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Scare & Scare Alike


A lot has happened recently at the old homestead. My parents had bought a new house and were trying to get the old one sellable before they put it on the block. They'd already moved into their new place in North Carolina and were letting me live in the old place in the Bronx provided I do the fix up work within a year.

One of the major problems with the house was a tree that was about to tip over. My parents had it felled and there was a giant pile of wild birch in the back yard. I spent the whole summer and into the fall splitting it into fireplace-sized chunks for various uncles. I went out there from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. every day with the CD player blaring splitting that goddamn lumber.

It was backbreaking labor, but it was also a free ride. I had a place to live and weekly spending cash wired to me by my folks as I worked on my doctoral thesis at night. I couldn't wait to get that finished. It was a multi disciplinary thesis on the subject of the Evil in Man. Soon I would actually have a doctorate in Evil, won't that look great on the wall in the den. The other benefit was that I was in the best shape of my life. The baby fat and fluorescent tan of the bookworm had melted away into a toned, muscular physique and even tan from laboring away in the grueling summer sun and humidity.

My main distraction was Tonya. Tonya had lived next door for as long as I could remember. When my parents moved to the block I was seven and Tonya had just celebrated her first birthday. I watched her grow up. When I went away to school Tonya was still an 11-year-old tomboy with her sandy hair in knots and her knees scraped. Coming home 8 years later I was flabbergasted to see this heart-breaking mink living in the house next door. She had grown to a little more than 5 feet tall. The knots had left her hair, which has now about chin length and shimmered dirty blonde. She had filled out from a scrawny, wiry tomboy in to a hypnotically shapely woman.

Over the course of that summer Tonya had spent most of her time frolicking in her backyard with her closest friend Kember. Apparently the two were inseparable as I never saw Tonya without Kember there with her. From behind the short chain link fence I would watch them lounge and tan, or jump around in the sprinkler, or smoke a joint. They never wore much and watching them horse around in shorts and bikini tops usually forced me to take a break and come inside just to compose myself. One day they had gotten a little zooted off a joint and they actually experimented with making out a little; I almost chopped off a toe when I saw Kember's hand cup Tonya's right breast.

As the weeks wore on I started to formulate the theory that Tonya and Kember were putting on a little show for my benefit. I mean they had to know I was there. It was hard to ignore Quicksand pumping out of my overpowered stereo every day. They would turn on the sprinkler so it would spray into my yard at the end of its cycle and prance through it wearing thin white cotton tank tops and panties. As our yards were the only two on the block without privacy fences I got my own little weekly wet tee shirt show when they would do this. Seeing as my presence was pretty impossible to ignore, they had to have been giving me a show. They sight of cotton, transparent from moisture, clinging to their firm, young breasts and rock hard nipples was enough to give a dead man an erection.

As the summer passed into the cooler foliage months the shows stopped. It was too cold to go prancing around the backyard half naked for my benefit and their classes at City College occupied most of their afternoons. Kember still spent most of her time at Tonya's place, as Tonya's parents were almost never home, but they spent their time indoors. Truth be told I was almost grateful for that. I could now spend my evenings in front of the computer writing and researching without my mind drifting to the thought of the two of them tanning face down on lawn chairs with their bikini tops untied and my hand drifting into my shorts. My evenings were a lot more productive.

As September drew to a close my thoughts turned to Halloween. Halloween was always a blast in my neighborhood. It's a neighborhood of private houses and there is never a want of trick-or-treaters. My block becomes sort of a festival of haunted houses, everyone trying to outdo each other and see who can get more of a fright out of the children. I was no exception and always took pride in the horrified faces of the youngsters when I came to the door dressed as whatever monstrosity my mind could cook up. After all, I was a student of Evil and my plans were usually pretty twisted- one year I filled my front yard with mutilated kewpie dolls that I had piked on shis-ke-bab skewers. Despite my academic responsibilities, I was determined to make this Halloween no exception.

