tagErotic CouplingsSchool Days Ch. 02

School Days Ch. 02


Jeff stopped at his buddy's John's room on the way to the darkroom. He needed a drink and could always depend on his friend to have the necessary poison. He rapped on the door.

"Just a minute," he heard John yell from inside.

"It's just me," he said back.

The door flew open just in time for Jeff to catch a glimpse of jet-black hair disappearing beneath the sheets. "Hi Tina," he said casually. She peeked her head out from the covers.

"Hi Jeff," she replied nervously. Tina had that just fucked looked. Jeff knew it because he used to give her that look. It had been a wild few weeks at the beginning of the year but in the end they were both only in it for the sex.

"Jeff look I'm sorry," John stammered.

He looked at his friend with bemusement, and smacked him playfully on the head. "Do I look that fucking stupid?" Jeff asked. "You guys have been seeing each other for at least a month and a half and trying to sneak behind my back to do it."

Tina flew out of the bed, "You mean you've known the whole time?"

Jeff couldn't help but laugh at her. She stood in front of him in a silky camisole top that clung tightly to her small but pert breasts, her hands on her slim hips and just a wisp of cloth that was trying to pass for panties. She was trying to look mad but all he could do was laugh.

"Yeah, the whole time. Neither of you should think of a career in espionage. Look I just came by to see if you had any rum leftover from last night."

"I'll look," John said, the relief of not having to get into a big to do over his girlfriend evident in his voice.

Tina's steely gaze was still fixed on Jeff. "What?"

"I just can't believe that we didn't have to do all this sneaking around."

"Listen, if what you've been passes for sneaking around I'd hate to see what not sneaking around is like. We're all at the same parties, it's not like I'm blind or that drunk. Besides, how could you guys think I would be pissed about this, I mean it's not like you and I were the great love of each others' life?"

"Yeah, I know; my name's not April," Tina said acidly.

Jeff cringed. It was a fair attack though. Every woman he dated had to measure up to the April standard, and that had caused him a lot of trouble. It wasn't that she was perfect, but she was everything he wanted in a woman, and now she was off with someone else. He had no illusions that their afternoon liaison would have any bearing on anything. She would say she just got carried away and that they didn't "really" have sex and they shouldn't try to over analyze what happened, and so on. In the end they would right back at the "friends" thing.

"Found it." John's proclamation pulled Jeff away from his self-pity. "It's only a pint but should keep you until we all get together at JG's later."

"Yeah, I don't think I'm going, I got some darkroom work to do."

"Oh no you don't," John said, "you're not going to go into one of you weekend depression modes sitting in the dark printing pictures. We're knocking on your door at nine and you better be ready."

Jeff looked at his watch, 7:30. "Alright come bang on my door, if I'm there I'll go."

"If you're not there I'm coming to the darkroom and dragging you out."

"Yeah whatever," Jeff said walking down the hall.

Tina slid up behind John and watched Jeff disappear down the stairwell. "He's got issues with that girl."

"And how," John added closing the door.


Jeff walked out into the warm spring night his head down as he made the trek across campus to the student newspaper darkroom. Fishing the key out of his pocket, he slid it in the lock and opened the door. The black walls seemed to echo his mood. His earlier happiness had been replaced by that empty feeling he always got when April walked out of life, and he was sure that once she got the photos that's exactly what would happen. The door clicked closed behind him as he pulled the chain on the red light that lit up the work area. He flung open the door of the small refrigerator, the red coke cans looking white in the glow of the refrigerator's own small red light. He chuckled to himself at that. He had replaced the small bulb after inadvertently exposing several poster-size sheets of paper by getting a drink at the wrong time.


April stretched as she chased away the drowsiness. The dorm room was dark, "How long have I been asleep," she muttered to herself. She clicked on the bedside lamp and immediately spied the note Jeff had left her.

Hope you had a good nap. I went to process the film, figured you didn't want me to wait for you. The guys next door are gone for the weekend so you can take a shower if you want and not have to worry about them. Come on over to the dark room when you're ready and you can pick out which ones you want printed. I drew you a map on the back, it's not hard to find. See you later.


