We're in college. First year. I'm your recalcitrant student, a freshman who sailed through high school. I've been turning in papers late, not doing them very well, and you know I'm bright enough to do the right job. Anyway, you tell me I'm about to fail, and I break into tears. I can't fail, my parents will kill me. You're pretty pitiless but you relent, and tell me to come to your office, at 7 PM on Friday night. I balk, and you say, fine, then, fail. I say OK.... I come to your office on Friday night, and this is how it goes:

You tell me I need to study harder, and maybe, just maybe, I'll get a D in class. A D! I say. My parents don't let me get anything below a B! They'll kill me. Tough cookies, you say. I say, I'll do anything, and you say...anything? I say anything.

"Stand up, Miss Kim," you say. I do so, obediently, wiping the tear streaks off my face. You walk around me, admiring me, I'm in a pleated skirt that reaches about mid-thigh. Not indecent but very cute. I'm wearing a blouse that reaches my skirtline, so when I lift my arms I show a tiny bit of my belly, but not normally.

Standing in front of me, you slide your hands onto my belly under the skirt. I flinch, but manage to stand still, realizing what it is you want. You pull up my blouse, and make me hold it up.

My breasts are contained by a white cotton bra, silky soft but not as soft as my skin. Without even hesitating, you slip your hands into each cup, fondling the nipples until they spring into erectness, and pinching them. You don't even bother with the bra strap, but just pull the cups down, exposing my brown nipples and fair skin. You bend over and take one into your mouth, and roughly pull on it, gently pinching the other one. I can't help it, I moan loudly. You bite down, and I wince. You remove your mouth, and begin to walk around me, making me keep my blouse up so my wet nipples are exposed to the air.

Suddenly, standing behind me, you reach out and caress my ass through the panties. Testing me, you flip my skirt up and slide your hand underneath, over my panty-clad bottom. My panties are pink.

When your finger slides underneath the edge and begins to make its way down, though, I try to stop you. "No, please," I say. You of course get angry.

"Do you want this passing grade or not?" I lower my head. "Yes, sir." You walk back around your desk and sit down. "Come here," you order. I do so, head still lowered. "Lay down across my knees." My eyes widen but as they meet yours I see there's no chance of argument. I obediently do so, my hair trailing on the ground, hands gripping the legs of your chair.

You run your hand over my bottom and once again flip up my skirt. I tense as your hand slides to the bare skin again, but I am surprised when your hand lifts and suddenly comes down - WHACK! I scream and wriggle, trying to get loose. No can do, you grip me tightly and suddenly WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "That's what you get for skipping my classes, Miss Kim, and thinking you could just waltz through."

After five or six slaps you stop, and I am whimpering. I am grateful to think it's done when in horror I feel you pulling down my panties. I can't fight you, you're much stronger than me. Soon my panties are around my upper thighs and my entire ass is exposed to you. As the panties pull away from me I realize somehow I'm wet and hope you don't notice. WHACK! on my bare skin, making me jump and squirm. You alternate cheeks, and in between squeeze each cheek. Without warning you roughly slide your fingers between my legs - they come up dripping.

"Stop protesting so much, Miss Kim. Obviously you like it." I shake my head in furious negation, my ponytail bobbing frantically. I gasp loudly though, when suddenly your fingers penetrate my tight, sweet pussy deeply. And then I really flinch and struggle to get away when your thumb presses up against my asshole. "No, anything but that, please!" I flail so much I accidentally hit you. Everything stops...

"That's it. Now you're in trouble." You roughly jerk me to my feet and bend me over the desk. I feel you drop to your knees behind me, and my world spins crazily as I feel you spreading my cheeks and feel, of all things, your tongue pressing up against my asshole. It's dirty, it's disgusting, and yet it makes me wetter than before. I come around your tongue even as I'm protesting, and I'm pressing back against you and trying to fight you at the same time. I'm lost in the feelings.

I've never felt anything this intense. My legs buckle, and I fall forward onto the desk. My asshole is giving me a million intense feelings.

Suddenly you pull away and stand up. You yank my panties down and off one leg. I'm laying face-down on your desk, my skirt pulled up, my pussy glistening and exposed to you - as you jerk forward, and ram your cock all the way up it. I scream in mingled pleasure and pain, and the scream doesn't die down when you push your thumb into my asshole.

You fuck me on the desk, you're barely undressed, just enough to pull your cock out. Using me, taking whatever you want. Your hands grip my hips and your cock rams in and out of me, it's huge and I'm small and tight and it hurts and feels oh-so-damn-good at the same time. I come, hard, around your cock, my tight pussy convulsing on you, and gripping you like a vice.

To you it's like fucking a tight glove, you feel yourself opening me up and invading me. Ravishment is the only word. With a groan you dump your load into my sweet little pussy. You hold me there, screwing your cock ever deeper, for a full moment. Then you pull out of me, and pull your thumb out of my vice-like asshole, and slap my ass. "Get dressed," you say gruffly.

I pull up my panties and pull down my skirt & shirt, adjust my bra, still sniffling a little. You give me a satisfied look and say, "Well, that's an A for the first assignment. Why don't you meet me next Friday night again, same time, for the next assignment?" I look at you in surprise, see you're serious, and slowly nod. As I leave, you call after me. "Miss Kim?" I turn. "Next time, don't bother with the bra."

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