tagBDSMSay It Ch. 02

Say It Ch. 02


They sat in silence for several moments. Slowly her breath returned to normal, and she glanced furtively down at his hand on the gearshift. The fingers were long and masculine. Even the lines on his outer wrist seemed to communicate a kind of implacable strength as he shifted into a higher gear, moving them onto the highway.

"Remove your coat," he said firmly.

"What?" she dazedly replied, looking from his right hand to his face now.

He flicked a glance her way repeating, "Remove your coat."

She swallowed heavily, unclasped the seatbelt, and then unfastened her coat before sliding it off her shoulders and around to her lap. His hand efficiently lifted, moving the coat from her lap to the back seat before returning to the gearshift. For a moment she sat in her thin cashmere sweater, and then reached to reattach the seatbelt.

"No," he said, "not yet. Now remove your bra."

"My bra?" she dumbly parroted.

"Yes, Sweetness. Unclasp it and remove it now, please." he said.

She reached back undoing the sensible back hooks, slid the straps down her arms and reached down the v-neck of her sweater to pull the bra out. She sat briefly, hardened nipples showing through her sweater, her bra on her lap, before he reached across and placed that on the back seat as well.

"Good girl," he murmured, "Now lift your skirt."

Her breath caught as she silently slid the skirt up past the tops of her thigh-high hosiery. She gasped when she felt his hand on the inside of her left knee, his fingers almost absently caressing her. Her head turned to look at him, but his eyes were intent on the road ahead as his hand moved up her thigh.

"Be still," he said as he felt her hips begin to move in the seat. His fingers continued to climb until they reached the uncovered flesh at the tops of her thighs. She closed her eyes and moaned, feeling her back arch and knees widen. "Still," he said, "Don't move."

As the car entered a covered parking lot, his hand moved back and forth between her legs, his fingers brushing against her panties each time. Her breath was ragged, her breath heaving. She could feel herself getting wet, and she turned to look at him with stunned, wide eyes as he removed his hand. Parking the car, he said, "We're here Sweetness," and then opened his door and stepped out.

Cassandra closed her eyes, breathing deeply before she heard her door open. He reached in to clasp her right hand and help her out. After closing the door, he moved in closer, crowding her back against the car. Her hands lifted to press against his lapels in a small gesture of defense. He stared at her for a moment, noting the blush along her face and neck, the excitement and uncertainty in her eyes, and her slightly parted lips, then, reaching down, lifted her right thigh wrapping her leg around him.

She gasped, then gasped again louder as his right hand moved her skirt up, exposing her panties. He moved in completely enfolding her and said, "Open, Sweetness. Open for me."

Her hands slid up around his neck and she melted into him. He lowered his lips, kissing her neck, ear, and jaw line. Between kisses he kept murmuring, "Open, open, open." She moaned a long yesssss as she felt his hands cup her bottom. Her thighs were wet and she looked up at him full of desire, watching his lips, waiting for him to kiss her mouth. He looked directly into her eyes as one hand teased her bottom, his long fingers sliding along the part to her very wet center.

"Say it," he ordered again suddenly.

"Edward," she moaned, pressing and arching against him.

"Tell me what you want, Sweetness," he said, watching her eyes, his fingers sliding back and forth along her panties from bottom to clit.

"Please Edward," she moaned again, closing her eyes for a moment, "you know...you know."

"Open your eyes and say it," he insisted.

She gazed at him intently, her eyes beaming with desire and heat, "I want you..." she began.

"Want me to what, Sweetness," pushing his fingers against her clit.

She gasped, lowering her gaze for a moment, and then looked back at him, all at once energized with determination. "I want you to fuck me Edward."

Suddenly, his hands were removed. In a flash he'd unwound her leg, readjusted her skirt, grasped her right hand and said, "Follow me."

She walked on shaky legs after him, feeling her wetness along her inner thighs, and hearing her heels click a fast heartbeat through the garage.

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