Scouts Gone Wild


Annie bobbed her head up and down on his member, while Thomas pounded in and out of her ass. Robby could feel his come boiling and knew she'd be full of his seeds. He looked to Thomas and saw his nod. Soon both were shooting ropes of pearls into Annie. Her ass welcomed the hot liquid as did her mouth. She accepted both. Her tongue pressed against the head of her Uncle's cock and her fingers squeezed his balls. She begged for more of her cousin's come and she shivered with lust as he pulled his cock out and sprayed her ass cheeks with the fiery substance.

"Yes, baby," Thomas muttered as he milked his seed from his dick and sent it falling over his cousin's rear. His fingers spread the white seeds over her cheeks and he kneaded her taunt cheeks.

Robby's come was swallowed and his second rope fell over his whore's breasts. "Go over to the bed," he told her.

Annie rose and did as she was told. Thomas left the room and when he returned his cock had been cleaned and Annie was laying on her side. Robby lay beside her. His cock semi-soft, but as Annie toyed with him he felt his dick starting to rise.


Sally and her Southern Charm

The day had grown hotter the more time that Sally spent on her back selling cookies. Now she was enjoying a nice long dip in the creek that ran just on the edge of town. Her glistening body rose up from the water and she swam up and down the deepest pool of the creek, just under the bridge. She felt herself growing more relaxed and tallied up the number of boxes and cases she'd managed to wiggle her ass for that day.

She grinned and made her way to shore. She grabbed her clothes and the blanket she'd pulled from the back of her car. Once the blanket was spread out and her clothes balled up to serve as a pillow, she let the late afternoon air caress her skin and closed her eyes. As the sun beat down on her skin she recalled the afternoon's events and let her fingers trail over her moist flesh. The sunlight slowly began its dip down below the horizon, its rays drying the beads of water from the creek. Her nails dragged slowly up her stomach, between her breasts and across her neck. She moaned softly as she let that same path be explored over and over again, until her other hand squeezed her left breast. Then her right hand slipped into her mouth.

Sally explored her lips, tongue and teeth. Her finger dipping in slowly so her tongue could swirl around the length, before gliding out. She then ran her wet digit from her mouth and down her chin, then over her collarbone. The kneading of her breast continued as she treated herself to tender caresses and explorations. She moaned softly, the wind picked up and carried it into the trees and bushes. Creatures of the forest picked up the sounds alerting each other to the minx that was in the forest enjoying a moment alone.

The sounds of the forest disturbed Jake Russell and he found himself listening more intently. No longer was he hunting for meat on the table; he was in search for the erotic sounds that were barely audible in the air. Jake's feet took him to the edge of the creek and he watched Sally work her fingers over her sex. As he enjoyed the view his hand began moving toward the growing bulge in his pants.

Jake gripped his cock and rubbed it hard through the denim of his jeans. He laid his gun down and released his shaft from the confines of his pants. His hand returned to his sex, this time nothing barred the skin on skin contact he craved.

"Ohh..." Sally muttered, her back arched slightly as her fingers twisted her nipples. Her eyes were closed; a serene look of pleasure crossed her features. Her fingernails trailed slowly down toward her sex. Her legs fell open, her pussy exposed to the Summer air and unbeknownst to her, Jake's eyes.

"Mmm, ohh.. Fuck," she groaned louder as she teased the strip of flesh that was growing hotter with every pull of her fingers.

Jake watched her slip a finger down to her slick lips and push one in, then two. He moved his other hand to his balls and cupped them. His fingers glided over his swollen head and he pinched the tip gently, imagining them as Sally's teeth. "Damn," he groaned, his eyes straining to remain open as his hand worked the same rhythm as her fingers.

The grip on his cock would tighten on the drag down and loosen when he rolled the skin up. He repeated the gesture, his cock swelling with every pull and push he delivered. His other hand groped his balls, squeezing them, then rolling them between his thick digits. He moaned and for a moment thought it had been loud enough for Sally to hear. He gazed at her sex and saw she showed no indication of slowing down.

Sally added a third finger to her sex and worked it in and out as if her very life depended on reaching the goal that was just within her grasp. Her middle finger found the spot she was looking for and her entire body spasms as she climaxed hard around her hand. She groaned loud, the sound so deep and hard that it tore at her throat. Her voice box vibrated and Jake could hear the primal growl erupt from the woman on the blanket. His hungry spasm of lust flowed from him as did his grunt of pleasure.

Sally heard the noise and chuckled as she brought another wave of heat from deep within her cunt. When she was finished coming she eased her slippery fingers from her sex and raised up on her ass to look across the pond. "Jake," she said with a wink. "Sal," he calmly answered back.

He pushed his cock and balls back into his boxers and slacks and walked the few feet up to the shallowest part of the creek. Once he made it to Sally's side he slipped out of his clothes and slid between her legs. His mouth went to work on cleaning her sloppy cunt.

