tagCelebrities & Fan FictionScarlett Johansson's Limo Service

Scarlett Johansson's Limo Service


Note- This is purely fiction and did not occur in real life.


Scarlett was behind schedule and waited impatiently on her doorstep for her limo. With her cell phone clamped to her ear she tapped her heel as if beating out a tattoo on the stone step.

"Come on you bastard!"

The blonde bombshell had spent all morning getting her hair done and choosing her outfit. She looked outstanding with her medium length hair styled back and up on top of her head. The height of which balanced out her face and brow. Her revealing low cut evening dress in pink was designed to turn heads with a deep plunging neckline and high cut front slits. On her feet she wore a pair of Jimmy Choo platform sandals with a five inch heel and satin straps that had set her back 1,000 bucks. Worth it on this afternoon as it saw her taping for Jimmy Kimmel Live, the show actually being recorded at four in the afternoon.


The eight passenger black stretch limo with the double tinted windows rolled up and the driver got out and nonchalantly opened the rear door. Scarlett looked at him with utter disdain at his lackadaisical attitude as she stepped inside.

"Could we pick things up a bit driver? I'm already late as it is."

"Uh huh." He drawled.

She looked into his baby blue eyes as he made a noncommittal grunt and shut the door. It seemed to Scarlett that his black uniform was a tad tight as his biceps and thighs strained at the material, and her gaze lingered slightly longer than she intended. She settled into the plush leather seat and as they began to drive off the blonde actress put the soundproof privacy glass in position as she tried to make a call to the theatre.

"What do we have here."

By her foot was a premium bar area with ice and sink. Except the ice had melted.

"Oh for fuck sake. Hey driver, no ice? Hello?"

She tapped on the intercom button which spluttered and crackled. No answer. The cell phone signal also left a lot to be desired as her Apple iPhone 8 failed to connect.

"This is the last time I use this limo company, that's for sure. Hey driver, I can't get a signal. Can you even hear me?"

Scarlett squirmed on the hot seat and fanned herself with the back of her hand. She swung her left leg over her right which resulted in her revealing a substantial amount of creamy upper thigh. The temperature had risen the last ten minutes to being unbearable. She hit the air conditioning which failed to kick in.

"Don't believe it, I don't fucking believe it. Hey! Hey driver!"

"Okay lady, chill." He answered dryly.

This guy was the worst she thought as she fanned her face with fluttering waves of her hands. He gets reported to his boss she decided.

"Do not speak to me like that, pull over, I need air."

The limo slowed and stopped by a secluded section of the road and the driver stepped out and went to the rear of the car. Pausing to take in a sharp intake of breath he opened the door to an irate passenger. Scarlett fumed as she looked at the tall fair haired young man and planted her right heel in the dirt road as she shifted herself on the leather seat.

"Listen dumbass, can you get in here and fix the A/C, my hair is going to be ruined. And by the way," she pointed a long nailed finger at him, "your job is on the line. You're late, lazy, rude and stupid."

She pouted with those perfect kissable lips of hers and her green eyes blazed with fury.

"Is that right? Well you're rude, demanding, insulting and a spoiled bitch!"

The man spoke his mind as he came to the end of his tether. They had only been on the road for ten minutes!

"Do you know who I am? I'm Scarlett fucking Johansson, and I pay your wages. And further more...er...are you, are you getting a boner?"

True enough the young chauffeur was getting rather aroused as he peered down the front of her loose necked dress. So loose in fact that as she raged her 36 inch sized boobs were in danger of spilling out. He leaned in and Scarlett felt her heart leap in her chest as he placed his hand on her right shoulder strap and wrenched it down so that her huge tit fell out. She didn't care as she eyed his generous bulge in his pants and together with her petulance and his advances something stirred in her.

"Got anything to complain about this, pompous slut?"

He fished inside his uniform trousers and produced his eight inch erection. She peered at it closely and instantly liked the very smooth texture and flared glans.

"Nope, no complaints there. You gonna teach me to watch my mouth?"

"Your mouth and I are gonna get along real fine."

He gave the shaft of his rock hard tool a clockwise twist and raised his right eyebrow. "Well I'm late enough, what's another half hour."

Her left heel came up on the seat and her dress slid down her bare leg, revealing her brand new skimpy panties. The sexual tension in the air was immense and could have been cut with a knife.

"Get in here and let me suck it."

The driver went onto the back seat and snuggled up alongside her and boldly caressed her nicely curved ass and pulled her roughly forward and up with his hands.

"My goodness!" She yelped as her dress hiked up to her belly.

The fair haired man closed the door behind him and Scarlett was thankful for the double tinted windows. She pushed him onto the seat and got up on her knees and grasped his cock and held it tightly in her fist, loving the pulsing throb of the big vein. With a roll of her tongue she swirled around the fat head and lubricated him with copious amounts of spit.

