tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSaturday Night School Ch. 07

Saturday Night School Ch. 07


This is the seventh chapter of the Saturday Night School series, by Jessica Tang-Von Harper.


Our story so far:

Charlie Tucker is a high school senior who spends most of his Saturdays editing videos in the AV room at Pine Hills High School. One Saturday, he discovers cheerleader Michelle Santos walking naked through the school. After overcoming her embarrassment at being caught, Michelle reveals that she has a fascination with being nude in public, and she and Charlie enter into a secret relationship centered around Michelle's experiments with streaking.

Tired of the secrecy, Charlie decides he wants a real girlfriend, and he asks junior Ronni Arthur to go to the prom with him. Michelle, hurt that she wasn't asked, agrees to go to the prom with football player Glenn Mack. Charlie and Michelle meet and agree that their secret affair is over.

But when Charlie finds out he has an interview for the film program at Jefferson University, he asks Michelle to come with him to the interview instead of Ronni, and the two of them have a wild sexual encounter on the train ride back. Unfortunately, Glenn's best friend Cody sees them and takes a video of them kissing on the train station platform.

In an effort to split up Charlie and Michelle, Cody first threatens Charlie before school, then sends the picture of Charlie and Michelle kissing to Ronni. When Ronni confronts Charlie, he ends up spilling the whole story to her, and rather than being mad, Ronni seems sympathetic and supportive. Ronni suggests that Michelle could indulge her fetish for public nudity at Greenholt Gardens, where Ronni's older brother is the night watchman. Ronni claims the garden is completely empty at night.

Michelle tries to placate Cody by telling him that Charlie is just a friend to her. She goes to Charlie's house where he is alone for the evening, and to demonstrate that she doesn't really see him as "just a friend", she spends the whole evening naked. Charlie's mother comes home unexpectedly, and in a panic, Charlie has Michelle flee out the front door - while she is still naked!


Charlie was almost to the kitchen when he stopped suddenly. He looked back towards the front door.

The porch light was on. Michelle was standing on the front porch naked, under a bright white bulb. He might as well have left her on a stage lit up with a spotlight.

He took a step towards the switch for the porch light, but hesitated again.

His mom had just come in through the garage door. She'd seen the porch light was on when she drove up. If he turned it off now, would she notice it was off? She'd see the dark front windows. Would she wonder why the light was now off? Would she look outside?

He shook his head sharply. He'd figure that out if it happened. For now, he needed to give Michelle some shadows to hide in. He swiftly crossed the room to the front door and flipped the switch off. The porch light went out.

"Charlie!" his mom called from the kitchen. "Come in here!"

"Just a sec!" Charlie called back. He would need a reason to go outside for a few minutes. Something left in his car, maybe. Michelle's dress was still hidden up in his bedroom. Was it small enough that he could bundle it up, hide it as a bulge in his pocket? Hide it in a bag? How could he explain it if his mom caught him smuggling a stray dress out of his room?

What, mom? This dress? Oh, it belongs to the naked girl outside. I'll go deliver it to her.

Charlie shook his head. He would bring Michelle one of his jackets instead. If she zipped it up, she would show a lot of leg but all her important parts would be covered.

Charlie entered the kitchen. Mrs. Tucker stood at the counter cutting a slice of chocolate cream pie into halves. "Hey, Charlie." She smiled at him. "You gotta have a taste of this pie. It's the best. Ed brought it in."

"You're home early?" Charlie tried to sound casual.

"Yeah. It went fast. But Marsha said she'd still pay us for the full shift. Did you eat?"

"I made a pizza."

"Oh, good. Let's sit at the table and have some dessert. This pie is amazing." Mrs. Tucker carried the two slices of pie to the table.

"Umm... sure." Charlie cleared his throat. "But I need to run out to my car for a minute..."

"First take a bite. You gotta try the pie. It's so good."

Charlie glanced anxiously over his shoulder, imagining Michelle shivering, crouched naked on their welcome mat just outside the front door. "I better just run out to my car," he said. "While I remember. If I don't do it right away, I'll forget."

Mrs. Tucker chuckled. "Right. And then you'll be in bed about to sleep, and all of a sudden it'll hit you, that thing you forgot to do. Happens to me all the time."

