Saving Berry


Author's note: This one is a tad darker than my usual. In a nutshell, Heather submits to some non-consensual sex to save her lesbian lover from a worse fate.


This story cements a connection between my "Hero's Life" series and my one-off "Strawberries & Bubblegum" story. I have a near-neurotic need to fit puzzle pieces together like this. Where do you think I got the idea for Heather's connect-the-dots character?

Here, Heather's do-gooder instincts reach their peak. We also see how and why Heather and Stacey break up in spite of the deep and meaningful connection they made in "Strawberries & Bubblegum."

Samantha, Heather's current lesbian lover - a girl who is a sweet, sexy, and dangerous combination of "tough as nails" and gentle big sister - tells Heather's story on her behalf.

Yes, everyone in the story is at least 18 years-old, etc.

~~~ Saving Berry ~~~

Let's get something straight from the beginning, Heather was definitely not gunning for martyr status. She just did the best she could. The trouble is, it was a little too good and Heather lost Stacey, her beautiful little "Berry", because of it.

Stacey ended up leaving her based on a crappy mix of shame, fear, stupidity, loneliness, lust, love, and an inability to cope with Heather's unbelievable sacrifice.

Heather claims that she is over it now and that everything happens for a reason. I am sure her little connect-the-dots brain has worked out the various causes and effects. And maybe she is right. Maybe this will be even better in the long run.

But, between you and me, I can't believe she doesn't wonder what could have been. I would. Then again, I would have broken a few of the fucker's limbs instead of doing what Heather did. But, hey, that's just me.

I'll jump right to the shitty part - the part where Stacey told Heather it was over between them through Stacey's bathroom door. We can work backwards from there.

"Stace, it's just me. Open the door?"

"I can't... just please... go away..."

"Stacey, it's okay. It's over. Your step-brother just left. I'm all right and you're all right. The important thing is nobody got hurt. Please let me in?"

"I can't... I can't let you see me like this... I can't believe what you saw Glenn and I doing... And I can't believe what you did... and that you did it for me... please just... just go away and leave me alone... I'm so ashamed I can't even look at myself... or you... Oh god, I just want to die..."

"It's not your fault honey, it's his fault. He's the asshole here."

"You don't understand. It really is my fault. I... I started it with him. I was so lonely before you. And he was so depressed. He was sweet and gentle the first few times we did things together. But he turned so mean. I told him it was over and that's when he moved out. I never wanted you to know. I never wanted anyone to know."

"I don't care about any of that, Berry. You know I don't judge people. This doesn't change how I feel about you."

"Heather, I hate myself. How can I love someone else with this much hate inside me? Just go... just go and be with somebody normal. Somebody who deserves you."

"But I still love you, Berry."

"...Heather... don't call me that... just go... please? Just go."

So Heather went. She pulled on her clothes. She picked up her book bag and she went home. And she cried. For months.

Here's what led up to that point.

Stacey spent a lot of time at Heather's house. It wasn't just because they were teammates, then best friends, then friends with small benefits, then full-on lesbian lovers. It was also because Stacey's house sucked. Or, rather, her family did.

Her dad was a great guy but he was never home. He had to travel a lot for work. And her stepmother was a drinker, which might have been cool if she was a happy drunk and had let the girls join in now and again. But she was an ugly drunk. She pretty much followed her stepdaughter around the house with a cocktail and pointed out her shortcomings. Her mom didn't work and she didn't have any real hobbies so she specialized in being mean to the people around her.

Stacey also had an older stepbrother and he pretty much scared the shit out of Heather. First off, he was huge; more than 6 feet and over 225 lbs of muscle. That wasn't the worst part - he looked at Heather in a way that made her swear he thought she was some kind of food.

His looks weren't the lusty leers Heather had been getting from men since she hit puberty that were some variation of "Wow, I'd love to see her naughty bits."

No, Glenn's looks were more sinister. They said, "I wonder if she'd be better with soy sauce or ketchup?"

Thank god he didn't live at home with Stacey anymore. He had moved into an apartment with some friends a few months ago. Heather had bumped into him just three times at Stacey's house and that was enough.

The day things blew up, Stacey's dad was away on a business trip. Not unusual. The difference was Stacey's mom was away too. She'd decided, on a whim, to fly to Florida to visit girlfriends. Stacey was home all alone.

