tagSci-Fi & FantasySarlene's Touch Ch. 48

Sarlene's Touch Ch. 48


The villa seemed quiet as Vardala headed downstairs from her room. After the events of the previous night, she had slept in, and was surprised to discover how high the sun had been in the sky when she finally awoke. By this time, she would normally expect the villa to be bustling with morning activity, but there was no sign of anyone. Perhaps they were outside, clearing everything up.

Suppressing a yawn, and running her fingers through her hair, she walked into the villa's main living room. It looked like everyone else had finished their breakfast, and there wasn't that much left, even for a gnome's smaller stomach. She picked up an apple that had been left over, and took a bite out of it, as somebody quietly stepped into the room behind her.

"Can I get you something? There's plenty in the kitchen."

She turned, to see Horvan standing there, polite and self-effacing, as always. "No, it's all right -- I can wait until lunch. Perhaps it is a little late for breakfast, anyway."

"Of course."

"Where are the others, anyway?"

"They're all out, clearing up, or just checking on things. I believe Lady Tarissa is at the temple, and Calleslyn has gone to check on her friend from the scroll shop. I'm not sure about Almandar and Dolrim; they didn't say."

"Perhaps I should be seeing how things are, as well," she conceded, "instead of sleeping in. Last night's disaster seemed quite widespread."

"You have already done much!" blurted out the young man, more animated than his usual self, "everything you did in the temple -- so many people are alive because of you. You can't feel guilty for not doing more!"

She smiled; it felt good to know that she had really helped people, even if she was ashamed to recall that it hadn't been her first thought at the time. She had become an adventurer for her own ends, of course, not out of a desire to right wrongs, as Tarissa had done... but to think that, sometimes, she did anyway, gave her a pleasant warm feeling that she was somewhat unused to.

"Thank you, Horvan," she said, "that's kind of you to say."

He shuffled, casting his eyes down to the floor, "it's the truth. I know that you are an adventurer, and you face such things all the time, but the rest of us do not, and you saved my life, along with those of the others. I am very grateful for your deliverance... I don't know what would have happened if you had not been there."

"Well," she said, feeling a little embarrassed by the praise, especially considering who it was coming from, "you showed bravery, too. Considering, as you say, that you're not used to such things. For that matter, after the demon attacked you here, you didn;t try and leave us, as others might have done. So we owe you thanks as well."

"It's hardly the same. Besides, I couldn't leave you, not what after everything you've done. All of you, I mean. And to see you in action -- slaying that undead thing with your sword, and not flinching! You are truly beautiful."

She froze, the apple half way to her mouth. Had he just said what she thought he had just said? Or was her mind playing tricks?

"Uh, I mean..." he said, suddenly flushing red, "it was... it was beautiful the way that you... the... I mean... I don't mean that you are... uh, not that you aren't..."

"So you do think I'm beautiful?" she asked, barely avoiding stammering herself as she tried to make sense of what he was trying to say.

"Well... yes... but really, it isn't..."

"But you're human," she said, pointing out the obvious.

"Well, obviously, it would never work." He gulped, going quite red now, and avoiding looking in her direction.

Vardala herself was standing still, apple still held in her hand, as she tried to digest what she was hearing. It had seemed so obvious to her that there would never really be an opportunity to test her fantasies. The barrier between their respective races had always seemed so insurmountable, and it had never even occurred to her that he might feel the same way. But that was what he had just implied, wasn't it? That he, too, had wished there were some way around the obstacle?

Which there wasn't of course, no matter what she sometimes dreamed about. But then, did it really make things impossible, or just... anatomically awkward?

"I think I should go now," said the young man, looking more flustered than she had ever seen him, even when faced by an invading army of undead.

"No!" she said loudly, holding her arm out, not wanting to let the moment pass.

He looked back towards her, puzzled by the urgent tone of her voice. Vardala struggled to think of a reason to detain him. One came to her, out of the blue -- it had worked on Fentik, after all.

"I have some washing," she said, "up in my room. If you could collect it, please."

"Of course," he said, looking relieved, and headed out of the door, towards the staircase. Vardala put down her half-eaten apple and rushed after him. "I'm sure I can find it," he said, presumably surprised that she was following him.

