Schoolbus Sex


In school, Mr. Davidson, my science teacher, always wore a buttoned up shirt and a tie. He always looked the same: shirt tucked in, ironed pants, black shoes. Nevertheless, he always looked dreamy. I couldn't help but stare at him for the whole class period. Occasionally he would catch me staring at his crotch, then I would just twirl my pretty brown hair as if nothing happened. I'm not sure if he liked me looking at him, but I didn't care. I want him to notice me.

One day, in class, he announced that we were taking a field trip to the marshland for a nature walk. The class cheered, nobody wanting to be in school. I liked the idea too, hoping to deviate a plan to get into his pants. Mr. Davidson asked the class for chaperones so we would have enough supervision. That was a good suggestion, for I could get him alone and the class would still have an adult with them. Class was then dismissed and I became very anxious to go home. The field trip was in one week.

That night, I dreamt about being with Mr. Davidson. In my dreams I was fooling around with him. It was very enticing. I woke up about thirty minutes before my alarm went off to wake me for school. I used the 30 minutes to my advantage. I crept my hand down my pink nightgown. I felt over my moist panties, rubbing gently. I got up and lied down over my blankets. I pulled off my nightgown, exposing most of my thin, tan body. I grabbed my naked breasts, nipples becoming hard. I squeezed one, then the other. I flicked at my pink nipples, thus increasing the excitement. Handful after handful, I gently felt my squishy, soft 34B breasts. That was enough teasing for me though! I brought my hand down to my purple panties. I became much more wet than before. I took off my panties, revealing my trimmed, rectangularly vertical bush. I began to gently rub over and around my clit. I then moved my hand down, sticking two of my fingers into my pussy. I went in and up, hitting just the right spot. I kept on penetrating myself, simultaneously rubbing my clit with the thumb of the same hand. My back was arching high from the pleasure of it all. I used my elbow to prop me up, my hand reaching for my perky breasts as I did so. I continued to finger myself until a higher sense of pleasure came over me. I slowed down, letting my eminence overtake me. I jerked my finger and my body started to shake. My finger became clenched in my sopping hole. Quivering in pleasure, I continued to rub my sensitive clit. It took only another minute or so for the next ocean of an orgasm. The waves died down from the last one, but the next one soon hit my shore. The pleasurable, sexual feeling overwhelmed my whole pubic region. From the inside, I could feel enjoyment around my crotch. I savored every second of it, thinking of Mr. Davidson the whole time. Then, my alarm clock went off.

In school, I was thinking about how good my teacher would be in real life. I looked at his crotch an extra lot that day, wondering how big he would be. I made predictions in my head. Maybe 7.5 inches, or even bigger. Mmmm, Capri. Capri! He would say my name as he fucked me. Capri!

"Capri!" I came back to reality, hearing him say my name for real. "Capri, I asked you if you knew the definition to an ion," he said in his masculinely sexy voice.

"Yes, it's an electron with an electric charge," I replied, upset that I couldn't remain in a fantasy.

"Good," he praised. Then the bell rang.

A week went by of me fantasizing about him both in school and in my bedroom. Wherever I fantasized, he was very good at screwing me! I really wanted him. Today was the day of the field trip, where I would seductively trap him into having sex with me. I didn't masturbate this morning, for I wanted him to give me all the pleasure in the world today. I got in front of my mirror. I tried on different panties and thongs, thinking which one he would like the best. I went with nothing. I decided to also wear no bra. I threw on a tight pink skirt, hugging my muscular thighs and butt. I put on a belly ring and a black tank top going over it. I looked extremely sexy. I got out of my clothing and went to my bathroom. I picked up my razor and shaving cream. I applied the cream onto my silky legs and arms. I shaved all my limbs. Then I looked at my pussy. Did I want it shaved? A little bit, I figured. I generously applied shaving cream to the area. I rubbed it on, getting everything covered. I shaved the lips first. Stroke after stroke, I became very smooth. Then to the sides I shaved. The hair that was left was all above my slit. I decided to do a little bit more. I shaved an inch up. In turn, I was left with a sexy patch of love, an inch above my pussy. My thin patch was about two inches long, one inch wide, a whole inch above my slit. The rest was all as smooth as my stunning butt. I bathed out all of the remaining cream and pubes, leaving my body refreshed and sexually excited.

