours, he thought. He'd flown that far a few times, so he knew how it felt. They'd all be wrecked. He knew he had to be gentle and supportive for the women he was meeting.

He was nervous. Very nervous. He had never before even imagined meeting someone he'd encountered through Lit.com, and now it was about to happen. He'd volunteered to show the women round when they came to London. He'd been chatting to Sarah for months online, after she'd sent him some kind comments on a story he'd published on Lit. Over time the chatting had got quite steamy and personal, but that had been online fantasy.

Now he was going to meet her for real, and her two friends, Anne and Sue. He had no idea how things might develop. His job was to show them round London for a few days, and he knew this was their first visit to Europe. So he was determined to be as good a tourguide as possible. It wasn't business this time: he'd volunteered because he knew Sarah, sort of. And, yes, he'd lusted after her, as their online chat got hotter. They had even once watched each other masturbate online, but she had refused to do it again for him. But that was all fantasy. This was hard reality. He knew he couldn't really expect her to want sex.

The trickle of passengers through the gate swelled to a crowd and it became harder to distinguish anybody. But he was the only man at Arrivals wearing a kilt, so he was confident they would recognise him.

He was momentarily distracted by something, and the next second there they were, three woman with luggage-laden carts, standing before him. He assessed them briefly as he moved to hug them each in turn, expressing concern about how their flight had been, words of welcome to the UK. They were all interesting in different ways, but his eyes were focussed on Sarah. She was quite a bit younger than her friends and she was so sexy. He embraced her last, and felt his cock rising as he kissed her. She pressed her plump body into his as they folded together. He knew in that instant that before she left London, he had to have her.

He guided them through the maze of the busiest international airport in the world, down to where the Heathrow Express was waiting to whisk them into central London. As they moved the three women were chatting, the confused jumble of thoughts and emotions of anyone arriving overtired in a different culture.

They managed to find an empty table for four on the train, and he noted that Sarah held back a moment, then slid into the seat opposite her friends, so he had to sit beside her. They settled for the twenty-minute train-ride and he moved his thigh under the table so it pressed lightly on hers. He needed her to be aware that he wanted her...He dared to hope that he felt her delicious thigh move against his, just a tiny shy signal?

A brief taxi-ride from Paddington Station saw them to their hotel, and after he helped them in with their luggage, he hovered behind them as they signed in. He lusted after Sarah's full and shapely arse as she bent to sign the register.

Formalities were complete. He smiled at them: Maybe we should sit for a few minutes with coffee or tea, so you can think about what you want to do now? It's eight-thirty here, but I know your body-clocks are still thousands of miles away, and I know you can't have slept properly on the plane. If I were you now I'd want to get some sleep, but let me get you some breakfast so you can collect your minds, then tell me what you want to do?

They nestled into a comfy curved settee in the lobby and a waitress took their orders. Okay lassies, he said: I suspect I have more experience of long-flight jetlag than you do. I've found, for my body, that the best thing to do is get a few hours' sleep after the flight, but not too many, maybe just three or four hours. If I do that I've enough energy to make the most of the rest of the day, then in the evening I go to bed fairly early, and I'm pretty much back to normal by the next morning. If you want to do that, I'll go attend to things at home and come back to help start your London exploration about lunchtime. Or, if you're not too tired and want to start your adventures now, I'm here for you. It's up to you?

Their breakfast arrived and the three women spoke as they sipped and ate. Anne and Sue wanted to rest, but Sarah said she'd had some sleep on the plane and wanted to start her holiday now. He was aroused at the thought, and pressed his thigh firmly against hers under the table.

Sue and Anne slipped to the lift to get some rest. He gazed into Sarah's eyes, bent to kiss her mouth: So, my dear, he said, what would you like to do with this lovely morning? Her lips parted hesitantly as he kissed her. Despite their online relationship she was very nervous now she was on her own with him. His arms moved round her and he pulled her to him. And felt her reluctance.

I'm, mmm, I'm not too sure, she whispered. He kissed her neck and felt his cock rise gently under the kilt. His fingers discreetly feathered her breasts and she sighed.

Well, maybe I could make a couple of suggestions? he breathed softly. First, is there anything you would like to see in the city that maybe wouldn't interest Sue and Anne so much? I don't want them to miss out on anything they really want to see. So, any special interests?

