tagSci-Fi & FantasyScene in a Bathroom Stall

Scene in a Bathroom Stall


Author's note: This is a sequel to "Scene Under a Desk". It is about a futanari, or "dickgirl".


"Come on," hissed Kathy Byers huskily, gripping Jason by the elbow. She glanced furtively up and down the office hallway, then pushed open the door to the ladies' restroom with her shoulder. The clasp of her purse clanked noisily against the push plate. "In here."

Reluctantly, the intern let himself be hustled inside. The restroom, appointed in a blandly antiseptic corporate style, smelled of bleach and vaguely floral air freshener. Crumpled paper towels littered the ground around an overflowing wastebasket. In Jason's stomach, the remains of his unwelcome breakfast churned apprehensively. "Ms. Byers, I --" he started nervously, though he didn't know what to say. She hadn't done anything like this before.

"Come on, move it," she breathed, cutting him off with another tug on his elbow. The empty room glared with reflected fluorescence. Kathy escorted him impatiently towards the large handicapped stall at the end of the row, nearly shoving him inside, and pulled the door shut after them with a heavy thud.

Jason could see her erect nipples already poking through the blouse of her business suit, and he knew what that meant. Before taking the internship at Bannerman McFey he had heard vague rumors. One classmate, who thought he was funny, referred to it as a "sausage convent". Jason had laughed. Nobody really believed apocryphal stories about the women at such companies. And then he had been assigned to Kathy Byers for the summer. Tall, black-haired, fortyish, glasses, a typical corporate no-nonsense attitude, yes, but...

"Gotta hurry," growled his boss over her shoulder. Fingers fumbling with impatience, she unbuttoned the bottom three buttons of her grey linen skirt and tugged it up around her waist.

The familiar dread began to rise in his throat, now mixed with alarm. This wasn't what he was used to. Jason leaned uncertainly against the wall beside the toilet and watched her undress. "I just, um took care of you this morning," he objected weakly. Kathy Byers had never been subtle. His first day at the company, Jason had reported to her office in the executive suite, wearing his "interview suit", and ready with an introduction about what an honor it was to intern for the summer at...

His new boss had made it clear right away what his real summer job was. Refusal was not an option, unless he wanted a crisp letter back to the honors dean about insubordination and unprofessionalism. A couple minutes later Jason was on his knees under her desk, clumsily trying to satisfy what she liked to call her "office needs".

"Fuck, I'm horny," muttered Kathy, bumping her elbows against the walls of the bathroom stall as she stood on one leg and yanked off her underwear. Her thick cock tumbled loose, slapping heavily against her thigh. It was long, with a pale pink walnut-sized head, and somehow eerily feminine as it sprang insistently from the soft flesh of her mound. Jason had become intimately familiar with it over the past two months, though Kathy had made it clear that the moist, steaming-hot pussy nestled below it was off limits to him.

His belly gurgled again. Kathy's thick load of girlcum from this morning was still weighing down the bottom of his stomach. Dickgirls made a lot, his boss had smirked, the fourth or fifth time Jason banged his head on the bottom of the desk drawer while coughing and choking from Kathy's copious spend. So he had a big job to do. But she had made it clear: Keep her satisfied every day, and he had nothing to worry about...

Jason, glancing down, poked at his stomach. Though he had worked out regularly during the school year, the beginnings of a soft paunch were now unmistakable. I'm getting a cum gut doing this, he thought. Fuck!

Kathy, typically cool and unshakeable, had been especially insistent today. Jason usually just slipped discreetly under her desk every morning and sucked her off, listening to her type and talk on the telephone, until his boss gave up her gooey ropes of spunk into his belly with little more than a sigh of relief. This morning, however, she had thrust her hips up and down as he blew her, digging her nails painfully into his scalp and hissing through her teeth. When at last Kathy's swollen, flaring cockhead exploded, flooding his mouth instantly with an enormous load, she had given one whimpering cry and collapsed forward onto her desk, shuddering and gasping until Jason had drained her of cum. Hadn't that satisfied her? Why had she dragged him in here?

"Get your pants off! Move it!" snapped Kathy, glaring over at him. Her black leather purse hung on a hook, and a muffled rattle came from its contents as she rummaged around in it. She took hold of her girlcock with her other hand, shaking and squeezing it slowly. The smooth, pale shaft had already grown to its full throbbing thickness.