When the day arrived I have to say I was pretty pleased with my preparations. I had draped the foyer of the house with heavy black velvet to create a heavy, dark atmosphere where light would just disappear into nothingness. I lit a few candles and burnt tons of incense to fill the tiny entranceway with smoke. I had found a type of lightly porous black fabric that could be seen through if held up to your face, but not if you were standing a foot away. I sewed this into the hood of a heavy ankle length black cloak so that when worn it gave the effect of a dark void existing within. Black shoes, white make-up on my hands and clear acrylic false fingernails soaked in iodine for a few weeks completed the truly unsettling look of a rotting specter. Even the older kids would take a step back as my apparition drifted forward out of a dark void of flickering smoke. The costume worked so well that it gave me what I thought was a great idea for a little payback for all the torture the neighbor girl put me through all summer long.

As the night wore on and I was fairly certain that the begging for candy had ground to a halt. I slipped out through the back door and hopped the low fence into my neighbors yard. It was dark and fairly moonless at 9 P.M. and with my paled hands tucked up into my matte black outfit I was utterly invisible. I snuck along the sidewall of my neighbor's house and peered through a window into the living room. What I found could not have been more perfect. Tonya and Kember were huddled together on the couch, petrified with fright, watching the Exorcist. In the pale blue glow of the large television I could see the half eaten bowl of popcorn and a stack of rented videos on the coffee table. Apparently they were in for a long night of horror movies to celebrate Halloween, which meant they would already be jumpy. I crept around to the front of the house and found the blinds drawn, all the easier to get onto the stoop undetected. After scaling the low brick and mortar wall onto the steps I dusted myself off and steadied myself for what promised to be a hell of a gag. I knocked and waited.

After a few seconds I heard the door unlock with a click. When it swung open Tonya was standing there with a large plastic punch bowl full of candy. She squinted through the screen for a second, my stealthy costume apparently working a touch too well. When her eyes finally did settle on the shadowy apparition in front of her she froze. I lifted my arm and pointed a rotted-looking finger at her. Slowly I rotated my wrist and curled my finger to beckon her out. She started to shake and both the candy bowl and her jaw dropped at the same instant. I decided to take it a step further and reached for the handle of the screen door. As it started to open Tonya screamed and slammed the front door shut spraying my legs with the bowl full of Mary Janes that lay on the floor forgotten. I gave it a second and let myself laugh.

As I strolled back to my house overflowing with self-satisfaction I heard Tonya's back door slam shut and the rattle of two people rapidly jumping over the low fence into my back yard. This just kept getting better; I had scared them so senseless that they were running to my house for help. I dashed in through the basement door and ripped the costume off, shoving it into a utility closet. There was a god-awful banging come from the back door and muted pleas to open up. "Wow" I chuckled to myself, "they're really scared shitless." I yanked the fingernails off as I trotted to the back door. "Who is it?"

"It's Tonya and Kember, please open up!" I threw the door open and tried to act surprised as they burst through it. "Holy shit, thank you." Tonya was nearly in tears as I closed the door.

"Jesus, you two are shaking like leaves. What's the matter?" I was trying desperately to hold back the laughter.

"There's some freak trying to get into the house, he's all dressed in black, he might be trying to, to…" She was choking back tears, Kember didn't look like she was doing too well either. It wasn't quite so funny anymore. I had really scared them. I had to do something.

"Tell ya what. I'll go and check it out. Did he get into the house?"

"N no, the doors are locked."

"Okay, then either he's in the yard or he's gone away. I'll check it out. If he's still there I'll call the cops from the cell phone."

"Are you nuts? What if that guy's looking to kill someone?" Kember screamed at me. "What if he kills you? What if he gets at us in here?"

"Relax" I said, knowing full well there was no danger outside, "just lock the door. I have keys and the only one who's going to get in here is me. As for my safety, well, I've gotten pretty good with this." I picked up the long double sided woodsman's axe that was still sitting by the back door after my summers worth of splitting firewood, made a show of searching the front yard through the peephole in the basement door and ventured out into my neighbors yard, axe over my shoulder, for a smoke.

After a cigarette I figured enough time had lapsed for me to go back to the house. "Nobody at all, he must've gone away when he realized he couldn't get in," I said to the two pairs of eyes peeking nervously through the doorway of the basement den.

"Can we ask a favor?" pleaded the trembling Tonya, Kember glued to her arm, as I strutted in to the den with my trusty axe still slung over the shoulder. "Can we stay here? We're a little too freaked right now to try and go back and stay in that house alone."

