tagSci-Fi & FantasySarlene's Touch Ch. 13

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 13


The rosy dawn light outside could barely penetrate the thick curtain that Zarenis had placed over the window to her one-room garret apartment. For her, whenever possible, the day was a time for sleeping. She pulled the thin sheets around her body, resting her head on the pillow and closing her eyes to shut out the view of the little room.

One day, perhaps, she could live somewhere better, but for now this dismal little hole would have to suffice. She spent as little time here as she could, using it only for sleeping and washing. And for now, after a long night of activity, sleep was all she required.

It came quickly, enfolding her in its peaceful arms. And soon, Zarenis began to dream...

The city was spread out below her, stars twinkling in a night sky above. She seemed to be flying, a cool breeze ruffling her hair as the city slowly moved by beneath. She was fully dressed, she realised, not in the sleeveless nightdress that she had worn to bed.

There was something odd about that, wasn't there? Before her train of thought could follow that idea, she noticed something else strange: the city was not quite right. Some of the buildings were different, with less stories or newer roofs. In fact, newer seemed to be the right word... this was the city as it might have been years ago. Quite when, she had no idea, but supposed that it must have been before she was born.

How strange... and yet, now, she seemed to be flying towards one building in particular, in a moderately well-to-do part of town, but nothing out of the ordinary. She moved her arms, trying to bank like a bird might, but it made no difference. The house was coming closer, and she was gliding downwards, towards the empty streets.

A solid wall rushed towards her, and she tried again to move out of the way, but there was nothing to gain purchase on... She closed her eyes, tensing up for the impact, but all that happened was that the breeze suddenly stopped. She opened her eyes again, and now she was inside what appeared to be a cellar, her feet slowly dipping towards the floor. She felt the cool stone beneath her toes... hadn't she been wearing boots a moment before? She wasn't now.

Looking around, she saw that the cellar was a large one, and it was not unoccupied. Against one wall stood a set of shelves filled with scrolls and bottles. There was a table too, with a large candelabrum on it, the candles lighting the room, although her own demon-tainted night vision let her see more of it than most humans would. One area of the floor was covered with a large, circular mattress, strewn with pillows and soft sheets. It was large enough for three or four people, she thought.

But it was to the woman that her eyes were immediately drawn. She was blonde and pale-skinned, no more than thirty years of age. She wore a white dress, barely more than a shift really, sleeveless, and cut down in a low V at the front, showing off an ample cleavage. The hem reached to about mid-thigh, gathered up by a thin black cord around her waist. She was wearing nothing else save a gold-and-green pendant about her neck, and she was kneeling on the floor, looking towards the centre of the room. She appeared to have no idea that Zarenis was there, and the tiefling got the distinct impression that, even if she moved, the woman would not see or hear her.

The floor in front of the woman was bare, and painted with a large circle, decorated with runes. Five cups stood around it at regular intervals, each filled with some dark liquid. Zarenis had not seen a summoning circle before, but she knew what one was. The woman, she realised, was chanting, and tendrils of smoke were beginning to form at the heart of the circle.

Zarenis reached for her knife, only to realise that it was not there. Her cloak had gone too, although otherwise, she was fully dressed. She felt a stab of fear... something was very wrong here. The dream seemed too vivid, too strange, and unlike any other she had had recently.

Wait... how did she know that? It was rarely that she could think so clearly while dreaming, or realise that this was, in fact, a dream. It was as if she was watching something, a spectator, but not a participant. No, this did not feel like a regular dream at all, and, for that, she had no explanation.

Her eyes remained fixed on the smoke now rising in ever greater quantities from the circle. Somehow, it vanished before it reached the ceiling, so that the room itself was not full of it. But, within the circle, it was becoming denser, and thicker. Until at last, a figure stepped out of the cloud, which rapidly dwindled to nothing behind it.

The thing was undoubtedly a demon. It was generally human in form, more so than many that she had heard of. It's skin was a dark, almost lustrous red, and it had a long, black tail, and bat-like wings that sprouted from its shoulders. It's lower legs, she saw, were scaly, ending in grasping claws like those of a bird.