"What?" blinked Jason in confusion, stumbling to his feet. "Don't you want me to, uh, suck --"

"No," Kathy snapped. His boss yanked a small bottle from her purse, ignoring a mascara brush which clattered to the tiled floor. A familiar smirk emerged as she finally turned towards him. "My usual -- what do they call them now? 'friend with benefits' -- is out of town. Tech training this week." The bottle opened with a pop. "So now you and I are going to be friends." His boss squeezed out a dollop of the clear gel and began impatiently to coat her cock in it. "Ahh," she breathed, as her thick member squelched slickly between her rubbing fingers. "Yeah. We're going to be real good friends." Kathy looked up again, and suddenly scowled. "Come on, I said get your fucking pants off!"

Jason swallowed. Then he unbuckled his belt numbly and unbuttoned his pants. "I, um, never, um..." he managed to stammer, his heart pounding. He could not seem to tear his eyes away from Kathy's gently-throbbing member.

"Never been fucked in the ass before?" asked Kathy with an arched eyebrow, tossing the bottle into the purse. She shrugged unsympathetically. "Might hurt, then, I guess. Bend over." Numbly, Jason obeyed. The bathroom air felt cool on his buttocks as he stepped awkwardly out of his pants and boxer shorts. Looking back at Kathy, Jason leaned gingerly against the wall in an awkward half-crouch.

"Don't you have dickgirls at your college?" Letting her cock bob free, Kathy began to gently caress her feminine mound, like she often did before Jason went down on her. Somewhere inside, Jason knew, was her swollen sac, full of hot, churning girlcum. "One time when I was in school my sorority pulled a train on some guy," she commented wryly, her eyes half-closed. "After eight of us he looked like he needed to be rolled to the shower." His boss gave a wicked smile, and ran her finger slowly down the underside of her cock.

She glanced over at Jason, then narrowed her eyes and scowled impatiently. "Bend over, I said. Stick that thing out so I can fuck you."

Jason suddenly realized that he was trembling. Fighting back a wave of paralyzing shame, he grabbed hold of the water pipe and bent over farther, sticking out his backside. Jason closed his eyes and hung his head. This isn't happening. It can't be happening.

He heard her padding footsteps, and then she was against him. Kathy wasted no time. He felt the prick of her long fingernails as she fumbled with the head of her cock between his goosebumped cheeks. It felt hot and impossibly huge as it jabbed against him. After a moment came a shock and a sudden sickening pressure as she pushed, and then she was stretching him open, inch after hot, thick inch. Jason let out only the briefest of gasps as Kathy violated him, shoving her cock up into his protesting guts in one curt, uncaring thrust. The sudden, blinding pain brought tears to his eyes.

"Fuck, you were a virgin, weren't you?" blurted Kathy, pressing her hips against him and holding still. Her hungry cock bobbed and twitched inside him. Every heartbeat pulsed against his straining walls. "Just hold it there," she muttered. "Gotta fuck." Kathy drew her cock back almost all the way out. Jason felt an embarrassing sensation of voiding bowels, before she stuffed herself roughly back up inside him once more. "Just hold it there..." She ground the long, slick member slowly in and out again, opening him up. Jason clenched his jaw, not letting himself make a sound.

Kathy took a firm grip on Jason's hips, and settled into a steady rhythm, pumping away at him with long, deep thrusts. Jason grimaced each time her thick shaft mashed into his virgin depths, stretching him and emptying him again and again. Her flaring head bored deep inside him on each fuck, dragging slowly down his clinging passage and raking across his prostate.

A low, wailing, almost drunken laugh echoed in the empty bathroom. "Oh, shit, yes. I haven't fucked a guy in a looong time." Kathy's hips rolled and thrusted with smooth, practiced strokes. Jason's fingers tightened on the cold metal pipe, as he tried to hold himself steady against her hungry fucking. He wondered if Kathy had ever had taken any of her other interns just like this, right in this cramped bathroom stall. How many other guys had been walking around the office full of her spunk?

He began to feel a desire inside him he had not expected, and did not like. Breathing hard, Jason closed his eyes, and tried to think of anything else. The bathroom grew silent, except for the greasy slurp of Kathy sating her lust in him and her sharp, ragged breathing.

"Maybe I should have you bend over sometimes when I get tired of fucking girls," hissed his boss suddenly, leaning forward. The material of her blouse felt rough as it brushed against Jason's back, and he could feel the prick of one erect nipple. "You wanna be my anal whore, baby?" She slapped his ass twice, hard. "Yeah? My anal -- slap -- whore -- slap!" Kathy's professional demeanor was gone, and he had never heard this wild tone in her voice when he serviced her in the mornings.

