tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSavannah's Day at Work Ch. 04

Savannah's Day at Work Ch. 04


"Where are we going to get the butt plug," Dan asks us.

"There's a sex shop about 10 minutes away. Put it in your GPS," I tell Dan. He smiles, "of course you would know that."

It feels surreal to be in a car driving around the city naked with cum all over me, with my co-worker also covered in cum, on the way to go get a butt plug, and neither us with access so a single stitch of clothing.

Dan asks us "So which plug am I getting?"

"I don't know," I say, I'll pick something out.

"Are you forgetting you are naked and covered in my cum," Dan asks. "You can't go in there."

"Why not," I state. "I'm sure some guy working in a sex shop isn't going to mind two naked girls covered in cum walking into the store."

"I don't think I can do that," Brooke says. "It's one thing where there's a chance of getting caught, but to know someone will see me like this for sure, that makes me nervous."

"Look at you," I tell her. "You are 100% nude, covered in cum, riding around the city. You said you wanted us to match. I need a butt plug in my ass ASAP and you need to keep one in so Dan's cum stays inside you."

"I know, but I'm so nervous. What if we get in trouble," asks Brooke. "What will we say?"

"We will be fine," I tell her. "I'm sure a guy that works at a place like that is either super pervy or super open to anything. He will not get us in trouble."

"What about other people in the store," she asks.

"Same thing. They're there because they are kinky. I'm sure they won't mind. Plus, maybe no one will be there," I tell her.

She looks at me while contemplating it for a few seconds. "Ok, let's do it," she says. If we get arrested, I'm killing you."

After a few minutes we pull into the parking lot for the store. There is only 1 car in the lot. I think that maybe it belongs to the guy working there, but secretly hope there's a customer or two in there, or that more come. We pull right up to the front and park.

"Are you guys ready for this," asks Dan.

I look at Brooke and she looks back at me, then smiles. She leans in and kisses me. She pulls back just slightly so our noses are touching and looks right in my eyes. "I trust you. Let's do this."

We all get out of the car and walk up to the door. Dan pulls it open for us. I motion for Brooke to go first. She slightly hesitates and then walks in. I follow and Dan follows me. We look to the right and just as I thought there is a man who looks to be around thirty years old behind the counter. We see him turn and look at us and he just stops, dumbfounded.

"Where are your butt plugs," I ask him.

"Back wall," he says, pointing.

We walk toward the plugs. I can feel the carpet on my bare feet and realize for the first time how insane this is. I am now looking for people to see me completely nude and covered in cum. At this point I am kind of thinking to myself that I might not want to ever wear clothing again. We see the butt plugs on shelves and the wall and start going through them.

"Which one do you want," I ask Brooke.

She walks up to them and starts looking at them closer. She picks up one with a raccoon tail. "I've always been kind of fascinated by these."

"Naughty girl", I say. "I don't even have a tail plug."

"I think it's hot," Dan says. "You should definitely get that one."

"Me too," says Brooke. "This is the one I want."

Brooke looks at me and asks "will you put it in me now?"

"Sure babe. Lie down on the floor." She gets down, missionary and spread eagle, facing me with her legs slightly in the air.

I look and see that the cashier is pretending to organize some DVD's on the shelf near us. "You don't mind if we put this in now, do you," I ask him.

"Not at all," he says. "You don't mind if I watch, do you?"

"We'd prefer it," I state. "Take out your phone and take pictures and video if you want."

I grab my plug that is currently in her and pull it out. I look right at the worker, pointing his phone toward us, and put it in my mouth, sucking it clean. After cleaning it off I reach back and reinsert it into myself. The empty feeling is gone and I feel full again.

I grab the tail plug and slowly insert it into Brooke. After inserting it I give her pussy a lick and look up at her.

"Please keep doing that," says Brooke.

As she asked, I continue to lick while inserting two fingers into her. I look up at her while doing this and notice her looking right at the guy that works there while he is recording. She is smiling and holding her tongue out. It is one of the hottest things I have ever seen. I look over at Dan and see he is watching us with his dick out, stroking it.