The demon's face was cruel and bearded, with long black hair draped about its shoulders, and great curved horns like those of a ram. It had bright yellow eyes, with dark slits for pupils, like those of a cat, but they seemed no more able to see her than those of the woman who had summoned it. The monster wore little, only a loin cloth with a short apron hanging from a belt made of iron pieces, and two dark leather straps running in an X across its chest and back. They looked like something that might hold weapons or tools, but at the moment they were empty.

The demon looked about itself, but soon seemed to lose interest in the room, its yellow eyes focussing on the woman kneeling before it.

"Why have you summoned me?" it growled, its voice a gravelly baritone. Wisps of steam seemed to puff from its mouth as it spoke, and it flexed its clawed hands, as if in anticipation of violence.

Disarmed and largely helpless, Zarenis tried to move towards the door she could see on the far side of the basement room, but her feet seemed rooted to the spot, unable to budge so much as an inch.

"Who should I kill, or lay waste?" continued the demon, "on whom shall I visit doom? Or shall you ask me questions to further your own power? Command me, witch, and I shall do your bidding." It did not, Zarenis thought, seem happy about the prospect; doubtless it hated to be in a human's thrall.

"I care for none of that," replied the woman, "at least not now. I have summoned you for a different purpose."

"Then name it!" snapped the beast, it's eyes glaring.

"You must remain here and obey me until the dawn?" The creature nodded. "Good. Then use that time to fuck me, to make me come over and over. I want you to give me the best and longest fuck of my life."

The demon's expression changed as she spoke. It no longer looked angry, but eager, grinning wide to show sharp and pointed teeth. It let out a wordless rumbling sound from deep in its throat, and stepped forward across the circle towards the kneeling witch.

"That, I can oblige," it said, as the woman reached for its belt, undoing the straps that held its meagre clothing.

The few pieces of leather fell to the floor, until the demon was standing entirely naked, its stiff penis thrust towards the woman's face. It's balls, Zarenis saw, were large and hairy, and its cock a full eight or nine inches in length. That penis was ridged, with ribbed protrusions running along its length, lacking any foreskin, with a dark purple head already swollen and engorged, and slightly more pointed than that of a human.

The woman wrapped her hand around it, stroking it up and down, apparently savouring the feel of the ridges. Then she opened her mouth and swallowed it, sucking it as far in as she could. One hand reached up to cup the creature's balls, fondling and scratching them with her nails. The demon threw its head back, letting out a long sigh that made more tendrils of steam rise into the basement air.

Zarenis found she could not even turn away now, and her eyes would not close. There was nothing she could do but watch the debauched act unfolding before her. The whole thing made no sense. Had her recent visit to Lady Amloth, and subsequently to the house with the noisy woman having sex both somehow affected her subconscious thoughts? She did not believe so -- her instincts told her that something else was going on here, and she was frustrated that she did not know what it was.

For now, though, all she could do was watch.

The mystery woman released the demon's cock, and stood up; the creature was a good six or so inches taller than she. It looked her over, evidently liking what it saw, and then grabbed a handful of her flimsy dress, ripping it from her body with a single, sudden movement, and casting it carelessly aside.

The witch turned away, and lay down on her back on the large mattress, her legs spread wide. "Lick me!" she said, "I command it."

The demon, it seemed, needed no command, for it strode across the room -- evidently no longer constrained by the circle, and knelt down beside its mistress. It opened its mouth, flicking out a long forked tongue, and used it to lick the woman from her collar bone, over her chin and up to her nose.

As it did so, Zarenis felt a tingling in her own face, and a sudden feeling of warmth there. It was slight, nothing as to what the woman had to be feeling, but it made her feel uncomfortable nonetheless. The dream, it seemed, was getting stranger.

The demon turned its attentions lower, using its long tongue to slobber over the woman's chest and breasts, flicking the forked tip against her nipples, and making her cry out in pleasure. The feeling on Zarenis' body moved lower, too, and she found herself wriggling to try and avoid it. All to no avail, and her bare feet remained firmly fixed to the floor.

