tagNonConsent/ReluctanceScratching An Itch Ch. 4

Scratching An Itch Ch. 4

byBob Peale©

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Tania slept late into the next afternoon. When she woke up, she showered quickly, then returned to bed and propped her feet up. Using both hands she played with her nipples, tugging and squeezing them roughly until her hips bucked uncontrollably. Their normal pinkish color, already flushed red from arousal, was now dark crimson under her dedicated manipulation. Moving one hand down to her vulva, she used her middle finger to coax her clit out of its hood. Soon she was imitating the action on her nipples, teasing her hardening clit mercilessly. The sheet under her was drenched in her sweat and the drippings from her pussy.

She continued along this path for the next two hours, always stopping short of orgasm. By the time dusk rolled around, she was out of her mind horny. Collecting the "goodie" bag she'd brought from home, Tania threw on a sweatshirt and shorts and jumped in her rental car. She didn't dare clean up; she wanted the smell of sex to stay with her, keeping her aroused.

Twenty minutes later she turned onto a neat, middle class looking block and parked near the corner. She didn't pass anyone in the twilight on her way to Ron's house. She'd followed him home after the second night that she'd seen him in the bar. Just in case he turned out to be the one.

Like most houses on the block, the garage door was still open. In neighborhoods like this, people didn't usually close them until the street lamps came on; after all, everybody knew everybody else, right? Looking around one last time, she made sure no one was watching as she slipped in quietly next to the single car. Once inside, she unscrewed each bulb and shook it until the filament inside shattered, then replaced it in the socket. This way, when someone came out to shut the garage door, she wouldn't cast a shadow from her hiding place behind the car.

For the next two and a half hours, she just sat and waited. Eventually, Ron's wife came out and absently pushed the button to close the garage door. She didn't even bother with the light.

Tania looked at her watch: 9:00. She stood and stretched. Hopefully, they'd be going to sleep soon. At 10:30, the light shining under the door between the garage and the house went out. An hour later, she gingerly reached out and tried the knob. It turned, and the door swung in. She'd counted on the fact that most people don't lock the inside door when they have a garage, figuring that they're safe if the garage is shut. However, she came prepared in case she was wrong; she had lock picks in her bag, and knew how to use them.

She stripped off her clothes in the garage, stuffed them in her bag, and walked inside the house. Her eyes were used to the dark from sitting in the garage so long, so she had no trouble seeing around.

The door opened into the kitchen; no surprise there. At the far end were two openings. One led into a combination living room/family room (she could make out sofas and a television), the other to a hallway.

Walking toward the archway that led to the hallway, Tania noticed 3 doors. She assumed that one would lead to Ron's bedroom; the one closest to her was open and revealed a bathroom. She figured her best bet was to wait in there.

The bathroom was simple and old fashioned, with a sink, a washbasin, and a tub. The tub had a cutesy shower curtain that would hide her as long as she stayed behind it and didn't move.

Without her watch, time moved painfully slow. Her legs cramped from standing still so long, but her discomfort was instantly forgotten when the light popped on. She held her breath and stood stock still, trying not to make a sound. From the sounds coming from the other side of the curtain, it was pretty obvious that it was Ron's wife Linda up for a little late night relief. Tania smiled cruelly as she pushed back the shower curtain and leaped out of the tub, a particularly menacing hunting knife in one hand, the other hand clamping tightly over Linda's mouth.

"So help me, if you make just one sound, or put up any sort of fight, you'll be dead before he gets in here," she whispered.

Linda's eyes widened in fear and surprise.

"Nod if you understand," she continued.

Linda nodded.

"Good. Stand up."

She was quite a bit shorter than Tania, no more than 5'2" or 5'3". She had an average build, a little thick around the hips, thighs and belly, but not really overweight. Her brown hair hung straight down her back, and the thick patch of brown pubic hair almost matched it exactly in color. Her face was not particularly memorable, and her skin was kind of pale, or at least would normally be if it weren't flushed right now from fear.

She turned Linda around, keeping her hand over her mouth and placing the knife near her kidney. Linda flinched and began sniffling. Tania commanded her to quiet down. She led her into the tub, where she'd attached the ends of two sets of handcuffs to a towel bar that was built into the tile work.

"Fasten your hand in one of those cuffs, bitch," Tania growled, low and menacing. "Good, now I'm going to remove my hand, so I can fasten the other one. If you make ANY noise, I'll cut you," she continued after Linda complied.

To emphasize this, she pressed the knife into Linda's side, drawing a tiny, but memorable, spot of blood. Tears ran down Linda's face, but to her credit, she remained silent.

