tagToys & MasturbationSaturday Morning Benefits

Saturday Morning Benefits

bySeries 6©

It was 8 am on a Saturday morning in late July. Yet another Saturday morning spent working at my desk. I was the only one in the office, until...

"Whoa Greg! I didn't expect to see you here before me." Christy said, as she rounded the wall to her cubicle. Her flip flops made that recognizable slapping noise as she walked. She was wearing a dark blue t-shirt and a well-worn pair of grey sweat shorts that looked like they were once a pair of sweat pants. The shorts were ripped/cut-off a little bit above mid-thigh. Standard Saturday morning attire in our office.

"Good morning. Yea, I just wanted to get an early start today." I replied.

I took a few quick glances at Christy as she turned on her computer and got set up to work. I found myself trying to sneak a look at her more and more during the past month. I had such a crush on her, but because I am married I had to keep it to myself. For about an hour, the only noises were the sounds of our radios and the tapping of the keys on our computer. Every few minutes I would glance over at Christy, enjoying the sight of her bare legs.

"Christy, can I bug you to take a look at this?"

I actually needed her to look at a problem I had. She got up and stood behind me, looking at the information on my computer screen.

"How do you think I should handle this?" I asked.

"Here, let me check a few things." She said as she leaned over me to type on my keyboard. I could feel her body against my back as she bent down to assist me. As she worked, I looked up and admired her pretty face and her long neck. I wondered what it would be like to kiss her neck. She had a clean, soapy smell. No scent of perfume, like she just took a shower and came into work. My mind had drifted from my work to Christy, and I was starting to get turned on.

"I'll take care of this for you. Put it aside and I'll look at it again on Monday." She said as she smiled and turned back to her cubicle. I watched her as she walked to her seat and sat down. She glanced over at me as she sat down and smiled again. Did she realize I watched her the whole time she walked back and sat down?

I tried to work, but I couldn't stop fantasizing about her. Thankfully, I was sitting down at my desk and able to hide my erection. I glanced over at her occasionally while pretending to work, fantasizing about my sexy co-worker.

"Greg, can you come here and look at this?" she said, breaking me out of my daydream.

"Uh, sure." I nervously stammered. How was I going to be able to walk over to her? There was no way I could hide the bulge in my shorts.

I hesitantly stood up, the front of my shorts pushed forward from my stiff penis. I hoped that she didn't notice, but I could see tried to hide a look of surprise as I got up from my chair to walk to her desk. My crotch was at her shoulder as I looked at the information displayed on her monitor. I felt nervous and embarrassed, knowing she must have seen the bulge of my erection under my shorts.

"The letter says he can't provide the requested documentation at this time, but will mail it to us as soon as he can. The client knows we need it, and that we can't do anything for him at the moment. I wouldn't send him another letter right now. Monitor the account for a few weeks to see if he does send it. If not, we'll send him a reminder after about a month." I said as I turned to sit down at my desk. As I sat down, I could see Christy had turned her chair to face me. She was grinning from ear to ear.

"So, what was that all about?" She asked.

"What?" I replied.

"I think you know what I mean."

"Well, I'd just monitor the....."

"I'm not talking about the letter. I'm talking about you." She interrupted. "Are you happy to see me, or are you carrying a roll of quarters?" she joked.

I could feel my face turning beet red. I was mortified, "I... I..." was all I could manage to stammer out.

"It's cool. I catch you looking over from time to time. I can tell you have an interest in me, since you've asked me to go to lunch a few times. I'm flattered, but I didn't realize how interested you were until that moment." She said as she reclined in her office chair. As she stretched back, her shirt rode up a little, giving me a view of her flat belly.

My face felt hot from blushing. "I'm really sorry. I don't want to make you uncomfortable. Can we keep this between ourselves?"

"It's cute and I kind of enjoy it. It's flattering to know that someone finds me attractive."

"Thanks, I really didn't mean to offend you." I said nervously.

"Greg, it's ok. You know, you are nice guy and good looking. If you weren't married, I'd definitely date you." She paused a bit and said, "But tell me, what do you fantasize about with me?"

"I think you know the answer to that." I replied.

"Honestly, tell me what you think about."

Feeling a bit more comfortable I told her, "Well, I know you live alone. I imagine you going home from work, and taking a shower. I think about you lying on your bed, pleasuring yourself."

"You wonder what I do when I'm home alone?"