Heather was going to surprise her by dropping by and staying the night. She threw some stuff in a backpack and drove over to keep Stacey company - hopefully, sexy company. With the house empty, they could spend the night exhausting themselves in the sweet, sweaty girl-girl sex they had both quickly become addicted to. So Heather was practically vibrating with anticipation as she drove to Stacey's house.

Heather is a smart girl. If only she hadn't been thinking "sexsexsexsexsex" as she slipped in the front door. She would have realized something was not right right from the start. For starters, speed metal was blaring. Stacey was more of a rhythm and blues girl. But Heather was so excited about the prospect of surprising Stacey that she thought more about how well the music covered the sound of her coming in the house and bounding up the stairs.

Carrying her little backpack, Heather headed up towards Stacey's room. She never got there. At the top of the stairs she heard noises that made her stop and turn towards Glenn's old bedroom instead.

The noises were... not good. Glenn's door was open and she could hear grunting and mewling sounds coming down the hallway. She walked quietly down the hall and slowly peeked around the doorjamb.

Glenn was there and he was standing in front of his bed. His enormous V-shaped back was to her. He was even bigger than when she saw him last. She got the distinct impression he'd started taking steroids. There was another 25 pounds of muscle on him. He was shirtless and his jeans were bunched down around his knees. His muscular ass flexed as he humped forward and back.

Stacey was laying on his bed but Heather could not see her face because it was behind Glenn's pumping ass. Stacey was stretched out on her side with her feet running up towards the head of the bed. She was wearing her favorite old gray, long sleeved t-shirt that fell almost to her knees. And nothing else. Her smooth, ivory legs were bare. Her large bra-less breasts were rocking under the gray shirt. Heather could see Stacey's long, loose auburn hair shifting on the bed too.

Most importantly, by the sounds of things, Stacey had her stepbrother's dick in her mouth.

There was a lot of slurping.

Heather should have run. She really should have run away. But her feet wouldn't listen. She was rooted to the spot and she watched them. The more she watched the less mutual things were looking. Stacey wasn't blowing her stepbrother. He was fucking her face and grunting savagely while doing it. Stacey sniffled and mewled each time her brother sank himself too far into her mouth.

Then he shoved way too hard during one thrust. Stacey sputtered and choked forcefully enough that he pulled out of her mouth. She coughed violently. "Do you like this Glenn? Do you like using my mouth? Shoving your dick down your poor defenseless little stepsister's throat?"

"Shut up," he grunted. He reached a big hand down her body to cup and squeeze one of the large, firm breasts that shifted under the thin cotton of her t-shirt.

Stacey winced at his groping but kept talking. "You don't have to do this you know. I didn't know you were coming home. I would have put more clothes on if I knew you would be here. I didn't mean to tease you. Honest. I know not to tease you anymore."

"That's right," he grunted again. "Because what do teases get?" His hand slid down, away from her breast, and around to her backside. He drew it back and smacked her sharply on her ass. It made a huge cracking sound that made Heather jump.

Stacey jerked. "Ow!"

"I said 'what do teases get?'"

Stacey sighed. "Fucked," she said in a small voice, "Teases get fucked."

"That's right. Maybe I should really teach you a lesson. Maybe I should use your little virgin cunt. Take your precious cherry right now."

"No! Please! I... I didn't mean to tease. I didn't know. Mom didn't tell me were coming home to watch me." There was a long pause. "You can... you can come in my mouth this time if you want."

"Nice try," Glenn snickered darkly. "I think it's going to take a little more than that."

He twisted a hand into her hair and pushed her farther back onto the bed and flipped her onto her stomach. She tried to roll away but he pressed her down face-first into the bed as he kicked off his jeans and laid down on top of her. The only thing separating their nude bodies was the thin gray cotton of Stacey's old t-shirt that had now ridden up to the mid-thigh on her sleek porcelain legs.

Glenn humped down into her. "I think I want this. You remember don't you? Why don't you let me take your ass again? It was so good that time."

"No! You were too rough, Glenn. My butt was sore for days afterwards. I'm little back there and you're big. You did it way too hard. Come on, I'll suck on you real nice. Just let me up?"

