tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara's Catfight with Alecia

Sara's Catfight with Alecia


Well, as I said two chapters ago, thanks to Krista, we got to classes on time. In fact, we arrived about fifteen minutes early which ordinarily I wouldn't have been pleased with, because I hated being in class so much I begrudged every extra second spent there; although that day was different. It afforded me the opportunity to go around and touch base as much as possible with the people who had been at Kristine's Thanksgiving party.

In fact, you wouldn't have believed it, but all the details were already all over the place. You remember the power and effect of the university grapevined rumor mill, don't you? Or maybe you were raised in the Vatican City – mwahaha! Anywho, come to find out, I had become a major celebrity overnight. All that day people, a lot of whom I didn't even really know, were coming up to me asking me for the details and begging to be invited to our next party. It was the bomb, let me tell you. Even seniors were coming up to me and remember, I was only a freshman.

Of course, none of them realized that I knew that behind my back they were calling me everything from a bull dyke to the lesbo queen, but that didn't bother me none. Eric and I both knew that not only was our love strong, but so was our sex life! I always said that this bell swings both ways.

First off I discovered Kristine hanging around in front of our first class. She told me everything was okay with her except that she had been grounded for the next sixteen straight years. Lets see, I told her that would mean she would miss her college graduation, probably getting married, and she wouldn't be allowed out on a date until she was thirty-four. Hehe, I don't think she saw the humor in it, but my good friend did admit she was doing much better than Nicole, who hadn't even been allowed to attend college that week and it was so bad at her house that she 'wanted' to go to class! Her mother sent her to a shrink for about two years before they figured out that Nicole wasn't queer. Man, talk about lame. It should have been her anal-retentive, Bible thumping mother that was sent to the shrink, but that's another whole can of worms that I'm not opening, unless Nicole wants to tell it sometime.

During that morning I was able to talk with Rebecca, Christa, and Eudora and according to what they told me, everybody had gotten away clean without any consequences being wreaked on them. Of course Betty wasn't attending college, but I called her at lunch time at the store where she worked and she proceeded to tell me everything she has since related in the chapter she wrote. If you haven't read it then you're reading all this out of order and you need to go find her chapter as quickly as possible and read it. Then go to your family doctor and explain that you need meds because you're schizophrenic!

When Betty told me everything that had happened to her running around Nicole's neighborhood stark naked, I laughed my ass off. She got real pissy and informed me she failed to see the humor in it (she has since changed that position), but she did admit that she wouldn't have met Matt. My friend was already totally enamored with him and she just went on and on about it. I didn't mind, I've been there, done that myself and have the T-shirt. Besides he was a sweet guy and I was going to have to remember to thank him for helping Betty when I saw him next. He was a sophomore so sometimes I didn't see him for days at a time, but I made a commitment to look him up during the coming week and thank him.

Finally I had to beg off and tell Betty I needed to get to class. Actually I didn't because it was still lunch time for me, but lord! Enough is enough for one call. I promised I would call her in the evening and let her bore me to tears then – mwahaha! Again, don't get me wrong. I'm not judging her, I was the same way right after I met Eric. You know, I just realized something. I bet our friends are glad when we've finally been going with someone for awhile so we can quit talking about them so much!

I finally got through all those miserable afternoon classes. You know, the ones where the clock on the wall in the room refuses to move. You wait for what you think is at least fifteen minutes and then you look up at the clock and you see only two minutes has passed! I used to be able to sit in the back of the room and surreptitiously slip my hand down my skirt waistband and finger myself when I got bored; which, of course, was all the time. But then everybody learned about me and they would watch me like a hawk during class. Now you know me – I'm not shy, but I just didn't feel like masturbating myself in front of a classroom of people. I just don't consider it to be a spectator sport.

Finally the last bell rang signifying the end of school for the day for me, and I was free. Free at last! Catchy, huh? When I located Krista she was hanging out in front of her last class in the Humanities Building talking to this senior named Tom. Now let's get straight right from the beginning, this guy was a hottie. He was fairly tall, had a nice build, long brown hair and was incredibly handsome. Best of all, he didn't think he was that hot, so he was a nice guy. All those guys who think they're God's gifts to women and treat us like shit should all be castrated. Mwahaha! At least, that's what I think.