"Yes." I said, wondering if I went too far with this conversation.

She smiled seductively at me and crossed her bare legs. "I've done that from time to time. As I'm sure you have. You look like you might need to do that now."

"You'd like that." I said half joking.

"I'd like to see that. I don't think it would be considered cheating, do you?"

"Are you serious?" I said.

"Do you want me to be?"

"Right here?" I asked.

"We're both alone and no one is coming in at this time on a Saturday. Unless you feel guilty? I mean, what's the difference in masturbating in front of me, since you obviously have been thinking about me when you do it."

"I really want to." I nervously replied.

"Why not? No one else is coming in today. Plus, Security has made their last pass through for the day. We're all alone." Christy teased.

"OK, but it has to stay at just masturbation. I can't cheat."

"I promise." She said.

We both slipped out of our clothes, piling them on our desks. She pulled off her t-shirt and sports bra, placing them on her desk. I watched Christy stand up and slide her worn shorts down her thighs to reveal a pair of white cotton panties. She sat back down as she slipped off her panties. Down her long, tone legs and placed them on her desk with the rest of her clothing. We were both naked, facing each other as we sat in our office chairs. It felt strange and exciting to be totally nude in the office.

"Nice." Christy said as she smiled at me. She leaned back in her chair, spreading her thighs apart to show me her pussy. Her pubic patch was well-trimmed into a short almost diamond shape. I could see her pink lips as she reclined back.

"You are gorgeous!" I gasped. My cock was pointing straight up as I sat in my chair. I could not believe this was happening.

"Now, let me see what you do with that." Christy cooed.

I gently squeezed my hard shaft. The pressure of my grasp felt so good. A tiny droplet of precum formed at the tip from the pressure of my touch.

"Oh yes, that is so hot!" Christy half whispered as she saw the clear droplet appear. "Stroke it for me."

I licked my palm and slowly rubbed up and down as Christy began running her middle finger over her clit. We watched each other as we pleasured our selves.

"I like watching you stroke your hard cock. I bet you've imagined me sucking it for you while you do that by yourself."

"Yes." I gasped as I watched Christy's fingers slide over her pink opening. Her fingers began to glisten from her wet pussy.

"Come a little closer. Pull your chair a little closer." Christy said in a breathy voice.

I rolled my office chair so we were right in front of each other. Our knees were almost touching. Christy began to run her painted toes up and down my leg. Just feeling her touch my leg while I continued to stroke was incredible. Christy pulled her feet up so they were resting on the seat of her chair. She spread her thighs apart as she slid her finger into her slick pussy. Slowly she fucked herself.

"Mmmmm, I'm imagining you fucking me with that stiff dick you're rubbing." She gasped. "I love watching you."

Up and down I worked my hard cock with a twisting motion. I'd gently squeeze my hard shaft to make more precum drip from my little slit. Clear liquid was flowing from me, completely covering my mushroom head, making it slick to rub.

Christy was sliding two fingers in and out of her wet slit. Her fingers were wet with her juices. With her free hand, she was teasing one of her hard nipples. Gently pinching and rolling it between her thumb and index finger. All the while watching me pleasure myself. Watching each other as we masturbated was just incredible.

I could feel my balls and cock tingle as my orgasm built. "I'm gonna cum soon." I gasped

"Stand up. I want you to cum on my pussy."

I was shocked but completely turned on. We both stood up, Christy's pussy and pubic hair were soaked with her juices. My cock was almost touching her wet mound as I stood in front of her and stroked.

"Fuck yes Greg, give it to me." She blurted out as stream after stream of cum exploded from my hard cock, coating her already wet pussy. It was the most I had cum in a long time. My white juices covered her fuzzy patch and dripped down onto her clit and lips. My knees went weak and I sat back down on my desk chair.

Christy sat back down and spread her legs wide, frantically working her wet, messy clit with glistening fingers. Her hips were pushing back and forth as she wildly fingered herself. She gasped as her orgasm shook her body and slumped back in her chair as it subsided. Her pretty face was flushed as she looked up and smiled at me.

"Christy, that was the wildest thing I have ever done. I have to admit, I've thought about you but never expected anything to really happen." I said.

"I promise not to tell. I know it would end your marriage if this got out. But, it will make future Saturdays here very interesting." She said as she got up and put her clothes back on. She kissed me on my cheek as I just sat in my chair, basking in the glow of what just happened.

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