tagIncest/TabooSchool Lovers Ch. 2

School Lovers Ch. 2


Later that morning Bob called Jo to ask if there had been any repercussions from the previous nights activities. Jo assured him that everything had been quite normal at breakfast and the sexual activities of the previous night had not even been mentioned.

"That's good - I think." then after several minutes of not so innocent small talk; "I have to do some work here around the house before I can come over, so it will probably be after two but before three when I get there. I'm not the least bit sore and am looking forward to enjoying the afternoon with you."

Me too. I'm getting wet just thinking about repeating last nights activities, so finish up your chores and get over here darling."

"I won't be later than three but will have to be back home by six-thirty for supper."

"Plenty of time for our fun. I'll be thinking about it till you get here, might even get off that way if you're too late getting here."

When Bob arrived at Jo's house at two he got no answer when he knocked on the door. A quick look showed that their car was gone and he assumed that they had left to do some shopping. Bob figured that he had a half hour before they would return and headed for his car. He intended to drive to the nearest shopping center and buy a small gift for Marge to show his appreciation for her unexpected acceptance of his relationship with Jo. He didn't get the chance as Marge arrived - alone - before he even reached his car. As she parked in the driveway he met her asking where Jo was and offering you help with the bags of groceries filling the back seat.

"Jo said that you were coming over so she stayed home."

"I knocked several times with no answer."

"Maybe she is working in the back yard or in the pool. You take those two." Pointing at two bags full of cans. "Quite a party last night; wasn't it?"

For a few seconds Bob didn't know what to say, then seeing the smile on her face, answered. "After the initial shock out at the beach, and some serious reservations as we entered the kitchen, I enjoyed it very much. Jo and I both hope you really meant what you said about us using her bedroom instead of the car."

As Marge set the last bag down she continued; "Jo would probably let you continue to screw her even if I did object. I know I did after my mother told me to quit. But I certainly do not want her doing it in places where she could get caught by someone else like Jim and I caught you last night. As long as she keeps taking the 'Pill' and is a bit more selective about where she gets screwed I won't object too much." After putting away the last of the groceries Marge continues; "One request that I have is that you don't do any screwing around when I am home and Jim isn't here to keep me occupied at the same time." Then quietly laughing; "I might be tempted to join in for a threesome."

"That would take a lot of mental readjustment in both Jo and I. When she saw all the clothes piled on the couch Jo was worried that you and Jim had planed something like that last night."

"Jim had suggested it."

"Suggested what?" Jo asked as she came in the back door.

"A four way orgy." Bob replied.

"Don't worry - I vetoed it immediately." Marge countered. "I told him that I was quite sure that neither of you were emotionally ready to try anything like that. YET."

"I can't speak for Bob but I know that I'm not." Then with a noticeable blush; "It took all the courage I had to climb Bob's cock in front of you and Jim last night. If I hadn't been so excited by all the sex talk and sight of naked bodies, I don't think I could have done it."

"I damn near went soft myself when she did it." Then as he put his arm around Jo's waist; "If you and Jim hadn't been naked and almost giving us instructions I might have."

"Mom; I had planed to spend the rest of this afternoon in bed with Bob but don't think I can if you're home."

"I don't think I could either." Bob agreed.

"Do you two want me to leave for an hour or two?"

"NO!" Both answered together. "That would be as bad as you staying." Jo finished.

Bob continued; "We were both charged up and made very horny by the discovery at the beach and the following activities here last night. I doubt either of us is nearly horny enough to over come the inhibition of knowing you knew we were screwing in the next room."

"Bob's right about our reaction to you catching us and the other stimulus last night. Besides; I got fucked twice and eaten twice in one night and am really not all that horny now."

"Things got a little hotter than usual for Jim and I last night too. Usually I get him off only twice but last night he fucked me twice here and you know I got him off at the beach." Then with a sad smile "Maybe he was mentally screwing you the second time Jo. Oh hell I don't care what kept him up; I got off four or five times and was more than satisfied." After a short but strained silence; "Let's change the subject, I'm starting to warm up talking about it."

"Yes, lets. I'm not getting any cooler myself Mom."

"Why don't we all get in the pool for a swim to cool of?"

"Good idea Bob." Both mother and daughter answered together.