Meanwhile back to Tom, I would have jumped his bones in a heart beat except for one thing – his girlfriend. Her name was Alecia and let me tell you – you've heard of a love – hate relationship, haven't you? Well, Alecia and I had a hate – hate relationship and it was mutual! Whenever she came around me I could immediately feel my hackles rise and I'm sure her's did too at the sight of me, which was too bad because – believe it or not – she was hotter than her boyfriend. She was only a nineteen year old freshman but had no problems attracting any senior guy she wanted.

Alecia stood five feet, six inches, had long reddish-blonde hair and was built like the proverbial brick shithouse. Not only that, but her face held timeless beauty. I can't explain it better than that. It was as if no matter what era she had been born in, she still would have been considered beautiful. And yet there was also a touch of world weariness in her expression, as though she had already been there and done that, but didn't mind because she was more than willing to do it all again. All things considered, I had always thought it was a shame that we didn't get along, because I would have liked to jump her bones too.

We were standing laughing and talking with Tom. There were still a number of people in the corridor getting ready to go home for the day when Alecia suddenly came around the corner. When I saw the fire in her eyes from spotting me with her boyfriend I knew there was going to be bigtime trouble. There was just no way she would let me slide with this and there was no way either that I was going to back down to her. Once you start backing down to people, it's impossible to stop; at least that's what I think.

She stalked on her high heels down to us in a second and a half, at least that's what it seemed like. That was another thing about her. She dressed like a business woman would dress, tasteful skirts and blouses. That just made her all the more desirable in my eyes, probably in her boyfriend's also.

"Tom!" she exclaimed. "What the hell are you doing with this...this... bimbo?"

"Bimbo?!" I laughed. "What the hell have you been reading? Mickey Spillane?"

Alecia pinned me with one of her killer gazes and riposted, "If I want any shit from you, I'll squeeze your head." That was a pretty good line under the circumstances. I had to hand to her. It got the crowd going too and they moved closer to us enclosing us in a circle. I couldn't have backed down now if I wanted to. And I didn't want to.

"Hey slut-monkey! You wanna piece of me? Come on then. Fuck this foreplay working yourself up to it. Let's just get it on!" I invited. I know, I know...slut-monkey? Well, when you're real mad you'll say any crazy thing. You could probably yell out the Star Spangled Banner at whoever you were fighting with and it would sound like a threat.

I'll give Alecia her due, she was game from the start. She just dropped her books and bag on to the floor and kicked off her high heels. I noticed she was stocking footed and I figured that was an advantage for me, because she would find her footing to be slippery to say the least in the hallway. She was smart too. Alecia didn't even think about charging me which would have been to my advantage because of my innate quickness. Instead she dropped into one of the more basic karate defensive stances, where supposedly she could block any punch or kick easily by deflecting it left or right, up or down.

I began to feel queasy down in my gut because if she were a black belt she was going to hand me my ass on a silver platter. But luckily for me as it turned out Alecia had just begun to take Karate classes at that time. You know me, I had to find out right away; so I faked a straight right and when she moved her left arm sideways to block my punch I slipped in a good left cross right on her chin!

The punch served two purposes; one, it hurt her and two, it told me she had no Karate skills to speak of. I breathed a sigh of relief. The blow snapped her head back into the wall. I realized that must have hurt, but she was tough. Alecia didn't make a sound and instead glared at me with even more hatred, if that was possible.

I decided to try another left cross which turned out to be a big mistake, because she was ready for that and when I stepped forward she brought up her left stockinged foot right up under my pussy – hard! Now it wasn't as if I was a guy or something because I've had guys tell me if they were kicked in the balls like that, the fight would be over and they would be on their knees puking, but it did hurt enough to have a foot pounding up there where usually only other things were allowed.