"Just let me show you," she said, breathlessly, trotting up the stairs as fast as her short legs would carry her.

Once inside the room, Horvan looked around, searching for any discarded clothes. When, naturally enough, he failed to see any, he headed to the cupboard, but, by that time, Vardala was right behind him, pulling off her leather jacket.

"Here you go," she said, holding it out, "I think it got dirty after that business with the undead yesterday. Some of them did smell a bit."

"Oh, right," he said, uncertainly, taking the proffered item from her.

She was wearing a light linen shirt underneath, with long sleeves and a collar that tucked up around her neck. It has hardly the most feminine of wear, but then, she had never been one for dresses and long skirts. It wasn't just that they were inconvenient while adventuring; they just felt awkward, as if she was dressing up as someone else. Much better to wear her usual leather jacket and trews, as she had been this morning.

Vardala turned away from Horvan, and pushed at the door, so that it closed with a soft click. Then she pulled her shirt loose from the belt of her trews and pulled it over her head. She wore nothing underneath, of course, and modestly held her left arm across her chest as she turned back to Horvan, holding the shirt out with the other.

"This too, I think. The contamination seems to penetrate everything, don't you find?"

The young man's eyes were wide, and clearly focussed downwards toward her, hovering over her bare belly, arms, and shoulders. She glanced down and saw, to her growing excitement, a bulge beginning to form in Horvan's own trews. The fact that the bulge was level with her head brought her up temporarily, forcibly reminding her of their apparent incompatibility. Humans were just so tall, for all that they looked similar to gnomes in other respects! How far would she able to push this?

Horvan was evidently struggling to find words as he gingerly reached out to take the shirt, a blush spreading to his cheeks again. "Will that be all?" he asked, nervously.

"Hmm," she said, as if pondering the thought, before teasing him, "you think I should take off my trews as well? What about my panties?"

"That's not what I..."

Vardala failed to suppress a giggle at his shocked expression. "Oh, lighten up!" she said, noticing that he was, rather obviously, now holding the shirt and jacket so as to hide her view of his crotch. "You just said you find me beautiful, so how bad can it be?" Her voice softened a little, "did you really mean it?"

He nodded, mutely, before regaining his composure and adding, "I should probably be getting back to work."

"You've been around the house. Are you saying you've never caught a glimpse of me undressing?"


He seemed to be being honest, which would, she reflected, be quite typical of him. She decided not to tell him that his own privacy had not been so sacrosanct.

Instead, she grinned, and said, "well, now's your chance," and raised both her arms over her head, stretching herself up on tip toe, arching her back to thrust her bare breasts outward. Even so outstretched, she estimated that she would barely have been able to reach his chest, had they been close enough for her to make the attempt.

Horvan's eyes almost popped out of his head. "Vardala!" he gasped, "please don't tease me like this!"

"Do you still think I'm pretty?" she asked, moving one hand to cup a rounded breast, sliding her fingers up to stroke a rosy nipple, then taking a few steps towards him, hips swaying seductively.

"Oh, goddess, yes..." he moaned, "but you know that we can't! You're so tiny and delicate, and I know that you can't possibly think a human is..." He trailed off.

"Tiny and delicate?" she cried, actually a little offended. Just because he was a human! She dashed towards him, yanking her abandoned clothes from his nerveless fingers. "I'll show you 'tiny and delicate'!"

She grabbed him by the hips, turning him round, and then giving him a sudden shove. Taken aback, and perhaps finding that she was stronger than he had supposed, Horvan staggered, his legs banging into the bed behind him, and then fell flat on his back onto the mattress.

Vardala immediately jumped up after him. It was a human-sized bed, which made it luxurious for her, although that fact was now beginning to present other advantages as well. She clambered up over his prone body, hands pushing against his clothed chest, until she brought herself face to face with him.

"I'm sorry, I..." he began, but she wouldn't let him finish.

"You great big lummox!" she half-shouted, "how often do you think I've laid in this bed, thinking about you? Just because you're the wrong damn size doesn't mean that I... oh, heck..."

