tagIncest/TabooSaturday Morning Ritual

Saturday Morning Ritual


Shelby looked into the mirror on the back of the visor in her car and sighed. She slicked her full, pouting mouth with some fruity, shiny lip balm and pulled her short, dark ponytail a little tighter before flipping the visor up and getting out of her car.

She opened the back door and leaned in reaching for her gym bag and girly, pink and violet tennis racket. She could see that her water bottle had fallen out of the pocket on the outside of her bag so she leaned way over into the back seat, feeling around for the loose container.

Blair had seen her get out of the car a couple of minutes before, but she disappeared when she went to the backseat, he couldn't figure out what she was doing and why she seemed to be taking forever this morning.

Blair rolled his eyes and got out of his car, grabbing his tennis stuff and hauling it over to where Shelby was parked. When he walked around her side of the car he could see she was bent over rummaging around beneath the seat. His eyebrows shot upward as he realized he could see right up her tennis skirt.

He looked away embarrassed to be checking out his little sister's ass, but after glancing around the parking lot Blair noticed that no one else was around and so he figured what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

His eyes glided appreciatively over her smooth shapely calves, up the backs of her thighs stopping at the firm round curves of her ass cheeks. She was wearing a pair of boy-shorts under her skirt, in case the hem flipped up while she was running after the ball. Blair had to admired the semi circles of flesh facing him now.

He ignored the fact that they were related and just enjoyed the view while she rummaged under the driver's seat for that stupid bottle of water. She lifted her leg slightly, bending over even further into the car and he could see between her thighs now. He had to bite his lip to stifle a groan as he noticed the cotton of her panties pressed against her sex.

The thin fabric cling around her lips, making her pussy into a smooth mound, but he could definitely imagine what he would be seeing if those shorts weren't in the way.

Lost in the moment he reached out and imagined grabbing her ass, getting two firm handfuls of flesh in his grip, squeezing her cheeks and then pulling her panties down her legs. While he was busy fantasizing Shelby finally found the bottle of water.

"Ha!" she exclaimed and started to back out of the car. Shelby thought she was all alone but as she backed out of the car, she felt someone grab onto her ass and she let out an ear-piercing shriek.

She dove head first into the backseat of her car hoping she'd be able to climb out the other side and escape this deranged rapist. She rolled onto her back and turned to look at her attacker so she'd be able to describe him to the cops once they arrived and then she realized she was looking at her own brother!

"Seriously?! WHAT THE FUCK?!" She shouted, scared to death and irritated that she was.

"What were you doing?!" She screamed at Blair, trying to kick him as she laid across the back seat.

He looked down at Shelby all flustered and he couldn't control himself. He burst into laughter, making her even more irritated. First he scared the shit out of her and then he laughed in her face. She lay on her back still trying to kick Blair as he stared down at her laughing.

He watched Shelby's feeble attempts to punish him for scaring her and he realized that he could see right up his little sister's skirt now. He thought her cotton boy-shorts looked damp and the fabric was clinging to her sex making his stomach tighten with what could only be described as lust for his own sister. It made him wonder what she had been doing or thinking about to make her panties wet and then he stopped himself thinking,This is my sister! Am I losing it here?

He shook his head trying to stop the weird thoughts he was having and grabbed her ankle. She gasped at the feel of his big, hot hand wrapped around her bare leg.

"Come on brat, enough pouting. Get your butt out here so we can play our game before it gets too hot."

Shelby was still annoyed and didn't want to cooperate with him but he pulled her toward him until her legs were out of the car hanging on the outside of Blair's. She was trying to make things difficult on him so she just lay limply looking up at him. He grabbed her arm and pulled her to a sitting, then standing position. Finally she was out of the car, standing before him, their bodies just inches apart.

She looked up at him and as she took a breath to complain some more she got a whiff of his scent. Shelby didn't know if it was cologne or just her brother's soap but suddenly her entire body came to life.

She could feel her nipples instantly harden and her mouth started watering. Shelby was completely and ridiculously horny all of a sudden. She bit her bottom lip as she realized Blair still held onto her wrist and she could feel every degree of body heat coming off of him.

