tagInterracial LoveSara's Old Boyfriend Cums Back

Sara's Old Boyfriend Cums Back


Even though we were friends and roommates, Sam and I both dated Sara when we were in college. He knew her first, often talking about the girl with the perfect little bubble butt. "It's like a fresh peach," he used to say. "You just want to bite into it and taste the juices."

About as far as he ever got with her was a mutual masturbation session at a frat party. They got drunk and began a heavy make out session on a couch in a dark corner of the frat house. He reached around to play with her ass as she straddled his lap In the past, she had always stopped him. That night she let him lift the back of her skirt and slide his hand down the back of her panties.

After a few minutes, she raised up and allowed him to move his hand down her ass and between her legs. He knew at least two guys stopped what they were doing to watch. "With her skirt up around her waist and her panties pulled down off her butt, they were getting a great view of a world class ass," he said. "An ass that white in a room that dark was bound to attract attention."

When he penetrated her pussy with his finger tips, she buried her face in his shoulder and raised her ass higher, urging his fingers deeper. Spreading her legs to allow him even greater access, she shamelessly exposed her wet and wide open cunt to anyone in the room as she whimpered through an orgasm. When it came, her legs shook as though an electric jolt had surged through her body. She returned the favor by unzipping his jeans and pulling his cock out, then wrapping her small hand around his cock and pumping until he came all over his shirt.

He introduced us a few weeks later and we soon became a couple. Other than that one time with Sam, she never permitted any public displays of sexuality. It took me six months to talk her into a weekend away from campus. After we began fucking in private, she would allow almost anything. Our sex life was fantastic and I always thanked Sam for his frank appreciation of her ass.

I married her shortly after we graduated from UGA in 1990. Sam married a year later and got divorced a few months ago. Soon after they split, he dropped by and we had a few too many beers. He confessed that one of the reasons for the divorce was he never really got over Sara. He told me he fantasized about her when he was making love to his wife and still wanted a piece of that peachy little ass of hers.

Instead of being angry, I found myself oddly excited about another man, especially a black man, enjoying her body. When she came home I dragged her to bed immediately. As I slid my cock in, I whispered Sam's fantasy to her and suggested she imagine I was him. She protested but I was amazed at how strong her orgasm was. I realized immediately that there was still some unfinished business between them.

We talked about it afterwards and she soon confessed the little mutual session they had enjoyed years ago. She blushed as she said he could have had her that night if he had pressed a little more. She said her first thought when she raised up off his lap was to give him room release his cock. "I could tell it was big and I was drunk and incredibly horny," she said. If he had pulled it out, I would have settled my cunt down on it and fucked him right there in front of everybody. When he started to finger fuck me, I knew he wasn't going to do me so I gave him a hand job."

Sara said she always wondered what it would have been like. I told her I knew the whole story before I ever met her and I was OK if she wanted to explore the fantasy with him. She blushed and rolled over.

Our sex life for the next two weeks was fanfuckingtastic. I tried several times to edge her toward a hot night with Sam but she always refused and changed the subject. Last fall, we planned a labor day weekend at Amelia Island with Sam and his new girl friend and the opportunity came up again. This time, she didn't change the subject.

We settled into adjoining rooms on Saturday afternoon and that night we went to a few local bars. Sam danced with Sara often and, on the slow dances, he pulled her very close. Late at night she buried her face on his chest much like I imagine she did that night in the fraternity when she let him finger fuck her in public. His hand strayed very low on her back, I knew he was itching to squeeze that sweet little ass. I thought she might have welcomed it, too.

When they came back to the table, Sam got into an argument with his girlfriend. She was angry at all the attention he was giving to Sara and they left to continue the discussion in private. I noticed Sara was flushed.

In the car, she leaned against me and placed my hand between her legs. Even through her jeans, I could tell she was wet, She undid her jeans and spread her legs for me. As I worked my hand down her damp panties, she told me what had happened on the dance floor. She could feel his hard on pressing into her tummy. It excited her to know that she still had that effect on him. As they danced, he pressed his thigh between her legs, putting pressure on her pussy.