Charlie couldn't stop himself from imagining that scenario. Cozy in bed, about to sleep. Thinking, was there something I've forgotten? All of a sudden... oh my god! Michelle is still naked outside! He would scramble down the stairs, unlock the door, find her still sitting naked on his front porch, waiting for him. She'd probably never talk to him again.

But what if he came out around midnight, stammering apologies, and she stood there naked, waiting patiently on the front porch with a smile on her face. What if she stood out there for hours, obediently waiting, willing to stand there naked and wait for him for as long as it took, without any concern for who saw her?

Awful. How could he contemplate such a thing? He needed to rescue her as soon as possible. "I'll be right back," he said, and left the room before his mom could argue.

He went to the hall closet and found an oversized black hoodie which he hadn't worn in a while. It zipped in the front, and he thought it was big enough that Michelle could lose herself in it. He put it on and walked swiftly to the door, expecting his mom would appear at any moment to say something else to delay him. But she stayed in the kitchen, and Charlie quickly pulled open the front door and stepped out. He closed the door quietly behind him.

Michelle sat a few feet from the door, just under the main living room window, which thankfully always had the curtains closed. She had her knees pulled up to her chest, her arms wrapped around her knees. The shadow of the porch railing crossed over her body, obscuring her somewhat from view.

"Hey," Charlie whispered. "You okay?"

"Yeah," she whispered back. She stretched her legs out and slowly rose to her feet, while Charlie quickly removed the hoodie. He offered it to her and she took it from his hand.

"I was sitting here," she murmured, slipping her arms into the hoodie, "trying to decide whether you put me out the front door on purpose."

"I'm sorry..." he said. "No one saw you, did they?"

"No one. But I'm glad you turned out the light." She left the hoodie barely clinging to her shoulders and made no effort to zip it closed, so that the front of her body was still completely exposed. Charlie had imagined that she would huddle under the dark fabric like a shapeless blob with lovely long legs. But apparently she wasn't in any hurry to cover up.

At least the hoodie could be closed quickly if someone appeared.

She faced the street. "On purpose like a test," she said. "To see if I would let you put me outside like this. And I did let you. But it wasn't on purpose, was it? It was just the first thing you thought of to do."

"I know. Not my best plan." Charlie gazed at Michelle's front, knowing that he could reach out and pull the sides of the hoodie together and zip it up, knowing she would accept that from him. Yet his hands remained at his side. He looked back up at her face. "I didn't leave you out here long, right? And you had me put your dress in my room. You could have left it with your other things by the front door. It would have fit in your purse."

Michelle touched her finger against her throat, sliding it down over her skin until she traced the inside edge of her breast. "What dress?" she said softly. Her eyes were fixed on the empty street as she distractedly fingered her hard nipple.

Charlie knew the longer they waited, the greater the chance they would get caught. "Where did you park?"

She pointed to the right. "That way. Just around the corner."

"Let's start walking. Let me go first, I'll make sure the coast is clear." Charlie walked up the path, looking up and down the street at the sidewalks. He didn't see anyone walking or driving. He looked back at Michelle and was momentarily stunned by how visible she was.

"Anyone looking out their window can see this," he thought, looking at the dark circles of her nipples and the dark line of her pubic hair, clearly visible against her light skin in the glow of the street light. Was she really as exposed as she appeared? Or did it just look that way to him because he knew she was naked? Would an observer imagine her with clothes, simply because they didn't expect to see a naked girl standing on a front porch? Charlie waved Michelle over, and she crossed the front yard.

"Do you know I've fantasized about something like this happening to me?" Michelle spoke as she stood on the sidewalk, looking up and down the street. "I mean, where some situation puts me outside naked, and it's not my fault but there I am, outside, naked." She peeked down at herself. "I guess I like the idea that it's not by my choice. Like an accident."

"Like someone forces you to go outside naked?"

"Well... not really like that." She glanced at him. "Although, that's kind of what just happened, right?"

"Yeah..." Charlie shifted uncomfortably. "Sorry."

Michelle just shrugged. She hooked her arm around Charlie's and pressed up against his side as they started walking. "You know what this is like? You know how in romantic comedies, the guy and the girl are in bed, and then the girl's big jealous boyfriend unexpectedly shows up and the guy has to escape without his clothes?"

"Yeah, right."

"Like in 'The Pink Envelope'. Do you know that movie?"

"No... I haven't seen that one."