April smiled a kind of sad smile. She would never understand why she had ended it with Jeff. He was always thoughtful and kind, and was the best lover she had been with. Even though they weren't together she still got a Valentine card from him. When she asked why, he had said that your first love always deserved a valentine, even if she loved someone else now. She had thought that being separated would mean the end of their relationship but surprisingly it was better now than it had ever been. A tear slid down her cheek as she thought about losing him. Well if this weekend went as planned she wouldn't have to worry about that. As she made her way to the bathroom she realized that her decision had been made, the only question was how he would react.

Jeff shared the bathroom with the two guys in the room next door, and for a bathroom used by three men it was surprisingly clean. April twisted the shower knobs, setting the water as hot as she could stand it and began to wash away the remnants of her photo session.

The hot water stung her sensitive breasts as she rubbed soap over them, washing the stickiness down the drain. Her mind drifted as she absent-mindedly soaped and rinsed her body. She was in a clearing in the woods, sipping wine on a picnic blanket with Jeff. The hot summer sun beat down on them causing beads of sweat to form. She suggests to him that they would be more comfortable with fewer clothes on and he moves next to her to unbutton her sundress.

April inhales deeply as his fingers graze across the top of her breasts. Leaning closer their lips meet as he continues unbuttoning her dress. She feels his tongue seeking admittance to her mouth at the same time he pushes the open dress across her thigh. April opens her mouth, accepting his tongue, as his hand slides over her firm behind pulling her tighter to him. She snakes her hand up his shorts to grip his stiffening member while his kisses move lower; first to her chin on to her neck and then the top of her burgeoning chest. His hand leaves her bottom and squeezes gently on the breast he is kissing as a soft moan escapes from April's lips.

With a gentle push she puts Jeff on his back, straddling him. The sleeveless yellow dress is cast aside as his hands envelope her breasts, squeezing them and stroking the nipples through the white cotton bra. Reaching behind her, she unsnaps the bra and, pushing his hands away, allows it to fall, his hands returning to her now bare breasts. Jeff squeezes the mounds of flesh and leans up to suck a nipple into his mouth. April moans as her hands intertwine with his hair holding him tight as he suckles her breast.

Jeff traces her areola with his tongue causing her nipple to stiffen, his finger following the same pattern on the other breast. April pulls him even tighter forcing her abundant titflesh into his mouth. He sucks her deep; her breast filling his mouth as his hands knead the still exposed portion. After several minutes he switches his attention to the other breast; the one he left glistens in the sunlight from his saliva.

April reaches between her legs and undoes his shorts, quickly pulling them and his boxers down to his ankles. Jeff lets out a whimper of pleasure as April lowers herself onto his engorged cock. Even through her cotton panties he can feel the heat and moisture escaping from her sex. She rubs up and down his length, just the thin material separating him from her eager pussy.

Reaching between them, Jeff pulls the crotch of the panties aside and is rewarded with April's juices coating his shaft. He puts a hand behind her and, pushing her hips forward, slips the head of his cock inside her. A guttural moan of longing escapes from April as she pushes down, taking him deeper inside her. She pushes him back down onto the blanket and places her hands on his chest. With a steady deliberate motion she slides up his cock and back down again and again, his dick almost slips out before she thrusts her hips back down taking his full length in again.

His hands move back to her breasts, kneading the yielding flesh, pulling on the stiff pink nipples. April looks down at him, his eyes half closed in pleasure. She stays motionless for a few moments with him deep inside her, relishing in the feeling of fullness. Slowly her hips begin a circular motion. In seconds she feels his hands leave her chest and grab her hips. He guides her faster and faster, coupling her orbits with thrusts. April reaches behind her and starts to massage his heavy testicles and she feels him tense.

"That's it baby, come inside me. I want to feel you fill me with your hot cum," she cries.

At the same moment Jeff filled her pussy with hot steamy cum in her fantasy, she felt her pussy spasm around the three fingers she had buried deep in it. She grasped the shower wall as her knees became wobbly from the sudden release. The hot water still streamed over her, washing away the fluids leaking onto her hands from the orgasm.

