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As was His custom after returning from a long journey, Darkness expected His ladies to be waiting for him at the manor. They were standing in the open doorway, arms linked, almost shivering with excitement. Their plans for the evening ahead would make up for the weeks He had been away, and they didn't want to waste a moment of it on anything as elaborate as the usual 'welcome home' feast. Days had been spent making plans for a very special 'feast' of their own.

After the horses had been unloaded of their packs and turned over to the grooms, Darkness followed the two women into the entry way, and the massive doors were locked against intruders. Between the two of them, his great cloak and hood were removed, and set aside. Next went the heavy leather riding boots. After each lady kissed his cheek in greeting, Kalli took one hand, and Dessa the other. Between them He was led up the staircase and down the hallway to the bathing chamber.

They took their time undressing him, dropping the travel stained clothing into a basket to be taken to the laundry in the morning. Each piece of clothing uncovered dusty deeply tanned skin as it was removed. But even with the multiple layers of dust and grime, Dessa and Kalli couldn't resist licking and kissing their Master's body. They fed him bits of food between the removing of his clothing and the preparing of his bath. Tangling a hand in each woman's thick mane, He led them by the long heavy strands over to the waist deep tub of steaming water, and stepped in with Dessa on one side, and Kalli on the other.

Each woman held a bathing sponge in one hand, and a bowl of soft soap in the other. When he stepped into the soothing hot water they followed eagerly. Both wet the sponges they carried and dipped them into the soap. Gently they began to wash away the grime of the day. Flexing the overworked muscles, He leaned forward with a groan. Two sets of hands moved over his body. Dessa shifted around in front and began to run her soapy hands across His chest, while Kalli's hands pushed into the dark, sweaty hair, massaging the soap into His scalp.

He began to relax and his eyes slowly closed, aided by the gentle caress of their hands on his aching body. Dessa's eyes met Kalli's across His shoulder and they slowly changed positions. Dessa pressed her wet body against His back and Kalli's hands lifted to cup his face. The kiss began lightly, then grew more intense as her mouth moved slowly over His. It lasted until she was forced to pull back and catch her breath. She looked up to see Dessa staring at her with lust filled eyes, her breathing just as labored.

The rumbling growl of Darkness drew her eyes back to his face, as Dessa began to grind against his body. Her breasts against His back and her mound sliding across the curve of His ass-cheek, drew a moan of need from Dessa's parted lips. It grew worse when He began to shift from one foot to the other, pushing back at the same time, Kallista could see that she was past the point of retaining any control over her need.

Kalli's mouth returned to His, but what wrung the almost painful sounding moan from His throat was the feel of her hands surrounding His manhood, squeezing and stroking. As it thickened and grew hard, it pressed between her slightly parted thighs and she didn't even attempt to keep from moving against Him. His arm curled around her waist, pulling her tightly against Him. While at the same time His other hand dropped back to grasp Dessa's hip, effectively holding them locked together.

Kalli began a rocking motion, she had to strain to keep from whimpering as His hardness caressed her slippery clit. A soft moan escaped, then another, and before she realized it they filled the air around them. It was at that time she realized they weren't only coming from her lips. As she looked over the shoulder of Darkness, she saw that Dessa was watching her, and the second, softer moans can from her lips. Without thinking, they clasped hands around His body and began to move against Him in unison.

He was overwhelmed by their increasingly insistent need. His control was rapidly beginning to slip. But it was their combined cries of release pushed Him over the edge, almost bringing Him to His knees. Cum covered the soft skin of Kalli's thighs as it pumped out of His cock in long thick streams and mixed with hers. The two woman leaned against Him, shuddering through their combined orgasms.

Even as His strength returned, a dark smile formed on His face. Shrugging free of their slippery hands, Darkness stepped out of the tub and stalked through the bathing chamber door. Kalli and Dessa watched open mouthed as his naked body disappeared down the hallway, almost certain they had done something wrong.

After several moments it became obvious that He was not coming back, so they climbed out of the still warm water and picked up linen wraps to cover themselves with. Creeping as quietly as possible, holding tightly to each other as they followed the faint water marks on the floor. Closer, and closer, they came to His chambers where the door stood open, almost as if in invitation.

Kalli peered around the door frame and saw to her amazement that Darkness lay across a massive bed with one hand idly stroking His hard cock. Dessa peeked over her shoulder and gasped at the sight. He slowly smiled and beckoned them into the room with His other hand. With their hands still tightly clasped together, the two women inched across the stone floor until they finally stood side by side at the foot of a bed big enough for several men of His size.

Never before had either of them ever been inside His sleeping quarters. Darkness visited their chamber if He felt the need for release. That was simply the way things were done, not the other way around, and they expected him to order them to leave at any moment.

A soft growl slipped past lips that curved into a feral grin, and He moved with the speed of a striking cobra. Grasping a wrist in each hand, Darkness dragged it's owner onto the bed and against His sides.

"Ride Me" He commended in a deceptively soft voice.

Kalli looked at Dessa and grinned. Neither wanted to waste a moment of this so Dessa quickly straddled His thighs and took His cock between her hands. Stroking him, she bent almost double to lick and suck at the swollen, angry dark crown. Kalli watched, waiting her turn, but Darkness had other plans. He placed both hands at her hips and pulled her up over His face.

She barely had time to grasp His intent before the feel of His tongue parting her sweet pussy lips ripped a startled cry from her throat. Finding her knees on each side of his head, she balanced just above his open mouth, moaning as the scalding length of his tongue licked and stabbed her throbbing hole. Each thrust making her body jerk, until she was riding his tongue as if it were a very mobile cock.

Dessa watched for a few moments, finally understanding Darkness' reasoning. She parted her wet lips with one hand and guided the knob of his cock to her aching hole with the other. The growl that vibrated into Kalli's pussy, signaled that Dessa was right, and she began to lift and plunge taking the long thick length deep inside herself.

Looking up, each of the two women saw the driving lust on her sister's face and immediately leaned forward to meet over their Master's heaving body. Their lips sliding and twisting against each other's. The hunger in their aroused bodies playing out above, and against, Darkness. Soft feminine hands moved to the other's swaying breasts, teasing nipples that became engorged and red as they were rubbed, rolled and tugged.

The muffled cries above him, only served to drive Darkness to an impossible state of arousal. When they broke apart with backs arched, their screams echoing off his chamber walls, Darkness' hands strained outward, fingers grasping the sheets and tearing ragged, gaping holes in the linen. His body bowed under them and the smothered roars could barely be heard from under Kalli's shuddering body. They came, and all three came mind-shatteringly hard.

Weakly the women collapsed into each other's arms, and slowly slid sideways off the shuddering body of Darkness, cum still leaking from the crown of His half-softened shaft. They rolled to their back with legs limply sprawled around Him.

It was His turn to cleanse their still passion sensitive bodies with His tongue. Dark laughter was heard each time one of them moaned when His fingers found a still tingling nerve ending. The three of them used hands and mouths to pleasure each other throughout the rest of the night.

Finally when the soft, rosier hues of the approaching dawn cast its light through the windows of His bedchamber, Darkness pulled both of the women into His arms and held them close. As one, Kalli and Dessa curled against His sides with their heads on his shoulders and sank into exhausted slumber. Darkness looked at the two women who never failed to meet His needs and smiled ..... then closed His eyes and joined them in restful sleep.

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