When I got to school, everyone was gawking at me, including my teacher. I liked the attention. We got on the bus and headed to the field trip.

When we finally arrived, everyone got off the bus. Mr. Davidson counted heads and we started walking. Leaving the supervision to the chaperones, Mr. Davidson went to the bus to gather some water and snacks. I stuck behind with him as the group went on.

"Mr. Davidson, sir, do you like my outfit?" I asked in an innocent voice. He hesitated. "It's okay to like me you know. I am 18," I encouraged him, moving closer.

"Yes, it's fine," he replied.

"It's not more than fine?" I asked, turning around for him, lightly feeling my body as I did so.

"You look good," he retorted. "Look, this isn't very professional for me to be with you when you're touching yourself like this."

"Why not? You don't like it?" I felt my breasts from outside my thin shirt. My nipples began poking out.

"I'm not saying I don't like it. I just,"

"Just what? You don't have to say it. Just go with it. I like you." I kissed him on the lips, grabbing his cock as I did so. His crotch bulged out from the feeling. He squeezed my ass as I did his. "Now you're getting it," I applauded.

He brought me onto the bus, feeling and kissing me as we walked on. He, I must say, is a very talented kisser. His tongue felt my tongue. It went in my mouth, around my teeth. His soft lips were delicate and beautiful. He was fantastic. We boarded the empty bus and I brought him down onto a seat. I sat on the seat across from him, legs crossed at the thigh.

"I've been a bad girl," I teased. "What are you going to do about that?"

"Oh, I'm going to teach you a lesson on how to please your teacher," Mr. Davidson said, grabbing my upper thigh. I got up and pretended to toss something on the ground.

"Oops! I should pick that up." I bent over, giving him a sight of my rear. I bent even lower, bringing my skirt up above my ass; he got a great view of my cheeks. "What did you say you were going to teach me again?"

He turned me around and kissed me, grabbing my ass from under my skirt as he did so. He pulled me down so my face was staring at his crotch. I unzipped his pants slowly. He threw them off and onto a nearby seat. I did the same with his underwear. He reached for me to take off my shirt. It went off so fast I didn't know what happened. I just started to suck his raging hard cock. I slobbered my spit all over it, licking up and down. I got my head on the tip and he pushed me down so his cock was in my throat. I gagged and made him even more wet. He was feeling my breasts too. As I sucked him, he got harder and a little bit bigger.

"How big are you?" I asked, desperate to know.

"Eight inches long, two inches wide," he replied.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "That'll feel great inside me tight little girl pussy!" I continued to suck him. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, loving every minute of it. I stopped sucking and began to pump him very quickly. I brought my head down to his shaved balls and started sucking on them. The pumping was very smooth, for he was slippery with my spit. I could tell he was near cumming, so I stopped sucking and pumping him. I kissed him on the lips, giving him a big hug as I felt his tongue slip in my mouth.

He pushed me onto the seat and spread my legs. He kissed all over my body. First my neck, then nipples, then stomach. He admired my belly ring as he went down to my thighs. He rubbed my calfs before feeling around my pussy. He brought his face to my cunt and started licking around my lips. He nuzzled his nose in my bush. I loved the sensation of him in my fur. He then opened my outer lips with his gentle hands and ran his tongue from bottom to top. He gave me absolute delight. Then I got up on my hands and knees and faced away from him. He brought my skirt down and off of me, leaving me in nothing but my high socks and cute shoes. He licked me from behind, giving me another feel to the cunnilingus. He licked and licked, then drooled down into my asshole. He brought a finger up to my ass and started poking around. He worked slowly inside.

"You are really tight," he admired. "Mind if I loosen you up?" He brought his finger all the way in, moving it around to loosen me up. "Good, now I can fuck you hard and teach you your lesson."