Again her strong, slender fingers grabbed him around the waist, pulling hungrily at his ass. He groaned unconsciously as Kathy crammed herself deep inside him, pushing back against her thrusts. "Whenever that bitch leaves me backed up I'll just give you a call, huh?" Another loud slap cracked against his taut cheeks.

Kathy's grip tightened, and she gave another breathy laugh. "Call you up and you can come whore out your ass for me." She stabbed her cock hard into Jason. He groaned and arched his head back. "You like that, baby? Gonna spread it for me when I want?" Fingernails dug into his hips. "I said, you like that?" she growled, pulling him back against her with a sudden rough jerk.

"Yeah," mumbled Jason weakly. Her cock felt enormous inside him now, a fat, plunging piston hollowing him out with every stroke. A single pearlescent drop of seed was slowly forming at the end of Jason's own half-hard cock, fucked out of him by her relentless grinding. He could feel the tension rising in Kathy's body. Each throbbing vein seemed to stick out on her member as it spitted him, stretching him open and ready to accept the liquid lust he knew was pent up inside her. Jason's head swam with a helpless, crazy terror. She was going to own him. Already she had forced him to swallow down her seed. Now, his mind ran wildly, she was going to force her cum up inside him and breed him, and she would always own him.

"I thought so," breathed his boss, her voice starting to grow higher-pitched. She rolled her hips, wriggling her cock around inside him. Jason grunted at the sudden bloating sensation. "I bet you'd bend over for... any girl who needed it bad." She gave a short, hoarse bark of laughter. "You're gonna have my fucking load up you all day, you little s-slut. You like that?" Kathy suddenly slapped his ass again. "Wanna be f-full of hot girlcum?"

Now beyond words, Jason was wrapped completely around Kathy's bowel-bloating member. He braced himself against the wall to keep from being knocked down by her frantic, bestial humping. "'Cause that's... that's what little whores like you are good for," moaned the frantic dickgirl, thrusting violently in and out. Her gripping hands began to shake. Impossibly, her cock grew even thicker, swelling rapidly inside his stretched passage. He could sense that she was about to come, and could almost feel the boiling seed rushing up her cock.

"Spreading and g-getting c-cum pumped up your asses and --"

Suddenly both of them could hear the squeak of hinges echo across the room. The bathroom door opened. Kathy froze perfectly still, her belly pressed up against his ass. She cursed under her breath and savagely bit her lip. Inside Jason, her frustrated cock quivered at the pent-up release.

He found himself holding his breath as heels clicked quietly on the tile, coming closer. Both of them remained perfectly silent as whoever it was crossed to the sink. The sink ran, then the paper towel dispenser. Halted on the very edge of bursting, Kathy's cock was hugely swollen inside Jason's stretched-out bowels, and was still growing harder and thicker.

Slowly, Kathy let go of Jason's hips. He suddenly realized that her nails had been dug into his flesh. She leaned backwards, her breaths barely audible, and arched her back. Now joined to his boss only by her throbbing cock, he could feel distinctly feel the shape of her cockhead, like a fist wedged up inside him.

Kathy's eyes were squeezed shut, and her face was twisted into a pained grimace, as she barely restrained herself from filling Jason to bursting with her lust. There came the muffled sound of a zipper, then the quiet tap of something being set down on the sink. There was a long pause, and then the quiet clink of opening eyeglasses. Some plastic-sounding rattles, then the zipper again.

Jason's pulse pounded in his ears. If somebody finds me like this, my life is over.

The heels rattled purposefully across the bathroom floor, then the door opened and closed. The room fell silent.

Kathy exhaled in a loud sigh. She seized Jason's hips sharply and began to fuck at him in hard, impatient strokes. "Fuck, I need to get this out," Kathy blurted in a strained voice, her hands trembling. "Hold still."

Before Jason could catch his breath, his boss suddenly lunged forwards, driving the huge cock all the way inside Jason's ass. He felt the wind knocked out of him, and tried desperately not to fall over. The throbbing meat swelled even more, plugging him completely with girlcock. Then Kathy gave one great shudder and slammed against him. Slowly, forcefully, she began to pump rope after rope of gooey spunk up into the helpless intern with a long, low groan of relief.