April stood there for a few minutes regaining her composure before turning off the water. She quickly wrapped the towel around her and went back into Jeff's room. She lay on the bed, her head still spinning from the orgasm. April always came hard when her masturbation fantasy included Jeff. That realization reaffirmed her decision to get him back this weekend. That thought gave her newfound energy and she set about getting dressed and finding the darkroom.


Jeff cracked the top of the soda, sucked down a quick gulp and then replaced it with a healthy pour from the bottle of rum. He sipped his crude Cuba Libre as he set to work gathering the film reels and drums. When he was sure he had everything he pulled the chain again, sending the darkroom into complete blackness.

His practiced hands pried open the film canisters and wound the film onto the stainless steel reels. He had done this so many times sometimes he thought he'd be able to do it in his sleep. He knew he could do it drunk. There were many nights after a party, he would stagger to the darkroom and have the pictures all printed and ready for distribution at breakfast. In a matter of minutes he had all three rolls on the reels and in the developing tub. He pushed the lightproof cap onto the tub and clicked the light back on.

Now for the tedious part, he thought as he poured the developer in and started the timer. After several minutes and swaps between fixer and rinsing agent, he pulled the reels from the tub and hung the wet strips of film in the drying booth. Jeff turned on the large overhead fluorescent lights to get his first peek at the fruits of his labor as the machine dissipated the water from the celluloid. Though small, the crisp images on the film brought the earlier tryst back to him and he felt his cock stirring once again.


April was still trying to decide what to wear. She had pulled on a pink thong and a matching satin bra that barely contained her ample breasts, but was now debating between shorts or jeans. She cracked open the window slightly and, feeling the warm breeze decided on the shorts. Wiggling her hips she slid the tight, faded denim on, the seam pulling into the cleft of her ass as well as rubbing against her pussy. She buttoned them and pulled the zipper up. Rummaging through Jeff's closet she selected a blue oxford shirt, which she tied around her midriff, exposing her belly button and only used two of the buttons leaving her cleavage visible. She slipped into her tennis shoes and, clutching the map Jeff had left her, slipped out of his room and down the stairs out into the starlit night.

Jeff had been right about the darkroom being easy to find, it only took her a couple of minutes to cross the quad and find the right floor of the building. Along the way she went over her plan in her head, devising a way to tell Jeff that she wanted him back. The plan formulated in her mind, she just hoped she would have the opportunity to put it in motion. She knocked lightly on the door.

"It's open."

She slipped in the door and closed it behind her.

"Lock it will you, we don't need anyone stumbling in and ruining the pictures." Or anything else that might happen, April thought to herself.

She made her way through the two half circle openings that prevented any stray light from getting in. Jeff was standing in front of one of the enlargers, scissors in hand trimming the negatives. He was so engrossed in his task; Jeff didn't even look up at her.

"Go ahead and kill the lights, I'm ready to print the proof sheets."

April had spent enough time in the darkroom with him to know better than to bother him when he was working this intently. She switched the lights from white to red and slid next to Jeff so she could watch him work.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jeff saw April reach for the Coke can. "That's been altered from its original state," he said cryptically.

"I only want a sip. Besides I'm sure you have more."

He held up the pint flask, it was almost empty. "Not that much more." Jeff had the beginnings of a buzz going, a couple more drinks and he could spend the rest of the night just drinking to maintain the status quo.

"Okay here we go," he said turning on the enlarger, the white light burning the small images into the glossy paper. After a few seconds the light went out and he pulled the paper out from under the negatives and dunked it into the first tray on his right. As if by magic, the images began to appear. A few more seconds and he moved the paper into the next tray and then into the final one before clipping it to the line hanging over the sink.

This process was quickly repeated with the others until three 8x10 sheets hung drying, each one representing a roll of film.

April had been transfixed on the small pictures from the second they had been hung. She couldn't believe the raw sexuality emanating from her. As she relived the afternoon's sexual escapade in pictures she could feel herself becoming aroused. First it was her nipples straining against the satin of her bra followed quickly by her increased heart rate. The droplets of arousal seeping from her pussy were the telltale sign however. Her mouth was dry as she followed the scene to its messy conclusion. A sigh escaped her mouth; she didn't even remember massaging his semen into her breasts like that.