Rather than pull back, she said she melted against him. In the darkness of the dance floor, she began masturbating by slowly rubbing her cunt on his leg as he gently rubbed his cock across her tummy. His hand movement toward her butt was an attempt to cover her trembling ass as she came. She told me she was sure he came, too.

While she told me the story, I slipped one then two and finally four fingers into her pussy. She grabbed my arm and squeezed hard as she experienced a massive orgasm just when we pulled into the hotel. Rather than stop for the valet, I pulled on through to the other side of the parking lot. She went down on me under a street lamp, almost devouring my cock. It was absolutely the sluttiest thing she had ever done and we both knew she would fuck Sam before the weekend was over.

It happened Sunday afternoon.

When we got to our room, we could hear Sam and his girl friend still arguing through the adjoining door. It got intense as she accused him of not wanting black pussy. "All you want is that white stuff!" she screamed. Sara and I fell into bed and screwed like minks.

We were supposed to meet them for brunch. He was late and alone. He told us he had driven her back to the airport and thought he might check out and return home right after we ate. Sara and I urged him to stay and leave with us on Monday. He agreed.

About half way through our meal, I could sense something between Sara and Sam. Both were fidgeting and looking at each other with barely disguised lust. When Sara's leg bumped mine, I looked down and noticed what was causing her problem. Sam had taken his shoe off and slipped his bare foot under her sun dress. He was stroking her panties with his toes. Later, I found out that he had worked the crotch of her thong aside and was massaging her clit.

She excused herself, saying she was tired and thought a nap might be in order. A few minutes later, still obviously aroused by his under the table activity, he left. I muttered something to him about visiting the gift shop and walking out to the pro shop to see about an afternoon tee time. Subconsciously, I knew what was about to happen and I was arranging to take myself out of the picture.

I returned to my room about a half hour later. It was empty but the adjoining doors were open slightly. I could hear them. She whispered, "Now, Sam. Put it in now!"

I heard them both moan. The next sound was that familiar rhythmic wet sponge sound of a well-prepared cunt being fucked. I nudged the door open just enough to see. They were both completely naked. He was on top and she had her legs wrapped high around his waist. I could easily see his black cock slamming balls deep into her and pulling almost completely out. Her pussy lips extended as he pulled back, almost as if she didn't want to lose any of his dick for even a second. Both had been wanting this for years and they were fucking with the kind of fierceness that a decade of pent up frustration can create.

Her orgasms were coming in bunches. She would scream though a big one and whimper through 3 or 4 small ones. I could tell by his hip action that he came at least once inside her. He slowed down momentarily, then thrust hard and deep, bellowing through his cum. He started fucking again when she seemed to lose consciousness. He legs fell to her side and she stopped thrusting upwards to meet him. He pulled out and gazed down her body with frank appreciation for how great she looked and for what they had just done.

With her thighs apart, I could see her pussy, still almost as wide open as it had been when his cock was still inside her. It was leaking his cum and her juices, a tremendously erotic sight.

He rolled her over and began to caress her ass. She began to respond to his touch as he seemed to almost worship the curves of her ass. I began to appreciate again, the perfect shape of it. I watched as he drew his finger from the top of her crack down towards her ass hole. He lingered there for a minute then continued to the top of her pussy where he began to tease her clit. She moaned as the sensations started to course through her body again, then lifted her ass up, giving him the same free access she had offered him years ago in the frat room.

This time, he wasn't going to let the opportunity pass again. He slipped the head of his cock into her waiting hole, then spreading her ass cheeks wide with his hands, he penetrated her completely in one swift movement. She collapsed to the bed but kept her ass raised and her pussy at just the right angle to allow Sam maximum penetration. She curled her legs back over his and lifted her shoulders as he cupped her breasts with his hands. They began a long, leisurely fuck as he thoroughly enjoyed the coolness of her ass cheeks and the heat coming from her red hot pussy. As they began to build toward a frenzy, he cock moved faster and faster, whipping the cum he had left in her to a froth. It coated his black cock with a white film that made it almost as pale as her sweet ass.

When they collapsed, exhausted from their two hour marathon, I silently closed the door and left them alone.

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