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Sauna Workout


I'll scratch your back if you all scratch mine! by DEE

I am 40, happily married and enjoy a wonderfully erotic and open sex life. Those of you who know me realise that what I say is true.

One day I was working out at the gym. I loved the pec deck and the latt pulldown. I really enjoyed the pumping of my boobs on the pec deck, and the latt pulldown always reminded me of being tied up and stretched. I love being stretched! There's only one thing I like better. Having my back scratched.

It has to be THE most orgasmic feeling outside of a tongue or a hot cock. As I pumped out my third set on the latt pulldown, I had an overwhelming urge to scratch. There was a really annoying itch just below my left shoulder blade. I cursed and dropped the handle before reaching around and trying to relieve the itch.

Just as I reached the spot, a voice, "Here, let me."

A man wearing a navy singlet and dark workout pants lightly scratched the spot I was trying to relieve. He had me there and then!

"Ooh" I said, "that is sooo good. Damn itch, stopped me finishing my set!"

"Well, we can't have that now can we?" said the guy. "I'm Ed" and anytime you need your back scratched, just call me."

With that he was gone. My eyes followed him as he headed off to the bench press area. I resumed my set and finished my workout. I felt like a swim and so headed to the changerooms and put on my one piece suit. I grabbed my towel and goggles and entered the pool area. The pool is rather narrow, but 25 metres long. I love to just relax and pump out some laps after a workout. It relaxes me. Just as I was about to dive in, that damn itch returned! I reached around sharply and started to scratch.

"OOh, not again?" that familiar voice spoke.

He was standing there in a pair of speedos, his cock noticable against the lycra material. I looked at him and smiled. I knew he was interested, and so was I. I decided to play hard to get, so I dropped my towel on the bench and dived in the water. I have always been a good swimmer, and I just swam a full length, did a pretty good tumble turn and returned to the end of the pool. He was in the water in my lane, standing there with his gorgeous chest staring at me. I wanted to grab him and bite his nipples, but thought better of it when I noticed a group of children swimming in the outside lane. We swam a few laps without chatting, before I stopped and watched him for a few more laps. As he came back to my end, I said,

"I'm heading for a sauna, see you soon."

I hoped he would follow me! Those of you who know me know that I have a thing for fucking in the sauna, and I was certainly keen to continue the tradition with this hunk!When I go to the sauna there was a woman in there that I had seen a few times in the gym. She was always looking at me as though she thought I was a tease or a slut or something. I didn't care! I loved making men hot in the gym. It was one of the main reasons I joined! I loved wearing tiny lycra shorts and leotards and crop tops. I just smiled and spread out my towel.

I knew she was watching me so I turned my back to her and then slowly inched off my the top of my one piece suit. I pulled it down so as the top of my butt was exposed, before lying face down on my towel. I looked at her shocked expression and again smiled back. I delighted in taunting this priss! I'd been lying there about five minutes when I turned my head away from her and closed my eyes. I loved the heat of the sauna!

A couple of minutes later, I heard the door open, and presumed it to be Ed who had decided to follow me in. I did not look, preferring to tease him and let his eyes feast on my semi-naked body for a while. Suddenly I almost jumped up with shock when I heard several male voices! I slowly rolled my head back to their side and was surprised to see three guys sitting there with huge grins on their faces! They could not have been more than eighteen or nineteen, and were obviously enjoying the view I had been giving them. I laughed when Miss Priss decided she'd had enough. As she got up to leave, I leant up on one elbow, exposing my breasts, and said,

"See you in the gym".

She simply scoffed and headed out the door.

The young guys just looked at each other and whooped it up! I smiled at them and said,

"See anything that annoys you boys?".

Again they looked at each other, and then the shortest guy said,

"No way babe, in fact we were just saying how cool to come in here and find a fox like you".

"Oh, I said, thanks!".

I decided to see just where things might lead with these hot young studs. I sat up .........slowly.......my naked, heaving chest glistening in sweat. I sat there and conciously stuck my boobs out at them.

"I love the heat in here, don't you?".

Three mouths were agog, their jaws locked in the fully open position. I made a mental note that the short guy just happened to also appeared to have the biggest tongue!