She didn't respond.

Or second, would you like to visit my flat? It's not far away. You could see where I live. But if you would like to do that, I warn you, I couldn't be answerable for my actions. I have to tell you, now that I have you in my arms after all our steamy chats, I want to explore you, then fuck your brains out.

She shrank back from him and moved away so there was space between them: John, I think you are a nice man, and as you know I am attracted to you, but this is all a bit sudden...

If you don't want me that's Okay, he murmured. Online fantasy is one thing, real life is another. I know that. So tell me what you want to do? Or maybe you should just follow Sue and Anne up to rest here, alone?

She shrugged into herself, still a bit distant from him: John, I really don't know what I want to do. Part of her thoughts were with her husband, thousands of miles away. She wasn't promiscuous, didn't play around, but here was this concerned man, right next to her, and he'd made it clear that he wanted her, wanted sex with her. She could feel the dampness in her pussy. Ohh, what should she do?

He answered the question for her. He leaned in to kiss her again and she felt the butterflies surge in her belly. He paid the bill, then dragged her up and kissed her again when they were standing so she could feel his hard cock through the fabric of their clothes. He led her out of the hotel and hailed a waiting black cab. She moved into it in a daze, not totally sure what was happening.

Fifteen minutes later she stumbled from the cab, his arm supporting her. She was beginning to wish she'd stayed to rest in the hotel, but she was here now, and John was in control. She shivered, thinking of what was about to happen. They were outside a long two-storey terrace of brick homes and he was prodding his key into the lock. As the door swung open he turned to kiss her mouth and she felt something melt inside. He pulled her urgently into the house and shut the door.

It was tiny. She was used to the spacious houses of the US south-west, hadn't ever seen a home as small as this. She knew he wasn't poor: how come he lived in such a small space?

He showed her round, very aware of his cock's insistent throbbing. The living-room was barely twelve feet square, she noticed, the one bedroom even smaller. He told her he wanted to push her down on the bed and rip her clothes off, then fuck her silly. She felt herself moisten again, but he didn't move to do this.

In the wee kitchen he switched on the kettle for tea, then turned to her. She felt his arms enclose her, his fingers stroking the throbbing pulse on her neck. His lips fastened on hers and she felt his insistence. Her mouth responded involuntarily and they squirmed together in a most delicious kiss. One firm hand was holding her tightly and the other moved to her breasts, fondling and squeezing and she shivered, she couldn't help but kiss him deeper. She trembled more as the hand crept lower, over her ass, slipped round to gently stroke the inside of her thighs through the loose slacks she'd worn for the flight.

Ohfuck she was hot, hot and wanting. She felt the fingers move up on the fabric of her clothes. Involuntarily she parted her legs a little. Felt his fingers stroke higher, into the cleft of her groin, still over her clothes. She shuddered.

He kissed her mouth hard. She was aroused now, but somehow limp and indecisive as he pulled her top off, bent to lick her neck, her throat, down to the tops of her generous breasts. She felt his fingers undo the front catch of her lacy bra. The fingers were trembling with his excitement and somewhere through her confusion she was glad he was so aroused. He gasped as her bra fell away and her magnificent breasts were freed: Ohh fuck Sarah, you are so gorgeous...

Her eyes were shut now as she sensed him kneel before her, felt his hot mouth suckling on one nipple, sucking, twisting, and gently biting. His long fingers were on the other breast, squeezing, fondling, till both hands dropped to loosen her slacks, slip her panties down. She was embarrassed now and pushed him away: John, please, no more, I'm so sweaty and dirty from the flight...

He pushed her forcefully against the counter, slipped her shoes off, then her slacks and panties, and she felt his face nuzzle her naked pussy. She was so glad she had thought to trim herself the previous day. He scented her musky arousal through the sweat and his tongue parted her swollen pussylips to taste her.

Oh Sarah -- his lips pursed round her hard clit now -- you are sex incarnate my dear. I love your pussyscent, your pungent taste. And I want to lick all the delicious sweat from you. Everywhere. Most urgently I need to bury myself in your pussy but -- he glanced through the curtainless kitchen window into his small garden -- perhaps not here. Not this time anyway.