"Get behind me," I tell him.

He kneels down behind me and goes right into my pussy with one thrust. I'm sure the guy who works here loves getting this on tape. As Dan is slowly thrusting and I am fingering and licking Brooke the guy takes out his dick and starts stroking it while holding the phone in one hand. I see Brooke motion for him to come over to her. He goes over and kneels down beside her and she takes him into her mouth.

"Do you realize how insane this is," I say aloud. "We are in the middle of this store having a four-way. "Anyone can walk in at any time and see us, and we have nothing to cover up with."

This makes Brooke moan while sucking the worker. She is fully deep-throating him while looking right into his phone. He must be around 8 inches. Lucky guy.

"Let's switch, I would like you to fuck me," I say to the worker.

I see Brooke give his dick one last kiss on the tip and smile into his camera and he stands up. Dan pulls out of me, walks over to Brooke, and kneels next to her. As she takes Dan into her mouth the worker enters me. He is not as big as Dan, but it still feels great, in a different way.

After a few minutes of this I get an idea in my head.

"Dan, please come and lay down in front of me," I say.

He gets up, walks over and lies down on the ground in front of me. After he does this I climb on top of him and guide him into me. After this I look back over my shoulder at the worker, smile, and wiggle my butt. I hope he gets the hint.

He does, and kneels down behind me. I feel him grab the base of my butt plug and start pulling it out.

"Give that to me," says Brooke.

He hands it to her and she immediately starts licking it clean.

As Brooke is licking my ass off of my plug I feel the guy set the tip of his dick against the entrance to my ass. I push back a little bit giving him the signal. I am nice and ready from the big plug being in all day. He enters me slowly, inch by inch, and it feels amazing. I have not been DP'd with two real dicks in quite some time. I feel Dan and the guy start to alternate thrusts.

The guy hands his phone to Brooke. She takes it and starts filming all three of us fucking. I look directly at the camera most of the time, alternating looking right into Dan's eyes. This guy will be jerking off to this for the rest of his life. As he is fucking me in my ass he starts kissing my back, neck, and ears. It drives me fucking insane and I cum while screaming very loudly. Dan and the worker slow down their thrusts for a minute after I cum, but do not remove themselves from me.

After a bit the guy says "I am going to cum any second."

"Me too," says Dan.

"Well, I bet you guys know where we want it," I state.

The guy pulls out of my ass and stands up. I climb off Dan and he stands up. Brooke hands the guy back his phone. I kneel in front of the worker and take him into my mouth so I can taste my ass. I suck him while looking up at him for a minute.

"Please come over here and kneel down ladies, so we can paint your faces," says Dan.

I stop sucking the workers dick, kiss it, and stand up. I hold out my hand to Brooke and she gives me my plug back. As I kneel down in front of Dan I reinsert the plug to its proper home. Brooke kneels right next to me, touching shoulder to shoulder. She has the biggest smile on her face and it turns me on so much.

"Are you ready," Dan asks the guy.

He nods yes and holds his camera to us. Dan looks at us and tells us to beg for it.

"Please give us your cum baby. We are such dirty little cum sluts. We want it all over our faces, in our hair, in our eyes, everywhere," I say to the camera.

They step up right in front of us, point their dicks right at our faces, and let go. I feel the first spurt from the worker hit me right on the bridge of my nose. The second hits my forehead right where my hair meets it. Another rope goes right into my hair. After this I notice that he points his dick toward Brooke and that Dan points his at me. They are crossing streams of cum onto us. Dan gets a long rope of cum across both of my eyes. A second from him goes right onto my forehead and starts going right into my eyes as well. I keep my eyes open the whole time. I cannot believe how much cum there is. Just when I think we're done the worker stands directly over me and drops another load right into my hair.