"Go ahead bitch, suck on it."

When he tried to push her down onto his stiffness with a hand on top of her head she stopped licking him.

"Don't mess my hair, okay?"

Instead, as the hot blonde began to suck on his thick prick, he reached behind her and lifted her dress up over her spectacular backside and up to her lower back. He slid under the waistband of her white panties and placed his middle digit at her anus. Her full lips slid on the sloping head and she scraped her sharp teeth on it, purring with pleasure. She wormed downwards over at least four or five inches of cock and he pushed in hard. Scarlett rammed her face down so that his bell end bumped the back of her throat and her heels dug into the upholstery. She gagged and drool ran thickly down to his fine pubic hair.

"Come on, can't you do better?"

Cheeky motherfucker she thought as her mouth made an O and plunged all the way down his shaft to the base. Her slender fingers went around his balls as she gobbled his knob with loud slobbers and sucking noises that blew his mind. Scarlett began to cough and let him up with her nostrils flared and a spit string linking her lips to his glazed cock head. "Fuck this, put those fucking tits together." He ordered.

Scarlett held her enhanced boobs against each other and made one big tit as he whipped his pants off. He found the channel and pushed his saliva coated cock right up between them, holding still with just the head poking out at the top. She bent her face and let a string of spit slowly, slowly dribble down until it landed on the glans.

"Fuck 'em." Her body rocked on her haunches as he jerked his cock between her huge tits. The sight of her bountiful flesh squeezing his prick was amazing as Scarlett teased his rock hard rod between her slick cleavage. She trapped him for a second and bent her head to stab at the emerging top with the tip of her tongue, then stroked her boobs up and down again.

"Let me lick your pussy."

Scarlett let her tits free from his cock and moved onto her back on the leather seat. With her expensive dress rucked up around her midriff he ran his hands up and down the outside of her toned thighs as he nibbled at her panty line. He teased her as his tongue traced out a line all around the plump pussy that was clearly visible through her soaked panties. Scarlett trembled with anticipation waiting for him to remove them and really lick her cunt.

"How we doing for time? Maybe we should get going?"

"No way you bastard! Lick my cunt!"

He grinned as he grabbed the soft material and dragged them down her legs until they were dropped to the floor of the car. Her shaven pussy was now in plain view and her puffy labia were dappled with moisture, the inner folds swollen and pink. She cried out and dug her high heels in the leather when he immediately licked her stomach in a circular motion, gradually going lower to her quim.

"Oh, yes!"

She closed her eyes and moaned as his tongue delved into her wetness. He lapped and probed as he held her boobs in both hands, squeezing them hard as he could. The horny actress pushed up with undulating hips and he added two fingers to his assault and slipped them deep into her dampness. Her clitoris poked out of its hood and ached to be licked and he obliged by swiping it from left to right with his slobbering tongue.

"Ooh, oh, oh, ooh!" Scarlett blushed crimson as he shook his face from side to side like a dog worrying a bone and intense vibrations shot through her loins. Her thighs locked against his head as her tiny button was flicked and sucked. She looked at him through half lidded eyes as the sheen of perspiration ran down her cleavage.

"Fuck me." She said softly and simply.

"Oh yeah, you want me, Mister zero to fuck you?"

"Do it, use me like the slut I am." He lifted her legs up so that she her big tits swayed and she was made to take her weight on the back of her neck and head. Both ankles were gripped firmly in his fists as he pulled them widely apart and laid his length on her mound. Her hand came up and she lined it up with her smooth slit. He slid in and she let out a loud groan as he filled her with his entire length. She held onto his tight buns as he began to fuck her.

"I've never been fucked in the back of a limo before."

He wasted no time as his pace quickened and their entwined bodies slid back and forth on the big back seat. His body leaned forward and the horny blonde was bent double with her knees against her tits and her ass off the seat.

"This what you want? Is it?"

Scarlett could not find the words as he slammed home with great rolls of his lower body, forcing the air from her lungs. His cock head delved deep into her bald cunt while his big balls slapped on her upturned ass. He teased her again by sliding in his whole length and then withdrawing it all the way. The insertion and withdrawal made her pussy gape, then clench and gape again which drove her insane.

"Son of a bitch, fuck me!"

His sweat dripped on her as he repeatedly plunged into her very depths and the muscles in his legs knotted with his intense concentration. He got going harder and hammered her quivering frame for seven or eight strokes and then pulled out and stopped.

"Get up on your knees, now."

"Whatever." She panted and scowled, secretly quite thrilled.