Jeff watched her as she studied the photos. The shorts clung to her like a second skin, hugging every curve and indentation. If she was wearing panties, he thought to himself, it had to be a thong. It was the open display of her chest that really made his heart race. April frequently "borrowed" his oxford shirts and almost always wore them this way. She knew he loved undoing the buttons and sliding his hands along her breasts. Was she teasing him or was there more to this "photo session" than she had let on. She had said there was a boyfriend but it occurred to him that she hadn't once mentioned his name.

Jeff's mind swirled with the possibility that this was just an elaborate plan to get him back. No. That couldn't be it. April must know that all she had to do was ask and he was hers. He argued back and forth with himself and didn't notice April pulling the contact sheets down and circling the pictures she wanted. Standing directly in front of him she waved her hands across his face, "Hellooo. Earth to Jeff."

Startled he tried to step back but only succeeded in nearly knocking over the enlarger. "What?!"

"I've picked my pictures. Can we print them now?"

Without her five-inch heels, Jeff was looking over her head. He lowered his gaze, looking deep into her blue eyes. "Yeah, sure, which ones do you want?" He asked as his gaze shifted lower to ample cleavage.

She pushed the photos into his hands and he scanned them quickly. Most of the selections were from the first two rolls. Which if he thought about it made sense. She couldn't exactly give her boyfriend pictures of her mouth stuffed full of another guy's cock.

Jeff quickly sorted through the negatives and pulled out the ones she had picked.

"Can we do the last one first?" April asked as she stood next to him.

"Sure why not."

He found frame number 27, centered it on the negative carrier and slid it into the enlarger. He clicked on the enlarger's light to focus the image and was surprised by what appeared. He didn't even remember taking the picture. April's breasts were wrapped tightly around his cock, her nipples sticking out from between her fingers. Her mouth was slightly open and her eyes were lidded over. A pitch-black stream of liquid began at the head of Jeff's cock and extended to the base of April's neck.

Jeff's cock immediately hardened. "You can't give that to your boyfriend," he said with a calmness that surprised him, "how will you ever explain the picture to him?"

April gently reached up and took his face in her hands. It took a moment, but Jeff realized that she was grinning like proverbial cat that ate the canary.

"I don't have to explain anything if you're him."

Before he could say anything she was on her tiptoes, pushing her lips onto his, her tongue seeking admittance to his mouth. He opened his lips as her tongue greedily invaded his mouth. She kissed him deep, hard and long, her arms wrapping around his neck for support. Jeff sucked hard on her tongue trapping it in his mouth as his hands traveled down to her firm ass and cupped each cheek. He pulled her tightly to him, his hard prick rubbing her bare stomach through his jeans.

They finally broke the kiss as each one breathed deeply. Jeff was still in a state of disbelief.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" He asked softly.

April only nodded as she wrapped her arms around him tighter. "Do you need proof? I love you Jeff. I've always loved you and will always love you. I was stupid to let you go and I'll do anything to get you back."


She smiled at him mischievously and rubbing his hard cock through his jeans whispered in his ear, "ANYTHING." She knew what he wanted and immediately squatted in front him. Deftly, she undid the button fly on his jeans and pulled out his throbbing cock. April loved sucking cock, especially Jeff's, but she had never been keen on swallowing. She didn't mind getting sprayed with semen, in fact she loved getting a "pearl necklace," but there was something about swallowing she didn't care for.

She could count on one hand the number of times she had swallowed his load, all of them special occasions. April knew Jeff loved it, and she was sure that if she sucked him dry he would know she was serious.

She took his hard cock in her hand and started rubbing it over her face and cheeks. The smooth skin felt incredibly warm and she tentatively licked the underside from his balls to the tip. He moaned with pleasure and April felt her pussy moistening again. One hand caressed his heavy balls as she licked the shaft up and down, occasionally shifting to kisses before continuing with the licks.

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