I look up at the worker and smile while waving my tongue around at him so he has that memory forever. I then blow the camera a kiss. I look over at Brooke and can barely see a spot on her face not coated in cum. She looks amazing and I can tell she has just orgasmed from fingering herself while getting her facial. She opens her eyes and looks at me with the most lustful look I have ever seen on the face of anyone.

"That was the best thing that has ever happened to me," she says, while panting. "Is there a lot in my hair too," she asks, while leaning down for me too look.

"Oh yeah," I tell her. "Almost as much as there is on your face. How about me?"

She stands up and laughs. "Oh my god, there is so much. You are completely covered!"

As I look at her standing there, completely covered in cum, totally naked, kind of swaying and dancing, and a tail plug hanging down between her legs, I think I am in love. I stand up and walk over to her. I place my arms around her, grab her ass, pull her close against me and kiss her. Just a peck at first, then another. I look at her right in her eyes and say "I love you, you are perfect."

"Oh, Savannah." she says with a smile on her face, "I think I love you too!"

With that she tilts her head and leans in to kiss me. I open my mouth and feel her tongue enter it. After a final peck I pull away and stare into her eyes. We don't say a word.

I hear the door to the store open and Dan says we have to go. The worker says the plug is on the house. He starts to say "and by the way, my name is" and I stop him.

"It's hotter if we don't know," I state.

Dan pulls his pants up and is ready to go. I look over the shelf and see a couple walking toward us.

"Let's not panic and run," I say to everyone. "Let's just calmly walk out past them and give them a little show.

"I'm game," says Brooke. I don't think she will ever say no to anything ever again.

We start to walk toward the exit and come right up to the couple. They stop dead in their tracks and just stare at us without saying a word. We smile at them and as we walk by I say "the butt plug selection is great."

We get to the door and I look out. There is no one in the lot, to my dismay.

"Coast is clear," I tell them.

We all exit the store and get into Dan's truck, Brooke and I in the back. I hope he doesn't mind getting cum in here, as we have it dripping off of us.

"Ladies, I have an idea," says Dan, looking back at us. "Are you both free this weekend," he asks.

I tell him I have nothing important going on and that I am open to anything. So does Brooke.

"Would you like to take a little road trip somewhere," he asks.

"Where would we go," asks Brooke.

"There's a little lake and campsite with some cabins to rent a couple of hours away. We can rent one and stay the weekend," Dan tells us.

"That sounds fun," says Brooke. "I don't know how I'm going to get home and get my stuff though. I can't be seen at my apartment like this."

"Well," says Dan. "How about you don't go home?"

Brooke looks at me with a bit of confusion on her face.

"How about you both can only bring what you have on right now," says Dan.

"You mean you want us to stay like this the whole weekend," I ask him.

"Yes," Dan says. "I want to leave right now. I want to drive there with you completely naked, covered in cum, and to not have access to a single stitch of clothing until we get back home. You will be naked the entire trip. If I had my way, both of you would burn every piece of clothing you own and never wear a stitch again when we get back. No shoes, no jewelry, nothing, ever again. I would have you naked as the day you were born for the rest of your life."

I cum on the spot without even touching myself and see Brooke fingering herself. I climb on top of her and start kissing her while she fingers herself to an orgasm, panting into my mouth. As she comes down I pull away slightly.

"I think you know my answer baby. Are you ok with this," I ask her.

Looking right into my eyes she says "Yes, I will do anything and everything with you. I want to be naked with you for the rest of the weekend. I do not want a piece of clothing to touch my body until it's over. I want to continue to have cum all over me as much as possible too. I like the feeling of it. It makes me feel super dirty and slutty."

I look at Dan and say "I don't think that will be a problem, baby."

I stay lying on top of Brooke in the back seat and tell Dan to go ahead and start driving, we are ready. As we cuddle in all our naked glory I have thoughts on what fun this trip can be.

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What A HOT Series!

Made It Almost to the End of This Chapter! What a Rush!!! Savannah Has Two Converts to Naked Kink! Not Finished? Please!

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