He took his finger out and spat in my looser hole. He then stood and brought me closer to him, still in my kneeled position. He put his hard dick in my mouth once more to get it wet. He took it out and jammed himself into my hole. It hurt a lot.

"Oww!" I screamed with a mixture of pain and delight.

"You need to learn your lesson, young lady." He took himself back out and jammed back in. He repeated the process, getting me loose enough to be fucked hard. He jammed in once more, then started to fuck me. Back and forth he went, not leaving me again. He picked up the pace, going deeper and deeper, I enjoyed his cock more and more. I moaned with a desire for him to be in my pussy though. Anal isn't my favorite fucking style. He could tell that I didn't enjoy it too much, so he thrusted me as far as he could and came back out, resulting in a yelp from me.

He flipped me over so I was lying on my back. He brought my hips forward and rested them on his hips. I was still lying on my sexy back, but my hips were in the air. His cock became level with my pussy and he started thrusting me, bracing me by my ass. He thrusted me at an average pace, just as I liked it. I was getting really into it now. "Teach this naughty girl a lesson! I've been a bad girl." I demanded a good teaching.

"Oh, you will learn your lesson all right. First I'll teach you about Sex-Ed. Have you learned your body yet?" he asked.

"Teach me, please," I called out as he smacked his dick against my pubic bone.

"This is your vagina, a very attractive organ of your body. It can be stimulated by many things, one of which is a man's penis. I'm going to teach you how it feels." Mr. Davidson thrusted his large penis as far as he could inside of me. I squealed with delight as I became wetter and wetter. The absolute bliss of his large cock inside of me drove me crazy. All I wanted was to cum from his big penis. His skills were wild. I was having the time of my life.

I began to feel a buildup as I moaned. Approaching an orgasm, I wanted to leave him with a good ending. I pushed him off of me and laid him down on a seat. I got on top of him, facing toward his head. I grabbed his cock and sat down on it, my pussy engulfing his pleasure stick. I bobbed my body up and down on his hard shaft. He poked at my nipples. I felt his tan stomach as I rode on him. With more buildup growing from within my body, I soon approached an orgasm. It hit me like a forceful hurricane as my juices spurted out of me. I sprayed his body with my love juice. It must have been the most intense orgasm of my life. No dildo that I own is as big as his penis. I shook more juice from my body and got off of him; both of us were panting heavily.

He picked me up and turned me upside down. A position I had never seen he wanted to perform. My head was on his crotch and his head on mine. This was while he was standing. I bounced my head up and down on his still hard cock. He lapped up all of my juices, enjoying the tangy taste. After he licked up everything, he flipped me back over, me still in his arms. He put his penis inside of me and thrusted his cock in me. His motions were very quick, for he was trying to cum now. It still felt good, but I wasn't ready for another great orgasm. After a couple of minutes in this position, he set me on the ground and told me to open my mouth. He was pumping his dick very quickly.

He let out a moan and I closed my eyes. Thick bursts of semen shot out of him and onto my face. Some of it got in my mouth. His orgasm lasted about twenty seconds, him squeezing out the remaining drops as he finished. He placed his now semi hard cock in my mouth where I licked up the remaining cum on his tip. I love the flavor of salty cum. I swallowed all that was in my mouth, which wasn't a lot, for most of it was on my face, and some on my boobs.

"Now I need you to clean yourself up, okay?" Mr. Davidson commanded. I obeyed by taking the globs of cum off my face and rubbing it in my ass -- it had to go somewhere nice. I repeated the process until all of his delicious cum was either swallowed or in my ass. "Good girl," he praised. "Now you know this wasn't a good thing to do, right?"

"Yes," I teased. "We can't do this any more," I continued. "Only because I'm your student. Although you will need to teach me more lessons later on." We both knew it would be happening again. Then, my friend Kelsey got on the bus, looking for something. She opened her mouth in shock of the naked sight.

Mr. Davidson said, "I think I need to teach you to show some privacy." He crept toward her, relishing her beautiful sight.

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