She grabbed his head in both hands, pulling him towards her and kissed him passionately on the mouth. It felt strange, with his mouth being larger than her own, although the difference was rather less than she might have imagined. At first he seemed paralysed, unresponsive, but after a short while he began responding in kind, lips parted, tongue sliding against her own.

She pulled back, gasping, to gaze down at him beneath her. He finally seemed to be accepting the situation, and the flush on his face looked to be more one of arousal now than mere embarrassment.

"Goddess..." he gasped, "you really... all this time?"

"You have no idea!"

Horvan reached out feverishly for her, running large hands along her trembling flanks, lightly squeezing her breasts. His hands were surprisingly soft, yet their grasp was firm, growing in confidence as he fondled her, outsize thumbs rubbing against her nipples. On a whim, she threw a leg over his chest, straddling him, pushing herself up so that her hands gripped the sheets either side of his head.

Horvan eagerly flicked out his tongue, dabbing at the mounds hanging above him, and she moaned, wriggling her body as he moved to taste each side in turn. She gasped out his name, then pulled herself down to kiss him again, his hands this time gripping her bare back then moving down to cup her buttocks through the leather trews.

He tried to reach for the buckle of her belt, but it was in an awkward position for him, currently pressed against his lower chest. In any event, she pulled away from him, gripping his shirt between her hands, pulling it free from his trews as she manoeuvred her way down his body.

Hitching it up around his chest, she ran her fingers over his exposed stomach, and then, as he wrestled to pull it over his head, further up to his pectorals. His belly was flat, as she had already known, and, while he was not especially muscular, there was no fat on him, either. Her hands ran through the light hair on his chest -- there was relatively little, presumably because he was still a young man, rather than because of any human peculiarity -- and over his pink nipples, pressing her fingertips into his firm flesh.

She slid down further, running her hands over his body, as she turned to look up towards his face, admiring the clean jaw line, and the now slightly tousled hair, gazing into eyes that watched her movements with adoration she had never dared imagine she would see in reality. There was already a heat in her loins, a longing of incredible intensity as all her fantasies came true at once.

She almost wondered if she was dreaming, but it was all very real, his body so warm against hers, at last physically touching what she had so often admired from afar. Her fingers trembled as she reached the waistband of his trews, fumbling so badly as she tried to undo the ties that she had to stop to steady herself -- something she had never had to do before even with the most fiendish of trapped locks.

At last, she was able to pull the trews down over his thighs, running her hands up their inner surface, before she stopped, suddenly, her eyes focussed on Horvan's undershorts and the unmistakable shape beneath. She gulped, trying to muster up the courage to take the next step.

"Vardala..." he said, but then stopped, apparently unable to voice whatever thought had just crossed his mind.

The sound of her name galvanised her to action and she gently pulled down his shorts, watching his cock rise from its nest of pubic hair, proud and erect. She had seen it before, of course, although she would never tell him that, and so had some idea of what to expect. But never like this, fully engorged, and so close.

It was huge.

Perhaps, she reflected, not so much by human standards, although, even then, perhaps, large enough. Slowly, heart beating, she moved closer to it, and dared to rest her elbow against the crook of the human's groin. Laying her arm beside it, she discovered that her wrist did not even reach the tip, and that her fingers barely reached beyond it.

Horvan's erect cock was as large as her forearm.

Nor was it just the length, she reflected, as she removed her arm and began to fondle the human's rounded balls. The sheer girth of it was remarkable, compared to anything that she had seen on a gnome. She ran her hand along the smooth skin of the shaft, reaching her dextrous fingers round to try and encircle it... but it was too large, too broad for her fingertips to meet on the opposite side.

"Oh my goddess..." she breathed, eyes still fixed on the enormous member before her.

"I'm sorry," said Horvan, his voice full of regret.

"There are other options," she said quietly.

"Such as?" he asked, eagerly.

"To begin with: this..."

The gnome leaned forward, kissing the base of his cock, pecking at the skin of his scrotum before running her tongue all along the underside of his shaft. Soon the tip was before her, and, stretching her fingers out, she pulled down Horvan's foreskin until the glistening head was exposed. She stroked it, her nimble fingers bringing gasps of appreciation from her human lover, before she planted kisses over the smooth surface.