He stood, gripped her arm firmly, and drew her through the small flat to his bedroom. Despite her arousal she was nervous, almost scared. He must have sensed it she thought. But she recognised a man driven solely by his own urgent lust. He pushed her roughly onto the bed so she lay splayed on her back before him. He raised one foot, placed it firmly on her soft stomach, keeping her where he wanted her as he unbuttoned his shirt. With his thigh raised she could glimpse the angry urgency of his erection beneath the kilt. Then he unfastened that garment and stood naked before her. His cockhead was dripping, she noticed, and she couldn't help but move a hand between her legs to stroke herself as he looked at her intently.

She could smell the maleness of his arousal now, rubbed her clit as his fingers moved round his cock. Sarah, he breathed, I have never seen anything as utterly wanton as you touching yourself. Now I have to fuck you so hard, you won't know what hit you.

He knelt on the bed between her splayed legs, lowered himself slowly over her on his arms. His body didn't touch her till his mouth suckled her breasts, biting and urgent now. Her head was thrown back on the pillows and he kissed her vulnerable neck. She felt his fingers creep up the soft insides of her naked thighs and she squirmed and moaned as they stroked her labia gently, started probing...

He was panting now: Sarah, have you any idea how much I've wanted you? Christ, I love your body, need to be with you every way a man and woman can be. He crouched back and she trembled as his tongue probed between her thighs, seeking her. Her fluids were beginning to run as his tongue parted the swollen lips under her trimmed bush. She felt the bliss as his mouth pursed round her clit, sucking gently. His fingers probed deep into her wet pussy. She felt her hips rising involuntarily, squirming against him.

His lips left her groin and his body moved up so she felt his hot hardness press against her thigh as her mouth opened to his. Oh Sarah, he growled, I need to fuck you. Now. His hard cock was dripping against her and her mouth opened wider to his, slack with desire.

Take me now John, please. And her body jolted as his hardness slid between her engorged labia. Her legs jerked wider as she felt his cock enter her womanhood fully and he groaned loudly: Ohhh fuck Sarah, how I need you. He surged between her legs, fucking her deep and hard, and now she sensed his concern for her as their bodies rose together, slithering and twining in their sweat. They kissed deeply and she heard his words: I'm sorry Sarah, I need to cum into you now. I can't wait. The electricity was tingling in him from his balls to his cockhead as he thrust harder into her body. Fuck me lover, she whispered. She was nearly there...

As he exploded into her she spasmed against him: Wow John, that was amazing. He washed her body with kisses as they eventually subsided together...ohh Sarah, and she felt the last spurt surge from his cock into her...

Sorry baby, I had to cum fast this time, I just couldn't help myself, he whispered into her neck. Next time, I'll make it last longer for you.

She just smiled.


Sarah nestled into his long hard body: John, you got me off and that's all that matters. I feel so relaxed now, maybe I should sleep for an hour or two. He stroked her face gently and kissed her brow: Sure, you rest for a while, Sarah. But I might have to wake you in time for more sex before we go back to Sue and Anne.

She turned on her side so he was spooned into her back and he stroked her breasts and belly till she drifted off. When her breathing told him she was asleep he slipped from the bed and dressed quietly. He made himself coffee and switched his computer on. He had intended to work for a while but found it hard to focus: his mind kept re-running what had just happened with Sarah. Fuck, she was a total sex-bomb, he thought. He couldn't remember when he had last had such an intense orgasm.

His cock stirred again and he stroked it through the fabric of his kilt, thinking of the woman next door in his bed. He was sixty now and orgasms didn't come as easily as they used to, but he wanted to return to the bedroom now and fuck her again, whilst she was asleep. His cock was quite erect at the thought, but he knew he couldn't do that, the poor woman really needed to get some rest. He knew he had to have her again this morning before they returned to the hotel.

He forced himself to focus on the screen, eased himself into the chapter he was writing. The novel was nearing completion and he had a publisher's deadline to meet.