Blair looked down at her and he could see tell she was not about to just give up and go play the game. He saw her take a deep breath to start nagging him again, and as he looked at her he instantly saw something in her change.

Her pupils dilated with arousal, her breathing quickened and as he watched her teeth caught her bottom lip as she was hit with a wave of desire. Blair realized they were in a volatile situation and he dropped her hand as if her skin burned him. He took a hasty step back and swallowed hard, trying to act casual and ignore what just happened between them.

"Let's go so I can kick your butt and we can go home." He said trying to be lighthearted, but his mind was racing and he knew he sounded forced.

Does she really want me? What is going on? Maybe I'm just reading her wrong? Maybe she's just really horny and I got caught in the middle of this? This is my little sister! What is wrong with me? She couldn't want me.

Shelby tried to clear the fog from her brain wondering what was wrong with her. Blair was her brother and she was disgusted with herself, acting like he was some hot guy she was trying to entice with her feminine wiles.

She grabbed her stuff and locked the car, following Blair toward the tennis courts. As she walked she realized her legs were slightly wobbly, the after effects of all a tidal wave of lust hitting her all at once.

Shelby knew there was no way she was going to be able to keep up with him on the court when she was this horny. She wanted to get this over with quickly so that she could get the hell home and fuck herself silly. Then, once she was satisfied and had more focus she could work out what just happened between them.

Shelby followed her brother to the tennis court, noticing how quiet and peaceful it was with no one around. The court was surrounded by large trees, hidden away and fairly secluded. She wanted to moan with frustrated desire, but then Blair would definitely know something weird was going on with her, so she kept her mouth closed. He opened the door in the high chain link fence that surrounded the court and she followed him in and set her things down.

He set his bag down and got out a few tennis balls watching her as she walked to the opposite side of the net in a daze, Blair could see Shelby was flushed and distracted looking. He gently lobbed a couple of balls in her direction to put in her pocket but she completely and ridiculously missed them.

"What's the matter little sister?" He teasingly asked, even though he knew from her earlier response to his closeness exactly what her problem was.

"It's nothing, I'm just a little shaken from earlier. It was really mean of you to scare me like that."

Shelby used her fear from earlier as a lame excuse. She watched as he smiled to himself and she had the distinct feeling he knew exactly what had her shaken up from earlier but he kept quiet and let it drop.

Blair took the other side of the court and Shelby watched as he jogged to stand opposite of her. For the first time she realized he really was fit, and more similar to her type than she ever would have thought before. They were nicely matched with dark hair and eyes, the same clear golden skin and the family chin, if they weren't related they'd be a very attractive couple.

Shelby watched as he served the ball toward her gently, starting an easy game. She tried turning her focus toward their normal Saturday morning ritual. She tried going through the motions but she kept missing the ball a lot and played even more pathetically than she normally did. Usually in order for her to win he would go very easy on her, today however, even his weakest game was completely whipping her.

Blair could tell Shelby's heart was not in this game at all and her normally competitive nature was non-existent today. As he watched her running around the court, he could see she was far more flushed than she should be for the amount of exercise she'd done and she looked all hot and bothered.

Blair enjoyed himself, watching his little sister running back and forth, her short, pleated white skirt flouncing when she turned quickly to go for the ball, giving him teasing glimpses of the tops of her tanned thighs and the perky outline of her ass. It made him wonder what state her panties were in now when she was obviously turned on from their encounter earlier.

Blair imagined her going home, stripping off and slipping into her bath tub. He'd seen her naked more than once, growing up in the same house but he'd never paid too much attention before. Seeing her run from the bathroom they shared to her bedroom naked on a rare occasion wasn't exactly his every turn on realized.

Now, he could imagine her perky boobs tipped with hard nipples, watching as her hands slid over the soft flesh, slipping down her waist and hips to dip between her thighs. He tried not to groan out loud as he pictured her fingers slipping between her silky, damp lips, teasing herself and bringing sweet relief to her aching desire.