"No! I'm tired of that. I feel like some fucking right now. I'll be reasonable," he chuckled darkly, "I'll even let you pick which hole." He ground himself into her from behind again and reached for the bottom hem of her t-shirt.

"No! Don't Glenn! I'm not ready. Either way. It'll hurt and it'll be really gross."

Heather felt a chill run through her. Sodomy or chastity? Some choice. In the fewer than two minutes Heather had been standing there, she'd seen enough to understand they weren't playing some kind of kinky game. Glenn was serious. This was going to majorly mess Stacey up. Probably for life.

But what could Heather do to stop it? Heather didn't know that a jab to the throat drops anyone of any size. She didn't know that a quick hard kick to the side of the knee works just as well on a 250 pound man as a 100 pound one. Heather doesn't really do violence. Frankly, it's part of why I love her.

So, short of a gun, and she didn't see one lying around, Heather didn't like her chances at successfully incapacitating someone Glenn's size.

As Heather watched, Glenn inched Stacey's t-shirt further up her legs until the bottom curves of her pale gorgeous ass cheeks were showing. Again, Glenn hunched his hips and pressed down into his sister through the fabric.

Stacey was approaching open panic. "No-o-o-o-o-o!" it came out as the kind of small, desperate bleating sound a small animal makes when it's afraid for its life.

As Glenn started inching Stacey's t-shirt up further, Heather looked around more frantically and opened up the nutty connect-the-dots part of her brain. The one that could see how stuff fits together in weird ways.

There - on top of the dresser next to her. Condoms. With them she... yes, she could do it. Make herself a weapon. Or at least a shield. She could save Stacey from something she'd never be able to forget. At least Heather wasn't a virgin.

Heather cleared her throat loudly. Two surprised faces whipped around to look at her. In the doorway, she dropped her book bag and jerked her white baby-doll t-shirt off over her head.

Then she said the three dumbest words she'd ever said in her life, "Can I join?"

Glenn and Stacey's mouths dropped open together.

In the stunned silence, Heather plucked one of the condoms off Glenn's dresser and forced her lips up into her sexiest little-girl smile. "Come on, looks like there's plenty of room for me in there."

Glenn's eyes zeroed in on the oversized boobs barely contained by Heather's powder blue push-up bra. She'd worn it for Stacey's benefit. It was Stacey's favorite. It jammed Heather's full breasts together into a tight cleavage. Unless Glenn was only into near-incest, he'd pretty much want to fuck her.

And he did. "S-sure," he stuttered.

Heather crawled onto the bed, kneeling behind them. Glenn picked himself up off his sister. As his hands reached out towards Heather, she took a half-knee step back and waved the condom. "I need protection, okay stud? I'm super fertile right now," she lied smoothly.


"And you have to be nice. I don't think I'm as rough and tumble as Stacey."

Glenn smirked but he agreed, "Sure."

Heather glanced at Stacey and tried to read her. It wasn't hard - Stacey's face was an open jumble of surprise, fear, shame and relief.

Heather played it straight. "You don't mind sharing your hunky stepbrother with me just this one time, do you Stace?" She got closer to Glenn and reached her arms around to hug him, running her small hands up and down his gigantic back. She cooed appreciatively in the way she knew a dopey muscle head like him wanted to hear. Over his shoulder, she could look at Stacey without Glenn seeing.

"Go," Heather mouthed silently to Stacey and gestured with one hand.

But Stacey just shook her head, her eyes widening. She didn't want to leave? Heather was confused.

"Should I go?" Heather mouthed again.

Stacey hesitated but shook her head again. She was afraid for either of them to be alone with him. Okay, right, safety in numbers then. Heather nibbled her lip and nodded her head.

In the meantime, Glenn had reached around behind Heather and unclasped her bra. He yanked it away from the side. One of the clasps caught her across the chest as he pulled it quickly across her front. It made Heather gasp and he thought it was in a good way.

He buried his face between her large round tits, reaching up to cup them in his big hands. His meaty paws were big enough to fully palm even Heather's oversized breasts. It had been awhile since a guy had touched Heather like this. His rougher, callused hands felt different from Stacey's softer, smaller ones.

With his face still jammed in her chest, Glenn slid his hands down to Heather's little curved hips to push down on her tiny khaki shorts. They were loose enough at her hips that they slid off without needing to be unbuttoned. Her little powder blue thong panties followed them.