I guess I owed them that much, after all I was the reason they freaked out so bad. I'd let them sweat out the night an in the morning I'd tell them that it was just me having a little fun with them. "Sure, my parents room is still furnished, and there's a big ol' king size bed in there if you girls don't mind sharing. Otherwise one of you can have my room and I'll take the fold out down here."

"Thanks" said Tonya and the two willowy nymphs reached up to give me a peck on the cheek and a hug. They were in their familiar cotton tank tops and sweatpants and barefoot. I could feel their warm bodies press up against me. I was never one for the ladies and the feeling of a woman other than a relative hugging me was very pleasantly bizarre. Not only that but these were very attractive 19 year old girls who weren't wearing all that much. They both had smooth supple skin that was warm against my arms and cheek. Tonya's sandy hair smelled richly of spices while Kember's fiery curls smelled lightly like strawberries.

I led the way upstairs and the girls related their night to me as I made some tea to cool them out. Tonya told me how the strange specter seemed to materialize in front of her after she opened the door and I gave myself a mental pat on the back over the quality of my costume. Kember then thanked me again for letting them stay and told me about how much better they would sleep with their valiant protector down the hall.

"Actually" interrupted Tonya, "if it's not too much trouble, could you kinda camp out with us tonight? You know, sleeping bag on the floor? I'd feel a lot safer with someone actually in the room. We'd even take the floor and give you the bed."

"Sure" said I, trying to hide my reluctance. Frankly, I wasn't sure how well I'd sleep in a room with these two frightened angels; after all, I had fantasized about the two of them ever since I saw them kiss.

We relaxed for a little and flopped on the couch to watch some T.V. The girls had relaxed enough to watch the tail end of the George Romero Marathon on a movie channel. After that it was pretty late and I decided to turn in. Tonya and Kember were going to stay up a while longer, but insisted that I take the bed and asked if I could set them up on the floor of my parents room. I spread out some heavy quilts and as many big pillows I could find so they would be comfortable and got into bed. Before I knew it I was out like a light. I guess it had been a longer day than I realized.

A few hours later I was jolted awake when the door to the room slammed. It was pitch dark. I established that I was alone when my calling out for the girls was greeted with silence. Something was strange. My heart and mind were racing and I wasn't until I was fully awake did I become aware of why I was so cold and couldn't move: I had been stripped and tied to the bed with no covers. My blood ran cold when I heard the door begin to creak open. "Tonya? Kember? That you guys?"

No response.

All of a sudden the door flew open and something was leaping at me. My heart was in my throat and I was about to soil myself when I realized it was the girls. Relief spread through me that they were the ones who did this and then the embarrassment of being naked and prostrate before them, and then finally the confusion as to why it was happening.

"What's the matter, creepy boy? Don't like your own medicine? Does it turn you on to scare little girls?" hissed Tonya.

"I bet you got a huge hard on thinking about us scared out of our wits. Bet you had all kinds of fantasies about us sleeping together tonight, huh?" was Kember's two cents. The looks on their faces were nasty in a number of ways, a mixture of mock and genuine contempt, and the look of women who were getting really hot down below.

"You know you're probably right, Kemmy" said Tonya as she glared at me, "he was probably up here beating his cock thinking about how scared we were, how he frightened us like that, how we would do all sorts of things to each other to forget about it. Well. Maybe we ought to give Mr. Scary here a little show."

Kember checked the bonds on my arms and legs. "What ever did you have in mind, Ton?" she mocked as the venom in their faces melted into sadistic grins.

"Why don't we just show him how two frail little girls like us comfort each other after a visit from the Bogeyman?" Tonya had an expression of sarcastic innocent fear on her face and then suddenly reached out and pulled Kember to her tightly. "Oh Kember, I'm ever so frightened! What shall we do?" she said with a laugh.

"Maybe if we take off all our clothes the big scary monster will leave us alone." More sarcasm from Kember. Kember then reached down and slowly peeled Tonya's tight white tank top off of her body and over her head exposing a magnificent pair of tightly packed B cup breasts.

