We had known each other since middle school and had dated off and on since. When I wanted to celebrate anything or she needed to celebrate anything the other was there. We lost our virginities to each other at the prom even though we were technically with others at the time. Of course we lost those others when they learned of it.

We had been sex partners since, fuck buddies, but continued to date others. We attended the same college and lived in apartments on the same hallway but had different circles of friends. We dated others at times but when going to the grocery store or try a new restaurant, or just go for a walk in parks nearby we were each others company.

We graduated with teaching certificates and got jobs in the same school, her in English and me in Biology. We had now completed out first year of teaching and knew it would be our career.

It was early summer and we were in her bed in her patio home, naked.

"Baby, massage the small of my back please. I have been moving furniture around and apparently over did it."

"OK, but don't call me baby."

"But you are the baby. I am a year older than you. I am twenty five and you are twenty four."

"You are three weeks older than me old man. Why where you moving around furniture?"

"I was tired of the arrangement but everything ended up in a corner by the door waiting for me to make a decision on where to put it. A little more to the right please."

We had not fucked yet that Saturday morning but knew we would. We had fucked that Friday night after meeting at a club downtown.

I did not remember a Friday night or a Saturday morning in which we had not fucked except during her periods and even then I was with her.

She was straddling my back and I could feel her pussy become moist.

"My hip is a bit sore too."

"Turn to your side."

She massaged my hip and rubbed her pussy on my thigh as she stared at my erection. She sighed.

"My shoulder," I said and turned to my back.

She straddled my hips and slid my erection into her. She massaged my shoulder as she slowly fucked me. I pulled her down to me so I could kiss her. She adored the kiss and stopped fucking me for a while.

"Better?" she asked.

"Yes, but the real cure came from the kiss. You may want to keep doing that to prevent any relapse."

"OK," she said and resumed the fuck as she kissed me.

We made love for about ten minutes and fucked hard for another five. She had three orgasms but I had not cum yet. She knew I hadn't because that was how Saturday mornings usually went.

Sometimes she kept on fucking me until my cum filled her pussy. Sometimes we got out of bed and saved my erection for later.

Sometimes she just sat up and we talked. That was what we did that day.

"Why didn't you fuck Debby when you took her out?"

"Who told you I didn't fuck her?"

"Debby did and so has everyone else you have dated since college."

"Well I'm not starving for sex you know."

"True and neither am I. But it's weird for a handsome unattached guy to turn down pussy. People have asked me if you are gay."

"By people you mean your girl friends?"

"Yes, they tell me you masturbated them and a couple told me you ate them but none have told me you fucked them. The ones you ate were our sophomore year in college by the way."

"Like I said, I'm not starving for sex. And why have you not dated others?"

"I have dated others. Andy and Bobby for two."

"Our sophomore year in college. And did you fuck them?"

"No, I did give them hand jobs."

"And fucked the hell out of me when you got home."

"You crawled into bed with me after you ate pussy too.

Wait there is something wrong with us."

"Marry me please."


"Marry me. Neither of us had made the slightest effort to find their mate since the prom and that was six years ago. The reason we haven't is because we already have found our mate.

Marry me."


She drowned me with kisses but did not fuck me, apparently my cock in her pussy was a natural state of things for her. My cock in her pussy was a natural thing for me too.

When I got a chance to speak I said, "I believe it is customary to give the fiancé a ring."

I had the ring under the pillow and pulled it out for her and slid it on her finger.

"Sorry I didn't get on my knee for this."

She looked at the ring on her finger and began to sob.

"I am so in love with you I think I may explode?" she said.

"Me first," I said and kissed her with all the love I had for her.

Both of us cried and kissed for several minutes.

"We need to call our Moms."

I agreed and handed her my phone which was easier to reach.

"Mom, I have something to show you. Could you meet me for lunch at the Italian place at noon today? No, I don't have time right now. See you then. Bye."

She dialed my Mom and handed me the phone. I decided to ask her out to lunch too.

She then dialed her best friend Sehel and asked her to meet at the restaurant.

"Now, where were we," she asked., and began to try to fuck me to Antares.

After her second or fifth orgasm I rolled us over and fucked her slowly but with intensity until we both succumbed to monumental orgasms.

Within seconds we were both asleep.

About an hour later we managed to get up and take a shower, dress, and make it to the restaurant in time.

"The three are over there."

"I see them and they see us. Try not to get knocked over."

Three squealing women rushed at us and we were soon in a typhoon of hugs and kisses that continued all the way to the table.