Once both hands were secured to the towel bar, Tania was free to get some other stuff out of the back. Pulling Linda's head back, she stuffed a large rubber ball in her mouth and tied it in place with a leather gag. Next, she pulled out a thick, penis shaped vibrator, almost as thick around as Linda's wrist (which was probably as thick as Austin's cock). It would have given a lot of women a little trouble, but given the size of Ron's cock, Tania didn't think that there would be a problem. She laid the vibrator on the edge of the tub, along with a pair of panties that she'd packed that snapped on the sides, fastening like a diaper. Sliding between Linda and the wall, she attached her mouth to Linda's pussy, jamming her tongue in deep while holding her steady to keep from being pressed against the wall.

At first, Linda struggled wildly, or at least as wildly as she could in her position. Gradually, the intensity of her movements decreased in direct correlation to the amount her moans increased, muffled by the ball gag. Tania took out all of her pent up frustration on Linda's pussy, nibbling and slurping with abandon. When Linda began humping Tania's face, Tania deftly reached over and picked up the dildo, inserting it into Linda with one quick motion. Linda's head shot back in acknowledgement of the suddenness of the intrusion. Almost as quickly, Tania pulled the panties through Linda's legs and snapped the sides, securing the dildo in her pussy; then she reached between Linda's legs and switched it on.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Linda moaned as her knees buckled. For a moment she hung there, painfully suspended from the towel bar, until she gathered enough strength to regain her footing. Tania artfully slid out from under her and climbed out of the tub, picking up her bag.

"Have fun," she whispered. "I'll be back."

Out in the hallway, one of the other doors was now ajar; she guessed that this was the bedroom. Peeking in carefully, she saw Ron passed out on the bed. He was snoring loudly, and didn't stir when she walked into the room. As a precaution, she closed the door so that he wouldn't hear Linda if she started making a lot of noise in the bathroom.

Being careful not to rattle anything, Tania removed several lengths of rope and 4 more sets of handcuffs. She looped a length of rope through the closed end of each pair of handcuffs, and then tied a length to each leg of the bed.

Now it was all about touch and timing. It would probably take a herd of elephants stampeding across his chest to wake him, but if he stirred, it was going to get ugly. She had a gun in her bag that she'd picked up locally, so she could still go through with her plan, but she hoped that it wouldn't come to that.

Carefully, she lifted each wrist, tightening the open end of the handcuff around it until it just touched his skin. She waited a little after she was done, just to make sure that he was still out. When she was confident, she repeated the actions with his ankles.

Now for the fun part. She crawled over to one of the ropes that secured his ankle and pulled it even tighter, stretching his leg to the end of the bed.

"What?" he mumbled groggily, unsure what was happening.

Before it could register, she did the same thing with the other leg, so that he was spread almost to the edges of the full size mattress. By the time he was fully awake, she was able to tighten one of his arms, bringing it perpendicular to his body.

"Hey Ron, how's it going?" she asked calmly, standing up.

He snapped his head in her direction, and then whipped it around, probably looking for Linda. Tania climbed on the bed and straddled his stomach, her pussy sticking wetly to it. With the hand that wasn't secured as tightly he managed to grab her thigh and squeeze it cruelly.

"What the fuck is this?" he shouted. "Let me go, you crazy bitch!"

She slapped him hard across the face. "Watch your mouth."

"I said let me go," he growled, squeezing harder. "Linda, there's someone here. Call the police!"

"She can't help you; she's tied up," she gritted through her teeth.

His eyes widened and he relaxed his grip slightly.

"Oh shit. What do you want?"

"You owe me, and I'm here to collect," she said simply.

Fear danced behind his eyes. He never expected that the bar would lead to this.

"Now let go of my leg and lay back so I can finish tightening the cuffs."

"What the fuck? Are you crazy? I'm not letting you tighten anything!"

What choice do you have?" she asked, smiling cruelly. "There's no one else here. And I promise, Linda can't help you now."

She purposely sounded more sinister than she needed to. Let him wonder what had happened to his wife. The fear in his eyes turned up a notch. She was able to pry his hand off with little problem.

"That's a boy," she said, sliding off him on the other side.

She bent over and pulled the fourth rope tight. His arms were now stretched out in a "T", and his legs were spread as far as the bed would allow. Satisfied, she stood up and walked to the door, bringing her bag with her.

"Wait a second! Where are you going?" he screamed.

"Don't worry," she laughed. "I'll be back."

To Be Continued...

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