"Kate Hudson. I forget the actor's name. He's handsome though." Michelle looked up at the starry sky. "I used to fantasize that I would be showering in the girl's locker room, and the fire alarm would go off. All the other girls would throw on clothes before they evacuated, but I'd panic and run out naked. The only one. Or I'd try to get dressed and a fireman would run in before I could, and yell at me that I need to leave immediately. So I would, I'd just run outside naked. Is that a weird fantasy?"

Charlie glanced at Michelle's nude body, and imagined a fireman leading her out to the parking lot, her body still wet and gleaming from the shower. "It's a pretty hot idea," he said truthfully.

"I have a lot of weird fantasies like that," Michelle said, encouraged by his response. "I have one where I'm at a fancy party and some crooks come in to do a robbery. They have guns and they tell everyone to put everything they have into a bag. Clothes and everything. They start with me, and make me take off all my clothes and put them in the bag. Then the police suddenly arrive, and the crooks run away with the bag, and the police chase them, and I'm left there, naked with all these people in fancy dresses and tuxedos."

"No one else takes off their clothes?"

"No. Because the crooks start with me, so I'm the only one. And maybe the police take me aside and question me and make me identify the men who did it, but no one thinks to give me anything to wear."

"Or maybe they do think of it, but they decide they like the view instead."

"Maybe. But what can I do? When I ask if I can have my clothes back, they just say, 'nuh-uh... it's evidence!' "

"So does anyone help you? Or do all those rich people in their fancy clothes leave you naked the whole night?"

"Oh, someone helps me eventually. It's my fantasy, so I guess they leave me naked just long enough to be exciting." She squeezed his arm. "Want to hear another?"


"There's a hypnotist who comes to the school to do a show. He asks for a volunteer... eek!" She froze, clutching Charlie's arm tightly. It took a moment for him to see what she had seen: a man turning the corner ahead of them, walking a small Scottish terrier.

Charlie looked closer. The man was short and stooped over, with a gray beard and a head of scraggly silver hair. He wore dark-rimmed glasses and a brown coat. Charlie didn't recognize him.

Michelle scrambled for the front of the hoodie, trying to pull it closed, but her left arm was hooked around Charlie's arm, and when she tried to raise her right arm too quickly, her purse slipped off her right shoulder. She caught her purse on her elbow, but leaned to the side, causing the hoodie to fall open even more.

"Don't worry about it," Charlie whispered to her. "He doesn't know me. We'll just go with our story, everything will be fine."

"Story? What story?" Michelle whispered back desperately.

"Shh. Here he comes." Charlie continued walking forward, and Michelle stayed with him, the hoodie still completely open, her naked body clearly visible. The man had definitely noticed. He gaped openly at Michelle as she approached. His glasses were apparently very effective at letting him see clearly at night, and his eyes were wide as he examined Michelle's body. The terrier was too busy sniffing a shrub to notice them.

"Hi!" Charlie greeted the man.

The man hesitated for a moment, looking between them. "Hi..." he said in a gravelly voice.

Charlie gestured at Michelle and shrugged apologetically. "We were at my house, thinking we had it all to ourselves for a few hours, but my parents came home unexpectedly. Katie here had to escape out the back before they could catch us, and she didn't even have a chance to get dressed."

The man furrowed his brow, absorbing this story. He turned to Michelle, looking her up and down. "His folks don't like ye?" he rumbled.

"Oh, they hate me!" Michelle told the man earnestly. "I'm glad they didn't catch me." She gazed tragically at Charlie. "They think I'm not good enough for their son."

"Oh... that's tough." The man's eyes dipped towards Michelle's body, and she stood patiently while he studied her breasts. The man's dog tugged vigorously at the leash, and the man looked down for a moment. He returned his eyes to Michelle. "Fruit bouquet," he said.


"You should send his parents a fruit bouquet. They got em now. They cuts up the fruit and makes 'em look just like flowers."

"Oh. Okay."

"Everyone likes em. Fruit bouquets. I promise ye, it'll make em like ye."

Michelle nodded. "Okay. I'll try that."

"Good idea," Charlie said.

The man gazed at Michelle seriously. "Fruit bouquet. Better than bein' thrown out bare ass, right?"

"Right. Fruit bouquet. Got it." Michelle waved her fingers. "Good night."