While Bob went out to his car to get his swim trunks, Jo and Marge, changed into almost identical bikinis; Jo's was only slightly smaller than her mothers which made the one on Marge look to be smaller. When Bob returned he called to them; "I'll change in the bathroom and meet you in the pool."

"OK- but don't take too long." Jo called back.

The pool was not a small one being almost as big as the one at school. A diving board denoted the eight foot deep end; the other end was two foot deep. The pool had the long dimension extending away from the house with the deep end closest.

As Bob came out of the house Jo had just surfaced in the shallower part and Marge was on the board. He took a racing dive towards Jo just as Marge dove off the board. When he reached Jo he was still submerged and slid a hand up her leg and grabbed her crotch as he surfaced beside her.

"If you start doing that the swimming won't help." Jo cautioned him; "And if you make a mistake and do that to Mom she might want more."

"More of what?" Marge asks as she too surfaces next to them.

"Bob just grabbed a feel as he came up."

"No, Bob. We came into the pool to cool off; not get hotter."

"Sorry. It was just too tempting to resist."

"Well - resist." Marge instructed.

At this the three of them swam idly for several minutes before Marge did a cannonball dive between Jo and Bob which started an all out water fight. Soon after the fight started Bob no longer knew who's tits or crotch he was pushing or grabbing as both were doing their best to keep him under.

The inevitable happened quickly; attempting to get to the surface and at the same time pull them under, Bob grabbed one bra and one bottom. Both came off in his hands while one of the other's foot caught his trunk waistband and striped them to his knees. This brought action to a quick halt and all three surfaced. The girl still wearing her bra calmly asked; "Should we redress or just quit avoiding it and start that three way orgy you had mentioned, Mom?"

"That's Bob's decision, Jo. It's his cock we both seem to want."

Then as Marge slowly swam to the edge of the pool; "While you decide Bob, would you please recover all the suits."

Bob says nothing but dives to recover his trunks, and all four bikini pieces. On the way to the pool edge he decides that if they both wanted to have sex with him at the same time he might as well see if he was able to satisfy both.

As Bob walked into the kitchen where Marge and Jo were drying off, Jo comments; "Guess we are going to have that orgy, Mom. Bob wouldn't have that full hard-on if he were too embarrassed or nervous about it."

"I had been hopping we would. Jim introduced me to group sex about a year ago and I've found that I like it."

"You will probably have to give Jo and I some directions, neither of us really knows how a three-way works 'tho I can make some guesses."

"We just do what comes naturally, one of us at each end. I want that cock in me first so Jo will just have to be satisfied to get clit licked while I fuck." By this time they had reached the bedroom and Marge began her stage directing. "Bob; you lay out in the middle of the bed. Jo, straddle his head, no, face the other way as if you were going sixty-nine. That's right. now hold his cock up so I can sit on it. That's the way - yes - feels good." As the last bit of Bob's cock is engulfed by Marge's vagina, forcing Jo's hand off of it, She give a final instruction; "Now suck my tits Jo."

"That's real sexy, watching Bob's cock disappearing into you while getting My crotch licked."

"Don't talk; suck tit baby. Just the way you did when I nursed you. Yes - yes that's the way."

Bob was too busy licking Jo's crotch to do any talking and was enjoying the action too much to interrupt Marge or Jo. He at first was able to lick Jo from clit to anus. But he concentrated on her vaginal opening and anus so he didn't have to hold his breath; his nose was blocked by being in her vagina when he sucked clit. When Jo leaned forward to suck Marge's tits he was able to breath and transferred Most of his attention to Jo's clit.

While Bob was directing most of his attention to Jo's cuntal area he was almost unaware of Marge's fucking herself on his cock. He soon had to devote major attention to keep Jo from breaking his nose with her pubic bone as she reached her first climax. As soon as Jo calmed down, Bob began thumb fucking her while continuing to suck her clit. Marge, by this time, was hunching her hips back and forth in a way that caused Bob's cock to scrub her slit from clit to rectum without pulling the head of it completely out of her vagina tho it came close a few times.

Marge had started to climax about the time Jo came down from her first and instead of peaking and subsiding, continued to climax at a higher and higher level until it actually became painful. She had been moaning constantly since just before her climax began and now cried out; "TOO MUCH -- TOO MUCH!" and collapsed onto the bed beside Bob rolling onto her back.

