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School Counsellor Spanked


Kate handed her father the envelope from school as soon as he arrived. He asked what it was, but not knowing, she couldn't give him any information. Getting letters like this from the exclusive all-women's college his 18-year-old daughters attended was pretty rare as his girls knew better than to misbehave.

"Dear Mr. Banner,

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule a meeting. There is a matter of significant importance we must discuss immediately. As I know you work during school hours, I would be happy to meet with you at 6pm tomorrow evening if you are available, Please call the school to confirm or arrange a different appointment date and time.


Ms. Price, Senior Guidance Counselor"

He read the letter twice, turned it over, and read it again.

"Kate!" he shouted, "What does Ms. Price want?"

She gave him a puzzled look, "I dunno daddy."

His eyes probed her, "Are you sure babycakes?"

"Yes daddy, really." she said as convincingly as she could.

"Did Ms. Price talk to you?" he asked.

"Yes, she asked me a few questions, but nothing big." she said nonchalantly.

"Questions about what Kates?" he asked.

"She asked if you spanked me, and I said 'yeah, so?' - then she asked me about the girls in the locker room - the ones who asked me about the marks on my butt. I told her about the shoplifting, and you coming to get me, giving me a spanking, and she wrote it down and said I could go." she paused, then got a funny look on her face, "I didn't do anything daddy - promise!"

He hugged her, giving her a squeeze that took her breath away.

"I know babycakes, don't worry, just trying to find out what 'Ms. Price' wants. What do you know about her?"

"Oh, she's an old maid who tells us that we have to take this or that course or we'll never get a good job, you know, a 'counselor' - I don't think anybody pays attention to her." Kate said.

"Jen!" he called.

"Yes Daddy?" she dropped the lettuce she was tearing back into the bowl, smiling.

He couldn't help but smile back, and then his expression became serious.

"What do you know about Ms. Price? Did she talk to you?" he asked.

"She's the counselor daddy," Jen said, "she asks all sorts of questions."

"Did she talk to you?"

"Yes, she called me down to her office last Thursday I think. She was asking about you spanking us. I told her 'yes, you spanked us when we deserve it.' and she just wrote it down and said I could leave. I think she was worried about my 'father' and if I was maladjusted or something." Jen made a face and laughed.

He pulled Jen close and hugged her, "You're adjusted just fine Jen-Jen. Don't let the headshrinkers mess with your mind." she laughed and went back to making salad for dinner


"Come in" said a female voice.

He opened the door and saw her sitting behind her desk. She wore a light grey suit that looked to be a style that was popular in the 50's. Very businesslike, but very conservative. A simple diamond stick pin decorated the lapel. Under the jacket was a starched while blouse like the students wore. It was buttoned to the neck.

She looked up at him. He felt that she was sizing him up - as she was her. The atmosphere of 2 adversaries evaluating each other was obvious. Her red hair was pulled back into a tight bun and her reading glasses had a fine gold chain hanging from the corners. Her features made it difficult for him to judge her age. Her lips were tightly pursed, giving her whole face a cold, harsh, uncompromising look. She gestured to the chair in front of her desk.

"Sit down Mr. Banner," she said with an air of superiourity.

He surveyed her office. The walls had a few tasteful pieces of art. Framed diplomas and certificates hung on the wall behind her. The desk was obsessively clean and organized. Everything was exactly where it should be, the desk accessories were neatly spaced and the only papers on the desk were in a neat manila folder centered on her desk blotter. Her nameplate read "Ms. Price, Senior Guidance Counselor."

She got straight to the point.

"Mr. Banner, the reason I've asked to you come in is because I've received a report that your daughter has been abused at home." she paused, tapping the folder in front of her "By you Mr. Banner."

Calmly, he responded, "I don't know where you received your 'report' Ms. Price, but I can tell you that it is completely without merit. Kate has not been abused at home or anywhere else for that matter."

"Mr. Banner," she explained, "one of Kate's classmates reported seeing bruises on Kate's... buttocks. I checked with several of the other girls in Kate's gym class. Every one of them confirmed that Kate had bruises." She went on, "The girls also told me that Kate even admitted that the bruises were the result of an especially severe spanking you had given her the day before."

She had a look of victory on her face as she peered over her reading glasses.