When he next glanced at the clock it was nearly eleven. They had told Anne and Sue that they would be back at the hotel by 12.30, and he knew Sarah would want a shower before they left the house. But his cock had business to attend to before that happened. It was hard again. He shut down his computer and slipped into the bedroom. Sarah had turned in her sleep and was on her back, breathing regularly. The bedclothes had fallen to one side and her gorgeous body was half-exposed. Her legs were splayed and one hand lay in her groin. Christ, she was one incredibly sexy woman!

He slipped out of his clothes and moved beside the bed. Her mouth was slack, lips slightly parted...he couldn't resist it, crouched over her on the bed so his cocktip gently brushed her mouth. She stirred a little and her mouth fell open wider. He pushed so he could feel her lips touch him and her jaw fell slacker as he pressed between her teeth. As he started gently fucking her mouth her eyes flickered open and he read the confusion as she slowly emerged from sleep. Suck my cock Sarah, he growled, in a commanding voice.

She was half-awake now and could see the insistence in his eyes. She licked her lips as well as she could and closed them tightly round the cock in her mouth.

The sensation in his cock was incredible and he knew he could cum in her mouth, but he didn't want that just yet. He shuffled back down the bed beside her, kissed her mouth as his fingers fondled her breasts, felt her nipples harden. He loved the fullness of her breasts and bent down to suckle them. Her breath was coming faster: she was fully awake now and becoming aroused. His cock throbbed against her leg and he needed her with an urgency which surprised him, just a couple of hours since his last orgasm. He moved down further to spread her thighs and lap at her pussy. Christ, her scent, taste, texture drove him wild. He had to take her now: he knew she was ready for him, but this time he wanted her from behind.

Baby, turn over for me, onto your stomach, he demanded. She slowly moved to comply and he lifted her hips and pushed three pillows under them. Her ass was high now and he pushed her legs apart. He pulled her asscheeks wide, licked into the crack, flicked his tongue round her puckered backdoor. Considered taking her there, but just considered it. She had told him online some time back that she had never had anal sex, and he knew it was too soon in their real relationship to try it. He licked into her anus briefly, then moved his face down to part her throbbing pussylips with his tongue. She moaned slightly and the sound triggered something primal in him. He had to take her now.

He slapped her ass hard enough so the cheeks quivered: Get onto your hands and knees Sarah, he ordered. I need to play with your breasts whilst I plunder your sex. And I want you to finger your clit as I take you from behind. She shuffled up obediently and his hardness entered her, parting her labia and sliding into her wet welcoming vagina. She felt his fingers on her dangling breasts and instinctively moved back on him a little as her hand moved to her throbbing clit.

He leaned forward to lick her ear: This time I will take longer Sarah, I need to treasure you and pleasure you properly. Which means I want you to tell me what's best for you.

She moaned softly: Please just continue with what you're doing now -- she squirmed -- long and slow is so good. And long and slow he gave her, sliding deeply into her, withdrawing till only the tip of his cock remained in her, then pressed gradually back inside. She was incredibly tight round him, a hot silky sexglove. She hadn't borne any children, he remembered. His pleasure was intense and he told her so, he wanted this to go on forever. He loved the way her breasts dangled in this position and he pulled and fondled them as his cock thrust gently in her pussy. She moved back on him harder when he played with her breasts, he realised. So he pulled and twisted her nipples harder and she jerked back on him with a moan.

It's Okay baby, he said, you can cum anytime you want. I can go for as long as you need right now, and he tweaked her nipples again so she shuddered back on his cock. Her fingers were dancing on her clit and he felt the exquisite pleasure as her muscles tightened on him momentarily. Cum to me honey he whispered, licking into her ear, I want to feel you cum hard on me. She was groaning now, her hips bucking against him so his balls swung against her busy fingers. They were climbing higher together but he didn't want to cum yet, he needed to feel her orgasm first. He sucked one finger wetly and began running it tenderly round her tight anus, then probed her gently there. Her muscles tightened hard on him and he pressed into her star. Do you want my finger here? he whispered. She moaned incoherently and he pressed in further, excited to be touching her most secret place. Suddenly her fingers began moving faster on her clit and he knew she was getting ready to cum. He moved more urgently on her, and began thrusting his hot cock harder into her. She was crying out now, her muscles clenching him more tightly, then she screamed softly, spasmed hard, and he felt the wetness of her cum as it dripped from her.

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