Blair played along with her weak attempts at a match for a while longer but finally he just give up.

"Let's go!" He called, tired of going through the motions when all he wanted to do was fuck something or at the very least go home and jack off thinking about Shelby, his sister, naked and moaning beneath him, watching as his dick slid inside her pussy, pounding his desire into her body.

"No! I do want to play I swear! I'm just distracted."

She tried to convince him to stay but he ignored her weak protests and crossed the court. He grabbed her wrist and started leading her toward where their bags were so that they could leave, but Shelby dug her feet in and resisted his attempts.

"I don't want to leave. I'm still playing." She argued.

Shelby swung her racket in her free hand like she was still playing but he tugged harder on her wrist pulling her to leave. She dug in harder so he tugged harder, making her giggle at the ridiculousness of the situation. They were both laughing and with a hard yank, he pulled her to him. Shelby gasped as she feel the full length of their bodies suddenly pressed together.

Blair saw her bite her bottom lip and her hips twitched forward uncontrollably as she felt the outline of his semi-hard dick pressed against her fluttering stomach. Shelby looked up at his face and she could see lust burning in his eyes. Her mouth was suddenly dry and her heart was racing. She swallowed hard and started to pull away from him nervous and excited at the same time. She tried to back away from her brother but he grabbed her other hand holding her tightly trapped against his body.

"Uh... we should probably go now. I mean this game was not really going anywhere and I kinda just want to, uh, go home, now."

She stammered, trying to wiggle free, but all she was doing was writhing against his body and getting herself more and more worked up. She could feel her pussy getting wet and she just wanted to escape this awkward situation so that hopefully they could laugh over it at a later time.

Blair kept staring down at Shelby and with a deep growl he suddenly crushed his mouth onto hers holding her against him as he kissed her hard. Everything in her was telling her this was wrong, but it felt so ridiculously good there was no way she was going to stop now. Shelby moan into his mouth, their lips pressed together, her body crushed against his.

He dropped her wrists and wrapped his arms around her back holding her as her lips parted and their tongues brushed together softly and teasingly.

Shelby's hands slid up his back, clenching handfuls of his shirt as she clung to her brother. Blair momentarily wondered what in the hell they were doing but as she tried to climb his body he no longer cared. If she stopped, then he would stop too, but it seemed they were both enjoying this too much to control themselves.

Her tongue traced his bottom lip and he sighed as she teasingly bit it too, enjoying the moment, the way his broad shoulders felt under her hands, the way his cock was growing and now throbbing against her. All she could think about was fucking and in her present state she didn't care who it was that filled her, she just needed a dick now!

Blair tried to clear his head when Shelby stopped kissing his mouth, but he groaned and his mind went blank as she moved to lick and kiss his neck before she teasingly nipped him with her teeth. Her hands slid over his chest, down hus stomach and over the front of his shorts. They moaned simultaneously as her palm slipped over his dick, fully erect and begging for some attention.

Blair always thought his little sister had to have a little bit of slut hidden inside her.Shelby always seemed too well behaved to be true when they were growing up.

Blair had seen her making out with various boyfriends in the house when they were both in high school. He'd seen them rolling around, groping on the couch, jumping apart only after they realized they weren't alone.

Now it all made sense. He always knew Shelby was a closeted sex fiend and now he was going to take advantage. They were both adults and if she was up for it then he was definitely up for it too.

She reached into the waistband of his shorts and grabbed ahold of his throbbing dick. He groaned as her small hands wrapped around it feeling the silky smooth skin along the thick, warm length. She moaned getting more and more excited, her pussy was practically dripping as she stroked his length.

She looked down, softly tugging Blair's hard-on out of his waistband and her heart started racing at the site of the smooth, veiny length. Shelby couldn't wait to get her lips around it do she dropped to her knees gently kissing the head.

He watched her gently kissing and licking his dick and he couldn't really believe what was happening. Blair could never in a million years have imagined his proper little sister on her knees worshiping his cock, outside, where anyone could just happen to walk by and see.