"I know you spoke to Kate and Jen - what did they tell you?" he asked.

She picked the folder off the desk and located a piece of paper with handwritten notes on it.

"Kate said," she read from her notes, "that you disciplined her by spanking her over your lap for shoplifting." She flipped a page and read further, "Kate freely admitted that you used a belt after making her remove her jeans."

She looked up at him again, as if seeking a confession.

"That's correct. Kate is my daughter and she knows that stealing is wrong. When she was caught stealing, she knew that she would be spanked for it." he answered calmly.

"It's common for abused women to think they are the ones at fault Mr. Banner." she said, still acting as if she were addressing a wayward student.

"Ms. Price," he explained evenly, "spanking is a time-tested and perfectly acceptable method of disciplining young women like Kate and her sister. I understand that on occasion it is even used at this school." he paused but got no reaction, "Did Kate say her punishment for stealing was excessive?"

"No Mr. Banner but," she began.

"You talked to Jen as well. Did she say that she thought Kate's punishment was excessive?" he drilled.

"No Mr. Banner but," she attempted to interrupt again.

"Did Kate say that she was abused or beaten or mistreated in any way?" he pressed further.

"Well, no Mr. Banner but...." she struggled to get in a word edgewise.

"Ms. Price - you know that Jen's father DID beat and assault her. Has she said that she has been mistreated under my guardianship?" he demanded.

"No Mr. Banner but....." she seemed out of ammunition.

"But what Ms. Price?" he sat back in the chair, sensing that she knew she was no longer in charge of their meeting.

"Mr. Banner," she began, seeming to become nervous and struggling for words, "As educators, we must be especially vigilant of our students. I received a report from another student, and I was obligated to look into it and report my findings to the proper authorities if I found evidence of abuse." she looked very nervous now.

"And have you found evidence of abuse Ms. Price." he asked.

"Mr. Banner," she sighed, putting down her file, "both of your daughters had only the highest praise for your methods. Kate said she had been spanked many times - but only as appropriate for her behavior. Jen said that she'd only been spanked once by you, and that it was also commensurate to her behaviour." she twiddled her pen and looked as though she wanted to say more.

"So you'll be reporting that there is no abuse then, correct?" he asked, seeking closure.

"Mr. Banner, even though Kate and Jen are satisfied that you are disciplining them properly, and granted, they are both well-behaved and well-adjusted young women. This is especially amazing considering Jen's history."

"But?" he said, sensing something more was afoot.

"But I have to make the call based on what I've learned here and what I see of your methods first-hand." she seemed to be shaking slightly.

"What you see first hand? Ms. Price, surely you're not proposing I spank one of my daughters so that you can watch and grade my technique?" he asked incredulously.

"Of course not Mr. Banner, that would hardly be fair to spank one of your daughters when it is I who needs the demonstration." she paused, looking into his eyes to see if he took her hint.

"I see," he said, sitting back again, he paused. "Then I suppose the only thing to do would be to 'demonstrate' on you Ms. Price? As my daughter would experience it?"

"Yes Mr. Banner," she said nervously and shifting in her chair, "I believe that would give me the data I need to make a final decision."

He cleared his throat, "Then I suppose I'd better give you the 'data' you need to make your decision. You understand that spankings hurt Ms. Price? And that you would have to tell me what offense I was to spank you for - so I would know how harshly I needed to spank you?" he eyed her, waiting for her answers.

"Of course I realize spankings hurt Mr. Banner. As for the offense, let's say that Kate was caught shoplifting a second time. Please use that as your indicator of how intense the spanking should be."

"Ms. Price. You know that Kate got those bruises from the spanking I gave her for stealing the first time. The spanking for stealing a second time would be considerably longer and harder. Are you sure you want to experience that?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh Yes, Mr. Banner!" she stopped herself, "I mean yes Mr. Banner - I believe that would be more than sufficient." she nervously, but unable conceal a nervous smile.

"Very will Ms. Price. That's what you shall receive then, but I must warn you that once we start, nothing you say or do will make me stop until I have given you the same spanking I would give Kates should she be foolish enough to steal again. You understand, right?"

"Yes Mr. Banner, I understand."