They walked away from the man. Charlie could tell that Michelle was struggling to hold back her laughter, and he reached over and squeezed her arm in warning. "Wait until we're around the corner," he muttered.

"Oh my god!" she whispered back. "I can't believe that just happened!" She covered her mouth, giggles escaping through her fingers.

"He bought it," Charlie growled. "He bought it and you're going to blow it by laughing."

"I was naked right in front of him and all he could say was fruit bouquet! Oh my god!"

"Just around the corner," Charlie said. "Then you can laugh all you want."

"I'm sorry... I just... I can't help it!" He could feel her body pressed against his side, shaking with silent laughter. "Getting caught... and then... and then that..."

As they reached the corner, Charlie caught sight of Michelle's car, sitting in the shadows of a willow tree's dangling branches. It almost looked like she'd intentionally parked in the darkest spot on the street, a gap in the staggered coverage of the street lights. Charlie wondered if she had considered the possibility that she might be returning to her car naked when she selected her parking spot.

"I'm sorry." Michelle wiped a tear from her eye with the sleeve of the hoodie. "It's just... my heart gets going so fast when someone sees me... and afterwards... I feel so energized... I just don't know what to do with myself..."

"He wasn't shy about getting a look at your breasts, was he?" Charlie said, and she again dissolved into gales of laughter.

"Oh my god! He was staring right at them! But what could I say? It's not like I can say 'eyes up here, buddy', not when I look like this!" Her foot caught the edge of the sidewalk and she almost fell over. Charlie caught her around the waist, but if anything, her near fall only made her laugh harder.

"Take a deep breath," Charlie said to her. "People are going to hear you and think we've been drinking."

"I'm all right. Just let me..." She breathed in deeply, her breasts heaving. "I'm okay..." She reached into her purse and rummaged for her car keys.

Charlie pulled her close and gently squeezed her breast. Michelle paused the hunt for her keys, closing her eyes and smiling. "Mmm," she murmured. "That feels nice."

"I know why he was staring at these," Charlie said as he fondled her. "You have a perfect pair."

"Thank you," she said. "Ah, here they are." She pulled out her car keys and pressed the button to unlock the car.

Charlie turned her to face him and leaned down for a kiss. Michelle eagerly accepted the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck. Charlie continued to play with her breasts, stroking and flicking her hard nipples as they kissed. He reached between her legs and cupped her pussy, sliding a finger inside her. She was wet with the excitement of walking outside naked and bit her lower lip to keep from moaning as he pushed three fingers deep into her.

Charlie broke the kiss and stepped away from her, although he kept his hand between her legs and continued stroking her pussy. Michelle leaned back against her car with her eyes closed, the pleasure clearly visible on her face. Fluttering eyelashes, mouth open, her bottom lip trembling. She lifted her right foot onto her tiptoes, separating her legs, giving him more access.

"Just friends, right?" he murmured as his finger moved against her clit.


"At school. You told Cody we're just friends?"


"I guess that means I can't touch your pussy like this at school." Charlie smiled. "I mean, I could... but Cody might get suspicious that we're more than just friends, right?"

"Oh, Charlie," Michelle moaned softly, her eyes still closed. She gasped suddenly as his manipulations provoked a wave of ecstasy through her body. "Ohh... you can touch me if you want... at school... my pussy... ohh... I don't care about Cody..."

"I can?"

"Anything, Charlie... anything you want..."

She's just really turned on, he thought. She's just saying whatever comes into her mind. Maybe it turns her on to say it.

Then he thought, I want to be inside her.

He had just started to pull his zipper down when a door slammed off to their right. Someone leaving their house. Down the street, the headlights flashed on a parked car as someone unlocked it with their key fob. Michelle straightened and quickly pulled the hoodie closed. Charlie took his hands away from his zipper.

"We keep getting interrupted." He scowled. Now they could see a man walking to the parked car, a dim shadow barely visible in the distance.

Michelle took slow, deep breaths, her legs now pressed tightly together. "It's all right. I should go anyway." She leaned forward and gave Charlie a quick kiss on the lips. "Can I have this hoodie?"

"Sure," he said. "You mean... to keep?"

She just laughed and went around to the other side of her car. She pulled open the door. "Good night, Charlie."

"Good night," he said. "Um... thanks for coming over."

She laughed again.

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