As quickly as that, she was naked. It was mid-spring and she'd already gotten a few days of sun in her little bikini. She was light tanned with small paler triangles at her breasts and crotch. She was a walking fantasy and Glenn could barely believe his luck.

She let Glenn's hands roam her small body to her flat, taut belly that curved down into her smoothly shaved, bald pussy. He cupped it roughly.

As Glenn groped and stared, Heather looked at Stacey the whole time - willing her girlfriend to understand that none of this was what she wanted. That she was doing it for her. That it would all be worth it when this was over and everyone went on their way unharmed.

Is it rape if someone submits to something they'd never do under other circumstances? She wasn't attracted to Glenn in any way. He was too brutish, too dumb, too scary for that.

This was going to be a game. Wear the brute out. Make him forget about taking his stepsister against her will. Satisfy his beastly urges. Send him away.

Heather cooed, smiled, and batted her blue eyes as Glenn touched her. For better or worse, Heather's tiny, lush teenage body was essentially designed to satisfying a man's beastly urges. And for the first time in her young life, she was about to use that fact fully.

She reached down with one of her small hands and circled his erection where it bobbed lewdly in the open. He was huge to the point of being scary from Heather's fairly inexperienced perspective. He was maybe eight inches long and very thick.

Heather automatically pictured him cramming it into Stacey's ass and couldn't believe her girlfriend hadn't been seriously damaged. She pushed that thought away and smiled at Glenn instead. "So is this for me, big fella?"

"It is now," Glenn grunted.

"Let's see, what should I do first?" Heather said coyly. It was a prompt for Glenn to share whatever craving was rolling around in his dirty brain.

But he didn't answer. She realized that Glenn wasn't sharp enough mentally to play that game. He was more of a True/False guy.

"Should I... suck it?" Heather finally asked.


"Okay, I'll put it in my mouth. But please don't come in my mouth, that's just nasty."


She swiveled off the bed and kneeled on the floor then flipped her wavy brassy blonde hair to one side. She circled him with both of her small hands and slowly sucked his large mushroom head into her mouth. She had to open her jaw fully to get him inside. She twirled her tongue on his tip as she stroked his shaft with both of her hands in unison. She twisted her grips smoothly as they moved up and down. It had been awhile, but Heather had done this before.

Glenn moaned and humped into her mouth.

Heather sucked on him harder as one of his hands went to the back of her head. She let him slide himself in and out of her mouth steadily and push her head down onto him. She used her hands to keep him from jamming is entire cock into her face as he no doubt wanted to.

Stacey already had him worked up and Heather's surprise arrival had excited him further. After about two dozen strokes in and out of her tightly circled lips, Glenn came in her mouth. Heather had expected it and didn't even bother trying to move away. He wouldn't have let her anyway. She felt his hand firmly on the back of her head.

Instead, she silently swallowed several times to suck away the large thick ropes of cum that he poured into her mouth over and over. He was bleachy and salty and musky and bitter - easily the worst tasting cum she'd ever had. It was just one more thing about Glenn to hate.

She swallowed several times trying to reduce the horrid taste but she didn't let her revulsion show as she grinned up at him when he finally popped out of her lips.

"Wow, you came a lot! Can you go again? I'd like a little loving too you know. You've got me all juicy now."

Heather was overselling her enthusiasm but she wanted his attention entirely focused on her. Leave Stacey out of this.

"Yeah, lemme lie down a sec," Glenn plunked down heavily on the bed. "Okay, your turn now, sis." He reached over and grabbed Stacey roughly by the hair and pulled her face down to his crotch.

"Wait... I can do that some more..." Heather said quickly as Glenn forced Stacey's mouth down onto his half-hard cock, "I don't mind. I love having you in my mouth."

Glenn shook his head. "Nah, I like watching her do it. Something nasty about having my own step-sister's lips on my dick."

Heather lowered her face to Glenn's groin alongside Stacey. Stacey lips were stretched into an 'O' around Glenn's shaft and she nursed on his head and bobbed gingerly. Heather leaned in and tentatively lapped at his big ball sac. The girls made eye contact and Stacey grimaced, revolted at what they were doing. Heather reached up to gently stroke her girlfriend's hair.

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