Observing the look of pain of my face, Alecia then made a mistake of her own. She attempted the same kick and this time I was ready. I grabbed on to her ankle before it reached its goal. I didn't know what else to do right then so I just hung on to her ankle and began to hop her around in a circle. This caused the crowd to start laughing at her and she actually snarled at me. I was beginning to understand that I had underestimated the entire situation. I had been hoping to just beat her butt and get the hell out of there and go home. Now I could see that wasn't going to happen and I needed to readjust my strategy.

As I have previously mentioned, Alecia was wearing a knee length dark skirt and a ruffled white blouse. I reached out with my free hand and grasped the waistband of her skirt and ripped it completely off her! "You bitch!" she howled. The crowd started going wild, yelling and hooting. I realized I needed to get this done quick before some instructor heard us or worse – a professor.

I couldn't believe my own eyes. Beneath that dark skirt, Alecia was wearing a half slip. "Oh my God!" I cackled. "You're wearing a half slip! I though those things existed only in books."

"You dumb slit! You're so stupid, you don't know not to admit that," Alecia cracked back at me.

'Touché,' I thought. 'This girl is good.'

She suddenly wrenched her ankle from my grip and quickly stepped back from me. We both stared at each other for a second and then we made our next moves. It just so happened that we each had the same move in mind. When I went for the waistband of her half slip, Alecia slipped in and grabbed my blue denim skirt. RIIIIP! Alecia was suddenly clad in pretty yellow ruffled panties and I could feel a breeze on my pussy!

I said mocking her, "Ooh, your panties are so cwute."

"That's more than I can say for your nasty looking cunt hole," she angrily responded. Remember? I was completely shaved down there.

Before I could respond in any manner, the beautiful girl slipped my guard and grabbed me up in a huge bear hug. Being considerably taller than I, she managed to pick me up completely off the ground and was squeezing the very breath out of me! My breasts were completely mashed against hers and to avoid my feet just dangling uselessly off the ground, I had wrapped my legs around her waist and was squeezing my genitals against her bare skin between the top of her panties and the bottom of her blouse. I'm not ashamed to tell you I was getting plenty turned on by that, but I had to do something quick or I was going to pass out!

I placed both my hands on her sternum and pushed her back as far as I could with her still hanging on to me for dear life. Then I quickly moved my hands to her collar and ripped straight down tearing all the buttons off her blouse exposing her very fulsome bra encased breasts.

"You bitch!" Alecia screamed at me.

"Mwahaha!" I laughed back at her.

Right then I happened to notice that Tom and Krista were standing off to the side and not paying attention at all to our struggle, but instead were laughing and talking.

"Don't look now," I said, "but Tom seems to be enjoying himself getting to know Krista better." Of course Alecia whipped her gaze over to where they were standing.

"Tom!" she screamed. Haha! You should have seen his expression. He looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"I thought I told you not to look," I declared as I used the opportunity from her attention being divided to rip off her bra exposing her breasts to public view. God! They were large, beautifully formed, breasts with enormous nipples; just right for suckling. I couldn't help myself and I began to suck on her left nipple as she continued to hold me up in her arms.

"What are you doing?" Alecia screamed in frustration at everyone and everything and she attempted to throw me down to the floor.

I managed to get my feet under me in time and I began to pummel her with both of my closed fists in her rib area with all my might. I had her completely at my mercy and I fully expected her to capitulate any second when she reached out and ripped my knit shirt off rendering me stark naked except for my shoes. I guess she thought me being naked in public would be a new experience for me and I would quit fighting. Fat chance!

To pay her back in like kind, I reached down and pulled her last bastion against public nakedness down to her feet totally exposing her, carefully bikini trimmed, beautiful pubic hair that rested on her plump mound just above her gorgeous labia. She was left looking incredibly sexy wearing a yellow ruffled garter belt attached to her stockings as her only pieces of apparel. No wonder Tom was so whipped! When Alecia bent over to retrieve her panties, I came up with my right fist in an uppercut that nailed her flush on the chin. She teetered on her feet for a second and then fell backwards, over and out. Turn the burner off and take her out of the pan. She was done.

I'm not certain, even now, if Alecia was conscious, semiconscious, or unconscious when the voice of a professor sliced through the general din of the crowd in the hallway. "What's going on down there?"