The demon's tongue traced its way across the witch's belly, little puffs of steam rising as it did so. They could not, Zarenis supposed, be as scalding hot as they looked, although they must surely have been warmer than any human breath. At last the demon reached its prize, at first flicking the stranger's pussy lips as it had her nipples, making her squirm and gyrate her hips.

The woman, whoever she was, was clearly deeply turned on, her face flushed, alternately biting her lower lip and panting, occasionally making a muted whimper. "Lick me, lick me..." she said, and the creature obliged.

The witch writhed against the sheets as the demon probed its long, slippery tongue into every crevice of her cunt and ass. She was gasping and moaning out loud now, as one hand reached towards the monster's head, feeling its heavy horns. Warmth spread between Zarenis' own hips, and the tingling became sexual in a way that she knew it should not.

[Elsewhere, in the waking world, Zarenis tossed and turned in her bed, rucking the sheets, sweat starting to bed her brow.]

The witch cried out as her first orgasm hit her, her hips bucking against the demon's head. The sexual burst that hit Zarenis was less intense, well short of climax, but enough to make her feel moist between the legs. She cursed it silently, suspecting that it could not yet be over.

The demon released its mistress, and sat back on its haunches. "Your tongue is pretty good," said the witch, "but what about your cock?"

The demon grinned, and lifted the woman up by her hips, so that she was resting on her arms and shoulders, her legs against its chest. "Fuck me," she commanded, "fuck me now."

With a hard thrust, the demon was inside, and both partners shouted in sudden pleasure. The demon began pumping vigorously, its buttocks pumping and its black tail slapping rhythmically against the mattress. The woman wrapped her legs around its back, forcing the engorged and ribbed cock further into her cunt, crying out again and again. She grabbed one of her nipples, tweaking it, and the demon took the hint, using its own clawed hands to massage her breasts as it continued to fuck her.

The tingling feeling was spreading now, and Zarenis could do nothing to stop it. It was not overwhelming, not doing to her anything like what the feel of hard demonic cock was evidently doing to the mystery woman, but there was no way to ignore it. Despite her heritage, she had no kink towards demons, and some outside force surely had to be responsible. But what, and how?

[In the waking world, Zarenis was squirming under the sheets, kicking them as they rubbed against her nightdress, and slight whimpers of distress passed her lips. But there was no one nearby to hear them.]

Zarenis realised with shock that, in the dream, her leather garments had now gone the way of her boots and cloak. She was dressed now in her nightdress, a short-sleeved shift that came to just above her knees. The hot air of the room, warmed by passion and the heat of an infernal being, was now brushing against her bare calves and arms.

The witch cried out in her second climax of the night, but the demon had not finished, and continued pumping, its thrusts becoming quicker now, its breath harsher. Zarenis could see its eyes beginning to glow, shining with a yellow internal light, as the glee spread across its face.

"Pull out!" commanded the woman suddenly.

With an angry snarl, the demon did so, unable to resist its mistress's command on what must have been the first occasion it had wished to do so. The woman, still resting on its hips, reached up to squeeze the head of its cock, rubbing and teasing it.

The demon roared as it came, its eyes flaring brightly before fading to their usual colour. The stream of sperm shot out and sprayed across it's partner's breasts, once, and then a second time. Even after that, drops of white fluid still dribbled from the tip, splashing onto her belly; it had surely produced more than any human man, and sprayed it further, too.

Zarenis was at least glad that it was over, and that the feeling was already fading from her body. She masturbated sometimes, of course, and was no stranger to sexual feelings. But this had come from outside... not a rape, perhaps, but an unwelcome intrusion all the same.

Meanwhile, the demon was glaring down at the woman, drops and streams of its semen still adorning her flushed and sweating body.

"You think I'm ignorant?" the woman asked it. "A demonic fuck is far more likely to end in pregnancy than one with a human partner. And I do not intend to bring a tiefling into this world."