I then stretched sexily before getting up, wearing only my one piece suit around my hips, and walked to the corner of the sauna where there was a shower. I knew six eyes were glued to me, just the way I liked it, and so turned on the tap just enough to cover my sweaty body with ringlets of water all the way down. I turned slowly towards my young admirers and smiled wickedly at them all. I knew they were mine, ripe for the picking! I moved my finger to my mouth and sucked it sexily like a lollipop. I pumped it in and out a few times before grabbing the bottom half of my suit, and turned away from them again whilst I stood under the shower. Ever so slowly I lowered my suit, until I stood, facing away from them all, totally naked with the water running down and over my ass and legs.

I allowed the water to run down my body for a minute or so, enjoying the reactions I knew my behaviour was causing. I turned then to face the three youngsters and noticed with total satisfaction that they were all sporting erections in their shorts! I loved that feeling, and smiled as I said,

"Ohhhh.....I apologise you guys...did I cause those??".

"Hell yes" said the short guy again as he looked to the other two guys similar bulges!

"OOoh, then maybe I should help you get rid of them boys? What do you think?" I said as I squeezed my titties together and thrust them forward at the three young erect boys!

As their eyes popped almost out of their heads, I slowly ran my fingers through my hair and walked towards the Dee-lighted young studs. I stopped just short of them and put one foot up on the bottom level of the sauna seating. I then ever so slowly ran my hands across my breasts, pinched my nipples...hard....and then continued on down past my pierced belly button to my pussy. I teased and moaned as my fingers ran across my moist lips and spread them gently apart, revealing what I was certain was the first clitoris these three young studs had ever seen.

"Do you know what this is??" I asked the mouthpiece of the group.

"Sure do ma'am," said shorty. "It's a clitolist".

I giggled.

"You mean clitoris" I suggested to him, gently pulling my love button out from it's hood and exposing it even more.

"Have you ever touched one?" I asked.

"Nope..but hell, I'd love to touch yours now if you'd let me baby" said little Mr.Cocky.

"I don't think so" I said teasingly. "You haven't shown me you can handle this much woman yet" I mocked as I again ran my hands all over my boobs and pussy.

By this time the three boys were all pulling their cocks as they sat on the bench of the sauna and watched me push my finger into my pussy. I moaned and winked at them as I slowly took my finger out of my pussy and then slurped it clean! I pushed it back in and added another finger, throwing my head back and moaning again. This time when I pulled out, one of the young guys grabbed it and slurped it himself. That was exactly the reaction I had been hoping for! As a woman of 40, I was dying to teach this young studs a thing or two about how sex could and should be! Before he had a chance, I grabbed his hand and stuck his fingers in my own mouth, making sure to swirl my tongue and lick them erotically. I then slowly, and in clear view of the other two who were still pulling their cocks madly as they watched, pushed the guys fingers inside me. He had three fingers in me and I started to moan and help him pump his fingers in and out. Before long I was moaning and this young stud was really getting me turned on. It may have been the fact that I was naked in a sauna letting a stranger, a very YOUNG stranger, finger fuck me in front of his two teenage mates.

Whatever it was, I didn't care! I was ravid with arousal. I knew these boys were in for a hard time keeping up with me, as I was in the mood for some serious fucking. After about three minutes of masturbating with the young guys fingers inside me, I started to cum. I thrashed me head back and forth, my breasts heaving as my breathing became shallow and rapid.

"Fuck..she's coming on my fingers!" said the stud.

"Don't stop whatever you do" I replied as I thrashed about.

I was totally covered in sweat from the heat of the sauna and the state of my own arousal. Just as I reached the climax of my orgasm, an amazing thing happened; the young guy pushed a little harder and his whole fist popped inside my sopping cunt. I was astounded, but grabbed him by the wrist in fear that he might move it! I was wildly turned on. This young stud whom I had never met before was fist fucking me in front of his mates, and it was driving me insane! The young guy's fingers were wiggling around inside me as I bucked up and down on his fist. I leaned forward onto the bench of the sauna, allowing him to fist fuck me doggie style.