As Marge rolled away from Bob Jo fell forward and almost automatically engulfed Bob's cock in her mouth and down her throat. Jo's second climax triggered as Bob removed his thumb from her vagina and inserted it fully into her anus. Jo very soon pulled back off his cock far enough to breath and, as her climax subsided, realized that she was tasting her mothers cuntal lubricant as well as Bob's lubricant. "It does taste different." She thought; "Sweeter than Bob's lubricant and nowhere near as strong as his cum. I wonder if that is what Bob tastes while eating me." Coming to a quick decision Jo slowly pulls her mouth off Bob's cock and as slowly; so he could keep his thumb in her ass; leaned towards her mother and softly asked; "Would you like Bob to eat your cunt now --- or go sixty-nine with me?"

"You learn fast darling. I take it that you never licked your own juices off Bob's lips and chin after he ate your pussy."

"We always went sixty-nine and the flavor of his cum over powered mine." then Jo moved to kiss her mothers abdomen just above the now wetly matted hair of her mons. Before continuing; "This is the first time I've really tasted a woman's juices and I think I like it as much as cock juice." Then moving to her mothers breasts, kisses both nipples. "A man's cum is much stronger and almost spicy. Your taste is almost sweet."

"HEY, You two - I'm still here and still have a hard-on."

"Don't worry lover - I'll take care of you soon. Its just that I've had my first taste of cunt juice and am wondering if we all taste the same or vary."

Smiling up at her daughter Marge suggests; "Why don't we let Bob tell us after he gives my clit a good tongue lashing. He's just done you so the memory of your taste won't have faded."

"Good idea mom. I can suck his cock while he tongue fucks you." Jo then directs Marge to lay out as Bob had but closer to the headboard of the bed. She then positioned herself beside her mother and told Bob to lie diagonally across one of Marge's hips so that he could eat Marge's cunt while She could suck his cock. Bob quickly assumed his position as Marge spread her legs and he was licking at the opening he had been fucking even before Jo could get his cock into her mouth. Again Bob was paying more attention to eating cunt than to being eaten so did not climax before Marge again had a climax that built higher and higher until she had to push Bob's head away from her crotch. As soon as he could Bob switched his mouth from Marge to Jo's crotch and began to suck on her clit. He slowly inserted a finger into her ass and his thumb into her vagina. Only seconds elapsed before Jo too was in massive orgasm. Since Bob was again concentrating on keeping his nose from being broken, Jo's deep throating him still did not bring on his climax. When Jo's violent hunching finally calmed Bob pulled his cock out of Jo's mouth and slid it between her tits. Jo used her hands to press them tightly around it and let him tit fuck her for a few seconds before spreading her legs wide and begging; "Fuck me now! Get in me quick darling! I'm almost coming again but my cunt feels empty! I need you in me deep" Then as Bob finishes turning and jambs all of his erection into her; "OH YES! DEEP AND HARD! YES! I - II -EEE" And with a massive orgasm faints.

Bob; again not having climaxed; quickly pulls out of Jo and as quickly rams into a very receptive Marge. "OOO! You saved it for me! Good boy. Fuck me hard and fast lover. I'll try to hold off long enough to come with you." As promised Marge began her orgasm just as Bob's cock began spitting gouts of cumm into her. Both kept on hunching as long as his cock remained hard enough to stay in; but too soon his efforts no longer prevailed and a very shrunken and soft prick slipped from Marge's very wet cunt.

Jo had recovered by this time and; even before the last drops of cumm had finished dribbling from it; had his cock and both balls in her mouth. She was soon face fucking herself with Bob's still soft but slowly growing prick. Marge recovered as quickly and fed tit to Bob and fondled Jo's tits with one hand and Bob's balls with the other.

It took almost five minutes before Bob had a stiff enough erection to fuck with. Bob had lain flat on his back while both women had applied various stimulation so did not have to move when they decided he was hard enough. Jo mounted his cock and Marge his face. Marge did not climax as massively this time and climbed off voluntarily after only one climax; "Keep fucking Jo till she comes again." She instructed him before heading into the bath to clean up; and out.

Bob complied and pulled Jo down flat on top of himself whispering into her ear; "You taste a bit sweeter than your mother. And your cunt feels tighter on my cock too."

"Glad to hear it. Now fuck me the way you did her. My vagina still feels in need of your cock and a load of your cumm."