So the woman had more sense than her own great-grandmother, Zarenis thought wryly. But the dream, unfortunately, showed no sign of ending.

The woman slid back from the demon's embrace, and reached across to grab its cock, which was barely less erect than before. "Of course, I can still do... this," she said, sucking him once again, and licking the last drops of semen from the tip. "Mmm... slightly tangy. Why don't you have a taste?" she added, releasing him, and presenting her sperm-spattered breasts to his waiting tongue.

When they had finished, she rolled over onto her front, pushing her hips into the air, and spreading her pussy lips. "I'm ready again, and I'm sure you are," she told it.

The woman moaned as the demon penetrated her again, and rubbed her breasts against the silk sheets. Zarenis still had no idea who she was, nor why she was seeing this scene. There had to be some point to it, surely, but so far there was no hint as to what it might be.

The demon slid its hand down the witch's back, lightly scratching her with its long nails. It moved the hand slowly up to her head, pressing her mouth into a pillow, while still allowing her to breath. Muffled cries of pleasure came from the pillow as the demon gently squeezed her neck, all the while slowly sliding its ribbed cock in and out of her pussy.

[Zarenis had all but kicked the sheets of her bed now, her head shaking from side to side in her sleep, her nightdress sticking to her sweaty body.]

The demon's eyes began to glow, but the woman, from her position, could not see them. It didn't matter, because the demon growled, "I am nearly there..." blowing out another wisp of steam from its mouth.

The woman's eyes widened, and she struggled, trying to shout something. But her mouth was still pressed firmly into the pillow, and nothing came out but muffled sounds. The demon grinned wider than ever before as its thrusts became ever more energetic.

"Here it comes..." the creature growled, before letting out a shout of triumph and releasing the witch's head as it came into her cunt.

Perhaps the temporary panic had heightened her excitement, for the witch evidently climaxed at the same time as her infernal partner. The demon continued to hold onto her, apparently shooting load after load into her, as both their bodies shook with the force of their passion.

At last, the demon pulled out. The woman's hips were mired with its sticky semen as she turned over to face its wickedly grinning visage.

"You bastard..." she managed, just before it came for one last time, shooting straight into her face.

The demon laughed, a deep bass rumble. "You thought you could cheat me?" it said. "You shall deliver a tiefling, and be the mother to a line of them. And one shall perform a great deed some day, to further the powers of Hell."

The realisation hit Zarenis with full force. Now she knew what this was about... if not why she had been shown this, or how. But she knew who the woman was, the thought left her cold."Perhaps I should go now," said the demon.

The woman wiped away the drops from her cheeks, and absent-mindedly sucked the sticky finger. Her anger seemed already to have faded. "No," she said, a half-grin twisting her lips, "you are here until dawn, and what is done is done. I might as well get my money's worth while I have the time. You have only made me come three times... I am sure you can do more."

Mercifully, the scene faded then. The room changed to one much smaller. In it was a cot, holding a baby. A horned and tailed baby, with tiny bat-wings.

Another room, and a young tiefling man was chained to a bed, wearing nothing but ragged trews. It did not take much to recognise him as the baby grown up. He did not look happy.

The same room again, and the tiefling man was forcing himself on a woman, taking her urgently from behind. It was impossible to tell how willing the woman was, from the brief glimpse. At least, she did not appear to be crying.

Another room, and another baby, this one less demonic than its sire, though its eyes were blood-red, and its horns still visible. From beneath the floor came the sound of a giant heartbeat. There was something there, she realised... something beneath the city. Something waiting, very patiently indeed.

And then someone she recognised, someone she had known she would see. It was the second baby grown up; her own father, as she remembered him, banging his fist on a table and shouting angrily about something or other. Somewhere in the corner, a five-year old girl sat with her arms around her knees, looking glumly down at the floor. A little girl with garnet eyes and tiny horns.

And then she awoke, sitting bolt upright in her bed. It wanted her to do something, she knew, and it had reminded her of her heritage for that reason. But what it wanted, or even what it was, she still did not know.

She had a feeling she would find out soon enough.

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