"And you also understand that since you will be evaluating my methods for 'abuse' that I intend to give you exactly what I would give Kate in this situation?" he looked at her seriously, "That is, I will not 'scale it back' or make this a token spanking, understood?"

"Yes Mr. Banner, I understand that as well." she said, voice trembling now.

"I don't mean to pry Ms. Price - but have you ever been spanked before?"

She paused for a moment, remembering her childhood, "Yes Mr. Banner, I was. My father was a very loving man, but also a very strict disciplinarian. He doted on me and spoiled me but would spank me whenever I got out of line. I loved him very much - even when he spanked me." she smiled at the memory, showing a brightness to her green eyes for the first time that day.

"And when was the last time you were spanked?" he asked.

The brightness faded from her eyes and she answered, "My father died when I was 20. My mother was a twit who couldn't deal with a spirited young woman on her own. I was sent to a 'finishing school' for young ladies. They taught me manners and how to hold a fork properly, how to dress for business," she indicated her outfit, "but corporal punishment was 'beneath' the school's standards, so the last time I was spanked was ... um... 17 years ago."

He did the mental math quickly and was shocked to learn that the woman standing before him, one who dressed, looked, and acted as though she were 50, was only 37.

Picking up and examining her nameplate, "'Ms. Price,' you had better tell me your first name since I will address you by it until the 'demonstration' is complete."

"It's Emma Mr. Banner."

"I'm sorry that you lost your father too early Emma," he said quietly, she nodded, "he sounds like a wonderful man and a good father. I think he and I would have been friends."

She nodded, looking a little more like the young woman inside her.

"And how shall I address you for the 'demonstration' Mr. Banner?"

"Emma," he said firmly, assuming his proper character in the role play, "you will call me 'Sir' until your discipline is complete. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir." She got nervously to her feet and beckoned him to follow as she exited her office through a rear door. She led him into an inner office that was set up with a cot, several chairs, a sink, desk and large first-aid kit.

He saw now that her skirt matched the jacket and extended a few inches below her knee. Her outfit painted a perfect picture of a 1950's proper female office drone.

"This is the nurse's office that is no longer staffed, but I believe it would suffice for you to administer a spanking here?" she asked, now extremely nervous.

"It will work fine Emma." he said closing the door behind him and flipping the deadbolt lock.

Emma gulped, but tried to maintain her composure.

He glanced at the clock on the wall, "6:30 - the staff has all left for the day?"

She nodded, her voice betraying her anxiety, "Yes Sir. Even the janitorial staff will have left by this time."

"Good, there will be no interruptions then - and we don't need to be concerned about people being alarmed by the sounds of you being spanked."

Ms. Price nodded again, knowing what those 'sounds' would be.

"You do know that Kate received the strap across her pantied bottom for shoplifting Emma?" he asked sternly, starting to act as he would were it actually Emma who had been caught in this second offense.

"Yes Sir." she said.

He just stood there, waiting.

"Oh!" she said, "Sorry Sir." she said as she unbuttoned her grey jacked and hung it on a hangar on a coat rack. She faced him in her starched blouse and skirt.

He cleared his throat, nodding his head at her.

"Yes Sir," she said, having given up all former formality of her position and now acting as though she were the errant young woman about to be spanked.

She unbuttoned her grey skirt at the side, unzipping it and lowering it down her hips and legs, stepping out of it and laying it neatly over the back of a chair.

The sight that greeted him was a bit of a surprise. Ms. Price now stood before him wearing only her starched white blouse - and from the waist down - black lace & satin panties, garter belt, and silk stockings. She had gone from stiff and cold, old-maid or librarian to a sexy, sophisticated woman whose frumpy outer clothing disguised her delightful body.

"Shall I get over your lap Sir?" she asked quietly.

"Yes Emma, but if you might like to remove and hang up your blouse as well to avoid wrinkling it.

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir." she said, completely in character. Her nervous fingers struggled with the buttons. When she finally slipped it off her shoulders, she realized she had forgotten to unbutton the cuffs, so after a few moments fighting to get it off, she had to slip back into it, unbutton the sleeves, and finally remove it. Her hands shook as she hung it next to her jacket.