She shifted her position a little, letting his balls rub against her belly, and bent her head over, mouth opened as wide as she could make it. Astonishingly, it still wasn't quite enough, but she was at least able to wrap her lips around his upper surface, lashing him with her tongue, tasting the drops of his pre-cum.

"Oh, oh, goddess... Vardala..." he moaned, hips involuntarily moving beneath her, with the unfortunate side effect that his cock slid free from the admittedly insecure grip of her mouth.

He grabbed her shoulder, easing her back towards his swollen erection, but this time, the rogue wriggled free. "My turn," she told him, clambering out from between his legs to kneel beside him.

She unbuckled her belt, throwing it away, then bent to pull her boots off. Horvan's hands were already at her waist, pulling at her trews, which he had down around her knees before she had even finished taking off her boots. She rolled over onto her back, deftly removing the remainder of her outer clothing, legs parted to reveal her panties.

"Let me see you," breathed the human, and they both helped to slide the last piece of fabric over her limber thighs.

Throwing the panties away from the bed to lie with her other clothes, Vardala rose up on her knees, cupping her right breast with one hand, and running the other down her belly to rest between her legs, feeling the moisture there.

"Well?" she asked.

"So beautiful," he said, wonderingly. "Why couldn't we have done this before?"

She jumped across, pouncing on top of him, legs spread out over his chest, and kissed him again, a lingering kiss full of long-denied passion. Vardala eventually pulled free, arching her back and inching herself forward over his face. Horvan rained kisses on her throat, shoulders, and breasts, sucking with evident glee on her hard nipples, but again she moved herself up.

The human man's lips wandered down her belly, which quivered at his touch, but Vardala wanted him lower than that, and eased herself up until her knees reached the sheets either side of his head, thighs parted over him, as she gazed down into his wondering eyes.

"Lick me," she demanded, "lick my cunt, Horvan. Stick your tongue in my pussy."

It was a little awkward squatting over him like this, but well worth it as she felt her lover's long tongue stroking her damp folds then probing its way inside. His first touch inside her most intimate areas was a moment of pure bliss, and she let out a long sigh of relief before slowly rocking her hips back and forth against him. Goddess, but it felt good!

He reached out a hand to steady her as she pushed herself harder against his mouth. She looked across to where the hand held her by the shoulder, and flashed a sudden grin as a thought occurred to her.

"I've got a better idea," she said, levering herself off his face.


She held onto his hand, kissing it. "You may be too large in other ways, but this," she stroked his index finger, "this looks perfect."

She swung her legs off him, and turned round, presenting her rear towards the human's startled gaze. His cock rose before her, and she grabbed at it, running her hand along it's length, her face almost pressed into his crotch above it. She adjusted herself so that her legs were as wide part as she could comfortably manage, and continued to massage his cock.

She let out a cry as, needing no further instruction, he thrust his finger into her aching cunt. It was almost exactly the size of a gnome's cock, if different in shape and form, and she pushed her hips back against his hand, taking it all in as she gasped in pleasure.

"Give it to me, Horvan!" she begged, "harder, faster!"

Responding with enthusiasm, the young man began to pump his finger in and out in a steadily increasing rhythm, as she continued to stroke him and call out the occasional word of encouragement. She couldn't take much more. It wasn't just the way he was moving his hand, the way he was filling her, but the mere fact that it was him, after all her dreams and time spent pleasuring herself. The pent up frustration was building up inside her, and would not be denied.

The rogue cried out wordlessly as she came, her cunt embracing the damp finger, her hand squeezing the massive cock before her so tightly that Horvan let out a grunt of mixed pleasure and pain.

She panted as he withdrew himself, chest heaving as she raised herself onto her knees to sit beside him. She flicked back a strand of sweat-slicked hair from her face.

"That," she told him, "was almost worth the wait, Almost."

He grinned, sheepishly, and then her eyes strayed to his erect cock, rising just above his belly. Unlike her, he had yet to achieve satisfaction.

"What would you like?" she asked, mischievously.

"I don't know..." he said, eyes not leaving her face, "it's never been like this before."

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