Holy shit it was good! I felt like John Holmes himself was ramming the hell out of my pussy, stretching it to the limits. The other incredible thing was that I started to feel another orgasm coming on!

"Don't stop whatever you do...I'm going to cum again"......I ordered just as I heard the sauna door open and recognised the startled voice immediately.!

"My god..what DO you think you are doing???" came a voice.

I didn't even bother to look because I was starting to convulse in my second orgasm in minutes.

"This young man is fist fucking me and I am about to orgasm you silly bitch!" I replied.

"Now either come in and join us or get lost so we can enjoy ourselves in private!"

It was the woman from earlier, and she had apparently come back for another sauna. I collapsed on the fist of young stud number one as I noticed the silly woman leaving again.

"That was incredible" said one of the guys who had been watching.

"You're telling me!" I said.

"I am sooooooo horny I want to fuck you all right now! Come over here and let me suck those cute little cocks of yours!"

I had all the three young guys sit next to each other with their hands leaning back so I had access to their cocks. They looked like three lollipops and I was sure looking forward to being an all-day-sucker! I rubbed my tits as I looked at them all. The sweat was dripping down between my boobs as I prepared to eat!

I leant over and took the middle cock in my mouth. I gripped the other two in my hands and pumped them up and down. I marvelled in the way my pussy was sooo wet it was dripping down my thighs. I had not been THIS turned on for ages, and I was determined to make this an event these three lads would not forget. I sucked and sucked and pumped and pumped on all three of the cocks before me. I wanted it to last, and so teased and moaned as much as I could. Every time I thought one of the guys was about to fill my mouth with hot cum, I would wink at him, stop sucking his cock and move on to the next young fellow. This was tease heaven, and as far as teasing goes, I was as good as anybody!

After what must have been almost fifteen minutes of cocksucking, I was ready to fuck. I stopped sucking, stepped back and placed my hands on my hips. My body glistened in the dim light of the sauna, the sweat covering my body in small driplets. I knew I looked hot, and was determined to milk this opportunity for all it was worth. I was going to fuck the absolute shit out of these young guys, and hoped they were equal to the task!

"Who's first?" I enquired.

The tallest of the young men said, "Me, please..let me go first!".

"Ok, you're in" I said, and moved towards him.

I positioned myself facing away from him. my pussy moving in towards his delicious erection that I had sucked only seconds previously. As I ever-so-slowly lowered my pussy down on to his cock, I called the other two round to the front of my body. I needed someone to suck and play with my tits, and wanted the other to lick my aching clit as I slowly pumped my pussy up and down on the cock now within me. It was a delicious feeling. My pussy felt the wonderful feeling of fucking, the way the walls of my cunt swelled and stretched with each pump was heavenly. This guys' cock was not overly large or thick, but he was nice and hard and I was certainly enjoying the ride! I was holding the head of one of the guys in my hands as he bit and sucked my nipples. I love having them played with roughly, and so I kept encouraging him to ravage my tits as I rode my cock. To top it all off, the guy down below was delightfully lashing my clit as it protruded from my pussy due to the cock deep inside it. I started to climax for the third time already that afternoon!

It was amazing......but glorious! I moaned and thrashed and felt the sudden increase in girth of a cock inside me that was about to cum. I slammed down my pussy in my own climax and felt the amazing sensation of a cock spurting deep inside me. I felt four clear gushes of sperm as the young man inside my pussy donated his sperm to my womb. I pumped and pumped, thriving in the environment of my own come, as well as wanting to drive the young guy crazy. I pumped until he was unable to stand it anymore, and grabbed me by the hips, pushing me away and collapsing in a heap o the bench of the sauna.

Before they had a chance to rest, I pounced upon the other two. I forced myself down on the cock of the bigger of the two young studs yet to come, and started riding his cock facing him. I grabbed him by the back of the head and again forced him to suck my nipples. Guy number three was standing playing with his cock.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked.

"Come over here and let me have that!".

With that he pointed his erection at my hungry mouth and I started sucking for all I was worth. Just as I felt him about to start cumming, I again stopped.

"Get behind me and watch this" I ordered him. I gave him one hell of a show of my pussy pumping on his young mates' cock. I rode up and down slowly enough for him to notice my asshole protruding each time I pumped downwards.