Sally moaned her way through several more cases of Tasty Tartie Vanilla Wafers.


Leader of the Pack

Betty bit her lower lip as she studied the last house on her list for the weekend. The girls had all checked in last night and told her they'd made it home. Each one had checked in again that Sunday morning and was on her way out to make a few sales before church. That was where Betty was headed after this last stop. She looked up at the brick parsonage and wondered if she wasn't pushing her luck, but she knew that the Pastor and his wife would buy a lot of cookies if she was able to convince them they were needed for the Church pot-lucks.

So after shutting off the engine of her '57 Bel Air, she slipped out of her car and headed to the door. Her finger pressed on the small doorbell button and she waited. Her stomach was in knots as she thought over all the activities she'd participated in the day before, but deep down she was happy that the girls would make their goal. They all agreed that they didn't have to continue selling cases after cases, but something deep down inside told them they needed to do their best.

They all wanted to give 120% to the Scout movement and so they placed their goal even higher. This final year they were going out on top. They would be the highest selling troop in the entire Council history, maybe even Nationwide

Pastor Jeremy opened the door to the Victorian home and smiled at one of his most pleasant parishioners. "Hello Betty," he said. He stepped back and let her step into the home, before shutting the door behind her.

"What can I do for you?" Jeremy was curious as to why the woman had felt the need to talk to him now when service was only an hour and a half away, and even then he wasn't excepted to be at the podium until a half hour after that.

"Jeremy, who is it?" a voice called from the hall, footsteps echoing along with it. "Oh, hello Betty. Nice to see you." Jennifer Slippers grinned at the dark-haired beauty and tilted her head. "I hope everything is okay?" she added, a look of concern on her face.

"Yes, everything is great," Betty responded. She bit her lower lip and pulled a card from her wallet, passing one to Jennifer and one to Jeremy. She'd heard rumors about the couple, ones that she was willing to bet were true. She remembered they had come from a town not to far from where they were now spreading the Good Word. Cherry Hill, was the name, at least she thought it was.

Jennifer's eyes grew wide as did her grin. She slipped her feet from her heels and eyed the delicious morsel in front of her. She and her husband hadn't found a playmate in the new town and were just talking yesterday about visiting the old neighborhood, but now, it looked like they wouldn't have to go very far.

"Jeremy," Jennifer whispered as she slid up next to Betty and smiled softly. Her fingers trailed over the warm flesh that was becoming more aroused as Betty studied the looks being exchanged between man and wife.

Jeremy looked at the card and back to Betty. He handed it back to her. "I guess we could use some cookies," he said. Jeremy's hand reached out and cupped Betty's chin. She whimpered as she felt his fingers gently turn her head towards his wife's. The two women kissed.

Jennifer's tongue slipped over the tip of Betty's and Jeremy stepped up; released Betty's chin and pressed his tongue in with theirs'. The three adults took turns tasting each other. Betty tasted morning coffee from the two tongues that were taking their time thrusting in and out of her hot mouth. Jeremy and Jennifer tasted Betty's sweetened tea and all three moaned for more.

"Ladies," Jeremy mumbled against the two mouths. He pressed his palms against the smalls of their backs and led them to the rec room. There in the center was a pool table, its velvet dark, rich, and smooth.

Betty's sex became increasingly wet as she stared at the table. She watched Jennifer move in front of her and slip off the skirt and blouse she had been planning on wearing to service. Betty wet her lips while Jennifer wiggled free of a pair of white thongs and under wire bra, her fingers curled in her side when she heard Jeremy removing his clothes behind her.

Jeremy's fingers moved to Betty's shoulders and slowly eased the straps of her dress down her shoulders. Betty pulled her arms free and held her dress up to her breasts. She hissed when Jeremy's mouth captured her right ear lobe and tugged gently. His hands glided down her arms as he watched his wife step toward Betty and pull her arms away. He looked over the soft shoulders and groaned against Betty's ear when his eyes took in the rosy nipples that his wife was caressing with the pads of her fingers.

"Mmm. . ." Betty moaned. She leaned back against Jeremy and her eyes fluttered closed. Jennifer's fingers skated down Betty's torso as she glided down to her knees, scooting the dress away. Betty had come prepared, no panties or bra covered her assets.

Jeremy leaned in and whispered into Betty's ear. "Feel her breath?" he asked the dark-haired lovely. "Feel her tongue?"

"Yes," Betty hissed.

Jennifer was licking slowly over Betty's pussy. She traced the triangle patch with the tip of her tongue and continued to move as Jeremy told Betty in words what she could feel the other woman doing. His cock pressed against her warm ass, while his words gave pictures to the images that her sex was experiencing.

"Oh fuck Betty. Do you feel her tongue flicking your clit? Feel her teeth? I bet you taste wonderful. Can I taste you? Will you taste yourself and give it to me?" Jeremy mumbled before licking Betty's neck.