She faced him now dressed in only her undergarments - all matching - meticulous - and sexier than he would have guessed she had on under the dowdy suit. Freed of its aging effect, she looked more like her actual age than the matron he met in her office. Doing his best to dispel the new thoughts he was having, he gave her a stern look.

"Emma, I'm very disappointed with you right now. It hasn't even been a week since you were caught shoplifting and I had to come and get you. I thought you understood how wrong stealing is, and how unhappy I was with your behaviour." She stared down at her shoes.

"Look at me Emma!" he warned.

"Yes Sir." she replied voice trembling.

"I put you over my lap and applied my belt to your bottom 25 times last time Emma. I would have thought that would have been sufficient to show you how serious I was about stealing. I guess I was wrong and was too lenient with you."

He looked her in the eye.

"What do you have to say for yourself young lady?"

Ms. Price shifted from foot to foot, stammering, "I, um, I'm sorry Sir - I ... I saw the CD in the record store and I ... I wanted it."

"You wanted it Emma? Didn't I explain very carefully to you how stealing costs stores money? That employees and store managers can lose their jobs?"

"Yes Sir..." she stammered.

"Didn't I also tell you how very lucky you were that the store manager didn't call the police? How a police report could stay with you a long time and make it hard for you to get a job or get into a good post-grad program?"

"Yes Sir, you did."

He sighed heavily, "Emma, I think you know that this is going to be the most severe spanking you have ever received in your life. I don't want you to EVER forget that stealing is wrong, that I will not overlook it, and that since you decided to willfully disobey me, that I will do my best to make sure that it never happens again. Do you understand Emma?"

"Yes Sir..." her voice positively shook.

"Emma, when you shoplifted the first time, I put you over my lap and used my belt on your bottom - with your panties on. You should know that I only let you keep them on because the store manager was in the room. Had you been at home, I would have used the belt on your bare bottom. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir" she said, trembling.

"I spanked you 25 times with the belt on your panties Emma. That apparently wasn't enough to convince you to be good." he paused, "What do you think I should do this time Emma? After scolding you and spanking you hard with my belt 25 times on your pantied bottom. What do you think would convince you how serious I was?" He looked Ms. Price in the eye, giving her a chance to answer.

"I don't know Sir." Ms. Price stammered.

"That won't do Emma. Tell me what you think you deserve." he insisted.

"ummmm, maybe, um... 30 times on my panties?" she offered.

He shook his head, "Not even close Emma. Try again."

"ohhh... I dunno.... 50 times on my panties Sir?" she hoped he'd agree.

"I see you don't understand Emma, so I'll tell you what you will be spanked for stealing a second time." he watched her face as he pronounced her sentence. "You're going to get a handspanking over my lap Emma...with your panties on."

She nodded, knowing that that wasn't all he had planned for her.

"Then I will lower your panties, and continue your spanking on the bare."

She nodded again, not at all surprised he would spank her on her bare bottom for this serious an offense.

"Then you're going to get 50 strokes of my belt, also on your bare bottom..."

"Oh!" she gasped at the thought of the belt on her bare bottom.

"How much did that CD you stole cost Emma?" he demanded.

"Um.... about $25 Sir." she squeaked out.

"Fine, then to make the cost of stealing very clear to you, to finish your spanking, you'll get another 25 hard stokes of my belt with you bent over that desk." he nodded at the office desk.

She gasped, her mouth open unbelieving what she was in for. She slowly shook her head.

"Emma, I told you what would happen if you stole again, now you're going to see that I was not kidding."

"No, please Sir. I promise never to steal anything ever again as long as I live." she started to tear up.

"You promised me that last time Emma. Now - over my lap."

She froze to the spot where she stood.

"Emma!" he said more forcefully, "If I have to come to get you, I'll bend you over that desk and give you a spanking before your real spanking even starts. Now, over my lap young lady - I'm not going to ask you again."

On shaking legs, she moved to his right side and allowed him to guide her over his lap. He adjusted her position so that her hips were supported by his right thigh and her body draped over his lap. He surveyed the woman awaiting a sound spanking: red hair bound into a bun on the back of her head, fair skin contrasted by the black bra, garter belt, black silk stockings, and the shiny black satin panties encasing her not-unattractive bottom.

"I see that the finishing school ladies taught you how to dress properly Emma." he commented, noticing that her panties we put on over her garters.

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