"Lick my ass and then fuck it ok?" I told number three.

"You want me to what???" he squealed.

"I said, lick my asshole and then fuck me in the ass. What's the matter, are you deaf?".

The guy underneath me must have liked that - because he jammed his cock deeper in my pussy, making me grunt with the suddenness of it. I looked him right in the eye and fucked him senseless for a couple of minutes. I have to admit, he was good! He managed to withstand the onslaught and was still erect when the little guy behind me decided to do as I asked and I felt the first tentative licks of his tongue over my bud.

Before long he was jamming his tongue inside my asshole, and I was begging him to fuck me hard in the ass. It didn't take him too long! I felt him move in close behind me, and then the unmistakable pressure of an object entering my anus. His cock head was small, and so it slipped in easily, without much pain. I managed to pump u and down on both the guys a few times before suddenly the whole length of him slipped inside my ass.

"OOOh" I squealed as the sudden force took hold of my ass and pussy at the same time.

Without realising what was happening, my mouth was suddenly filled with cock yet again, as the first guy who fucked me again was ready for more. The sauna became one huge orgy, and I am sure the temperature rose 10 degrees when the three young studs and I got into a nice rythmn of fucking and sucking. I had to really give these guys credit, because I am certain it was the first time any of them would have fucked an older woman, let alone given her a three-way triple penetration! It was a wonderful sight.

Here I was, naked and sopping wet from sweat, riding a cock beneath me as the young man sucked my nipples. Guy number two was busy pumping my tight ass with his cock at the same time, and the third boy was getting the mother of all head jobs from me at the same time. As strange as it may seem, I wished the lady who had come in before would return and see what a real woman does with three men! It was just then that I happened to look out the small window and notice two other men standing there wanking their cocks watching us! That was all it took to send me over the top and headlong into fuck heaven. I went mad. I actually felt sorry for the three youngsters because I swear that in the next five minutes I would have caused their cocks to become red-raw! I pumped madly on the cock in my ass, and spewed out some terribly nasty language until I again felt the unmistakable swelling in my rectum. I knew he was starting to cum and I wanted to feel the sensation of having semen spew into my bowels as I was being fucked. I momentarily bit down on the cock in my mouth until the delightful pulsing and warm rush had subsided.

My asshole was dripping cum all over the cock that was in my pussy. The man in my mouth was again starting to cum just as I felt the little guy withdraw from my anus. Just as I heard that familiar "pop" of a cock leaving my tight asshole, I felt a spew of seed in my mouth and gulped it down relentlessly. I sucked and licked and slurped and pulled, until the guy desperately tore his cock from my grasp, fearing I might actually tear it off!

I looked quickly to the window and noticed only one guy left. Where the other guy had been was a puddle of cum dripping down the window. I was determined to make the other guy watching deposit his goo there too!

I was now left to concentrate on Mr. Stayhard. This guy was impressive considering his age. He had watched me fuck his friend; fucked my pussy the whole time I had been fucked in the ass, and had also watched me drink the cum of the first guy again. It was now his turn to make a deposit!

I rode him without mercy, my hands gripping his nipples as a bridle. He was gripping my tits and pumping, trying hard not to cum, but he knew it was useless. He grunted and pushed his cock deep into my womb as I again felt the pulsing and rush of hot wetness deep inside me. My pussy and ass were soaked and full of cum. My mouth was covered in sticky stuff that was dribbling down my chin. I began to bask in the afterglow until I noticed the guy at the window had not yet cum! He was still pumping furiously.

I immediately went to the window and turned around, bending at the waist. My naked and sopping pussy and ass were pressed hard against the glass. I reached back and pushed three fingers into my hungry but reddened asshole. That was all it took! The three young men and I heard a muffled growl as guy at the window pumped a nice load of cum all over the window, aiming at my sloppy pussy and ass. It was a fitting finale to a wonderful fuck.

I grabbed my towel, and headed out the door. As I passed the guy who had just cum on the window, I said,

"Pity.......if you'd come in the sauna I could have swallowed that!"

I went home and slept for hours.......

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