Jason trembled as Kathy desperately emptied her load up his ass, his protesting guts aching and cramping at the volume of her thick release. Jets of liquid fire punched into him, hosing down his ravaged insides. He could feel himself filling up, spurt by spurt, his belly bloating out uncomfortably with the heavy girlcum.

How much more could there be? Jason thought wildly as she shot into him again and again. Kathy's backed-up cream continued to drain into his body, now in fitful bursts. Pressing her belly hard against him, she moaned again, grinding her cock in deep, slow circles. Finally his boss threw her head back, wrenching him painfully back and forth with her final, shuddering thrusts, as if he were little more than a bag for her to use for her relief and discard.

Kathy held perfectly still for a moment, breathing heavily, her hands still firmly gripping Jason's waist, and her cock spasming weakly somewhere deep inside him. Then she sighed, relaxed, and began to pull out. Jason felt stretched out, packed uncomfortably full of his boss' hot seed. Every motion jostled his heavy, cramping belly back and forth. His cheeks blazed with humiliation and shame.

"Loosen up," said Kathy crisply. Her professional voice had returned. "Come on, I want to get my dick out of you." She tugged impatiently, and Jason felt suddenly like a sock she was trying to turn inside out. He didn't know what to do, so he wiggled back and forth gently, wincing as the motion set the ocean of girlspunk inside him sloshing. Finally Kathy yanked her cock free with a gooey pop. The cold air of the bathroom felt strange on Jason's gaping ass.

"Leave a couple minutes after I do," she said, beginning to dress herself with quick, precise movements. "And --" Kathy stopped suddenly. Jason turned around to look. He realized with a sudden flush of embarrassment that his cock was rock-hard. His boss was staring at it, the same old smirk creasing her lips. "Getting fucked by a girl got you a bit excited, huh?"

Jason began to mumble something embarrassed and noncommittal, but then thought, Wait a minute, why is she asking? Kathy's eyes seemed fixed on his cock, and she had stopped dressing herself.

Shame gave way suddenly to a faint, vague excitement. He stood up straight. A round, prominent bulge showed that his lower belly was packed full of Kathy's thick girlspunk, but his own cock jutted out, straining with arousal and an aching need.

"Yeah, I guess I am," Jason said, trying to look casual. It was hard to feel sexy with his pants around his ankles, but his pulse began to throb with anticipation. His imagination began to race wildly. I can't believe it! She's totally going to let me fuck her! I'm going to fuck Kathy Byers!

"Well, go ahead and jerk one out, then," advised Kathy, putting a hand against the wall. She balanced on one leg, putting on a shoe.


His boss rubbed at a scuff in the leather, then glanced back at him disinterestedly. "Make sure to shoot your load in the toilet. I don't want any complaints from the cleaning people."

Jason stood still in crushed bewilderment.

Kathy looked at him again, adjusting her skirt. She frowned in annoyance. "Get on with it! I don't have all day." His boss made a brief, contemptuous wrist-shaking gesture. "Rub one out, I said." She straightened up, glaring at him, and crossed her arms.

Jason opened his mouth to protest this final humiliation, but his cock still throbbed in time to his pounding heartbeat. The insistent aching had spread to his balls, and he felt like he would go crazy without immediate relief. He swallowed, looking at her helplessly.

Finally, without a word, he shuffled over to the commode in an undignified waddle. With each step his boss' huge load gurgled back and forth inside his ass. It was as piping hot as when she poured it inside him, but it felt even thicker and heavier now. His belly was spunk-swollen, bloated and tight. When he got to the toilet he realized that his cock was too stiff to point down, so he leaned awkwardly on one hand over the bowl. With his other he began to frantically tug at his cock. Kathy watched him with a thin smile of amusement.

"There, go ahead and have your wank," she snickered, snapping shut her purse. "Last thing I need is you staring at me or the receptionist all afternoon." She glanced at her watch. "Come on," she added. "It's getting late. Shoot your stuff already."

Jason closed his eyes in shame. Ignoring the smell of bleach, the uncomfortable angle, and the lack of any lubrication, he concentrated on trying to come as fast as possible. A blush spread to his whole body at the embarrassment of having to jack off in front of Kathy Byers. Desperately he squeezed and pumped at his cock, the pressure inside him growing more and more urgent by the moment. His own explosion felt like a barrier he could not quite force himself through, under the harsh fluorescent glare of the bathroom and the mocking eyes of his boss. His assful of thick, heavy girlspunk shifted slowly forward at this angle, pressing down at his aching balls. It was almost like she was still inside him, pushing deep to force his own load out...

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