She rubbed the smooth length over her cheek and glided the damp head across her full bottom lip. He watched as her pointy pink tongue darted out of her mouth flicking over the domed head of Blair's cock, tickling in the best way possible. Soft little flicks of her damp tongue made him harder by the second.

He was aching for her to take the whole thing into her mouth, but she knew just how to tease him the right way wrapping her lips around his dick, flicking her tongue over him again and again without giving him want you want yet. His fingers tangled in her hair trying to force his dick into her mouth, but she held back keeping control of the situation until she was ready for him.

Right when he felt like he couldn't stand it anymore, Shelby fully engulfed his cock in her warm wet mouth. They groaned together as he filled her mouth, she tried to swallow down as much of his length as she could handle at once. Her lips formed a vacuum seal around Blair's cock as she bobbed her head up and down, licking and stroking his throbbing length.

He could feel her tongue darting all over and around him, teasing around the ridge, flicking over the thick vein on the underside, her hands and lips and tongue working in perfect harmony. Now he knew why his seemingly stuck up sister was so popular with her boyfriends in highschool. This was not just a blow job this was a toe curling frenzy.

He looked down watching her work her magic and suddenly they were locking eyes. Normally he liked it when his girlfriends looked at him this way, but looking at his horny little sister this way was too much.

He closed his eyes enjoying the feeling of Shelby's lips stroking around his length her excited moans making his dick vibrate with the muffled sounds. He really wanted her to keep going but at the same time he thought if she didn't, maybe he'd get a chance to fuck her instead. He wanted to pull away, but at the same time didn't have the willpower to stop this pleasurable torture. Suddenly his delectable agony is over as she slid his wet cock from her mouth and stood up.

She lunged forward and started kissing him again, her fruity flavored lips glided over his, her tongue darted between his lips deepening the kiss. She could feel his throbbing dick under her skirt pressed against her thigh and all she could think about was getting it inside her.

Blair reached down, slipping his hand under her skirt, his finger tips touched her panty covered pussy. She could feel the heat of his fingers as they glided over her mound, smooth beneath the thin cotton. His hand eased into the waistband of her boyshorts and a shock of excitement shot through her body as his bare hand touched her smooth bare lips.

She whimpered, sucking his bottom lip gently as he cupped her sex, his middle finger eased her lips apart and slipped into the soft wet folds. Her arms clenched around his neck, she gasped as his finger softly stroked her clit, her hips twitched toward his hand uncontrollably as his fingers caressed her wetness.

"Oh God!" She managed to moan out. Her head was swimming and her legs felt like jelly. She leaned back against the fence that enclosed the tennis court and he deftly yanked her panties down her legs. She stepped out of them and he slipped them into his pocket for safe keeping.

She felt so turned on and wanton, her lower body naked under her skirt, a cool breeze tickled over her swollen and soaking pussy. Still crouching down and he looked up her skirt between her open legs, Blair gently eased one finger to her opening. He could see the smooth skin and a thin little landing strip of hair pointing to her glistening pink clit. His finger tip teased around her opening, gently stroking and then sliding so smoothly inside her.

Blair couldn't believe how hot and wet and tight his little sister's cunt was. It sounded cliché, but this was one hot and juicy pussy and he couldn't wait to get his dick inside it. He could feel her squeezing her inner muscles around his finger and it seemed as if her pussy was trying to pull him deeper into her.

He slowly eased a second finger up into her body and he smiled as he heard her sexy little sounds of pleasure. The way she bit her bottom lip, so turned on by this erotic invasion made him groan, Blair's fingers flicked over Shelby's g-spot as he watched her entire body shudder with excitement. In and out his fingers slid slowly and teasingly at first, then faster and deeper as she got more and more excited.

He loved the sounds she was making, pure pleasure, she held nothing back as he fucked her with his fingers. Her bucking hips were pressing his fingers deeper and deeper into her depths with each stroke and he could feel her engorged clit rubbing the heel of his hand. He slid a third finger into her making her pussy clench wildly around him and suddenly she was coming like crazy.

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