"I think you're right," continued the mocking from Tonya. "Everybody knows that monsters don't like naked girls!" Tonya then reached down and peeled off Kember's top to reveal her slightly larger breasts that drooped down almost imperceptibly when released. In front of me were now to gorgeous topless women and my member began to swell. Next they ripped off their sweats to show me two pairs of long, smooth, shimmering legs both topped on one side with round, firm rear ends. Tonya's bush was thin and naturally wispy while Kember's coarser pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a little patch above her crotch. The sight of these naked angels in front of me instantly sent my staff to full mast.

Kember looked down at my raging erection and giggled. "Oh no Tonya! Now there's another monster," she said pointing at my hard on. "How will we make this one go away?"

"I know!" said Tonya once again turning her venomous countenance and ridiculously sarcastic voice in my direction. "Let's have sex, 'cause that's what all us timid little girls do when we're scared!" Tonya turned to Kember and started to caress her hips then lowered her mouth to her breasts, lightly flicking her tongue across it before she kissed it. Kember's eyes closed ad a soft sigh passed through her parted lips.

"Is this what you wanted, creepy boy?" Tonya hissed at me. "What a shame. All that time spent beating off to an image behind your eyes and now that it's happening right in front of you, you can't stroke that big, stiff rod of yours" jerking her head in the direction of my crotch to emphasize the fact that penis was now painfully throbbing at the site of all this.

She reached a hand down between Kember's thighs. "My my, look how wet you are already" she cooed as she passed her slickened fingers under my nose for me to smell Kember's musk, just out of reach of my tongue. I would've given a finger to taste it. "I think that hot pussy of yours needs some attention." She pushed Kember down with her ass on my chest. I felt her hair, cool and soft, sliding across my cock as Tonya spread her legs in front of me. Looking down I saw Kember's sopping sex. It was dripping onto my chest and its fragrance wafted up to me. My erection was aching, I would've done anything to wrap my hand around and stroke it to release the unbearable pressure.

Tonya slid three fingers up and down Kember's waiting slit. Kember moaned at the attention. "Like the show so far? You ain't seen nothin' yet." With that she placed her head over Kember's crotch extending her tongue down to her clit hood. I watched as she snaked it gently over the flame haired girls engorged clit, still lightly massaging her labia with her fingers. She reached down a little further and kissed Kember's clit before pulling it up between her lips and gently sucking. Kember's hands reached back and squeezed my calves as she gasped at the sensation of Tonya's oral ministrations. Her head slid back and forth dragging her hair over the shaft of my aching member. Her tresses quickly slickened with pre-cum. Tonya slid a finger into Kember's pussy as she licked at the hard little nub and she yelped as it entered. Tonya looked up at me and smiled, her lips humming around her lover's clit eliciting a long, low moan. Her hand made their way down behind Kember's head and the backs of her fingers brushed lightly against my balls. "Mmm, that's gotta suck. Bet you wish you could take care of that right about now." There was something deliciously evil in her voice as she said it; it was enough to warrant it's own section of my dissertation.

The expression on Tonya's face changed suddenly. Her eyes glazed over and her mouth dropped open. I looked to my right and saw that Kember had run her hand up Tonya's leg and now had two fingers in her pussy and the tip of her pinky cautiously probing her ass. "Only fair, sweetie," breathed Kember.

"Ooooh, fine by me" said Tonya as she lowered her head back into Kember's crotch. Kember was apparently doing fine work and the symbiosis of their servicings was having a lovely effect. Kember would occasionally get an "Mmmm" out of Tonya; the sound would make her lips vibrate as she gently sucked on her clit. Kember's back arched as she reveled in the pleasure the Tonya's attentions were giving her and her fingers drove deeper into Tonya's holes. Tonya's sucking and finger play accelerated as the sensations down below intensified. Soon the two girls were wildly tearing at each other and I was entranced at the sight just inches from my face.

Within minutes Kember's hands were both burrowed into Tonya's hair as her body began to rock through orgasm. Her back arched and stiffened, her mouth dropped open to scream but she was not capable of producing sound, her hands dug into Tonya's hair. She kept cumming for endless minutes before she smiled and giggled as her body relaxed. Her grip on Tonya's hair softened into a gentle caressing.

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