Jennifer came up to Betty's lips, her mouth full of syrup. She slid her tongue inside the warm cavern that welcomed her and shared Betty's nectar with herself, before sliding back to the slippery cunt that was throbbing with heat.

Betty turned her head and pressed her lips to Jeremy's. He groaned as he sucked the taste of this new lover's honey from her mouth. He tasted a hint of his wife's tongue on Betty's tongue and it drove him to greater heights. He thrust his thick muscle deeper into Betty's mouth, cleansing her palette.

"Mmm. . . see you taste wonderful," Jeremy told her. His fingers moved to cup her breasts and he kneaded them gently. "She's using her fingers now, isn't she? Finger-fucking your cunt. You can feel her nails scrapping against the sides of your pussy, can't you? The tips are pressing against your walls. You want another finger don't you. . . a third? Mmm. . . You're so wet, aren't you baby?"

Betty moaned and caught her breath. She whimpered, "Yes." Her sex clenched around the three fingers that were moving inside her. Jennifer pressed warm kisses over the top edge of Betty's sex, before sliding her tongue over the strip of flesh that was swollen with need.

Jennifer's teeth tugged on the heated nub and pulled it gently, before gnawing it into a more aroused state.

"Ohhh fuck," Betty sighed. Her hands tangled in Jennifer's hair and pushed her face deeper against her cunt.

"She's pushing her tongue in and out of you now, isn't she darlin'? Tongue-fucking that hot pussy," Jeremy said. He licked his way down Betty's spine and settled on his knees behind her ass cheeks. He kneaded the soft globes with his hands and pressed kisses over the warm flesh. He licked up and down the right cheek then the left.

Betty shuddered in lust as Jennifer licked her way back up to Betty's breasts. Her fingers curled against Jennifer's shoulders as the woman suckled from first one tit then the other. Her teeth bit down hard on the rosy nipples.

Jennifer teased both pearls as Jeremy ran his tongue along the crack of the woman's ass. His fingers opened up the cheeks and he licked the puckered entrance. Betty gasped in surprise, but relaxed her body as much as she could though inside she was boiling.

"Nice pussy," Jennifer whispered against the woman's lips, before slipping her tongue inside Betty's mouth. Again the two women tasted each other and again Betty was drinking in the juices of her sex as well as breathing in its fragrance.

Jeremy worked his fingers into Betty's pussy hole and gathered moisture to help ease his fingers into her tight ass. He continued rolling his tongue around the entrance and then brought his fingers up to where his tongue was playing. He then began fucking the sweet hole until Becky was moaning for more. She gripped his fingers tight and pushed back on them while Jennifer's tongue stroked and caressed the sides of Betty's tongue. "Oh fuck. . .ohhh fuck. . .I'm coming. . .ohhh," Betty screamed.

Jeremy was there with his mouth, drinking every drop of her liquid silk as it cascaded down her cunt and splashed against her pussy lips and his eager face. Betty shuddered. Her head fell to Jennifer's shoulder and she nuzzled the woman's neck as she came over and over again. Jeremy finally eased his fingers from her ass and his mouth from her cunt. His hands wrapped around her waist and lifted her to the pool table.

"We need a lot of cookies, baby doll," he whispered. He climbed up after her and pressed his swollen dick to the entrance of her sex.

Betty's eyes grew thick with lust and she hissed when Jennifer moved onto the table and straddled her head. The thick smell of pussy filled Betty's nostrils and she breathed in deep, savoring the perfume. "Mmm. . ." she muttered and grabbed Jennifer's hips and forced the woman to drop her hips down onto Betty's face. She rolled her tongue over the juice-covered clit, before biting at rosy strip of flesh.

With one hard thrust of his cock, Jeremy pounded into Betty's pussy. He gripped her tight and dragged her up and down on his hardened member. He pulled her off of him, only leaving the tip, and then he plunged back into her. In and out he fucked her cunt while his wife was treated to Betty's fingers, tongue and teeth.

"Yes Suck that pussy," Jeremy told Betty. He watched her pink tongue dive into the soaked entrance and then he pushed his dick in deeper. "Fuck, damn. . . ahhh," Jeremy grunted and showered Betty's hole with his sperm.

Jennifer watched the hot steamy come escape Becky's cunt and she shook. Her come flowed thick down the sides of her pussy and slid over Becky's face. "Ohhhh yes. . . give me your come, Jenny," Betty shouted. She shoved three fingers into the syrupy sex and more fluids erupted. Betty washed her face back and forth between the two velvet lips until she too was climaxing around the softening shaft.

The group groaned and shouted as they came over and over, until all that was left were throbbing pulses and shuddered gasps for breath.

Jeremy barely made to service. . . Jennifer and Betty never did.


That afternoon after church Blue Bunny Troop #666 met for their cookie count meeting. Once it was determined they would meet the goal of becoming the highest selling troop in the Nation, the girls celebrated with a private party all their own. Betty returned home. . .after all. . . there were some things she wouldn't do with her Scouts.

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