"Don't know if I can ejaculate again but I'll try darling." Bob's cock is now back to full length and he begins a slow long stroke fucking that soon has Jo climaxing repeatedly. Almost five minutes of the slow fuck with Jo's repeated orgasms pass before Bob feels the tightening at the base of his cock that signals orgasm. "Come with me Jo. I'm coming - I can't hold back Jo."

"I AM. I AM! "

Bob made only a few more jerky thrusts into Jo's; now saturated cunt before his orgasm finished. Jo sat up to keep Bob's rapidly shrinking cock in her as long as possible. Before his cock slipped ou,t Marge handed both of them towels; "Here; use these to soak up all that juice before it runs onto the sheet. I Hate sleeping on a wet bed."

As Marge pushed the towel under Jo's ass Bob's softening cock slips out of Jo's cunt releasing the fluids trapped within, and after she roles off, Marge watches the milky mixture ooze from the relaxed opening to dribble onto the towel. "One thing I can't figure out Jo; how come I've never seen any cumm stains in your panties when I washed them?"

"Bob keeps a roll of paper towels in the car and I always wipe it all off." Then smiling; "Usually I don't even put them back on, just sit on the towels with my skirt up."

"Never thought of that. I've always had to rinse mine out as soon as Jim got me home to keep it from staining." Then looking at Bob's soft but still somewhat enlarged cock; "Jo, why don't you go into the bathroom and wash out while I wash Bob off with my mouth."

"Ok mom, but if he hasn't come before I get back I may get all hot and horny again watching."

"It's going to take a while to work up another load, Marge. My balls damn near turned inside out when I popped in Jo last time."

"That's fine with me. I enjoy sucking cock almost as much as getting fucked. Jo's father and I went sixty-nine more often than we fucked; he had a small prick." Then as she knelt between Bob's legs; "I never had orgasms fucking 'till Jim shoved that salami of his into me." Further speech was prevented by the six inches of semi hard cock she began swallowing.

The silence in the room was broken occasionally by soft moans from Bob when Marge would take the head of his cock into her throat and begin swallowing for a few seconds before coming back off to breath. Using all of her sexual skills Marge needed almost five minuets before Bob's cock regained a full hard.

"Hasn't he come yet?" Jo asks as she returns ; "It usually takes less than five minuts for him to get off when I blow him."

"When you've sucked me off before, I hadn't just finished fucking two women ; but the way your mother is deep throating me it won't take much longer.' Then as a warning to Marge ; "My balls are beginning to tighten up."

"Want me to sit on your face to give you something else to think about?"

Quickly pulling her mouth from Bob's cock; "I really don't need any help Jo ; and I really can do it myself." Then immediately re-swallowed all of him.

"Oh GOD! That did it Marge! I'm coming - don't stop."

Marge soon had difficulty controlling the length of cock she kept in her mouth as Bob's hips began jerking uncontrollably with his orgasm. She did manage to keep at least some of it in her mouth until the ejaculations ceased and the extreme rigidity began to moderate. As soon as Bob's orgasm calmed and his cock began softening Marge swallowed all the mixed saliva and ejaculate in one gulp then began to clean off the rapidly shrinking prick still in her mouth. A very soft and only damp prick finally popped free of Marge's lips.

"Your going to have to teach Jo that swallowing trick Marge; she's occasionally deep-throated me but never swallowed like that." Then rising to a sitting position and kissing Marge full on the lips; "You give the best blow job I've ever had. Jo's good but needs to learn that swallowing trick to equal You."

"I'll practice on Jim the next time he comes over." Jo snapped in annoyance.

"No offence, Jo. Your mother's had a lot more practice than you have and has learned a few tricks you haven't is all. You do a very sexy job of sucking me off and I love every second of it. It's just that your mother has had a lot more practice and learned a few tricks you haven't yet." Then standing and embracing her very sexy nakedness; "Maybe next weekend we can have a four-way with your mother and Jim." Several kisses later Bob whispers; "How would you like to practice swallowing my cock while Jim fucks you from behind?"

"I'd love it! You could eat mom at the same time. Guess I do have a few things to learn about sex after all." Reluctantly breaking the embrace Jo adds; "It's after five thirty. You better get home for supper. I certainly don't want you grounded and not able to come back next weekend."

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