Scarlett raised her crumpled dress up to her waist, was moved onto all fours and she reached out to the far door with both hands. Roughly, his animal instinct possession him, he pulled her ass cheeks apart and dribbled a mouthful of spit directly on her anus and then traceda line from her clit to asshole. Her delectable rear was then positioned high into the air as the driver moved in behind and shoved every inch into her aching pussy.

"Fuck me, fuck me like the dog I am!"

She was rocked to and fro as she held onto the door, desperately trying to avoid ending up on her face. The tinted glass began to get covered by condensation as the heat rose inside and out. Her thighs were gripped hard as he banged her with intense and rapid thrusts, and she shunted back, tits bouncing under her. Her ass was soft on his groin and rounded like a ripe peach, the cheeks parted as his stiff cock thrust up.

"Ooh, fuck, yeah!"

Her butt quivered with his increased force, the flesh rippling with each jamming contact of his groin. He then smoothed his palms over her adorable bum and delivered a resounding smack on her left buttock.

"Hey! Fucker!"

She glared back at the grinning driver in shock and delight as her cheek burned. He rammed his cock in several times quickly in succession, paused and slapped her on the other buttock. He power fucked her as her bottom turned red and she squealed loudly.

"You bad boy, I love bad boys, fucking spank me!"

"What a spoiled little bitch you are. I'll spank you all right."

He pulled out his shining cock and turned her the other way up so that she was on her back again legs up. He held her right leg by the ankle and raised his right hand and proceeded to smack her at the precise point where her ass crack met her pussy.

"Fucking hell!" She screamed as he made contact at the most sensitive spot between her open legs. A pussy spanking!

Her cunt leaked and trickled juices down her crevice as his palm made hard contact with her cunt and buttocks alternatively, leaving her nether regions tender and delicate.

"That was different."

His upright cock was taken back into her mouth and she sucked and hummed on his organ while she looked into his cute bedroom eyes. Her perfect lips pursed and formed a seal around the head alone and she drew her cheeks in and inhaled. He nearly blew his wad and her hot breath made him grip the edge of the seat. "Let me be the driver now and ride on you."

Scarlett drew her dress off over her head taking particular care not to muss her piled up hair and he shed his shirt to reveal a hairless chest.

She straddled his hips and rubbed his cock against her wet slit before gently lowering herself down his pole until her velvet like cunt sucked him all the way in. Settling on his cock was sublime and she placed her hands on the back of the seat behind his head and wallowed in the fantastic feeling of her bottom against his balls.

"Show me your stuff."

Scarlett leaned forwards and kissed him hard on the mouth and pressed her massive tits onto his smooth chest. In a frenzy of lust she started to move her pelvis, up and down, to and fro, rocking on his thick prick with extreme satisfaction. Things soon picked up and as their tongues flicked in each others mouths her body rose and fell on his bones with rapid fire pelvic thrusts.

"Big cock, fucking big cock." She mumbled semi delirious as she wriggled on his boner.

Her ripe breasts bounced enticingly on his body as she drove her muff onto his knob with long and steady strokes that saw rise high up, almost losing his cock, before slamming back down with loud and lewd smacks of flesh on flesh. His fingers sank into the flesh of her hips and his eyes remained glued to her gorgeous tits bobbing up and down.

"Fuck, I'm losing it."

The driver helped her off his lap and Scarlett quickly bent to his pulsating cock ad wrapped her lips around it. He sighed and moaned as she moved back and forth as she propped herself up on her knees. Then he grunted and his cock pumped his cum all over her chest and neck as she held it in her left fist. The sticky flow lasted for a half minute and his semen flowed down onto her belly. Once spent he sat back in a sweaty heap and Scarlett lifted his cock, not hard but still big and meaty. She rolled the shiny head around in her mouth and tasted the cum and cunt juices combined.

"Shit, it IS hot in here. Let me check the A/C. Can you open the door a crack?"

Scarlett nodded and opened the door nearest to her, and some relief to the stifling air in the car felt good. Both still naked their bodies welcomed the coolness on their flesh. He fiddled with the controls in the roof above his head in an attempt to repair the faulty unit.

"I just need a little more light, can you hold the door open wider?"

Scarlett was half in and half out of the car, facing outwards, her left Jimmy Choo heel in the dirt road outside. Behind her the still pissed off driver gave her a hefty kick in the ass and Scarlett was forced outside of the car. She yelped as the door slammed shut, locking her out!

"Hey, asshole! This is not funny!"

She banged on the window with both hands, her tits and ass jiggling in the afternoon sun. Luckily there was no one around to see her voluptuous naked form as she began to panic.


She gasped as the car began to slowly reverse, leaving her in just her heels by the roadside.

"At least toss me my panties!" She yelled at the car as it vanished into the distance.


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