I could tell immediately from his question that he hadn't seen us yet because of the crowd of students who were closely pressed around us. I quickly looked up for Tom and motioned for him to go get his car. He nodded that he understood and he and Krista ran down the other way and out of the building.

I bent over Alecia. "Wake up!" I ordered shaking her a little. When she didn't respond, I shook her a great deal harder.

"Wha?" she mumbled. "Leaf me alone."

"Wake up!" I tried again. "If you don't get up, we're going to get kicked out and probably arrested." The word arrested appeared to make a definite impression on her. Her eyes flew open although they were still fluttering in her head. I pulled her to her feet and we staggered through the crowd on the other side away from the approaching professor and down the hallway.

When we reached the outside, Tom came screeching up in his car – right on time. He reached behind him and threw open the back door. Alecia and I tumbled in. "Go! go! go!" I loudly entreated, while pulling the door closed behind us. Tom punched it and we roared from the parking lot and out on to the highway.

Alecia gave directions to go to her house, her parents were away on a cruise. Since Krista was sitting in the front seat with Tom, I used this glorious opportunity to pull Alecia next to me and cuddle her as best I could.

"Why did you save me?" she whispered.

"Don't be a spaz, I would never leave you in such a predicament. We're two of a kind, you know," I answered.

Alecia smiled sweetly at me. A moment later, I leaned over and began to passionately kiss her. She made no protest and I trailed my left hand gently down from her breasts over her sweet little belly and down to her 'secret place.' Once there, I located her clit and began to manipulate it with my middle finger.

"Oh, God damn," she moaned. "That feels so good."

Tom pulled his car up his girlfriend's driveway. "We're here," he unnecessarily announced, while turning his head to look at us. When he saw what we were involved in, his eyes grew big as saucers.

'Haha!' I thought. 'Welcome to the world of Bubblegom.'

Tom had managed to salvage Alecia's bag so at least we didn't have any difficulty getting into the house. We reached the living room and our hostess told us to make ourselves at home, that she was going to take a quick shower and disappeared into the bathroom. Krista giggled at Tom's continuing abject staring first at his girlfriend until she had disappeared from his sight and then at me.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer," she told him.

"That's a great idea!" he exclaimed. "I'll go get the camera." And he ran off to look for it.

"Now see what you did," I kidded Krista. She stuck her tongue out at me.

'Well, in for a penny, in for a pound,' I thought and walked down the hallway and stepped into the bathroom. The large bathroom was steamy from the hot water being run in the shower. Alecia was behind the shower curtain. I pulled the curtain aside and stepped in behind her. I began to kiss the back of her neck while gently cupping her breasts with my hands.

"What took you so long?" she asked.

I stepped on my tiptoes and began kissing the back of her neck while gently cupping her breasts with my hands. I sensed her enjoying my ministrations as her entire body seemed to relax at the same time. I suddenly had a pang of sympathy for the young woman who I had previously hated right up to a few minutes before, as I realized there were things in her life that caused her to carry herself the way she did. Alecia apparently felt as though she had to always be on the defensive at all times or she would go under in some crucial way.

I whispered, "No one can get you here. I won't let them."

That must have been the right thing to say as she turned and pulled me to her in a tight embrace. It felt wonderful, my bare skin everywhere touching hers. I want to get something straight right now. As you probably realize by now, I have a pretty good body but compared to Alecia, I was just a scrawny little thing. In fact, she had the best body I had ever seen up to that time. I was just contented looking at her naked, to tell you the truth.

We stood like that for quite a long time until the warm water began to grow coolish. At that point we realized if we were going to shower we'd better do it then or prepare to take a cold shower. Not being a guy, I personally had no desire to take a cold shower or to lower my libido either!

Alecia took the bar of soap and broke off a piece of it and handed it to me. We both lathered our hands up and then proceeded to rub the soap all over each other. If you have never done this, I would highly recommend it. It is so hot rubbing your hands everywhere with that soap while having the same done to you; plus you were getting clean! And you know what they say – God is Clean to Nextness or something like that. Haha!

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