"Oh, is there anything you wanted to tell us?" Penny's Mom asked.

"Oh. nothing much. Leave the fourth of July open though."

More squeals and more kissing which now included many people in the place that had apparently been alerted by our Moms and Sehel. Some of those kisses were by someone we could not see but we all knew well.

The co-owner brought us three shrimp linguini plates and one soup/gumbo then kissed everyone and waited for the unseen one to kiss her.

"On the house but you will get a real present when we get back from Vegas." she said and kissed us again.

Apparently everyone we knew already knew.

We had a vey happy and loud lunch.

Our Moms, Sehel, and our invisible companion left with Penny and me and we walked to the resort for drinks.

Our moms held hands with Penny and Sehel and the invisible one held mine. I quickly took my hand from Sehel's and reached into my pocket for the earpiece.

"It's about fucking time you asked her," was the first thing she said to me.

'Yeah," Sehel said. What took so long?"

"Cowardice mostly. We figured that finding the right one could not possibly have been that easy. That and we wanted to reap our wild oats which we did but as it turned out it was with each other."

"And it took you two twelve years?"

"Hey, humans are no as smart as we look."


We sat on the balcony and the women began planning the wedding. Mom's good friend Wendy joined us and after kissing everyone took charge of the proceeding including the plane and Vegas hotel. She reserved a wedding chapel and the limo service.

Now it was time for the ladies to discuss dresses so I kissed everyone and inhaled Penny, (which got me applause), and I walked back to my car at the restaurant and went home. The moving truck was there waiting for me and I pointed out the stuff that would go to Penny's and the stuff that went to the woman's shelter and the stuff that went to the churches charity.

I followed them to Penny's and we unloaded my stuff but I was staying there and they left me in my new home.

I was watching baseball on my large HD TV when the women came in. All could immediately tell I had moved in and Penny gave me a vicious kiss and hug.

There were nine women there three of which were now in their natural form.

The Akkad sat on the sofa with me and we watched the ball game.

The Sprite unbound her wings then after kissing me and the Akkad followed the others to the kitchen.

Wendy's sister Mo picked up the Akkad and sat next to me and put her on her lap.

"They are trimming down the number of bridesmaids. And yes you little twit you will be one but nobody will see you.

Who is going to be your best man?"

"Undecided. There are two teacher friends that would do just fine but I might have to flip a coin."

"JB would do fine. I don't know who else you would have in mind."

"He was a friend through college and lives in the city."

"He may see the strange ones somewhere along the way."

"JB it is."

The Akkad quickly gave Mo a hickey.

"Ouch, that hurt. Just wait until your parents get here, you will be grounded for a century."

Mo hugged and kissed her and we settled to watch the game.

Mo thought of her as a funny looking daughter rather than a member of an alien race. Actually no, she was just her youngest daughter.

The Akkad was older than she appeared to be and was an important ranking person on her planet and their de-facto ambassador to Earth. The contrast in size between her and Mo, the tallest woman in town made her look like a little girl. Penny had sex with her at times.

It was strange for me to learn that all four alien species we had met loved baseball. Apparently their love for the game originated with the Emperor. His love for the game came from Clara, our town guru and a personal friend of the Emperor.

We already knew each of the twelve towns on our future home would have baseball fields. I had been practicing with our town team since summer began.

Suddenly after many kisses everyone left. Penny took my hand and dragged me to our bed and ordered me to fuck her. She had us naked in seconds and sucking my cock until it was alert then welcomed me to bed with open arms and legs.

I understood her need and fucked her to a nicely intense cum then stopped.

"More," she said.

I fucked her lovingly but that was not what she wanted so she rolled us over and fucked me harder than she ever had. Her intensity was such she had an orgasm after I had mine.

"Sorry, I had not realized how much I was in love with you until today. I did suspect you loved me but wondered if it was because I was an easy lay for you. The women in the kitchen told me every girl in town is an easy lay for you but you only wanted me. Your Mom told me you were in love with me in the ninth grade and have been ever since.

My Mom told me I have been in love with you since the seventh grade.

Apparently humans are not as smart as we appear."

"I got an amen for that sentiment today."

"I am so happy we live together already, we have wasted a lot of time."

"No, not really. We have been together since the prom six years ago. We just didn't know it was a permanent thing."

"Apparently we were the only ones that didn't."

"I brought the good frozen pizza."

We walked naked to the kitchen holding hands.

We would do that regularly for our entire life.

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